Review: 2012 League of the South National Conference

Inside the Alabama League of the South building near Wetumpka


As everyone knows by now, I actually did manage to attend the 2012 League of the South National Conference.

This conference was held nearby at the Alabama League of the South building outside of Wetumpka on 231 North.

I live here in Central Alabama and there is no way that I could miss such a gathering of Southern nationalists after pitching such a compelling case for the dissolution of the Union on a daily basis on this website.

General impressions:

(1) Unfortunately, I missed the last day of the conference because I was so exhausted from lack of sleep on Thursday and Friday that my alarm clock failed to wake me up. This is my biggest regret because I was hoping to be a lot more sociable on the last day on the conference. I wasn’t feeling so well because of sleep deprivation.

(2) There were about 200 people there from all across the South.

(3) There were no antifa or protesters.

(4) The Wetumpka chapter has been so successful at local organizing and networking within the community that it has raised a building to accommodate its meetings.

(5) The building was packed. I had to stand up through much of the conference because all the chairs were taken. They are going to have to expand the building if they keep this up.

(6) Unlike other conferences I have attended, the League of the South conference was more reminiscent of going to church. By that I mean there were lots of White families there. There were old people there, but all age groups were well represented.

(7) I didn’t see any blacks there.

(8) I did meet some hardcore OD readers there. You know who you are.

Race and the League:

(1) Michael Hill condemned the Rainbow Confederates both in his speech and in an interview with Palmetto Patriot on the last day of the conference. He has condemned them several times on the Facebook group too. So that’s not an issue anymore.

(2) In the video of the speech below, you will see that Michael Hill condemned miscegenation, and gave a thoroughly nationalist presentation, and mocked the idea of being ashamed of being White and whispering in private about our ethnic identity as if it were something to be ashamed of instead of a source of pride.

(3) In another presentation, a teenage boy gave a speech that mocked BRA’s racial etiquette about the Confederate flag. The speech was about the stupidity of White guilt, moral cowardice, and how it causes White Southern Christians to behave in absurd ways that are deferential to blacks.


(1) The highlight of the conference was easily the after hours networking and camaraderie. I spent most of my time at the conference hanging out with Palmetto Patriot and Matthew Heimbach.

(2) We had a great time occupying the SPLC, the Alabama State Capitol where Jefferson Davis and George Wallace stood, MLK’s church, and doing that podcast on The Secret History of the Rainbow Confederacy.

Any reservations that I might once have had about the League of the South and PC over the Rainbow Confederate issue were quickly dispelled after we paid tribute to MLK and the Civil Rights Movement. There are plenty of people within the League who see things pretty much as we do here.

The Connie Chastains are on the way out.

(3) We learned that Maryland is still a Southern state. Never doubt the Southern patriotism of Maryland again. Matthew Heimbach will soon be joining OD as a co-blogger.

More Seriously:

(1) More seriously, the theme of this conference was local organizing and networking, and nothing was said on this subject that I don’t wholeheartedly agree with.

(2) The enemy is less the Jews or blacks or some other menacing ethnic or ideological antagonist than it is things like demoralization, apathy, resignation, submission, timidity, cowardice, impatience, radical individualism, shattered communities, etc. It was good to be reminded of this.

Most people don’t believe that fundamental change is possible, so they don’t even consider it as a possibility, and adapt their daily lives to BRA’s status quo to live without the mental distress that animates people like us.

(3) Every Alt Right organization suffers from the same problem: too many chiefs, not enough Indians. Without any local power base, all we are doing is howling in the wilderness of the internet, but it is ultimately up to us to change that situation, and we can only do it by organizing at the local level.

(4) No organization whether it be the League or the CofCC is ever going to be effective without a mass membership at the state and local level. There is no such thing as a perfect organization either. It is a much better idea to join and support the existing organizations and work within them to make them better.

(5) HAC’s Northwest Front is a sideshow act compared to the League of the South as a secessionist organization.

Very Seriously:

I came away from the 2012 League of the South Conference with the impression that the every member of an organization doesn’t need to be as radical as its leaders. The general public is nowhere near as radical as our cultural elites. We just need the right elites in key positions to lead the masses in our preferred direction.

It is time to reconsider the “mainstreamers vs. vanguardists” debate. In the context of White Nationalism, the vanguardists are perpetually at odds with the mainstreamers, whereas that is not really the case in Southern nationalism, at least in so far as the League of the South is concerned.

The parallel in Southern nationalism would be Southern nationalists in the League of the South versus the Rainbow Confederates in the Southern Heritage Non-Preservation Group. Fortunately, this is not an issue that pits racialists against racialists as it does in White Nationalism.

If we had a Southern Rights vanguard with a more moderate mass following organized at the local level, we could really start to shake up state and local politics.

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  1. Normalizing political principles vis a vis how abnormal the left is …is quite important.
    The cow lesbian Democrat who complained about Ann Romney is a case in point.

    Really all people want are well ordered neighbourhoods, peaceful schools, someone to love, the freedom to do something constructive. Arguing against a Happy confidendent people is tremendously difficult–Especially if it has a sense of a single ethnicity.

  2. Confident.

    Also it doesn’t require an apocalyptic rightist vision. Alex Salmond in Scotland is s good example of a way to finese nationalist politics. There’s no reason the segregation stuff you highlight can’t be about the best way to rebuild public schools, pools, libraries
    and get libtards thinking critically about their own assumptions on race.

  3. Thanks for the report. I am slogging my way through a massive article, from a writer who I linked to, in 2011, and have not read since. Her current article (linked below) is not necessarily from a standpoint like unto mine (or this website’s) – I would bet, but it is valuable, nevertheless.

    What starts out as a film review, turns into a psychological analysis of the Greatest Generation (GG) the Boomers, the X,Y,Z folk, and all the ideological circuses emanating therefrom. I add this one quote to the mix here, with the link, and encourage others to read and comment on it, if it doesn’t take away from Hunter’s post today. Minds need new insights to counter the propaganda of the past, and I submit this as a good example of a ‘new insight.’ I, for one, will check out the LOS, after reading and watching the videos, but I doubt there’s a chapter in MN!

    Here’s the quote from that article.

    “Indeed, the problem with today’s pop culture is it caters not so much to tired people who need some escapist diversion from stress and work but to idle bums whose bodies are packed with excessive unused energy.

    Compare a Negro fifty years ago with a Negro today. Fifty years ago, the Negro or Negress had to work all day as chauffeur, factory worker, cook, porter, driver, maid, mistress, nanny, and etc. So, when the Negro or Negress came home, he or she was tired and wanted some fun stuff to help them relax. They needed fun as a pick-me-up because they felt footsore-and-ass-falling-on-floor.

    But today, a whole bunch of Negroes be living off welfare or working at some bogus lazy-ass government jobs. This is also true of all those white yobs in the U.K. Many never go to work, and so they are filled with excess energy for which they need some kind of outlet. And so, they are not watching TV and movies to relax but as a kind of fantasy vessel for their wildass mothaf*c*ing energies.

    A wild and crazy Negro in the past had to pick cotton, and the hard work absorbed much of his jungle-ugabugary. But now, so many Negroes are used to either skipping school or just fooling around in school, living on welfare and doing some bogus government job. Negroes just have too much excess energy that doesn’t get used, which is why Bill Clinton suggested Midnight Basketball in the 90s.

    Maybe if them Negroes be dribbling and dunking ball, they be robbing and raping less. It’s like the joke in the film FULL METAL JACKET: “How do you stop five black guys from raping a white girl? Throw them a basketball.” With all that excess energy, no wonder Negroes be fuc*ing everything left and right, having babies like baboons, and flash mobbing stores and beating up white folks.

    It’s no wonder Obama had so much energy to run for president. He’d been doing nothing all his life but being just a lazy politician. He looked all peppy and stuff because he’d done nothing but dream and prepare for running for president with the full support of Jewish money and media. But white people were loathe to admit this since the cult of ‘white guilt’ drummed into them that blacks, especially ‘clean cut’ ones, are owed a fast-track to success in life to make up for all the obstacles blacks had faced in the past. Obama understood this stupid white psychology and rode the entitlement train all the way to the white house.” –

  4. Fr John,

    given this ennervating heatwave, I do wonder what will happen once it cools off just a bit. Warm enough to be out after dark, warm enough to be a bit irritated. Good conditions for general rioting.

  5. Once partition can be discussed openly, it will sweep through our race, as the benefits and – dare I say – pleasures of living in a white nation are self-evident.

    I applaud those who are fighting to that end.

    A youtube video about the partition of India, for those who want a glimpse of what the partition of America is likely to be like:

  6. Even though I was at the event described, your review of it cheered me even more with ideas I had not considered. Thanks

  7. Hunter, thanks for sharing your thoughts about the conference.

    I am very encouraged about the direction the League is taking. Dr. Hill’s speech on Friday morning was certainly the highlight of the conference for me. Hearing Dr. Hill condemn miscegnenation and affirm the importance of having a white identity reminded me that I made the right decision to join the League. Absent a strong racial identity, the Southern movement will continue to be bulldozed by its enemies.

  8. I do not think India and Pakistan is the most likely model.

    Ideal would be Czech Slovak split.

    Possible Irish British split.

    Worst case would be Pakistan India split.

  9. Political ideas are generally generational. The Rainbow Confederates are those who came of age in the 60’s. That is when their ideas were formed. Most people will not grow out of the beliefs formed during their developmental years. Additionally this generation also reached professional or career maturity prior to affirmative action coming fully into its own. The younger generations on the other hand have witnessed the horrors of BRA first hand.

  10. Even though I am from Alabama and would never like to see it taken over by the negros, I do not feel it is possible to partition the south at least not peacefully. I lived in Montana for ten years. It’s one of the whitest places you will find in America. It is so white in fact that few of the indigenous population know what it’s like to experience the blacks in mass. Most of the locals still feel the blacks are just like us. That said, I believe it would be easier to make a separation by moving there.

    The long harsh winters of Montana didn’t allow me to spend much time on my favorite hobby, motorcycles, but I didn’t have to experience the trouble of negroes.

    In another topic. I was coming home from El Paso today. As I went through Houston, the interstate was closed causing a detour. The hell of it is that it was on the worst side of the city. The looney detour had me going in a circle. I struck out on my own. I ended up cruising through neighborhoods that reminded me of Detriot streets. Luckily,it was very early, and I only saw a few of the of the most dangerous local wildlife roaming about. I ran a few red lights desiring to make a hasty exist all the while my wife yelling I was going to get a ticket. I would rather pay a traffic fine then end up with an extra hole in my head.

  11. Dr. Hill has issued an order to the webmaster of to remove the ‘anti-racist’ disclaimer language from the page. Just read the notice a few minutes ago on the LOS FB page.

  12. In the context of White Nationalism, the vanguardists are perpetually at odds with the mainstreamers, whereas that is not really the case in Southern nationalism, at least in so far as the League of the South is concerned.

    Secession is a radical idea. As such, any serious secessionist movement will have to be led by some form of vanguardists. Being a vanguardist is supposed to be about being in the “vanguard,” that is, advancing an attack, moving toward a social objective, and leading people toward a goal.

    In a Southern nationalist context, vanguardism will face fewer problems than White Nationalist vanguardists. First, Southern Nationalism seems to overcome the conceptual problems that hinder White Nationalism. Often, with WNism, those questions come down to Who? and Where? The South is an existing place already filled with people who share a common outlook. Second, there is mass constituency ready and waiting to be led. Basically, a Southern Nationalist vanguard has people to lead and a place to lead them to. A distinct advantage.

  13. P.S. – the podcast was hilarious. Sorry Jack – I LOL’ed many times. The but about the Transgendered Episcopalians Priests, and the …..Confederate Eskimo Differently Abled, charging the field of battle in ther motor scooters – let’sjust say I am very much looking forward to the sublime Mr. Heimbach’s co-blogging. Excellent catch though, Mr Wallace, in the “cripped vs differantly abled” verbiage. Mr Heimbach still needs schooling on Acceptable Rhetoric, to the Universalist meme. We are all stll learning, though…Students of Life, we are….

    The podcast set just the right tone…delightful. Young White men of spirit. Wonderful

    However – Mr Wallace – you need to get in shape re: Conferencing. Sleep is the last thing you worry about. I got 17 hours of sleep, over a 5-day period, during the Council Confab. I have quite a few years on you. A Yankee Gent, in attendence, got considerably less. And some of those 70 year old plus Southern Gents didn’t START dancing until after Midnight, on Saturday night – andwere frresh as daises, on Sunday AM. Young Feller – you need to practice your Stayin’ Up!!!!

  14. @Douglas/11:28 pm

    Don’t speak of abandoning the South. I ask you to go back through Hunter’s old posts and reconsider. I did a stint in the big empty back in ’04. After one miserable winter in Northern WY, I hightailed it back to TX. Dixie may not be eden but it’s ours.
    The lyrics to “Flower of Scotland” show how once land is lost all that can be done is to retell of the pain for generations. I know that a big chunk of Texas is alreay gone…the shitty, dry, dusty part that my family has called home since its settling. Greater Dixie must not fall. Free men need a home in this world.

  15. The Rainbow Confederates…

    It burns me up, BTW, that there is such a group. They’re an insult to my family’s memory, especially my grandparents.

  16. Totally agreed about joining existing organizations/causes.

    1.) Southern Nationalism/CofCC
    2.) Mormon (mainstream or fundamental)
    3.) Freemasonry and/or British Israelism

    At the end of the day it’s about white men helping other white men. Our racial identity in the New World as ‘white’ is very real but too tenuous to form the basis of any organization. White Nationalism is quite literally White Nihilism.

  17. The Confederacy is respectable enough. It’s got pedegree and ought to be revisited. It is also a territory.

  18. “The Connie Chastains are on the way out.”

    I find it appalling that the link you gave, Hunter, made it a point to ‘out’ (in the most PC, faggot-like, bitch as revenge mode) Palmetto Patriot, and give everything but SocSec number for one of this blog’s commenters. (Even if he gives his own picture willingly, it is this ‘expose and exploit meme’ that is so utterly PC/Fag/Jew.)

    It’s NO ONE’S DAMN business to know who we are, unless one is out for total racial annihilation, especially as we are fighting for our very race’s existence- one’s anonymity is absolutly necessary in this Obama/Holder/Farrakhan/Jackson “H8Fest” known as BRA!

    This ‘outing’ is a base, vile tactic that these bastards- the so-called RC crowd (Rainbow Confabs) clearly have learned from their Communist Masters, or their jewish Masters, or their faggot/lesbian bed partners- take your pick. It’s ‘dirty pool,’ ‘shtetl espionage,’ and ‘payback’s a bitch’ mentality, point blank.

    I also don’t care if Palmetto wants to be ‘outed’- it’s the principle of the thing. It shows one how far we have gone, in denying our own race’s/culture’s way of dealing genteely with another human being.

    Time was, Anglo-Saxon men would listen to the issues, deal with the intellectual rigor demanded, and only THEN, act- not caring who first gave voice to the necessary discussion. The desire for ‘getting whitey’ was not a part of that Weltanschauung, at ANY TIME- because Whites were never so ‘devour their own’ as these bastards and whores!

    Indeed, only occasionally, when a man would rise above his fellows, and take on a leading role, would his name be uttered. Only after long stead in public discourse, might his picture be posted in a magazine. (I’m talking back in the 19th Century, but even before the 1970’s, pictures did not always accompany ideas- for it was thought unnecessary.) Now, however, if it were only to show the genius who thought up an idea like Crick and Watson, it might be alright. But posting pictures, and ‘outing’ someone is the act of a craven thug, and no gentleman- precisely because the animals masquerading as Men, have been given ‘carte blanche’ to think ‘killing [sic] H8’rs’ is ‘doing God service’- these men (and women) are the Pharisees of the Modern day, and equally in Satania’s back pocket, as the Jews were, in the Pagan Roman’s, twenty centuries ago!

    Nowadays, aping faggot Andy Warhol’s ’15 minutes of fame’- the DEFAMERS would proudly give someone’s address and number of children to the NAACP, and say ‘Let ‘er rip.’ This one action alone, shows me that these scum are no better than scalawags, and revenuers, living off the carcass of what the South was, after the War. They are traitors. Piss on ’em.

    And “one’s Neighbor” -as any savvy Biblical scholar knows, means ‘One like unto thine OWN.’ It NEVER means ‘y’all come, now.’ NEVER.

  19. Fr. John, what ‘outing’ of Palmetto Patriot are you referring to? PP has a website that he posts to daily using his first name. He regularly uploads videos of himself. PP keeps his last name off the internet as far as I know. But he makes no secret about his hometown. It’s a frequent topic of his podcasts, videos and posts. Have I missed something? I speak regularly with PP and have mentioned to him ‘outing’ himself as a Southern nationalist. He said that there is plenty of information already out there about him and that he doesn’t consider his identity a great secret.

  20. there are jews and there are jews.the jews around president bongo are not real jews they are jino commiees who pretend to be jews.most jews are conservitave americans who don’t like negroes or the national socialist democratic workers party.jews you talk about are commie traitors like all democrats.

  21. Bruce,

    I disagree, over 80% of our tribal friends will vote Obongo.

    There are more interesting observations to note about this Jewish liberalism however. Many Jews do vote for the guy who is least likely to invade Iran, Iraq etc. It’s the one thing Obama has going for him.

    These same Jews on Palestine? Generally silence or whimpers of pathetic objection or outright support for Likud. Yet they still support the ethnic cleansing of Anglos in America.

  22. IMO or WAG we have met peak “anti-racist.” Also this thing about Michael Hill (an honorable man for an honorable cause) you can thank me or blame me. Months ago on alt-right I personally castigated him for his and his org’s failure to address the word “racist.” I think they have, but I also think they need to only go as far as Bob Whitaker would put it, ‘”anti-racism” is a codeword for anti-white.'” There is simply no need to invite to the Neo-Confederacy the usual gaggle of brain measurers or neo-nazi mystics (they can move to Haroldstan). Sorry Denise you can move to Portland and worship Uncle Adolph from those safe all white confines.

  23. RRS – can youNOT be a jerk for five minutes? I don’t WORSHIP Adolf – I admire and defend him.I’m notmoving to the Pussific NW. I have plenty of like minded folks around in Pennsyltucky – and even MORE in Appalachia.

    Why don’t YOU move to Seattlestan, and play your broken record there? They need it far more than Mah Fellow Hicks do.

  24. So anyway the usual gaggle of anti-whites are now going to compare the LoS to whatever nazi caricature they can imagine (and yes they will get some help). So I suggest that those who side with the LoS reiterate that the South is a white christian country so on and so forth.

    “Anti-racism” is a code word for anti-white and NOTHING more.

  25. “bruce says:
    July 23, 2012 at 6:05 pm
    there are jews and there are jews.the jews around president bongo are not real jews they are jino commiees who pretend to be jews.most jews are conservitave americans who don’t like negroes or the national socialist democratic workers party.jews you talk about are commie traitors like all democrats.”

    Yup. I hear that crap alot. Why don’t the so-called “Conservative Jews” speak OUT against the Commies, and help to stop White Genocide, and begin telling the TRUTH about the Communist aka Talmudic Jew invasion of Russia, and the truth about the Knaaaazzzeees? Kapner is the ONLY one that does this at all.

  26. So the LOS, in its eighteenth year, removes the anti-racism disclaimer. And y’all think that’s a sign of good leadership? What am I missing?

    re Uncle Adolf: The greatness of many men can be measured by the amount of venom directed at them. I’m trying to imagine the NSDAP having an anti-racism disclaimer. Or an anti-fascism disclaimer?

    Congrats anyway, if pressure from some of you had anything to do with edging out the obvious morons. However, I still consider the LOS to be just a group of Republicans. Go ahead, do a poll on how many will be pulling the lever for the former governor and ideological avatar of Massachusetts.

  27. “He said that there is plenty of information already out there about him and that he doesn’t consider his identity a great secret.”

    OK< I stand corrected. But I still feel the tactics of the Rainbow Confabs to be nothing more than Judaized strategy, and therefore, anti-White.

  28. PP, Joe Farah routinely denounces the Republican presidential nominee, every election. Every time, at the last minute, he shrieks with horror at the Democrat alternative, and retracts. It’s the only way the Republican party stays in business. Same with the folks at the LOS. I’ve seen it, every time.

  29. Bill, perhaps some of the members vote GOP but the leaders regularly advise folks that it is pointless to vote for them. I know, for example, that Dr Hill is not going to vote for Romney.

    I understand you don’t care for the League because you think it’s watered down. I am in agreement with HW’s analysis though.

  30. What is HW’s analysis? Seriously, I don’t know. I’ve seen bit and pieces, some of it seemingly contradictory. To me anyway.

  31. Fr. John,

    Andy Warhol was a brilliant New World White who contributed not only to visual arts but philosophy and the larger culture. Initially an admirer and ultimately a confidant of the WASP elite, Warhol is the success story of a Slav overcoming the old world and becoming in many respects the perfect American. He was also not a homosexual, rather an asexual. He was a devoted caretaker of his mother for the entirety of his adult life – she moved in with him when he was still drawing shoe ads in NYC and lived with him until her death. He was also a lifelong practicing Christian and proponent of Western Civilization in a time of unprecedented glorification of eastern savagery in the cultural realm.

  32. Tamer,

    he had a nice enough family who are very down to earth. A bit of culture vulture and freak BUT he did piss off critics like Greenberg, Rosenberg, Krauss and dealers like Karp and Castelli. So he had lots of The right enemies.

    He was a bit of an oil driller though.

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