Racist, Islamophobic Whites in Tennessee Fight Murfreesboro Mosque

Resisting the Muslim Invasion


With so many White American conservatives and libertarians insisting on playing nice and fair with all non-White groups including Muslim invaders, it is nice to see some of our folks in Tennessee using open religious bigotry to resist the Muslim invasion.

The Atlantic reports that the local White Christians in Murfreesboro, Tennessee have delayed or permanently enjoined completion of a mosque under the legal argument that Islam really isn’t a “religion” that deserves 1st amendment protection under the U.S. Constitution. Instead, Islam and the proposed Tennessee mosque is said to be:

“A Shariah-compliant facility… a political organization with Shariah-compliant rules and regulations. Shariah and the U.S. Constitution cannot coexist.”

Not bad.

I would have liked some direct insults against the polygamist, pedophile founder of this death cult plus some strong accusations that Muslim immigrants should be banned from the United States to protect Christian American girls and boys from being raped and groomed for Muslim sex slaves.


Maybe that would have been asking a bit too much and our side wouldn’t have won the (soon to be reversed) legal ruling to stop the Murfreesboro mosque.

Non-White Muslim immigrant rights group CAIR is appealing to Eric “My People” Holder’s Justice Department to go after the evil Islamophobic White RACISTS in Tennessee.

Here’s a quote from the CAIR press release which looks to be a good, long fight:

“WASHINGTON, May 29, 2012 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ — The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) today called on the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) to protect the religious rights of Tennessee Muslims after a judge in that state blocked completion of a mosque that has been targeted by anti-Muslim bigots for the past two years.”

Editor’s Note Here’s some clips from the PBS Independent Lens documentary “Welcome To Shelbyville” which addresses changing demographics in neighboring Bedford County:


  1. Muslims should be in traditionally Islamic lands, not in Tennessee. I totally blame the BRA establishment for this situation, not the immigrants themselves, although they HAVE to go!

  2. I can switch from one topic to another topic just as well as you can
    The discussion now will include the usurpation of the United States, in addition the the usurpation of Germany

  3. why did the african ***** president of the united states rescind our right to habeas corpus?

    (Comment edited for violating OD comment guidelines prohibiting wild conspiracy theories)

  4. Wayne says:
    June 3, 2012 at 3:21 pm (Edit)
    “There is a huge propaganda program being waged on the general public to scapegoat Muslims while importing them by the millions. As the West is goaded to attack traditionally Muslim lands, the domestics we’ve imported wage Jihad on us under cover of the same establishment that sends our sons into wars in the Middle East. ”

    Jack Ryan replies:
    I went to college in Tennessee in the late 80s, then returned to live in TN for a few years in the 90s.

    I did intense Pat Buchanan style activism against the first US war against Iraq (George Bush Sr.) took out full page advertisements in the Nashville Tennessean and Chattanooga Times against the war, using an America First type position and worked in immigration, crime afterwards. I had modest success getting on local TN talk radio. Callers were impressed by my knowledge of history, current events – but only a small group of Populist Party folks actually came out of the closet (so to speak) and opposed that foreign war for that foreign interest from a patriotic, conservative side.

    The reality is that most regular Whites in Tennessee and the South like war, like the military, like guns and they will SUPPORT the troops and justify US intervention in virtually any foreign country, especially against Ayrabs, Muslim countries – hell, there was very little opposition from White Americans for us bombing the Serbs! When you add in the factor of Christian Zionists in the South and Midwest, our anti war side is going to be a very small minority.

    So I strongly suggest activists here concentrate on immigration, crime, corrupt cultural elites in Washington, Hollywood that would take away the rights and culture of regular Whites in places like Murfreesboro TN. Being anti war, anti military – that’s an American Left wing crowd (support the better elements in it).

    Our enemies can crank up their huge propaganda machinery in the controlled MSM and then bring out some fake folk heroes like Ted Nugent or Hank Williams Jr. to get the masses of White Americans to BOMB IRAN or whatever Neo Con Jew military attack against the enemies of Israel.

    But, no matter how much MSM control they have, our enemies are simply not going to get regular Whites in the South to accept invasions of stone age Muslim Somalian immigrants, or just low IQ Mestizo Mexicans.

    So when you are around regular Whites in the South or anywhere else and they are getting all sexually excited about the latest US Jew war, NAVY Seal attack against the Muslim terrorists in Yemen, simply change the subject to immigration. Remind people that Mohammed Ata and the Al Qaeda terrorists were let in to the United States on unsupervised student visas where they went to flight school in Florida, the nasty, ugly Muslim terrorists got on the planes in Boston MA. So this horrible mass murder of our people in OUR COUNTRY would never have happened if we had common sense immigration controls, same as Japan, Singapore, Switzerland, Denmark or yeah, Israel.

  5. “The reality is that most regular Whites in Tennessee and the South like war, like the military, like guns and they will SUPPORT the troops and justify US intervention in virtually any foreign country, especially against Ayrabs, Muslim countries – hell, there was very little opposition from White Americans for us bombing the Serbs! When you add in the factor of Christian Zionists in the South and Midwest, our anti war side is going to be a very small minority.”-JR
    I guess they believe that stupidity is a virtue. The intelligent ones must have been killed off by the time Lee surrendered.

  6. Please make your comments address the topic of the post, in this case – Whites in Tennessee resisting the NW Muslim immigration invasion.

    OD does publish original articles discussing historical events, sometimes discussing World War II.

    But this post does not discuss World War II, some commentators riding their World War II hobby horse are violating OD’s comments guidelines.

    We want to educate our people to be better writers, better communicators so we can reach the hearts and minds of our people, win friends and influence people. It’s a problem that our people can’t stay focuses to the issues at hand and wander off in to obsessions about the past.

    We need to do much better.

  7. @Moderator
    The only thing I’m confused about really: Is this website out of Israel or Williamsburg, Brooklyn?
    I’d really like to know, after all, it’s already been established that there’s no limit to curiousity. LOL

  8. excuse me, it’s supposed to read
    I knew OD was bull**** the first second I saw the dixie flag on the front page
    good day, gentlemen and dixiegirl

    (Comment edited for using curse word and for insulting the Confederate battle flag)

  9. LOL, I knew you were going to lose it, Joe. Are you living in a mental hospital, Joe?
    Do they know you are playing around on their computer?

  10. Re: “(T)he topic of the post…Whites in Tennessee resisting the NW Muslim immigration invasion”:

    That would be about resisting or wrestling with an EFFECT without considering the cause, because southern people LIKE wars, including the current “Endless War” — which reminds me of the old English couplet: “The Gaels are the people that God made mad, FOR ALL THEIR WARS ARE MERRY, and all their songs are sad.” Paul was bound to be rejected in the south as he was, then, in favour of the pro-war candidates?

  11. I thought it was characteristic of southern HILL folk, at least, to dislike foreign conflicts.

  12. In any case, whether or not they can consider the history of the cause of WHY the Somalians came, we hope they are successful!

  13. That we LIKE our wars is true, it’s a particular failing of descendants of people who come from lowland Scotland/northern England, sometimes styled as Borderers, Reivers, Scotch-Irish, Ulster Scots, etc…

    We fight the good fight for our own, but when overpowered our HONOR mandates that we keep the peace as well. The Scots were the most loyal troops Great Britain ever had after Colloden, Southerners the most loyal American troops after Appomatox. Defeated and then misused by the unscrupulous, having our best virtues turned into vices, keeping faith with the perfidious, etc.

    Yes, that is where we are now. Our defeat and degradation are virtually complete. You may gloat if you dare. When we awaken, you will want to be very far away from us.

    Because we LIKE our wars.

    Deo Vindice

  14. Jack Ryan: Thanks for your work trying to educate the general population on our “foreign intrigues”. Your advice is no doubt spot on. Still, I find it totally absurd to wage a global war on wolves because a family member has left the gate to the sheep ranch open.

  15. You should never fear something you don’t know. Many of the comments here are from very ignorant backwards, isolated bigots. What do you know about Muslim people? This is the same attitude your grandparents had against blacks.

    On average Muslims are more educated than the majority of Americans. Not all Muslims are Arabs. Many are white, black, Latino, Asian etc.. married to Americans. The majority of Muslims marry first before having babies, do not shack up, fear God, breast feed their children, don’t believe in Gay marriages, and are afraid to death of red necks like you.

    I can understand you not being used to change, but you can’t start up this racist stuff which is a pull back to the 50’s an 60’s. Did you live in those times? Tell me what was nice about hating blacks and burning down churches?

    We should welcomed our neighbors isn’t that what the Bible tells you to do, or have you picked one up lately, of course you haven’t. Maybe you should pick up a Quran. (1001 inventions)

    It really bothers me how hypocritical many of you are. You love quoting scriptures, but hate living the Christian life yet you have such a big problem with Islam, something you know nothing about. haven’t even read a chapter and already you are an expert.

    Muslims also believe in Jesus, Moses, Abraham, David, Solomon…..and all of the prophet of the bible and torah. Why don’t some of you take the time to understand Muslims and our visitors from other nations. They have values just like you. Stop blaming all Muslims for 9/11. I have my questions about that one anyway.

    How about if all blacks reminded you how lazy your ancestors were, drinking tea while slaves worked from dust to dawn. They were married, and went to Church, but had sex with every girl slave over 9 years old and molested boys and you talk about Muslims? How would you like if black people reminded you that your ancestors nearly wiped out the Indian (Native American) race and murdered millions of Africans on the passage to the U.S.? So if you want to start with the terrorist labels look no further.

    You fear Muslims. But why should anyone fear any man? What kind of people are you? Living in so much fear and hatred. No one race is totally good or bad. There are evil doers in every religion.

    Ok lets talk about this word “Invaders” that keeps poppy up. You people need to remember that you came to America and took someone’s home. This land wasn’t yours my fellow white Americans. IT WAS FOR SOMEONE ELSE! . We live in a melting pot and the white population is shrinking as more and more immigrants from south of the border cross over and less white babies are born.

    I am just trying to give you a reality check. Really don’t even want to offend you, but sorry, I just couldn’t resist. What you are doing is wrong. It is wrong in the eyes of the Founding Fathers and and Constitution of the U.S., it is wrong in the eyes of God. You are inciting hate and division. Our nation will never prosper as long as under-educated -red necks like you continue spending most of your time spreading hate and bigotry and political division. Neither political party cares for your kind anyway. You are not amongst the elite.

    Just tell me who you don’t hate? Do you even believe in God? Do you fear God? The answer is obvious to that question.

    Get a grip man you are the real foreigner of this nation if you want to go there. So tell me what gives you more rights over this land than anyone else? Had more people like you had a high enough IQ and acquired an engineering degree we wouldn’t need to hire so many Arabs, Chinese, Africans, and Indians for high tech jobs. I am in Texas so I know what I am talking about. These people improve our nation with their skills, and conservative values. They make good money, stay out of jail and pay taxes so what is your problem?

    Stop your bitter hatred and get a degree in a field that is in demand. Look yourselves in the mirror and ask yourself a serious question. Are you happy with yourself? Are you where you want to be in life? Where do you think all of this hate will get you? Will the confederacy flag pay your bills? No. I have ancestors that fought on both sides of the war. I could give a rats fart about a confederate flag.

    As a veteran of the military, my flag is the American, Red, White and Blue.

  16. Harry, you crack me up. You really do. You’ve presented me with what they call a “target-rich environment”. I could fisk you all day long and into next week, but who has the time? I’ll have to pick and choose. Let’s start with this…

    “You should never fear something you don’t know.”

    That’s maybe the stupidest piece of advice I’ve ever heard in my life. Here, Harry, I’ve got a basket of snakes: go ahead, put your arm in and grab one. What kind of snakes are they? Are they poisonous? Heck I’m not gonna tell you that. Put your arm in, grab one. Don’t be afraid. After all, you should never fear something you don’t know.

    “What do you know about Muslim people?”

    Hmm, good question. What _do_ I know about Muslim people? Well, how about these…

    1. The largest genocide/mass slaughter in all of human history was committed by Muslims against Hindus and Buddhists, during the blood-soaked Muslim conquest of the Indian subcontinent. 80 million Hindus were butchered by Muslims, and a comparable number raped and enslaved. A brilliant civilization was razed to the ground by… Muslims. This does not count the millions upon millions of Greeks, Syrians, Persians, Babylonians, Egyptians, Spaniard, Sicilians, Maltese, and Thracians who were slaughtered by the Muslims. You think Arabs are native to Syria, Egypt, Iraq? Guess again. Arabs are from Arabia: they murdered and displaced the ethnic Syrians, Copts, Babylonians, Greeks, and Hellenistic Levantines.

    2. The African slave trade which you use as your principal moral “beat-whitey” stick (yawn) was begun by… Muslims. And they began enslaving and butchering Africans with the utmost cruelty some four or five centuries _before_ the trans-Atlantic slae trade, and continued it long after Europeans had ceased. Unlike the Europeans, who merely bought the slaves offered to them for sale by native African slavers, the Arab Muslims directly invaded Africa, slaughtering whole villages, castrating the men (low survival rate from this gruesome Muslim practice) and marching millions of Africans across the Sahara Desert in chains; again, survival rate was low. This continued for centuries, and made the Middle Passage seem like a Carnival Cruise.

    3. Muslims have been slaughtering and raping and enslaving Europeans since… well, since the dawn of Islam. For seven centuries Muslims ran amok in Spain, raping and enslaving. They raided the entire Mediterranean coast, kidnapping women and children. In the Balkans, Turkish Muslims stole the male children of Christians, brainwashed them, and turned them into soldiers (“janissaries”) who were used to fight against their own people. It was called “devsirme”. Look it up. As much as Africans hold a grudge against whites for slavery, so too should whites hold every bit as much of a grudge against the Muslims for slavery, particularly the mass-rape of our womenfolk (look up “harem.”) I’ll take those Muslim reparations now, if you please… in the form of free oil for the rest of history.

    4. “1001” inventions, my ass. The Muslims stole nearly all of the intellectual and technological “inventions” attributed to them, from the superior cultures they conquered: the Hellenistic Levant, Syria, Hellenic Egypt, Persia, Bactria, and India: all vastly superior and more inventive than the Muslims. Algebra, their greatest hit, was merely a synthesis of Greco-Persian mathematical thought combined with advanced Hindu numerals. That’s right: so-called “Arabic numerals” were invented in India, by Hindus, not Muslims. Within the Islamic Empires, virtually all the advances were made by Greek, Christian, Jewish and Persian translators, scholars and thinkers. Muslim medicine and mechanics are all derived from the Greeks. The famous central heating systems of the villas of Islamic Cordoba were in fact a Roman invention, pre-dating Islam by centuries. Muslims are the world’s greatest intellectual parasites.

    5. I’ve read substantial amounts of the Koran, thank you very much: it is a manual for murder and mayhem, which dwells obsessively on violence and torture. It permits Muslims — no, in fact, it COMMANDS Muslims — to plunder, murder, terrorize, rape and enslave non-Muslims. Islamic jurisprudence contains detailed instructions as to when Muslims are allowed to rape the women they’ve kidnapped. Islamic jurisprudence supports the idea that “Allah gave property to infidels so that the Muslims would have something to plunder.”

    6. Islam has never morally repudiated slavery as Christianity has. In fact, slavery is considered a form of jihad, and as such is a required practice for Muslims.

    7. Muslim rape of indigenous women in the lands to which they’ve immigrated is epidemic throughout Europe, wherever they settle, as is the despicable practice of “grooming” — selecting vulnerable European female children, bribing them with drugs and alcohol, and then targeting them for gang rape. All condoned by Islamic jurisprudence, I might add. Lovely customs these people have.

    8. Honor killing is becoming endemic in USA and Canada: another lovely “enrichment” from the people who brought you grooming.

    9. The reason Islam should be made unwelcome in the USA is because Islam is, at the heart of its theology, a supremacist religion. The Muslim comes to foreign lands not to cooperate and assimilate, but to conquer, dominate and control.

    10. Muslim ideologues and theologians in North America are quite plain-spoken about the fact that their goal is to destroy American society from within.

    So, uh, yeah, I do know a few things about Muslim people.

    The rest of your screed is the typical mixture of stupidity, poor reasoning, the old “ignorant” routine that is the calling card of the zip coon (come on, admit it, you’re a zip coon; you don’t have a problem calling me a redneck, I don’t have a problem calling you a ridiculous coon, desperately trying to sound smart.) Oh, and also the barely-concealed glee about white demographics. Now there’s some good faith.

    “Had more people like you had a high enough IQ and acquired an engineering degree we wouldn’t need to hire so many Arabs, Chinese, Africans, and Indians for high tech jobs.”

    Again you have no idea what you’re talking about. Do you know what an H1-B visa is? American companies hire these foreigners because they’re willing to work a lot more cheaply; also, because their status is uncertain, they are a more docile work force. It’s called exploitation, dumbass.

    “As a veteran of the military”

    Yes I’m sure you served valiantly, you brave supply sergeant, you.

    Now piss off before I give you a more detailed spanking.

  17. I was just a little boy
    in elementary school,
    English and math
    and science class,
    learnin’ the Golden Rule,

    I learned how to add
    and how to subtract,
    how to multiply and divide,
    I learned about bugs
    and I learned about plants
    and I learned how to read and write,

    But my most favorite class of all
    was my last class of the day,
    When my history teacher
    would tell us tales
    of old times long gone away,

    I was amazed at the way
    She knew all the people
    and their names
    and the places and the dates,

    That’s when I first learned
    about General Lee
    and his thirteen Rebel States.

    Mr. Confederate Man:
    Rebel Son

  18. Harry,

    The UK has been rocked by a series of revelations about Pakistani gangs grooming 12 year old white girls as sex slaves for their men. In sleepy little towns like Oxford. Other Pakistani gangs have been uncovered in Hull, Manchester, London etc etc.

    There’s no reason for these people to be in the UK at all. The police sat on the info for years. It required “white extremists” to investigate this and force the cops to prosecute.
    The cops didn’t want to incite racial problems.

    Gangs like this will be uncovered in the US before too long. Harry, you are the ignorant one.

  19. Though the material/economical/industrial war against the Islamic population cannot be won, there is one way which perhaps, maybe, just maybe, if it was implemented successfully, would utterly defeat Islam.

    Premise I – No moral military measure can defeat Islam, as the Western world will denounce it and compromise it.

    Premise II – Peaceful measures will not convert Muslims, as they are under the penalty of death for apostasy; and many ignorant Westerners convert, freely or forced.

    There is the, literally, tried and true method which, theoretically, could defeat the Islam, but it is abhorrent: follow the example of the Nazis, and kill every last Muslim man, woman, and child.

    This should never be done, but it, perhaps, may eventually become the only option left. However, there is one untried method and means, which cannot fail, and is completely moral. That is, clear any nation of its entire Muslim population through exile. Islam cannot be stopped from spreading in any given nation it is in, but it can be contained and slowly reduced to non-existence.

    PHASE I: Preparation for the last crusade against Islam

    Step I – Make the nation economically independent from foreign trade with internal laissez faire economics. This must be done to simultaneously withstand sanctions and embargos from Islamic friendly nations and also to provide the necessary funding for any exigencies.

    Step II – Heavily tighten border security so as to make illegal immigration impossible into the given nation, so that there will be no compromising of necessary measures.

    Phase II: Implementation of the last crusade against Islam

    Step I – Stop all Islamic or Islamic friendly immigration, whether returning citizens, foreign workers, visiting family, etc. Essentially, do not allow any more Muslims or Islamic friendly persons to set foot in the nation.

    Step II – Use government funding to pay for all transportation fees of Islamic or Islamic friendly persons who wish to leave the nation.

    Phase III: The Completion of the last cragainst Islam

    Step I – Block all communication from foreign Muslims or Islamic friendly persons to anyone in the nation.

    Step II – Ban the Koran, close all mosques, shut down all Muslim or Islamic friendly organization in the nation.

    Step III – Exile all Muslims and Islamic friendly persons from the nation, and relocate them by force to hostile Islamic nations.

    Phase IV: The Expansion of the last crusade against Islam

    Step I – Other nations repeat.

  20. The problem is not race, as many American slavery obsessives would like to make it. Do you think they would have had as much of a problem with African Christians immigrating into their town? The problem is, and remains, Islam.

    As Oscar the Grinch so kindly noted, all Islam’s “advances” were stolen from SUPERIOR cultures who actually cared about science. Notice once it ran out of places to conquer (Russia and Europe to the north, Atlantic to the west, Sahara and Indian Ocean to the south, China and resistant Hindu India to the East), they soon showed how brilliant it really was. Its backwardness is why Eurpoe post-Industrial Revolution found it absurdly easy to conquer nearly all of the Islamic empire.

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