Arkansas Goes Red


Longtime readers will remember how much time we spent discussing the transformation of Southern politics in 2010 and 2011.

OD spent an incredible amount of time arguing that racial attitudes were hardening in the Deep South and that this was reflected in the reconstruction of the “Solid South.”

In 2011, Republicans took the Mississippi House and the Virginia Senate, thus capturing control of both houses of the state legislature.

Arkansas is the next domino to fall:

But the state has never been part of his re-election strategy. So the question is, what kind of damage could Obama’s performance in November do to Democrats statewide?

Arkansas is the last Southern state remaining where Democrats have held onto their traditional majorities in the Legislature. But Republicans are now within striking distance there as well — thanks, in part, to Obama.

“Republicans won a whole bunch of legislative seats they had never competed in before” in 2010, says Roby Brock, editor of, which conducted the recent 4th District poll. “A lot of that was an anti-Obama vote they took out on people who were on the ballot as a whole.”

With Obama on the ballot himself this fall, will Arkansans be satisfied voting against him, or will they take their feelings out on Democrats in general?

Because of state law requiring redrawn state Senate districts after each U.S. census, Arkansas voters will select the entire state Legislature on Nov. 6 — all 100 House seats and all 35 Senate seats.

Note: Republicans now control the state legislatures in the rest of the 11 ex-Confederate states.

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  1. Please, please my Southern kinsmen – get to know your White LOCAL elected officials and become involved in the day to day LOCAL political organizing.

    It was a great victory for Whites to take virtually all of the Southern state houses, this time as White GOP elected officials. In the late 19th century Whites took back Southern State houses as White Democrats, so things are reversed.

    There are great opportunities to be had at the state, local level. Don’t fall for the huge circus, MSM attention to the US Presidential race. The top is where we have the worst opportunities.

    Don’t give in to gloom, doom and despair or listen to MSM, Neo Cons saying “It’s over” we must give in to the Blacks, Latinos, Muslims etc.

    I wish that Hunter Wallace would run for state rep in Alabama and becoming a rising young star, who will keep getting stronger, challenge for governor of Alabama in 15 years.

    Great job Whites in Arkansas and the rest of the South.

    One last request – please don’t expel your worst Blacks on my Chicago, like you did during World War I, World War II.

    If you want to hurt some Lib Whites, send your worst Blacks to Vermont.

  2. We were told today that the birth rate of minorities spells the end of white political power. The problem with their argument is that with few exceptions, the swell in minority populations is mainly occurring in already blue areas. The blue becomes bluer, the red redder. The seeds of disunity have been sown deep.

  3. Just one look at the election stats in one County in AR was telling enough for me.

    This is the only county I’ve seen where the opposing presidential party’s vote went UP, when Obama was running, as opposed to going down for ‘the one’.

    McCain won 67% of the vote, and he LOST!
    Obama garnered only 30% of the vote. not even a THIRD.

    I can hardly wait for the South to rise again. Yeeeee- haw.

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