Amurrica Series: The Green Lantern Is Gay

DC Comics

Last summer, the controversy was over why wasn’t The Green Lantern black in the year 2011. Now it turns out The Green Lantern couldn’t be black because in the year 2012 the character has come out of the closet as a homosexual:

Note: I have never had any interest in comic books, but this is another cultural milestone and opportunity to laugh at the concept of Amurrica, so it is included here in the Amurrica Series

Go USA! Pay your taxes!

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  1. What about a Goy superhero?

    One of the delicious ironies about Superhero comics is that most of the big names were designed back when media Jews were still catering to (healthier) Nordic sensibilities. So a hell of a lot of the big characters are Nordic-looking, and always will be in the eyes of fans, what with the characters being immortal and all.

  2. I just reread The Shining last week. Halloran a Magic Negro? Well, he did have the “shine.” He calls himself a nigger. He calls his best friend a nigger. Other than that, to cite anything about The Shining as being PC is a hell of a stretch, to use your “stretch” description.

    I don’t think you have read any King books. Whatever King may be, his books are simply not political. He even had a character, a writer who was ridiculing his liberal Creative Writing professor and the other liberal students in the class, say, “politics change, stories don’t. ” This was early on in “IT.”

    That is the reason King has sold so many books, Svigor. He is good at appealing to regular people. The situation is weird, the characters everyday people whom the public identifies with.

    King comes from a rough working class family and neighborhood. I think that is who he actually is. He has hundreds of millions of dollars and so far as I know, he gives not a cent of it to any liberal causes. He owns a rock and roll station and has set up a scholarship fund for kids at a local school. Yeah, he says he supports Obama and is a liberal. But as Tom Metzger said about a popular NASCAR driver who made some PC comments in front to the TV cameras, “You got to shake hands with the Devil” when you are a person like that. King had to deal with New York publishers, so who knows. As I said, based on reading about 40 of his books, I doubt his sincerity when it comes to liberalism. Compare him to so many other celebrities.

  3. Kings early books where good, but then he went PC. The last book I read of his, every bad guy was White, Christian and anti-abortion all the heroes were DWL’s/ SWPL types.

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