Mickey Kaus: Democrats Abandon White Working Class

Daily Caller

In the The Daily Caller, Mickey Kaus confirms what we already knew: the Democrats have abandoned the White working class.

The Democrats are now the coalition of permanently aggrieved alienated minorities: the rich Jews who bankroll the whole enterprise, deracinated White liberals, single women, homosexuals, blacks, Asians, Hispanics, and public sector employees.

“So it’s unanimous, then– Thomas Edsall was right: In the aftermath of Obama’s gay marriage flip, pundits seem to have concluded that Obama’s Democratic party has indeed given up on white working class voters. They’ve been dropped from the winning coalition, which is now composed of three main groups: “young people, college-educated whites (especially women), and minorities,” according to Ron Brownstein. Bill Galston agrees. Ruy Teixeira–who once wrote a book called America’s Forgotten Majority: Why the White Working Class Still Matters–agrees.”

There is just one problem with this coalition of the alienated and the avarious united by their desire for “fairness.”

The people who are not included in this coalition, who are its opponents, possess the means and the motive to bring about corresponding political changes that match the changing demographics, should they ever choose resistance over submission.

Instead of being ruled by this disagreeable coalition, why not put an end to liberal democracy, or an end to the United States?

But that’s impossible. Not really. When governments lose their legitimacy, they can be toppled quite easily, as recent events in Europe and the Middle East demonstrate.

Governments fall all the time. Ideological governments like the Soviet Union can fracture quite easily.

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  1. Whites are down to a shocking 66% today from 89% less than 50 years ago. I am not counting the 6% “white” Hispanic vote. The Rubios are not worth a damn to whites.

    As you say, the young and the brainless are a problem as are women who have elected every liberal president since their enfranchisement.

    If enough are left who still get it then they must be prepared for full survival mode if they intend to essentially overthrow the Jew saturated culture and politics of BRA. And there will be war – literally – in some scenario. Enough of the white electorate must truly sense that they are in an existential crisis to follow through. but it is now or never as the third world is still pouring in.

  2. You are absolutely right, and that’s an excellent formulation:

    When we choose resistance over submission.

    The latest signature or motto at my blog is now:

    Mindweaponization is resistance to soft control.

    Soft control — the television, the consumerist lifestyle, is the most important area for us to attack. It is what is truly holding us back. Soft control is why people choose submission over resistance. And it is perfectly legal to attack soft control.

    WN 1.0 was all about attacking the hard control — the Turner Diaries vision of overthrowing ZOG by force. It’s certainly a chicken-egg problem — if we seized control of the government, we’d get hold of the levers of “soft control” and make them work for us. But I’m looking to simply neutralize their soft control from below, with the help of relentless economic contraction.

    Every homeschooling family is fighting soft control. Every family that grows a good part of its own food is fighting soft control. Every household that does not have cable TV and does not follow sports is fighting soft control.

    I’m hoping that relentless economic contraction forces people to spend time outside, with their neighbors, in their gardens, and away from the devices of soft control.

    Or, if the grid went down — bye bye soft control!

  3. From the Mickey Kaus article:

    3. Weren’t Democrats supposed to be the party of Everyman? If you went to work and obeyed the rules, Dems would “make work pay”–plus give you unemployment compensation and Social Security and medical care in old age. White male workers are sort of the indivisible denominator in American politics–they have no special economic leverage, and no race- or gender-based claim to special privileges. They’re naked as far as favoritism goes, and thus (not unlike Marx’s proleteriat) are the representatives of universal privileges (such as Social Security). The new Obama coalition threatens to abandon this universality, becoming instead the party of non-universal skills, ethnic and gender identities–of special pleaders, victims and causists. Not of citizens.

  4. Meanwhile, the [sic] “Kosher Konservative” (Larry Auster- jew turned episcopal/pseudo-nestorian) has to point out the ‘neo-nazi’ (yawn- borrring) nature of the folks BEATEN by THUGS… as if that is an implicit excuse for their HATE CRIME of BEATING INNOCENT PEOPLE.


    But that’s the jew for you. Always looking at life through a talmudic lens… even when they are Episcopalian…. or something.

  5. Not exactly.

    The Military are “public sector employees” and do not vote democrat.

    WHICH KIND of public sector employee defines WHICH public-sector-Party one votes for. Military is public sector voting for Militarist-Corporatism, (working muscle for the Big Money).

    “Acknowledged Professional Anti-White-Whites” (those in the socializing professions such as media, school systems, public relations, advertising, etc, etc.) may still go democrat.

    The whole idea of “middle class” is silly. This alternately means amounts of money (the tax bracket), but then the “group” can have little in common except that. OR “middle class” means a type of socialization, but it no longer does.

    “Lower middle class” seems to have wound up being used for “tools” —- whether paycheck-to-paycheck military voting for large corporate concerns (whose loyalty to them is in question) OR paycheck-to-paycheck socializers (like in the school system)— the people who will end on the public pension.

    Then “business class” emerged for people working directly in the corporations.

    There are 3 jobs: warfare, welfare and socializing people into it (advertising, p.r., etc.)

  6. “…Whites are down to a shocking 66% today from 89% less than 50 years ago. I am not counting the 6% “white” Hispanic vote. The Rubios are not worth a damn to whites….”

    This is commented on in a lot of the papers.

    There used to be at least a headline a day—- “whites soon to be minority…” nope… “a minority later than we hoped (“expected, anticipated”), whoops, numbers wrong, now statistics show….

    Why does no one discuss the clear “Goal” this implies.

    Keeping the numbers present, in itself, is psyops. Does NO ONE remember being a little kid when daily YOUR VANISHMENT is announced and contemplated?

    Where are their stories… “Gosh, when I was kid, and would hear them go on and on like that, it made me feel just awful, and surely, there was no way I’d have a kid, to live in a world like they were saying….”

    Self-fulfilling prophecies.

  7. HarryO—- the problem is in not calling it for what it is. A clear wish (SOMEWHERE out there) to see people vanished i.e. genocide.

    Think of the big picture of this ongoing PREDICTION (predictive programming) of your vanishment.

    Doesn’t it make you feel bad…. to see people doing a countdown on your own vanishment or what? Why don’t you react personally?

  8. @ “….Soft control — the television, the consumerist lifestyle…”

    Idk—- the consumerist lifestyle IS AN EFFECT of not being able to congregate, more likely. It doesn’t really satisfy the public (which is why 1/4 of adult women are on psychotropics, probably… not a sign of a happy people there). The lifestyle doesn’t WORK, and everyone knows it.

    But WHAT ELSE CAN one do? What else is allowed, realistically? They can’t have a neighborhood (fair housing); they can’t have a church (tax exempt secular humanist entities), they can’t have a sport (never diverse enough), and so on.

    At least buying something can give a tiny little lift for a moment. An ice cream cone, a flashy car that awes somebody, a cheap flirty dress, whatever.

    What else CAN THEY do? In all fairness.

  9. “….Soft control is why people choose submission over resistance. And it is perfectly legal to attack soft control….”

    know what you’re saying— but people choose submission over resistance because they can see nothing to be DONE. No group to join, not realistically (and not get in trouble), that kind of thing. There is no alternative to it.

    The ONLY people I’ve met “homeschooling” (lol)—- are on the public pay. They siphon from the public to pay for sitting home. They are usually public-educated themselves (so they only have that to pass on), and they usually know very little of the real issues involved.

    It is TRENDY to homeschool, and LIBERALS do it.

    —Have met people who Homeschool just to be “cool.” They have no idea what they are doing or why (other than they want to be “cool.”)

    Of the people I’ve met who might be most receptive to this blog, absolutely none of them homeschool or would hang around with many homeschoolers.

    People are doing that for many different reasons nowadays (INCLUDING LIBERALS).

    UM… liberals homeschool (they are fat on public pay, they want their yuppie children to “score better,” they think it’s safer physically, they want the opportunity to ‘BOND’ with their children (completely Mommy Professor-control them from dawn to dusk), and on and on.

    Our nearest “homeschoolers” are a way-Liberal married to a way-neo-con (generationally from public pay families).

  10. —- Oh, also—

    “Homeschooling” is like having a Chinese nanny, it sends a strong message that “you can afford it.” A status symbol. It says: you can sit at home all day. —Why increasing numbers of public-sector are the ones doing it, (the best positioned to reproduce their own public-sector mentality)

  11. Dixie – I know Homeschooler fams that are in deep economic doodoo. They care more about their kids than anything, though…..

  12. Yeah, Denise. The Christian homeschool moms I know scrimp and save, and make their own soap, cook their own meals, don’t even go to McD’s except once in a GREAT while as a ‘treat’ – and then, only an ice cream cone, while they bring their own brown bag lunches from home, and only when the entire co-op decides to ‘do McD’s.

    They regularly frequent used book stores, find online items for cheap/free, and make do with twenty and thirty year old textbooks, yet still manage to instruct their children FAR better than the local P.S. The Liberals- eh, they are the ‘fringe kooks’ in the HS world. While many of the HS moms are incipent multicultis (Because their [sic] ‘churches’ don’t teach racial truth, and historical separation as Biblical, and/or normative, their kids read,discuss, and KNOW much more of history than the ‘young skulls full of mush’ that come from the damn districts that we have to pay for, even as we homeschool our own.

    Damn right I’m for vouchers. Imagine what $3000 a year off my tax bill would look like!

  13. “Fr. John+ says:
    May 21, 2012 at 12:13 pm
    Meanwhile, the [sic] “Kosher Konservative” (Larry Auster- jew turned episcopal/pseudo-nestorian) has to point out the ‘neo-nazi’ (yawn- borrring) nature of the folks BEATEN by THUGS… as if that is an implicit excuse for their HATE CRIME of BEATING INNOCENT PEOPLE.


    But that’s the jew for you. Always looking at life through a talmudic lens… even when they are Episcopalian…. or something.”

    Indeed. Jews are always Jews. Always.

  14. Denise, don’t expect this one from Auster any time soon:

    First, they came for the anti-Semites, but I didn’t speak out, because I wasn’t an anti-Semite.

    Then, they came for the racists, but I didn’t speak out, because I wasn’t a racist.

    Then, they came for the conservatives, but I didn’t speak out, because I wasn’t a conservative.

    Then, they came for me, but there was no one left to speak out.

  15. My little sister is thinking about the home school thing (she’s a Mormon, was not really raised Roman Catholic, she’s the youngest) for her 6 (yes six) children.

    I think charter schools are the best invention ever. Let the negros think they go to a good school, let them think they are performing well. Then start closing the public school systems ….. In the end, it will be for-profit universities that are the top universities, once the government teat shuts down. As long as “The Ivies” keep letting in Michelle and Barack Obamas failures will be allowed to progress ….. and that is not how it should be.

  16. Homeschooling should be generalized as non-government schooling. It doesn’t have to happen in a home. The important thing is no state involvement, including certification or subsidy (including voucher, joo friedman’s idea, along with income tax withholding).

    What is taught is WHOLLY not under political control.

  17. fuck fairness. it’s a stupid concept. I understand folks are trying to fill voids in their life with all types of things, and good people fall for the jew lies, but to hell with fairness

    home schooling says you love your kids and you will sacrifice “things” for them. Most of the folks I know who home school are middle class or lower middle and have very little in the way of status symbols

  18. You clowns are hilarious. This is a parody site, right? No!? Wow, you’re not clowns, you’re punk-ass bitches! If I thought someone was a threat to me, or to my country, they wouldn’t see another sunrise. You guys? Bravely warring against imaginary bullshit on the Internet! You goofs are like fuggin’ Klingons, man! WARRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!1! but not if I hafta get my fat, white ass off the sofa, eh?

    Stay classy, Assclowns! The dustbin of political history is right around the corner!


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