Oakland Park Beating


Just another day in Obama’s America:

Note: These poor White kids who have to go to integrated and ghettoized American public schools (can you believe that we actually pay for these schools?) can’t even speak the English language.

The United States is a failed state. Just imagine what could be built on the ruins of this declining country if it would only finally keel over and die.

A thousand years from now, the United States as it has existed from 1965 until 2012 will be remembered in the same way that the collapse of the Roman Empire is remembered in our own times.

Freedom failed. Equality failed. Democracy failed. America failed. That’s the only good thing that can possibly come out of this.

We have before us a failed political, economic, and social model – Americanism. Let us study that model as our essential starting point for building a new civilization in this region.

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  1. Another day another lynching of a white person by a black mob. Welcome to Amurica folks, and pray for the rapture.

  2. This girl’s parents completly failed her. How could they allow their child to turn out like that?? More than likely this girl was attacked by this pack of “youfs” because she was fooling around with one of their negro boyfriends.

  3. It’s sad that she was physically attacked but, as somebody on youtube already pointed out, it’s sadder that she can’t even speak proper English; she’s been culturally beaten as well. She probably even dates black boys – and she’ll end up with some sort of disease.

  4. Another Florida case. The father is –by contrast— very well-spoken, also blonde-blue and he doesn’t sound Southern. So, most likely a yankee transplant to the South who married Cuban, as her combination of names might indicate (Celina/ Bennet)? Or it’s an adoptive daughter? Meeting them, you wouldn’t really suspect they could be related.

    Usually, even if a person is in a ghettoized school, if the parents have standard English language skills, so will the kids. Although maybe this is becoming more common as the “middle class” vanishes— so, generationally, parents “present” better than their kids do.

    Used to be the other way around—- the parents had the immigrant accents, the kids would translate.

  5. yes… a yankee transplant —possibly connecting over religious ties and feeling sympathetic to the “oppressed” (unseen) mother of the child, and he married a foreigner.

    —that’s the other curiosity, isn’t it? Usually, in such “bullying” cases, the mom and dad are shown, sitting on a sofa, holding hands and shaking their heads about what has befallen their child. But NO BABY MOMMY is show here. Just the stunned daddy and a child who seems nothing like him at all.

    Where’s the Baby Mommy?

  6. She sounds like she comes from a Third World ghetto. Both the attack and her lack of ability to speak English are testaments to the failure of modern Amerika.

  7. The quesiton is:

    How to transform this monster back into a white woman (assuming she was one to begin with)?

  8. It just occurred to me as I read Hunter’s words about the collapse of the Roman Empire that that is the road we are on and it’s not a bad road at all.

    Are the Confederate States of America that were conquered and pillaged by the Yankee Empire any different than the nations that were conquered by the Roman Empire?

    Are we different from the satellite nations of the U.S.S.R?

    Are we different from the many nations that were once under the thumb of the British Empire.

    Empires fall, but the nations they once controlled live on. The Yankee States of America will shrink in both area and power as surely as did every other overreaching octopus state.

    The Romans have long ago retracted their tentacles from nations around the world and evidence of their presence has been largely erased.

    The Brits are gone and India is once again India. The signs of British occupancy are everywhere, but the Indians now bow to no Brit.

    The Soviet Union is now just a fading memory. The people of Poland once again fly their own flag and East and West Germany are simply Germany.

    The lifespan of a Super Power is as finite as that of a fly. The Great Northern Yankee Empire will implode for exactly the same reason the other Empires failed: Ruling by force a people who neither accept nor respect your rules doesn’t work. Never has. Never will.

    The CSA will fly its flag again someday as surely as Poland now flies its own.

  9. South Florida might have the largest population of wiggers in the country and yes for the most part they are all the offsping of yankee transplants, white hispanics, white ethnics from the the North, etc. Even us Crackers are now starting pick up various mannerisms and parts of ghetto culture, that’s the truly disturbing part.

    Basically, Blacks have cultural hegemony over South Florida’s public schools. If you don’t adopt black culture in school you get picked on and made fun of and even attacked. If you are unfortunate enough to have to send your child to a public school down here, they all basically come out of high-school talking like that.

    So many of my friends growing up turned into fucking wiggers because they were poor and had to go to public school. Luckily I got sent to a nice private, baptist school with virtually no blacks and I didn’t turn out like the young woman in the video.

  10. “Usually, even if a person is in a ghettoized school, if the parents have standard English language skills, so will the kids.”

    That doesn’t fit my experience. Once white kids are the minority they start acting black as a kind of camouflage. Although the schools i know about the white kids were only 20-30% or less so maybe there’s a tipping point at higher percentages.

  11. The answer for now is surely for home schools to pool their resources in White communities.

    Whites who are on the path of the Christian faith, self-sufficient White communities, large families and the skill set that goes with that will have their children out of the gov’t school where they have to learn Jew political correctness for the goyim and get bashed by the Blacks.

  12. Lynda,

    You are exactly right. The signature at my blog is, “Mindweaponization is Resistance to Soft Control”

    Homeschooling, growing one’s own food, no television — this is all resistance to soft control.

  13. The only reason Christians favor homeschooling is because they don’t control the existing system. Christianity is “the truth” and must be forcibly applied.

  14. I hate the public school system. It was another of those wonderful Yankee ideas. Everything that I have read has convinced me that public education has retarded statesmanship in America.

    Show me a 20th or 21st century senator that can hold a candle to John C. Calhoun or Thomas Jefferson. Even the most mediocre early 19th century congressman sounds like a fucking genius compared to his 21st century counterpart.

    We have not progressed. We have declined by every social measure.

  15. The public school system is the ultimate playground for utopian social engineers and bureaucratic tyrants. Aside from television and movies, no institution has played a greater role in demoralizing and ruining this country.

  16. Jesus fucking christ, nothing has made me as sick as watching this white girl talk like a fucking monkey. Good fucking lord, that is hard to take.

  17. As has been noted repeatedly already one is struck by the utter negrification of this girl. It is revolting and sickening. Even so their seems to me to be a glimmer of decency and “whiteness” noticeable in her manner and disposition. This though obviously as has also been mentioned she is mixed white and hispanic.

    How polluted this country has become not merely in a fatuously obvious demographic way but whites themselves are being ruined as to what it even means to be defined or understood as white.

    Only something on the order of Hunter’s vision can possibly bring resolution; can restore something like sanity. Sanity as it may have been understood 50 years ago or more. WNs have asseverated this for ages now. Each passing day proves its absolute necessity in order for a genuine future for whites,Christianity, and prosperity.

    Which brings me to another thought. In listening to talk radio it becomes not merely obvious but felt that these ersatz conservatives are an enormous obstacle to the very solution just mentioned. They have convinced millions of whites who could be completely woken up to race realism and all that it implies (white supremacy, separation, many things) if they had bona fide conservative voices to listen to. But they have this great white noise of BRA certified conservatism (talk radio with its host of faux conservatives, Fox news, NR, the Republican party, Tea Party and the whole enormous cohort of acceptables).

    To push through even this more formidable matrix than the leviathan of the MSM entities the night of hell would have to descend on them.

  18. HarryO got it. No matter how white her dad is, she is not. There is a reason she was attacked and it was probably for being a whore to a negro. If those black girls didn’t teach her a lesson her miscegenetic daddy couldn’t teach her …. oh well.
    If I had to guess about her mother’s genetics, half negro, half meztizo.

  19. A thousand years from now, the United States as it has existed from 1965 until 2012 will be remembered in the same way that the collapse of the Roman Empire is remembered in our own times.

    Well said.

  20. I never once spent so much as a single minute inside a public school. Never set foot in one, I don’t even know what they look like inside.

    I wouldn’t send my dog to a public school in this country.

  21. Her black accent is disgusting. So absolutely mortifying to see this happening to our children. Her parents should be bullwhipped for allowing her to speak like this and obviously to prefer degradation to decency.

  22. She’s definitely negrofied in a cultural sense. Whether or not she’s miscegenated is hard to say. The whites down here tend to get pretty tan. One of my neighbors is 100% pure Polish Catholic and unfortunately looks and talks exactly like that girl. It’s South Florida. People go to the beach a lot and their skin just tends to bronze in the sun. Hell, my skin is bronze colored and 95% of my DNA is from the British Isles.

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