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  1. I love those unique accents. Genuine authentic accents of The American South.

    I was in Tennessee this past week and it was complete euphoria being in a predominantly white area and hearing that twang…

  2. I’d like everyone to have a look at Shakespeare’s Coriolanus as filmed by Ralph Fiennes.

    The story of Caius Martius Coriolanus is very instructive when looking at BRA, loyalty to the state and loyalty to family. Highly recommend this film. Interestingly enough this is a play that was banned by American occupiers in Germany post ww2.

    Caius is a sort of Confederate firebreather. His only weakness is his womenfolk.

  3. “I love those unique accents. Genuine authentic accents…complete euphoria being in a predominantly white area and hearing that twang…” I find the white accent and unique vocabulary of the Delmarva peninsula most interesting, very little changed from colonial days. In southeastern Pennsylvania the indigenous agrarian whites have unique or slightly different accents in each county.

  4. I hear the same thing about accents and words used in Appalachia, but how do you quantify such a statement?

  5. Our West Texas twang is the last of the Dixie dialects. Just over the border into NM and you’re in a whole different country. It’s funny how the South is still so unchanged after so many years.
    I dream of having some farmland in Jackson Co. AL. The mexicans have overrun us and there isn’t much of a future for the kids. I wish I could have been at the conference and met you face to face Hunter. Great work.

  6. Check out SW Georgia, Expat. There is an abundance of irrigated farmland that can be had for a reasonable price.

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