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  1. The SPLC is a Jew chokehold upon America and its sovereign states. It is one of the reasons why there is no separation between Synagogue and State.

    General Stonewall Jackson ‘Gods and Generals’ – Lifelessons from Movies

  2. And this most Irish Catholic and bardic sentiment from the Rebel Irish which came out of the War of Succession when King Willie settled the debts of the Parliamentarians to the Amsterdam Jew Bank (later ‘the Crown’) over Ireland

  3. ‘….And this most Irish Catholic and bardic sentiment from the Rebel Irish which came out of the War of Succession when King Willie settled the debts of the Parliamentarians to the Amsterdam Jew Bank (later ‘the Crown’) over Ireland…”

    So many families who fought in the American Revolution and for the South, in the South, who are really from there, and fought in the Confederacy, were from Scotland through Northern Ireland, through the Ulster Plantation Experience. Their family, still there, were later murdered in “sectarian” Irish violence.

    I think that’s why I find comments equating the Irish-Irish rebels with the Confederacy and the real experiences of Confederate families, to be sort of jarring.

    It’s one of those things that seems better not mentioned. Imo, it’s like saying any rebel force (against whatever authorities happen to be in power) are exactly the same, when in fact they have all been used by the PTB at one time or another.

    I mean… without the Irish imported soldiers, many starved from the famine to make them hungry enough, some say the Confederates might have won and we’d be in a different country from the Northeast and the sort of sensibility of its people.

    Idk—- I think I have a strange ambivalence — that maybe people with Confederate heritage share— when other groups decide they’re fighting the same fight. Or fly the flag.

    On the one hand, it’s a compliment (to have the “Rebel” flag used by people of many countries). On the other hand, it’s like… idk… they took everything, burned everything to the ground, destroyed all ways for people to get back on their feet, kept the people under total military occupation, and on and on—- and now we’re all the same. It’s like you can’t have anything— even your own total defeat, lol.

    Just wanted to say that once, in life, however unpopular the sentiment.

  4. The Episocopal Transgendered Confederates, lol—– yes, apparently I’m not the only one who’s like what?— with the preponderance of confederates. Well, we’re all rebels here.

    Michael, lol—- “with all the world forces on our side, how did we lose?”

  5. The SPLC is a type of chokehold, but the real chokehold on the USA is the Federal Reserve Banking System. Google:
    ” jews + freemasons + federal reserve”
    The SPLC is a symptom of the disease, not the real cause of the disease. Freemasonry and the Federal Reserve is the real chokehold on the USA : The real cause of the disease. Freemasonry very much Supports and Upholds the real cause of the disease: the Federal Reserve Banking System, the Status-Quo. There is no separation of Synagogue and State because of the Federal Reserve System and Freemasonry’s support for the Federal Reserve : That’s why there’s no separation between State and Synagogue. Unfortunately, alot of non-Jewish whites support and uphold this baneful set-up. The big-shot non-Jewish whites involved in secret societies are just as culpaple for the lousy state the country is in, including the existence of the SPLC, as are the Jews. Want to get rid of the SPLC ? —> Get rid of secret societies and the Federal Reserve. Otherwise, nothing is going to change for the better.

  6. The Protestants in Northern Ireland identify themselves with the Confederates. Ian Paisley was often a guest of Dixiecrats. They are also somewhat anti-Palestinian.

    The Republican Irish are generally anti Israel and proud of their role in the Union side of the American Civil War. Gerry Adams and McGuiness are pro nigger immigration.

    The broad outline of differences are quite clear.

  7. A curious mixed bag really. But the Protestants are much more like Southerners than the Catholics. Indeed, the Protestants are probably close Blood relations to the Southerns.

  8. I visited the ancestral homes of Andrew Jackson and Stonewall Jackson while over there. And one of the stores (called ‘One Island, Two Nations’) had a Confederate flag in the window. The folks over there are well aware of their connections to Dixie.

  9. So what your saying John is the Irish with ties to England and Scotland are/ tend to be pro Southron?

  10. Very cool PalmettoPatriot, I hope to do the same this fall. Any difficulty finding the places?

  11. Yeah. If you contact the Mormons and do a geneology you’ll find relatives in Ulster among the protestants there. Bound to. You’ll probably find Border Reivers too though some of them are Catholic.

  12. One thing though. Ulster Protestants are not antiBlack. But they keep their distance from blacks. I’d say the average Catholic is more racist. It’s not exactly the same as the south but you’ll feel affinity to the Billy Mason types rather than the Paddy Tiegs.

  13. The Federal Reserve Bank is a subsidiary of the Bank of England which monetizes the debt owed by the Puritan / Protestant Parliamentary faction which owed to the Jewish Bank of Amersterdam for their Civil War. This was when they fought England under Charles I for the supremacy and the end of Magna Charta.

    The terms of that debt were all estates of the Two Crowns and all estates of Ireland.

    The Parliamentarians won the Civil War and they settled the debt over all estates for the Jews during the War of the Succession.

    They set up the City of London, aka ‘The Crown’ to administer their UK. King Willie marched into Ireland and from the Battle of the Boyne – all lands were forfeit to the Crown.

    Like America (owned by the Bank of England subsidiary: the Federal Reserve), Ireland is a plantation. The Irish Catholic cause in Ireland is the same cause as the Confederacy here, the same cause as Scotland and England – the Highlanders who were depopulated from their lands, the English villagers who were closed out of the Commons at the time of the Closure.

    The ownership of a nation and its lands by the Jewish Money Cartel based in the City of London is the issue. This has been obscured from the Protestants because the penal laws of the Crown fell on the Catholics and they were able to cut a better deal with the Jews. However, I don’t see it working for them.

  14. It’s a theory Lynda. The best evidence for it is Cromwell. But Charles II and James II were not hostile to Jews. They never attempted to boot them out. The issue was James catholicism. Jews couldn’t even vote in the UK until the 1800s. You’d be better placed if you fast forwarded to Napoleon and the Rothschilds.

  15. James II opposed The Crown and King Willie at the Battle of Boyne. Nor would he sign off on the Bank of England.

  16. A real live quote from King JamesII

    “suppose… there should be a law made that all black men should be imprisoned, it would be unreasonable and we had as little reason to quarrel with other men for being of different [religious] opinions as for being of different complexions.”

    I’m thinking the Anglicans were right on the money getting rid of him.

  17. The blacks are a tool only, John. England has never had a sizable Black population, never has Ireland or Scotland.

    It is very difficult for modern, Westerners to put aside their hatred of the institutions of Europe that pre-date The Crown (the Corporation of the City of London est 1692 AD). It is almost impossible for them to look at over a millenia of European history that goes before The Crown and its revolutions, republics, its bought and paid for crowns, its bought and paid for parliaments of presstitutes and its Fourth Estate of presstitutes.

    James II of England / VII of Scotland governed under (what remained of) Magna Charta 1215 and Declaration of Arbroath 1320. He opposed the Parliamentary Supremacy which had succeeded in the English Civil War / Irish Confederate War 1642-49.

    This was when the Parliamentarians under Cromwell contracted with the Amsterdam Jews (the Nasi) of the Amsterdam bank for loans to raise a New Model Army that would overthrow the Parliamentary government of (what remained) of Magna Charta and the Declaration of Arbroath and Charles I who also united the crowns of Scotland and England. Two thirds of Ireland was governed by the Confederation of Kilkenny. That is why the English Civil War 1642-49 in Ireland is called the Irish Confederate War.

    The Parliamentarians raised the New Model Army to fight these institutions for supremacy. The terms of their loans from the Nasi were – all estates of England, Scotland and Ireland. And they won. And they claimed Supremacy. (See Cromwell’s War Machine 1645-60 by Keith Roberts). But they still had to settle the debt over all estates.

    The War of the Succession was the re-invasion of those lands to settle the debt (1689- 1749). For those who opposed the Parliamentary Supremacy and upheld Magna Charta, Declaration of Arbroath and the Confederation of Kilkenny, this war was finally lost at Culloden 1746.

    Before the Parliamentarian Supremacists supported the invasion of Dutch Stadholder Prince William of Orange to prosecute the Jew Bank’s War of Succession, James II refused to authorize the Bank of England. And after centuries of fratricidal conflict among these nations, he sought to repeal the penal laws under which his Catholic subjects had lived for centuries. He issued “The Declaration of Liberty of Conscience” 1687.

    And I am sure he realized that the Jacobite Highlanders, the Irish Clans and the English aristocracy and peasant classes would come to his aid and fight the settlement of the debt to the Jew Bank over their lands in the War of the Succession – which they did.

  18. In the modern-day world we presently live in, the Catholic church owns a bank, Creditio Artigiano. The Vatican-owned bank is connected to the Federal Reserve System. As far as history is concerned, The Vatican throughout history has always supported the Status Quo ; Namely, A serf-based economy that kept most White Europeans poor and in-debt.
    Great article about present day America. It covers many topics, including the baneful effects of the Federal Reserve on the US, and it includes the role of the Vatican-owned bank in the destruction of the American economy. The article is very long. It is very detailed and thoroug however. Excellent article all White Americans would benefit from reading.
    If link doesn’t work, go to “SCV Flagger….” article. I included this link in my first post under “SCV…..” as well because it contains alot of important info/facts for White Americans.
    Article Title: ” The Great Revealing: US Marshalls Expose Biggest Scandal in History ”
    Maybe the Catholic church had something going for it a real long time ago, though I don’t think so having studying history. The Catholic church was always very corrupt. At any rate, the present-day Catholic church has Nothing to offer to White Americans in terms of providing solutions. The Catholic church is very much involved in International banking, including the Federal Reserve System. The catholic church is about banking and usury and keeping people in debt. It has Nothing good to offer present-day White Americans. Nothing good at least. Just more usury and just more lies to cover up for the usury.

  19. Lynda, I’m interested in reading more details about what you posted. Could you provide me with source material, please?

  20. William came over with money lent to him by the Pope.

    All of the “Adventurer bill” Which carved up Ireland was shared by English people. Charles had he prevailed in the civil war was ready to carve up Ireland. they sold their shares to Irish Protestants. Not Dutch bankers. Cromwell, in addition to warring on the Irish warred on the Dutch. The Parliamentarians were bigoted Englishmen not a front for Dutch Jew Bankers.
    They were primarily farmers from East Anglia and Essex. Thoroughly bigoted rascals. Most of the land went back n forth with each monarch depending on how well he was
    disposed toward the Catholic or Protestant factions. Anglicans effing hated JamesII by the end of it and decided to rid themselves of the Stuarts.

  21. Anyway as it stands Gerry Adams the leader of the Irish Catholic Sinn Fein is welcome in Boston, NYC, Philly, but his adversary Protestant ulsterman Ian Paisley is welcome in places like Charleston, Chalotte, Jacksonville and other Southern locales.

    It’s quite clear who is who in this context, and lynda has it muddled up.

  22. I’m always trying to trace the roots of my enslavement back to their historical causes and the culprits. I think it is true, man is born free, but everywhere he is in chains. It’s the saddest thing I’ve ever realized.

  23. That’s a Marx quote btw.

    On Ireland? Lynda is suggesting that some guys in a counting house in Rotterdam were behind the the Cromwellian conquest of Ireland.

    It’s just not true. The soldiers themselves took the ownership of the land. Here we are talking about outright ownership. The peasants would rent the land. Other Aristocrats would be replaced. It’s not nice but this one wasn’t the Jews. Generally it’s the cousins of the various American tribes. Jews were not a problem in the English speaking world quite yet.

    Overall, around 43,000 English soldiers fought in the Parliamentarian army in Ireland between 1649 and 1653, in addition to some 9,000 Irish Protestants.[25] By the end of the campaign in 1653, much of the Army’s wages were still in arrears. About 12,000 veterans were awarded land confiscated from Irish Catholics in lieu of pay. Many soldiers sold these land grants to other Protestant settlers, but about 7,500 of them settled in Ireland. They were required to keep their weapons to act as a reserve in case of any future rebellions in the country.

  24. I’ve only seen it attributed to Rousseau. Regardless, the quote is certainly true. Perhaps 10,000 years ago it wasn’t the rule, but today I believe it is.

    Do you agree with what Lynda claims about the Federal Reserve?

  25. You are ignorant of history John.

    The papacy helped James II raise an army in France to come to the aid of the Irish who were invaded by the stooge of the Amsterdam Jewish bankers whose Money Trust today owns the City of London and the Consuls of the Bank of England.

    The papal states were taken from the Vatican in Garibaldi’s Masonic revolution to turn Italy into a republic. As an independent city state the Vatican has a bank and since the revolution overturned the Italian states all of them have a Rothschild Money Trust thrown down on top of them.

    Today all of this is interlinked to the BIS that controls the EuroZone.

  26. Keep spewing your dysinfo John. It is a matter of historical record that Cromwell’s New Model Army for the overthrow of the Magna Charta government in England was financed by the Amsterdam Wisselbank and the Nasi of the Synagogue of Mulheim.

    England, Scotland and Ireland are owned in allodial title by the Bank of England.

    The peasant classes supported the native English loyalist aristocracy in the English Civil War. It was the merchant classes and the Puritan landholders that raised the New Model Army with Cromwell. The have-a-little-want-more crowd did not have the finance for the Parliamentarian war machine that was trained and equipped on the continent and brought over in installments to take charge of the Whiggies who wanted to end Magna Charta and bring in the Parliamentary supremacy.

    This is the background to the American Revolution. The English Masons of the Yorkshire Rite and the Scottish Rite founded America as a colonial asset of the Corporation of the City of London.

    Have you never been to Columbia and studied the Masonic architecture and symbolism that is everywhere on display?

  27. @SomeGuy

    The internet has really opened up sources that once were suppressed. Like William Guy Carr’s Pawn’s in the Game. This was the first I encountered the idea that the English Revolution, Cromwell and William of Orage were funded by the Jewish bankers of Amsterdam. (p 20-24)

    After that, it is a matter of filling in the blanks.

    Ellen Hodgson Brown: Web of Debt: the Shocking Truth About Our Money System and How We Can Break Free acknowledges the historical truth about Cromwell (p. 65). Reed Simpson (a banker) wrote the forward for the book published by Angus and Robertson.

    The Canadian writer Dr Henry Makow has huge pieces of this puzzle in his Illuminati: the Cult that Hijacked the World available from his website
    http://www.henrymakow.com. Can not be recommended too highly

    “Oliver Cromwell was financed by Holland based bankers to overthrow King Charles I. Menassah Ben Israel the Amsterdam Rabbi financed and was involved in Cromwell’s conspiracy to bring England under the power of the bankers…” from The Secrets of the Temple.

    Using search terms like English Revolution, Cromwell, Amsterdam Wisselbank loans, New Model Army a lot of sources will come quickly to hand.

  28. “This is the background to the American Revolution. The English Masons of the Yorkshire Rite and the Scottish Rite founded America as a colonial asset of the Corporation of the City of London.”

    This is what I find so fascinating. For me and my personal experience it explains a lot of the very odd ironies of America. I’m chipping away the propagandist history they loaded into me in my fabulous publicly funded education, where they tell you America is good for whichever reason. And here all along we’ve just been tax slaves to central bankers. Nothing chafes me more than being someone’s serf.

  29. The presence of Jews in London wasn’t quite that simple. The NMA didn’t pay it’s soldiers most of the time. In leiu of pay they were given conquered land to settle.
    This is how things roll everywhere. Soldiers conquer and settle land. Roman soldiers were provided land from areas they conquered. It’s only recently that we have fought wars without direct territorial conquest and settlement.

    The Jews came a bit later in quite small numbers. Certainly with William. But they were not that important quite then. Jews were not emanipated in the UK until the 19th century. Then the flood came from the pale.

    One irony about William is that he had loans from the Pope that funded the Protestant conquest of Ireland.

  30. There were only 400 Jews in Britain in 1690. They probably had outsized influence but they were not significant. They certainly didn’t fund the New Model Army. There are rolls and records that show how the NMA actually functioned and how soldiers actually did get payment.

    You might be on more solid footing if you looked at William De Clare AKA Strongbow who funded his conquest of Ireland in the 1100s with Josce “The Jew” Of Gloucester’s money. There are records there.

    Lynda I think you are Grossly underestimating the power of a bigoted Englishman circa 1600-1900. They had the will, ability and opportunity to accomplish anything. With or without Jewish investors.

    You do know that all the financial records of such things as the Adventurers Bill are kept in the national records? Everyman in every army, every investor in every joint stock is recorded.

  31. Getting back to topic.

    It’s an interesting idea. Occupy the ACLU, Occupy the SpLC. I like it. If a scuffle broke out you might get some press and widespread public sympathy would follow. They want to destroy a people, so it’s a good idea to fight back.

  32. @ John
    Great idea! But, we need a strong leader. Why don’t you hop on the next flight to the States from England [ where you say you live] and lead us Americans into the SPLC headquarters? ; Then you can lead us Americans into the ACLU headquarters : You got all the right ideas, you got the spunk [ i imagine from the way you talk]. I guess you’ll fly over here to the US after the Americans you’re encouraging to break the law get thrown in prison for occupying SPLC and ACLU offices : I guess you’re all prepared to fly over to the States from England, and then pay all the bond money to get the protestors you’re encouraging to break the law, outta jail.
    Why don’t you go “Occupy” Buckingham Palace? and Parliament?, the royal family Of England and the British Parliament support massive third world immigration into England : You know, policies that ” destroy a people” : “So it’s a good idea to fight back” : So go do it.

  33. @John

    I have given sources for my statements. Now you give sources. I challenge you to name one believable source for your statement that the papacy funded the Protestant stooge William III to invade Roman Catholic Ireland which had been under Prostestant penal laws for centuries – one of the reasons why so many Irish were bound on the transports to the new world.

    It can be easily documented that James II had support and finance from the French and the papacy to contest the Williamite invasion. Now you name sources for your outrageous statements.

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