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  1. the idea of starting at the hip and letting recoil take your rounds into the triangle is counter to the basic tenets of physics and marksmanship. I’d advise the readers here to at least go online and read what folks have to say on that.

    as for the rest, your joking right? Time in the Rangers is combat infantry at the highest level

  2. your advocating wasting time, ammo and effort aiming at something non-vital. Not only will aiming at something non-vital put you at serous disadvantage in CQB, it will make sure you are less effective at longer ranges since any mistake you make in the basic shooting skills is magnified as the range increase.

    basic marksmanship is sight picture/ alignment; breathing and trigger control/ squeeze. Advance marksmanship is the basics applied at a higher level

    even with full auto M16’s, you fire short and controlled burst center mass

    As I said shooting someone in the face is an expression however, I did wear out a M16 barrel every 6-9 months learning how to shoot someone in the “T” as needed

    you know as much about shooting as jew-joe knows about life in general

  3. “even with full auto M16?s, you fire short and controlled burst center mass”

    Nope. My technique produces more kills. If you had spent any significant time in combat you might have figured that out yourself. What you advocate is spray and pray. As soon as the first round leaves the weapon it WILL rise up and to the right. At far enough range your second shot will be in the air. Putting a vertical broom handle on the front of a woefully short M-4 is not going to help. Don’t put words in my mouth about single shots either. It reveals your fraudulence.

    CQB? Is that what you call murdering Iraqi civilians in their beds? Pathetic. You’ve never engaged a real army and you have zero credibility with me. Sand niggers taking pot shots with AK’s and RPG’s don’t count and neither do you. Like all Army punks you bark like a dog.

  4. point made; you don’t have a source backing up your style. you are a joke at best

    And you were the butt of a lot of jokes this morning when I past on your shooting advice to my crew. Thanks for the laugh

  5. Laugh all you want. My results speak for themselves (or would if they weren’t dead.) I don’t give a big rat’s ass about Ranger “doctrine” or your crew. M-16’s rise when fired on full auto. If you don’t take advantage of that fact you are a fool.

  6. actually we’re still laughing. even the aviation guys are laughing, lots of folks throwing around the stolen valor tag with your advice too. Pretty bad when aviation guys know your full of shit. But it has been a nice respite from the heat and what not

    you could end it by posting a link form a tactical shooting school recommending what you recommended vs your mythical results know one can see or confirm. Hell I’d take a good strong link from AR 15 files

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