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  1. This is why big city police departments should be controlled by the state, not the city itself. A model is the way Missouri’s state government controls the St. Louis and Kansas City Police Departments.

  2. NPR is National Propaganda Radio. Working in that field in the 1970’s. 80’s and early ’90’s, I encountered gays, feminazis, and overt members of the American C0mmunist Party- but not one racially aware White Man, and very few Christians- i.e., those who cared for their culture, whether RC or Protestant.

    NPR is only good for music, and only if they play classical.

    It’s a dying behemoth, whose time is past. the only people who listen to it, are those who still believe the propaganda anyway.

  3. I have a sneaking suspicion that this muggafugga bix nood is a “kulakohaust denier”.

    He knows he is sacrificing whites to his dark gods.

  4. By the way – get to the 6:50 mark. Beck is aghast at Paul Krugman’s (JewWhiney) assertion that “A billion dollars really isn’t a lot of money”.

    after that – Beck admits that the ONLY reason people don’t criticize Obummer is because they are afraid of being called “racist”.

    I’ll bet Beck’s Zip Coon Founding Daddies hogwash goes down the Memory Hole. Beck follows da moneez….

    We are winning…

  5. He’s also an ethnic Chinese. So, they call him a Briton. Amazing innit? His ancestors stood with Boudicca, Harold, Henry V, Drake, Marlborough, Wellington.

    Briton? my pale Irish arse.

  6. Chow Hic Koon. That’s this Briton’s name. Couldn’t they have said

    Naturalized Briton? Or “Vibrant Briton” just to warn readers. I was expecting Jeremy Hunt getting arrested or Andy Coulson.

  7. Quote of the century from link above: “White,” said a Jewish professor at Kingsborough Community College, “is in every way a detriment to be categorized because of the push to hire minorities.”

  8. Sorry, I think Scott Walker was not nearly direct enough about the Negro Question in his ad. This is a huge scandal in Milwaukee. http://m.jsonline.com/watchdog/watchdogreports/hundreds-of-assault-cases-misreported-by-milwaukee-police-department-v44ce4p-152862135.html

    Walker’s add focuses only on unreported child abuse cases, which make up only a third of the underreported cases. The rest are crimes more typically associated with interracial crime – stabbings, beatings, etc. So Walker was downplaying it.

  9. “NPR? It is good for no-charge radio classical music”

    Screw NPR, they should be ignored and avoided under all circumstances.

    For classical radio, there’s a good-to-great local classical station in every major American city. And if you have high-speed internet, go with Allclassical.org out of Portland OR. Very very good programming.

    I was very impressed a few years ago by KUSC classical radio out of Los Angeles: during the days leading up to Christmas, they played virtually all Christian sacred music relating to the feast-day, of which there is a LOT, and they were knowledgeable about it, and they unabashedly called it Christmas, not “the holidays,” and wished their listeners a merry Christmas, and didn’t stoop to include Hannukah/Kwanzaa/Eid/Winter Solstice or whatever.

    For a little while, I almost thought I was living in America again.

  10. @Denise, ‘Kulak’ is a Judeo-Stalinist term for White Russian, Ukranian. The Ukraine was once the bread basket of Russia. Small family owned farms were the White Russian farms. The Ukrain is predominantly Roman Catholic, Ukranian Orthodox. These people were hated by the Judeo-Bolshevik Revolution of 1917 and its later Stalinization. They were targeted for extermination as ‘Kulaks’ when Stalin collectivized all agriculture under the Soviet, seized all the lands and food in the Ukraine. An entire nation was either starved to death or deported to the Gulags.

    You can read about this genocide at the hands of the Bolshevist and Stalinist Jewish Soviet in the book “Harvest of Sorrow”.

  11. Basically the Bolsheviks targeted a growing Yeoman class of farmers. This sort of small family farmer is also being crushed in the US today between Robert Shapiro’s Monsanto Corp and McDonalds. It’s interesting that organic farmers are the fru fru inheritors of the peasant ethic.

  12. WGUC in Cincinnati is a wonderful classical station. They are nominally NPR, but they omit ALL the NPR “news” broadcasts. All classical, all the time. The only thing I miss from my time in Ohio.

  13. The WI election must really be important-NPR and The New Republic are turning on their Cheka-the FBI . At least temporarily.

  14. I think many of you will enjoy this broadcast from brand new radio show on “The White Network”:


    Carolyn Yeager discusses the increasing promotion and approval of homosexuality in our Western societies, and also in our White advocacy communities. Is it harmless or is it harmful in the long run? How does it relate to the Jewish problem? How does it relate to our white birth-rate, and even to race-mixing? What role can white homosexuals play in White communities? Carolyn quotes from some of their own words, and also reads from a National Socialist policy paper on the subject. While she gives no answers of her own, she does raise our awareness of a situation that has gone mostly unremarked upon.

  15. He’s also an ethnic Chinese. So, they call him a Briton. Amazing innit? His ancestors stood with Boudicca, Harold, Henry V, Drake, Marlborough, Wellington.

    Briton? my pale Irish arse.

    Being in the media today is the real-world equivalent of being a Kapo or Guard in Hollywood’s Holocaust Myth. First, the regime makes these swine into “Britons” against real Britons’ will. Then, when it eats people, they refer to it as a Briton, as if Britons are actually responsible. Well, you mercenary scum, if people like you hadn’t made him a “Briton” in the first place, you couldn’t now point the finger at “Britons” for the crime.

    An awakened man would have no problem dropping these people from lampposts.

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