Racist, Islamophobic Whites in Tennessee Fight Murfreesboro Mosque

Resisting the Muslim Invasion


With so many White American conservatives and libertarians insisting on playing nice and fair with all non-White groups including Muslim invaders, it is nice to see some of our folks in Tennessee using open religious bigotry to resist the Muslim invasion.

The Atlantic reports that the local White Christians in Murfreesboro, Tennessee have delayed or permanently enjoined completion of a mosque under the legal argument that Islam really isn’t a “religion” that deserves 1st amendment protection under the U.S. Constitution. Instead, Islam and the proposed Tennessee mosque is said to be:

“A Shariah-compliant facility… a political organization with Shariah-compliant rules and regulations. Shariah and the U.S. Constitution cannot coexist.”

Not bad.

I would have liked some direct insults against the polygamist, pedophile founder of this death cult plus some strong accusations that Muslim immigrants should be banned from the United States to protect Christian American girls and boys from being raped and groomed for Muslim sex slaves.


Maybe that would have been asking a bit too much and our side wouldn’t have won the (soon to be reversed) legal ruling to stop the Murfreesboro mosque.

Non-White Muslim immigrant rights group CAIR is appealing to Eric “My People” Holder’s Justice Department to go after the evil Islamophobic White RACISTS in Tennessee.

Here’s a quote from the CAIR press release which looks to be a good, long fight:

“WASHINGTON, May 29, 2012 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ — The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) today called on the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) to protect the religious rights of Tennessee Muslims after a judge in that state blocked completion of a mosque that has been targeted by anti-Muslim bigots for the past two years.”

Editor’s Note Here’s some clips from the PBS Independent Lens documentary “Welcome To Shelbyville” which addresses changing demographics in neighboring Bedford County:


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    From what I have read it was around 2000. Not 5000.
    They were not a highly armed uniformed group.
    If you can give me a link to the contrary, I’m all ears.

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  14. @Sean
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  17. Coming in at the end of a thread at end of a day as usual. Lille D. V. wrote:

    “Welsh-Italian sounds like a great combination. I’m Italian-Irish-Polish.”

    What is all this excitement about inter-ethnic crossing? I can relate from experience that even Welsh X German can be confusing and self-conflicting, with dual heritages, dual fatherlands, different languages and customs. In the Bible, it was required that even a member of a tribe must marry within his own tribe. That is how to build or maintain a cohesive community, and ultimately, a genuine nation.

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  25. @Mosin Nagant
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    I reply with the saying that “God gave us brains and expects us to use them.” Our understanding is finite, however, so we might NEVER know all the answers.

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  32. Some typical Islamic bahvior:
    When I arrived in this area ten years ago with my cat, we lived in a beautiful compound. The gardeners were Muslims from poor countries and they were not paid very much. As good Muslims they prayed five times a day. One afternoon a gardener was kneeling on the sidewalk doing his prayers. My cat walked over and sat next to him. He looked down and then reached over and started to pet her while he continued to say his prayers.
    One day in a food court in a shopping mall, I felt that I was being observed. A five year old boy dressed in white robe and wearing white cap was looking at me over the edge of the table. He knew that it was obligatory to be kind to old people. He broke his candy bar in two pieces and gave me half. His mother, completely covered in black, observed this and bent over laughing silently.
    If you have grey hair and are standing by the side of road in the countryside and dressed like a non-Muslim in a country the United States is not bombing, a Muslim will stop and drive you quite a long distance.
    If you have a cast on your leg and are using crutches a Muslim cab driver will frequently refuse your money because he is obliged to help the sick and crippled. BTW, this happened to me in the USA.

  33. Thanks, Robert, for sharing your experience of typical Islamic behaviour. In my extremely limited experience I’ve also noticed some of that kindness.

    Yet their religion still conflicts with ours, and requires them to chastise the kafir — and the bombings, cyberattacks, invasions, drive-by shootings, etc. by Amerika’s and other Western mis-governments’ tax-paid mercenaries and the onslaught of anti-Christian Hollywood entertainment and other propaganda for global atheism and immorality stirs up anger against our people.

  34. Robert in Arabia: I agree with your assessments of the Muslim peoples in traditionally Islamic lands, based on what I have seen as well. As everyone here knows, there is a huge propaganda program being waged on the general public to scapegoat Muslims while importing them by the millions. As the West is goaded to attack traditionally Muslim lands, the domestics we’ve imported wage Jihad on us under cover of the same establishment that sends our sons into wars in the Middle East. It’s disgusting and I can’t believe the American population falls for it. Muslims, though, don’t belong in Tennessee. Especially Somali Muslims!

  35. Be very wary of “conservative” sites and commentors who constantly demonize Muslims and push to bomb, bomb, bomb Iran. They are distracting us from the root of the problem–the demographic war on Whites.

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