Occupying Privilege


Check out this important new book featuring our dear friend Tim Wise: Occupying Privilege: Conversations on Love, Race and Liberation.

“In Occupying Privilege, today’s cultural icons–writers, activists, educators, and artists—offer unique and fresh perspectives on white supremacy, white privilege, and racial justice.

So, um, what the hell is white privilege anyway, and do I have it?”

The preservation of civilization requires the restoration of white supremacy and the eternal perpetuation of white privilege. Guess that means I am against “racial justice.”

“The short answer is if you’re white, yeah, you do. Good news is, there’s a lot we can do, together, to undo the power dynamics and racism which keep us from embracing freedom for all.”

Why exactly should we undo these power dynamics and the racism that keeps us from embracing freedom for all?

Why is it necessarily a good thing that all people should be free? Maybe the world would be better off if the negro wasn’t free to destroy our schools, lower property values, and live as parasites off our tax dollars?

“Imagine if we could all agree that racism does exist, without the feelings of blame, shame, and guilt, then we could be in the business of changing it.”

Imagine if we could all agree that anti-racism is the real dominant force in our society, that anti-racism has a negative impact on the progress of civilization (see Haiti, Detroit, South Africa among other examples), and that it would be wise to reverse course and embrace “racism” and “white supremacy” as a positive good.

“This book will help you get there. A book for the people by the people, told through stories, conversations, letters, and essays, readers will learn about white supremacy, media’s spin control, (mis)education, the criminal IN-justice system, cultural appropriation, and racism’s continued impact on people of color and white people.”

(1) The criminal justice system is just a more expensive form of segregation.

(2) In the year 2012, we live under the supremacy of Black Run America (BRA), not Jim Crow.

(3) Under BRA, the only form of “institutional racism” that exists is the anti-White racism of the multiculturalism/diversity/affirmative action complex.

“When you Occupy Privilege you’ll discover:

The difference (and there are many!) between white privilege, white supremacy, racism, discrimination and more–knowledge is power!”

I don’t believe in equality. I don’t see white supremacy or white privilege as a problem that requires a solution.

Justice is inequality or getting what you deserve. Blacks don’t deserve to be treated as equals because they are not our equals.

“The stories and struggles of people of all color, their own relation to privilege, and how they are undoing it one poem, flow, rhyme, letter, beat, and day at a time. Here, the personal is political.”

How many negro carols does it take to achieve racial equality?

“How not to drown in the guilt of the history of whiteness in America. You are not alone in this work!”

Well, I don’t feel particularly guilty about the history of whiteness in America.

When you buy this book, you are buying into a bigger movement for justice and liberation. All profits will be going to organizations that fight for racial justice!

If I buy this book, it will be defend what liberals call “injustice and oppression” (the natural and just social hierarchy based on the principle of subordination), or to oppose the crap that is being called “racial justice.”

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  1. The on-going rhetorical shift by these vile creatures from “anti-racism” to “anti-white privilege” is fascinating and instructive. In essence, they are tacitly admitting that they are racist against whites, and that over time they intend to become far more explicitly and virulently racist against whites; therefore, “racism” as an abstract concept which must be defeated, will no longer do.

    Enter the meme of “white privilege”. Now, it can become conceptually and morally permissible for them to be openly racist against whites, and ONLY against whites. Because, white privilege. It’s perfect! And they no longer have to bother their pretty little black-haired heads about whether they’re being bad for being conceptually racist.

    You have to hand it to them; it’s a pretty clever chess move, actually. I’d speculate about who’s behind it, but for some reason I can’t think of any particular group that’s good at chess.

  2. The argument for white seperatism beats this ‘white privilege’ baloney hands down.

    Secesion. Tomorrow. Then forever.

    Animis opibusque parati

  3. The concept of “white privilege” is a load of crap.

    Whenever you cram a minority up against a majority you get some sort of “privilege” dynamic. It’s a human story as old as the hills. They’re trying to socially engineer this entirely human trait out of us, but human nature being what it is, they’ll fail. They might succeed however if this country continues down the path of forced mongrelization combined with making whites a minority in their own country.

    We can push back by debunking the completely made up, bogus designer term “white privilege” by, for example, like I said before, pointing out that there’s nothing really “white” about it – it’s just a phenomenon that occurs wherever minority/majority dynamics occur.

    Or better yet, I think there’s something to be said for owning the term, if only just to piss them off. I’m white, and you know what? I AM better than you non-whites. History bears out the privilege that nature has bestowed on us in great detail, including the fact that we have dominated militarily over and over and over, and easily could again. You fuck with the sleeping lion at your peril, muds.

  4. I have been hearing the ‘White privilege’ meme for a awhile now. They are against White priviledge and for Black crime that redresses White privilege.

    It is like the pro-abortionists. Oh nooo. They aren’t for abortion per se. They are pro-choice. Pursue them on it and they are are pro removing choices that would enable parents and grandparents to have real choice.

    It will be the same with this ‘white privilege’ crapola. It is just more of their semantic code.

  5. White Privilege = Divine Predestination.

    SO, what’s not to like? Unless (like Wise) you are only a ChosenITE, rather than a Chosen People.

    Envy. Satan’s first temptation. Still going after all these years, and coming from the seed of Satan, again and again. [John 8:44] I’m not surprised.

    Tim Wise, just up and die already. Please, God?

  6. So-called ‘white privilege’ studies are just a nebulous way of explaining why black people have yet to succeed as a group. Leftists fully expected that blacks would be able to succeed as soon as they obtained full rights in society but yet they haven’t. So to avoid having to admit that blacks are fundamentally different in either biology or cultural values, they have to blame their former oppressors, including those who are fully engrossed in the ideology of cultural Marxism.

    The theory of white privilege really falls flat on its face when you look at minorities who aren’t cognitively handicapped like blacks are. Asians, especially of the NE variety are doing quite well. Indians are doing quite well as well – just look at the most recent national spelling bee for example. Why shouldn’t they be oppressed and thus failing to achieve as well?

    It’s funny that he talks about how not to drown in white guilt when basically the whole thing is about making whites feel guilty about abusing their so-called privileges that elevate them above minorities.

    We all know very well that blacks are the one who have elevated status in society. Negroes have been put on a silver platter for the last 40+ years.

  7. White privilege is the term used when explaining the hatred for Whites by blacks, jews, and the other mud races. As we all know the blacks and other mud races can’t be racist, only Whites, so their racism is not racism it’s just that we upset the mud races because of our White privilege. That explanation falls right in line with the left’s multicult jabber wocky nonsense.

  8. It’s funny that he talks about how not to drown in white guilt when basically the whole thing is about making whites feel guilty about abusing their so-called privileges that elevate them above minorities.

    There’s a very cultish, forced neurolinguistic programming feel to the writing, isn’t there? Trying to talk conversationally, with the “um” and “yeah, you do,” like the writer is your BFF from childhood.

    <i<So, um, what the hell is white privilege anyway, and do I have it?

    The short answer is if you’re white, yeah, you do. Good news is, there’s a lot we can do, together, to undo the power dynamics and racism which keep us from embracing freedom for all.

    Svengali phail!

  9. Jerry,

    I made a post at my blog linking to this article, and reposting your comment. I think you nailed it — the best thing to do is embrace privilege. They claim that it is “unearned,” well, your ancestors “earned” it and bequeathed it to you.

    Our privilege is our genetic inheritance. Let’s make the most of it!

  10. Its anti-white folks, and if you start tripping out into intellectual lala land with wordy adademic reasonings then all you do is subtly reenforce it for Lil’ Timmy. Timmy would pay good money for an AmRen intellectual to debunk it with a 10,000 word essay.

    Me I’m an a-hole and I will just call BS on anti-white Timmy for producing anti-white propaganda that exists for one reason, to justify the genocide of whites, which as you all know is a crime.

  11. Check out this important new book featuring our dear friend Tim Wise.


    Ole Timmy sure does love him some White people, dunni? One almost gets the impression he’s a racist with an axe to grind.

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  13. Timmy “nobody here but us evil White folks, nossir” Wise loves Israeli-Jewish racism (which is why he condones it (assents to it with his silence) and hates White people.

    Simple, really. He’s a racist.

  14. @RRS,

    I think we’re getting to the point in history where we can just laugh at Timmy and embrace and appropriate the epithets such as “privilege” that he hurls at us, just as homosexuals appropriated the term “queer.”

    I remember in the 1980’s you had these movies like “Caddyshack” and “Revenge of the Nerds” which shamed anyone who was “better” or “snobbish.” I remember being a “snob” was the worst thing to be in the 1980’s because of Jewish movies of the time.

    The anti-white-privilege crowd is acting from 1980’s scripts, back when Whites still had it easy, back when we were sure this was our country and that we were the insiders.

    It’s 30 years later. Comments are closed at Tim Wise’s site, because disenfranchised, dispossessed and mass-media-hated Whites are very different people than we were in 1982. These anti-racists are men and women trailing Time, living in the nostalgic era when it was possible to push the White guilt lever and get the jackpot pretty consistently.

    Back then, we were “asleep” in a sense. We did not sense the enemy emitting from the electronic box of our living rooms and family rooms.

    Now we have become cognizant. Now we can see.

  15. Timmy “you racist White fu- er, I mean, us evil racist Whites” Wise doesn’t care about racism or “White privilege,” per se. That’s why he ignores the billions flowing from American Jewry to Israel’s quasi-Apartheid ethno-state, and the massive violation of his supposed “anti-racist” values going on there, in favor of “helping” his “fellow” Whites remove the “White privilege” mote from their eyes.

    Tim Wise is like a BATF agent who only cares about the skinheads with zip guns, not the Israeli arms merchant selling AK-47s by the container-load. He’s like a Prohibition agent who only cares about little old ladies with bathtub gin, not Al Capone.

    I.e., he’s either a coward, or corrupt to the core.

  16. Every argument Mad Timmy presents boils down to, “Timmy is anti-white”.

    Yes we already know you are anti-white, you keep telling us over and over.

    All we want to know now is, why are you so anti-white and why do you advocate for the genocide of whites?

  17. racism was too discrete a construct, that is to say that most whites would agree that over racially minded institutions and decisions were racist, but not the laundry list of kulak privileges. Racism is getting worn out, But white privilege, they can point at any disparity, and it is our fault. That said one of the major themes I see in all the agitprop trying to advance this is that whites are not taking this to heart, and would hopefully not be made kulaks or helots in our own nation.

  18. If that vile Mischling is pushing a book – perhaps he’s not pulling in as many Joobux from his speaking dates, n’est ce pas?


    All we need to do, everytime one of them brings up that White Privilege meme, is not that THEY are admitting that Whites are superior, simply for Being White.

  19. Svigor – all this blather aobut Jews being so schmart – I don’t buy it. They are verbally adept, and they use words to trick and deceive. Thething it – the End Game. When the place called the USA is no more aka Whitey’s Gone – the bux stop flowing. The Brownies couldn’t care less about Jews. And China? Jews are crawling all over China – but the Chinese are already hip to them. They won’t play their Holohoax CRAP for one single second.

    Jews are the Dimmest Bulbs, ever.

  20. “White Privilege” is an utter load of crap. Wise is the epitome of paternalistic behavior. In no way does he feel that blacks are the equal of whites (or NE Asians for that matter), which is why he puts out the idea that everything that happens to blacks, or that they do, is not their responsibility. They’re powerless pawns, mere children, as it were, in spite of laws explicitly favoring them, and discriminating against Whites. NE Asians completely, utterly undermine his “white privilege” canard, and he knows it. What a traitorous charlatan Uncle Tim is.

    It’s just another transparent and utterly illogical attempt to try to explain black (and to a lesser extent brown) failure. Do anything but look at group IQ’s for the cause of black failure. Occam’s Butterknife in full effect. Less intelligent people, on the whole, have less successful life outcomes, commit more crime, are more dependent, and display a wide array of dysfunctional behavior on nearly any metric you can think of. This is true of unintelligent people of any color. It happens that stupidity is unequally distributed among the races, and that blacks have a disproportionate share of the unintelligent. Blame mother nature, not some moronic, made up, racist notion that Whites are responsible for the life outcomes of the entire planet.

    A person who tries to curry favor with an outgroup by sacrificing and betraying his own is truly a loathsome, vile traitor. That’s Uncle Tim. How utterly stupid must you be to buy into the whole “white privilege” claptrap?

  21. As I’ve said before, for propaganda to be effective, it must first be *believed*. This particular narrative isn’t believed by anything other than a minority. Timmy is doing this for the money, plain and simple. He hasn’t won any new converts because “privilege” rhetoric only works with hardcore liberals, who are a smaller portion of the population than they once were. He is a wheeler-dealer. He sells a narrative to his base for a few bucks.

    Actually, more than anything, the continued success of Wise is a good example of how *dumb* hardcore liberals really are. Isn’t it obvious that this obnoxious piece of garbage Wise is getting fat off their money while doing no discernible work for a living? This is the left-wing equivalent of people sending money to Jerry Falwell.

  22. Denise,

    What you are calling “stupidity” in Jews deserves a more subtle distinction. Because one can show high IQ in Jews, debunking the idea that they are simply unintelligent.

    What Jews have is a lack of self awareness, a group solipsism.

    The group solipsism gives them an advantage in getting them to act like a hive. But the problem is they are themselves deceived as to their moral place in the world.

    Being self deceived leads to hubris, and hubris leads to over-reaching, and over-reaching leads to destruction.

  23. What advantage was to be had from working down a coal mine? Or farm labour as a peasant?

    None at all.

  24. Why does no one ever ever question this word “Freedom…” with depth.

    Freedom FROM WHAT? Freedom FOR WHOM? Freedom TO DO which activities? Freedom in what CONTEXT?

    Without ever clarifying this term, there is no real discussion (obviously).

  25. Quoting and also paraphasing (very little) Johann Fichte: “(We) are joined together by invisible bonds by nature (and)…understand each other and…belong together and are by nature one and an inseparable whole…. (And only) when each people, left to itself, develops and forms itself in accordance with its own peculiar quality, and only when in every people each individual develops himself in accordance with that common quality, as well as in accordance with his own peculiar quality…then only does the manifestation of divinity appear in its true mirror as it ought to be; AND ONLY A MAN WHO EITHER ENTIRELY LACKS THE NOTION OF THE RULE OF LAW AND DIVINE ORDER, OR ELSE IS AN OBDURATE ENEMY THERETO, COULD TAKE UPON HIMSELF TO INTERFERE WITH THAT LAW.” So Un-Wise has taken upon himself to interfere and oppose God’s order.

  26. @Leroy from Detroit
    Thank you, Sir. Turin is the name of our car city.
    Milan is where we produce all the beautiful clothes and shoes that American women love. We know that American women have alot of money, so we put really high-end price tags on our exquisite products. That’s because Northern Italians deserve it, because we are alot smarter than your average, oh, how do they say in your country, “cracker”.
    Si, We pump out Maseratis.
    We also pump out the Lamborghini. Check it out, Sir : http://www.lamborghini.org
    In Turin, we pump out Maseratis and Lamborghinis.
    I know that you must enjoy pumping out alot of Negro children for your African-American flagship city. God Bless America.
    Unfortunately, we can not pump out Negro children because the Italians were too busy being too intelligent and too self-sufficient to ever bother getting involved in the slave trade.
    If you care to purchase a Maserati or Lamborghini, please speak to your local welfare agency people and insist on a welfare increase. White Americans love providing their former slaves with everything they need to be happy, so I know that won’t be a problem for you.
    Please forward the link to Trayvon’s mother. I know she must still be very upset about having her Negro child shot down. Horrible tragedy. I shall go to my local Catholic church, “San Giovanni”, and pray for her.
    Perhaps, after they make a movie about the horrible tragedy, and Mrs. Trayvon gets her Hollywood royalty checks, she may be interested in purchasing some of the best cars and clothing one can find in the world.
    Go to Turin for cars. Go to Milano for clothes.
    Go to your Detroit welfare office for assistance.
    Ciao, Sir.

  27. Hey Timmy, why don’t we start by eliminating Jew Privilege in that little Apartheid settler state in the Middle East?

  28. Unfortunately, we can not pump out Negro children because the Italians were too busy being too intelligent and too self-sufficient to ever bother getting involved in the slave trade.

    Missed the whole “Roman Empire” thing, didja?

  29. “White Privilege” was something dreamed up by privileged Whites to make non-privileged Whites feel guilty enough to cash checks they like to write to pacify Negros. They tell non-privileged Whites they should feel guilty because loss prevention detectives assume they are there to buy something rather than help themselves to five-finger discounts and because cab drivers , who see no reason to take unusual chances that would get them killed by their fare, pick them up over more criminal Negroes and Mestizos. They want to make non-privileged Whites feel that they are privileged, simply because they do not suffer from behavior profiling the way Negros and Mestizos do.
    Oddly enough, neither do Asians, but there are no “social justice activists” stepping up to make Asians feel guilty about enjoying “Yellow Privilege.” What is called “White Privilege” is where people judge you by the content of your race’s character. Whites and Asians are not discriminated against by loss prevention detectives or cab drivers, because they behave themselves, unlike Negroes and Mestizos.
    Class privilege is where rich Whites can dictate the behavior of poor Whites even when it comes to Non-Whites. Class privilege is how privileged Whites have imposed political correctness, or what I call “political castration” on Non-privileged Whites to stifle any and all dissent from them. Class privilege is “do what I say, not as I do.” Class privilege is how privileged Whites can segregate themselves from any of the adverse effects of the bad policies; desegregation, integration, forced busing, low-income housing, and affirmative action that they impose on non-privileged Whites.

  30. The Italians, even with machine guns couldn’t even wipe the floor with the Ethiopians. The 1898 war was a bit of a humiliation. Somalia is the Italian bag too. They were late to the party as imperialists but they are getting utterly nigged out today anyway.

    The Amanda Knox/Meredith Kercher story is all about how the Italian prosecutor couldn’t be satisfied with a black killer from Ghanaraguazia called Rudy Guede raping and murdering the poor English lass.

    Oh no a young American girl had to be at fault too.

  31. There’s no such thing as white privilege. It’s another made up jewish pseudo-science construct. It’s called white competence. And the Jews beat us down with this guilt crap so they can control the whole global game. Make that destroy the whole world.

    Tim Wise has Jewish privilege. That power structure of tribal racism with its dominant features being moral corruption, covert monopolyism, controlled deception, and inbred narcissism.

  32. Non privileged whites who feel guilty about black slave trade are stupid. Retarded. Seriously because they aren’t thinking. My maternal side of the family is a good example: they were farmers in the north of Ireland, not poor but reasonably well off due to back breaking work. Laziness was disgusting, obesity frowned on since it implied lack of exercise (work). My father’s side of the family, also Irish by way of Australia, ended up there who know when but most likely stole something resulting in transportation Down Under. Now just imagine the idea that any of us owned slaves? More than likely we were slaves or close enough. So every whiney kneegrow that thinks I owe them anything is stupid (but we knew that).
    I recently saw a documentary about an English merchant family called Beckford. They owned Jamaica, practically, financing their HUGE fortune through the slave trade. If kneegrows had ANY brains, and they don’t, they’d focus on certain people/families that have now amassed corporations – Rockefellers, Morgans, etc. I would be more than willing to bet WHO had slaves here in the USA. Enter the Jew – silver tongued attorneys who can shift the blame onto the shoulders of working-class YT. That’s us, most of us never “owned” a black slave in our history. I don’t understand why the averge white dodo bird doesn’t come down so hard on himself because of his own bleeding hears. Jeez, it’s enough to make me sick.

  33. “He (the vile Wise) hasn’t won any new converts because “privilege” rhetoric only works with hardcore liberals”

    The big danger, as usual, lies in poisoning the minds of impressionable young people. These days white high-school and college students are not taught sufficient critical thinking skills, nor proper respect for their depths of history and culture; they have been intellectually monkey-wrenched, and are thus too susceptible to this horsesh#t.

    I know lots of white young people who tend to “wake up” but not until they’re around 30, at which point their peak fecundity years are already behind them, and they’ve made a lot of stupid life decisions that are difficult to undo. Mission accomplished, from the point of view of these leftist vermin.

    So we don’t have to worry about grownups and the intellectually adult being taken in by this swill; but we do have to worry about the monkey-wrench it throws into the brains of our young.

    When someone talks about “white privilege” to you, don’t even try to argue back that it’s an invalid concept; the whole thing is designed as a sort of intellectual quicksand pit, i.e. it’s trying to tire you out and wear you down — the more you struggle, the easier it is to sink. Don’t make a counter-argument, just laugh directly in their face, very very loudly, and call them a f#cking retard. The gambit doesn’t deserve the dignity of a counterargument.

  34. Italy too wise to ever fall for slavery? Good reply, Svigor. Also, John — “even with machine guns (they) couldn’t even wipe the floor with the Ethiopians”– was my first thought. White Americans don’t begin to approach them in intelligence, skilled workmanship, salesmanship, bravado, etc., do we? Ethnic/regional/national chauvinism distracts us, leads us to digression!

    Svigor says:

    June 4, 2012 at 5:41 pm

    More like, Italy skipped colonialism because she barely made it to nationhood

  35. Oscar notes “white young people who tend to ‘wake up’ but not until they’re around 30, at which point their peak fecundity years are already behind them, and they’ve made a lot of stupid life decisions that are difficult to undo.” Young people aren’t taught the Biblical tradition that they must work HARD from early youth, but are encouraged to “enjoy life (play) while they’re still young.” They see parents’ and older folk’s motive in working is to make as much money as possible as quickly and easily as possible, so they can go PLAY. Those who are successful at this may NEVER wake up. Those who wake up late can do only a little good with the remainder of their lives. But those who are brought up from the cradle in truth, who “remember their Creator in their youth,” exert their FULL strength for the increase and good of their family, community and nation.

  36. Portugal, Italy, Greece and Spain. Aren’t those the nations dragging the Euro Zone into ruin? Tell me how smart Italians are again? I seriously doubt that poster is Italian. Reading it gives me the impression it was written by an English speaker who thinks that’s how non native English speakers write/ type/ speak.

    Seems to me, bitching about privilege, White privilege, or coming from money is really bitching about having good parents. negros are unhappy shop keepers think they steal because for the most part negro “parents” don’t teach their kids not to steal. White kids who bitch about White privilege are pissed off some kids higher up the economic food chain got a pony for Christmas or a BWI for turning 16 etc etc.

    The privilege game seems to be an offshoot of the “you’re so lucky game”. As in, when folks find out you spent 30 days fishing for tuna in mexcio they go,” ooo you’re so lucky….” Like it fell from the sky and into your lap. No one says anything like, gees must be nice to enjoy things like that after all your hard work etc.

    Part of White privilege bullshit is about being egalitarian; if you think everyone is equal you expect equal results and when reality doesn’t match that it must be because of _____ fill in the blank with racism, White privilege, sexism etc etc

    I do agree with the notion White privilege from the top down is about keeping less wealthy Whites in check. The narrative is “see your life isn’t so bad and you still have this White privilege thing. Poor, poor negros, everywhere they go folks think they are going to steal, rape, rob etc” and “we have to take your middle class income from you and give it to negros because they suffer so much and you still have your White privilege.” Not that they use those words as such.

    Oscar, Snowwhitey, on the money, both of you

  37. Unwise can’t think of anything better than “privilege” — a very weak “new” label. The boredom of it is overwhelming.

  38. @ Stonelifter
    The Northener Italians are intelligent enough to learn English, and to learn it well, thank you very much.
    The Northern Italians are stuck in a race-mixed, mixed-race country like here. Our rulers, both secular and religious, are sell-outs, just like here.
    The Northern Italians are stuck in the same situation as white Americans.
    Our Italian banks are now owned by the Rothschilds. Many were owned by the Rothschilds before WW2, but since the American victory in 1945, all our banks are now owned and controlled in London.
    Italy, I don’t know if you know this, has been under the military rule of the US since 1945. The Italians are not so free to set their own policies as you may think.
    An embargo was placed on Northern Italy soon after the Reformation when England legalized slavery. The Northern Italians were adamant about not legalizing slavery in Northern Italy. So an embargo was placed on Italy.
    Northern Italian diplomats warned the English, the Spanish,the French, the Dutch, of the future ramifications that the legalization of slavery would result in.
    Northern Italian diplomats tried to warn Lincoln not to go to war;
    That European banks were very much behind the fomenting of war in America.
    The Northern Italian diplomats had an appointment with Lincoln to deliver their proof. They were refused entry into the White House. They were turned away.
    Many seeds of the Protestant Reformation was planted in Tuscany, as well.
    Northern Italians did not go Protestant because Northern Italian diplomats throughout Europe noticed the the jews were steeping into the turmoil caused by the wars following on the heels of Luther, and were taking advantage of the turmoil to get slavery and usury legalized.
    The Northern Italians did go not Protestant for this reason. Not for religious reasons.
    Northern Italy is a much different place than Southern Italy.
    The history of these two regions are much different.
    Please study the history of Italy a little bit before criticizing, please. Make it a bit more difficult for me to refute you, if for no other reason. You don’t know what you’re talking about.
    That airport in Tokyo bay was engineered by a Northern Italian engineering firm, by the way. And alot of other projects around the world, as well. Google it.
    The money for the Golden Gate bridge was raised by Northern Italian winegrowers in Napa and Sonome county and it was their gift to America. ( a german engineer on that project).Google it.
    We are not so stupid as you suppose, and we are quite capable of speaking and writing English properly. As well as all languages. The average Northern Italian speaks at least 2 languages. Many speak much more than that. It is not uncommon to meet Northern Italians in Italy who speak 10 or more languages, and speak them well.
    Northern Italians were always well known throughout Europe for their language skills, if you don’t mind.
    In addition to having been born in Tuscany, I grew up here in the States.
    I can speak english well enough to debate you on any topic, if you so chose.
    Italy has been under Uncle Sam’s military boot heel since 1945, and the Italians do not make their own decisions, either Northern Italians or Southern Italians. Uncle Sam makes the ultimate decisions in Italy. It’s been that way since 1945.
    Go learn some history please.

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