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  1. ….Well, momma got sick and daddy got down
    the county got the farm and they moved to town
    pappa got a job with the tva
    he bought a washing machine and then a chevrolet
    Song, Song of the South
    sweet potato pie and i shut my mouth
    Gone,Gone With The Wind
    there ain’t nobody looking back again….

  2. What you’re describing is called moral hazard. You see it more in diverse populations than homogeneous ones. So when a lefty talks about how government programs work so well in scandanavia remind them its because everyone is white and less inclined to cheat their neighbors and community that share their culture

    Correct. Unions work in Germany.

    Unions are like Christianity. Corrupt, but not inherently bad. Hell, they’re like the Constitution, in that they’re not going to save a people that isn’t even a people, but a Babylonian conglomeration.

    Many people enclosed handwritten notes with their donations. Some of them were heartbreaking; people on fixed incomes who were dealing with illness, and actually apologized for not being able to send more money. People who were deeply religious and stated that they were praying for Walker. Many of them were retired. Some were even state employees who were fed up with “the system”. I did not see one obviously negro name. Very few Hispanic and Asian names. A few obvious Yids.

    There’s your “special interest money”, Mr. Schultz.

    Americans have had it with gov’t spending, gov’t unions, gov’t employees. Go find a discussion among leftists about this and watch them eat each other. Actually, there’s too much agreement that they’ve had it with gov’t unions and employees for them to be eating each other. Everyone is gearing up to eat the gov’t unions and gov’t employees. Pensions are the main course. You’ll find plenty of delusional people, but they’re all gov’t employees. They’re fond of waving their contracts around, like they’ve never heard of bankruptcy, lol.

    The southerners dragging their slaves around brought serfdom to america before anyone else did. The slave owners also brought poverty and a type of serfdom to alot of rural whites who were left out in the cold because there’s just no need to pay your own kind if you got darkies doing the work for free.And that’s the ante-bellum south I’m talking about, before the war of 1861.
    The white slave owners had a type of welfare mentality also.
    You can see the result of this system of white serfdom up in Appalachia. You already know where you can go to see the results of black slavery.
    Your America was never any kind of paradise.


    Joe, build for a while, instead of just tearing down. Then we can all shit on your ideas.

    The only ideas I can get from you so far are univeralism, universalism, and more universalism. Like a drunk who thinks whiskey will solve his problems. Course, I might be able to glean more if I could stand to read more than a few lines of your paragraph-free walls of text.

    And it’s fucking TOE the line, not “tow.”

    Joe, I hate to spoil your enjoyment of your favourite movie scene ever, but I saw The Outlaw Josie Wales. It was a long time ago, but I’m sure that Gatling gun scene involved a Yankee shooting Confederate prisoners. It was right at the start of the movie, and was how Wales, who escaped, became an outlaw.

    No, it involved Yankees shooting Confederate prisoners, then it involved a Confederate killing the Yankees operating the gun, taking it over, and killing Yankee soldiers.

    @Joe – and your faith, culture and heritage is what exactly?

    Right. Joe spends so much time crapping on everything; he spends as much time failing to present his alternative, because that would give someone the opportunity to crap on him.

    read the thread.

    Don’t blame anyone for skipping over your walls of text. They make my eyes bleed, and I skip them.

    well, we see the results today from people who are too proud to do their own work.
    Great system.

    More Yankee horeseshit. Yankees turn the animals loose from the zoo and blame the ensuing rampage on the zookeeper. Typical maniac thinking.

  3. @ Svigor
    No , it’s tow, as in “tow that barge”, “tow” the government line.
    “toe” is a digit on one’s foot.

  4. “Yankees turn the animals loose from the zoo and blame the ensuing rampage on the zookeeper.”

    Yeah? Southrons built the fucking zoo to begin with.

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