Amurrica Series: Obama Celebrates Cinco De Mayo

District of Corruption

Here’s your president, Barack Hussein Obama, the president of Amurrica, celebrating Cinco De Mayo at the White House by calling for the passage of the DREAM Act:

Deo Vindice

Note: Illegal aliens get free health insurance in Washington, DC courtesy of the U.S. taxpayer.

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  1. I’m glad he is celebrating Cinco De Mayo. It weakens Americanism. I propose we start celebrating Robert E. Lee Day, John Wilkes Booth Day, and George Washington Day.

  2. Cinco de Mayo, the Fifth of May, is not celebrated in Mexico. It was a very minor battle between the invading French and Mexicans. It had absolutely no effect on the French Mexican war. The French won. The French, via Napoleon Bonaparte, established a French dude as Emperor of Mexico, eventually that didn’t work out well for the French. I am not here to teach French or Mexican history.
    Cinco de Mayo is just another way for the Atzlan invaders to jab at Whites.

  3. I’ve found cincodemayo is less popular now than five years ago. It could be the economy, or it could just be becoming the next kwanzaa failure.

  4. Jim says:”I’ve found cincodemayo is less popular now than five years ago. It could be the economy, or it could just be becoming the next kwanzaa failure.”

    Could be “Hispanic Fatigue” setting in. I know I have it…

  5. The French under Napoleon III installed an Austrian prince as a monarch.
    Small details of course.

  6. Jorge Bush started this Cinco de Mayo party shit in the White House if I recall. He was as bad as Obummer in that regard.

  7. @John

    It has been speculated that Jeb Bush’s Mexican wife is a marrano Jew. If true, they’re preparing a Jew for the WH.

  8. Voting is fucking worthless. What was that about democracy being three wolves and a sheep voting on what to have for lunch?

  9. In 37 years Memorial Day will be officially replaced by cincodemayo, in order to enforce proper reverence for our mexican enrichment.

    Hey, it’s not that far fetched, it’s not like they’d be replacing George Washington’s birthday with that of a philandering, homosexual, women beating fraud preacher. Oh wait…

  10. Cinco de Mayo is just an excuse to gorge oneself with Mexican food and get wasted on Margaritas. Pfft!

    Figured Hussein Obummer would use this occasion to push the odious Dream Act.

  11. Lily – you are irght about the raison d’etre for Cinco de Spico.

    I’m still glad that the Kenyan in Office did this. I love it when the Enemy provides us with weapons.

  12. I agree, all instances of anti White behavior by negros is a chance of waking up a White man. Doesn’t matter if its a trayvon or a negro in a suit. It’s our job to point these things out to people around us

  13. Lily and Denise- That’s ALL this ‘holiday’ is- an excuse to eat to excess (gluttony- a sin) and drink Dos Equiis (sp?) beer to drunkenness (another sin).

    Having lived for much of my adult life in Aztlan, I can hardly wait for the Anglo Reconquista to happen. The Only good messican, is a dead one. Again, three hundred years of ‘christianization’ and these meximidgets all still practice basic paganism. They are irredeemable.

    Vaya con dios, Pepe.

  14. “Could be “Hispanic Fatigue” setting in. I know I have it…”

    Indeed. Watching a bunch of protestors a few years ago during the big nationwide immigration protests in “too white” Oregon wave the mexican flag along with shouting “viva mexico” tends to harden one’s heart. It was funny when their leaders got the message and swapped to the stars and stripes. Yeah sorry bub, too late.

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