Northern Suburbanites


This is why Mitt Romney’s campaign sucks:

“Obama’s support among suburbanites in places such as Philadelphia is tenuous at best, too. If northern suburbanites and young professionals turn, then he is doomed to a huge loss. And persuadable voters such as Coulson are looking for a compelling reason to abandon him; divisive rhetoric is turning them off, and economics is only half the story.

If Romney can reassure suburbanites that America is exceptional because it doesn’t vote for or against anyone based on skin color, ethnic heritage or religion – that it votes based on a candidate’s principles, priorities and performance – then he has a chance to undermine Obama with northern suburbanites and to rout him in a landslide.”

He is trying to win the DWL vote in the Northern suburbs.

Note: Romney is taking for granted that he has us in his back pocket which allows him to “move to the center.”

Like McCain, he is wrong on that score. That’s why he is trailing in Virginia, North Carolina, and Florida. He can’t generate enough enthusiasm among conservatives and racialists to vote for him.

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  1. Based on what is happening in Europe, there must be 10% or more capacity for an out and out racist candidate here in the US. Thing is lots of racists do vote democratic for other reasons. DWL are clearly a type of racial supremacist. Their faith in the dark gods can be shattered. It’s fragile.

  2. ….he is trailing in Virginia, North Carolina, and Florida. He can’t generate enough enthusiasm among conservatives and racialists to vote for him.

    hell man I said that months ago. He is going to lose unless something goes real bad real soon

  3. All he needs to do is say while yucking it up at a diner:

    “gee shucks–I’m the whitest guy in the world don’t you know! As one wag at the NYT called me.”

    it’ll get him a 5% boost automatically.

  4. “And persuadable voters such as Coulson are looking for a compelling reason to abandon him” – “We want to get rid of him, BUT HOW DARE YOU suggest that we should vote in our own interest.”

  5. The logic of the two party system suggests that Romney does have us in his pocket, in the same way Obama pockets the blacks. He may swing to the center but his Supreme Court picks will be far preferable to Obama SC picks, hence there is are only two choices for a person of the right, either vote Romney or don’t vote. This is how the two party system works. Don’t like it, you are out of the system. Maybe that is good, but personally I can do nothing but vote against Obama as I detest him.

  6. It’s good to see that the young feel a bit jilted. Especially the glass eyed women who were creaming over the arse.

  7. Romney is such a loser the only way he’ll be president is if Obama gets assassinated. The Mossad, with CIA assistance, assassinated JFK in broad daylight. The Mossad –with the CIA’s assistance– could very easily do it again. Maybe that’s why the black panthers were brought back on stage [ Sanford] after being in abeyance since the 70’s.
    The Washington commies have an army all riled-up and all-ready to go to war. Just takes one bullet to the head : And this country is toast. Might happen. I wouldn’t be suprised. Not at all.

  8. Whites have been moving to the ‘burbs ever since WWII in order to have detached houses with big yards and to escape from inner city blacks. (Good schools don’tcha know.) After being hornswoggled by his rhetoric last time they will not be voting for Obama in such great numbers this time around.

    Not that I think that it makes a damn bit of difference for Whites in the long run, whoever actually wins. Romney is a liberalish chameleon much like Chief Justice John Roberts.

  9. Re: crowley

    1.) The logic of the two-party system suggests that Obama has no chance of winning our support.

    2.) Independents are neither Republicans or Democrats.

    3.) Romney isn’t going to get anywhere near 95 percent of the White vote. He could win the election with 60 percent or greater. He is polling at 54 percent. McCain won 55 percent.

    4.) Arizona and Obamacare destroyed the argument for Republican Supreme Court picks.

    5.) Romney hasn’t given us any positive reason to vote for him. He talked tough on immigration in the primaries. His general election campaign has given us every reason to doubt he meant a single word of it.

    6.) The alternative to voting for Romney is to vote for Virgil Goode or some other third party candidate. Chuck Baldwin was on the ballot in 2008. We can always vote for good candidates for state, local, and congressional offices.

  10. “The alternative to voting for Romney is to vote for Virgil Goode or some other third party candidate. Chuck Baldwin was on the ballot in 2008.”

    I always vote for third party candidates. Other WNs should too. The sheer disobedience of it disconcerts the powers that be.

  11. I have not heard him articulate a factor that would make him better than Obama. It’s kinda wierd watching him blink. Obama is a visible member of a hostile foreign elite who makes the calls. But he’s also Emperor. It’s brazen stuff.

    Romney is not conscious.

  12. He’s McCain two. McCain went through his career as a charming friendly PC centrist, he then lurched into snarling faux conservatism. Romney has yet to do so. Buthelezi will, because there are not enough votes at the dead center anymore. If Europe is anything to go by the white electorate is radicalizing. Le Pen, Golden Dawn both suggest there is a goldmine of nationalist/fascist or racist votes now.

  13. Romney resided in the liberal wing of the GOP his whole life; for this election he has tacked right and left as need be to win.

    Once this election is over he will adopt stances needed to win the next election; his only core principle will be to protect the vulture capitalists and the ultra rich, of which he is one.

    He is going to be the target, rather than the beneficiary of anti-incumbent feeling in 2016, therefore he won’t want to do anything that a white nationalist will approve of.

    The only thing to do in this election is to sabotage the GOP so they know that the party is over, literally. Then we move on to practical politics and pick up the pices after the collapse. There is no electoral path to victory.

  14. It’s John McCain redux. I almost can’t believe what I’m seeing. I even heard a rumor that he’s looking for a women VP.

    How many McCain retreads does he have working in his campaign?

  15. “He can’t generate enough enthusiasm among conservatives and racialists to vote for him.”

    Mainly because he is neither a conservative nor a racialist.
    He is another “dead fish” candidate like McCain was last go round.

    If Romney wins (a big if, at that), we get to watch him preside over the burning of Amurrica just before it plunges into the black abyss. Like with Detroit when his daddy was governor of Michigan. Romney must feel cheated that he didn’t get to march for “Cibbil Rights” like daddy did.

    The turning point was the last election. It’s a black and brown world, now.
    Stick a fork in Amurrica, it’s done.

    Deo Vindice

  16. Rudel,

    The left loves it when Republican tickets are split. It is not disconcerting. It is the stuff toasts are made of. I can understand why people vote third party but won’t be doing it myself.

  17. The last Republican presidential candidate I voted for was “Read my lips, no new taxes.” Bush in ’88. Never again.

  18. Metal gear / iceman, yes, of course you will “assist” us in “exposing” Zionists. That’s just the kind of thing you and your fellow Maxists love to see WN’s busy doing. You can point at us and say “look, another naziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews”. Meanwhile, you(?) and your fellow Marxists are busy with the program of White genocide.

    “Exposing” Zionists and Jooos has been the bogus goal of WN’s for decades. We don’t need any help from you.

    Exposing anti-White genocidal bastards is the only real goal for which, I presume, you will offer no assistance.

  19. marxism was given to us by a jew who hated the Christian West. Not sure how that ideology is supposed to help us any

  20. I’ll take loyalty to kith and kin over introspective navel gazing any day when it comes to political philosophy.

    Deo Vindice

  21. how does it help you? by giving you the right to a better mans wealth? I’ll not be a slave to any man, BRA or any other version of marxsim.

  22. Metal Gear / Iceman, are you pro-White or anti-White?

    More specifically do you believe flooding White countries and ONLY White countries with hundreds of millions of 3rd worlders and forcing Whites to “assimilate”, a.k.a. intermarry, with them is tantamount to White genocide?

    Do you believe that if I point out the truth about the ongoing genocide of my race, the White race, that I’m anaziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews?

    Do you consider yourself to be an “anti-racist” or not?

    Do you agree that anti-racist is a code word for anti-White?

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