Educating Southern Nationalists

We have met the enemy ... and it is ignorance, stupidity and wishful thinking


Moving forward, I have started to realize just how woefully uneducated our people have become regarding their own racial and cultural heritage, even within the circles that claim to be the most stalwart defenders of “Southern heritage.”

I’ve studied Southern history for almost a decade as a recreational hobby. I have always been attracted to the South as it existed before 1965 because of my total alienation from the South as it exists today under Black Run Amerika (BRA).

BRA’s public schools have systematically stripped White Southerners of their ethnic identity and cultural heritage. The Rainbow Confederates on the internet have only compounded the problem with their mythmaking about legions of Black Confederates and how the War Between the States was really about everything but slavery and white supremacy.

The most revealing comment was made by Palmetto Patriot when he said on the LoS Facebook page that reading the unvarnished truth about the principles of Free Government from Robert Barnwell Rhett had radicalized him. It occurred to me that I had been exposed to Rhett and Yancey many years ago in college and that this had also profoundly influenced my development.

But who hasn’t been exposed to Calhoun, Rhett, and Yancey? There must be a huge number of people out there who know absolutely nothing about the Confederacy other than what they have been taught in a BRA public school, the pop history garbage they have bought at the local Barnes and Noble, or the fantasies about the Rainbow Confederacy that they have been taught at the SHPG and SCV meetings.

Who does that leave to dispel BRA’s massive black cloud of ignorance in the Southern movement? Someone is going to have to rise to the challenge and start setting the record straight.

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  1. It’s cute when monkeys wear human clothing, like when they are dressed up like babies. However it’s just plain disrespectful to dress monkeys up in clothing representing a uniform brave men once wore.

  2. I don’t know if you have ever browsed the site but it may be the chief offender in the dissemination of Rainbow Confederate nonsense.

    Here is how its article “Diverse Confederates” begins,

    “The myth exists that the Confederate Army was a sea of lily-white Protestant faces with an occasional black ‘body servant.’ The truth is something far different.”

    Now while it’s true that not absolutely everyone conformed to that pattern the fact is the Confederate Army really was a sea of white Protestant faces. It would be strange if it wasn’t considering that was the overwhelming majority of the Southern white population.

    The article then goes on to say 10,000 to 50,000 blacks fought for the Confederacy.

    It also has another page on diversity in the Confederate armed forces where it trumpets the achievements of black, Hispanic, Asian, Indian, female, and finally for the coup de grace “Non-Human” Confederates have their service commemorated!!!

    They also amazingly and falsely claim Clara Barton as a “Confederate heroine.”

    They don’t seem very interested in truth at Dixie Outfitters however it would be nice if someone could “dialogue” with these people and try to convince them to abandon this “diversity” gimmick in their attempts to sell t-shirts.

  3. “Dixie Outfitters also sells straw airplanes to Pacific Islanders. Anything for a buck.”

    This, too, is not an Anglo-Saxon trait. But a calvinist Yankee/Jewish trait.

    We cannot hope to change corporations, until we restore the SOUL to corporations.
    JC Penney has gone ‘fag’ and Wildmon’s group started a “Million Mom” boycott.
    The value of their stock over the last six months has plummetted, and now is in the ‘junk bond’ category.

    Fags and Nigs have been far more vocal, and ‘posturing’ (something both groups do better than whites) in ‘boycotts’ over the last thirty years. I remember the “Coors” boycott in the 1970’s- or was it ’80’s- when the fags started using Communist tools to ‘force compliance’ with the Fag=Normal meme. Since then, every ‘trendy’ cause has had the minority bandwagon latch on to corporations, to siphon money (Just like the Jews and their Hollow Hoax operation) for funding their perversions/animalism.

    Wildmons AFA has learned that ‘two can play at that game’ and since Whites are far more numerical, we can HAMMER TIME this sort of “sell your soul for cash” ideology that now pervades business. [For instance, how is that fag boycott of Chik-fil-A going on? Yeah, like anyone’s noticed!] The Whites of America can jump on the ‘be American, be loyal to your country’ idea in asking/requiring corporations to ‘return to America’- even starting with the annoying use of Indians/Pakis to answer phones in ‘service calls’ to every Tom-Dick-Harry business out there!

    If ‘money talks’ we become as ‘wise as serpents’ and use the ‘serpent seed’s tactics [John 8:44] to get OUR way. The war is on, gentlemen. The battle is engaged. To the victor belong the spoils.- Oh, and they are already ours to begin with.

  4. Reminds me of a Civil War history history class I attended years ago. The rainbow Confederacy is such a joke to the Left! Our “mommy professor” ripped up the “Neo-Confederate” (read, Rainbow Confederate) arguments with ease and eloquence.

    Calhoun and Rhett were suspiciously absent from said course. She just trotted out the Cornerstone Speech (take that Confederacy, you be rayciss!)and there went Rainbow credibility. It’s sickening to see how much the PC-federates have poisoned the discourse. They’re the ugliest, most vile, and most laughable strawmen in recent history.

  5. Pre airconditioning South is a very interesting place, it is human. The Transcedentalists have done good work in killing off the human spirit outside of the South, they are loathsome, natural allies for the jews and their judaic fantasy of governing a blob of humanoids as slaves.

    LoS or anyother group might rebrand themselves as freedom fighters, freedom from this evil nonsense. Though I know most people want to be well fed slaves, there are always the next generation of wild free men amongst us whites who might find opportunity to lead and then the rest might follow or they might be eaten (but we will make martyrs of them).

  6. The RC exists to make overweight over emotional white women feel good about themselves, there is always a market for something along those lines. Think of Sally Struthers, the fat bitch and her whiny voice walking thru an African village comprised of the latest losers in whatever struggle and her mainly feeling good about herself before she gets back on the plane and chows don about 2000 cals. Ophrah became rich because she tapped into that rich load of blubber, Bill Clinton became rich because he became that naughty bad boy with a heart of gold who understood them, and now the RCs are out picking up scraps from a small slice of that demo.

  7. Maybe Dixie Outfitters is owned by a descendant of Judah Philip Benjamin ? : The “greatest jew” in American history according to “jewish virtual library”. You know, Judah-boy, right-hand man to Jefferson Davis — of blessed memory. Nah, can’t be : Only “Transcendalists” [ i imagine that means yankees] make “natural allies for the jews” . Benjie Judah was an anomaly, I suppose ; We’ll never know for sure, really : Judah-boy burned Alot [ really: Most] Confederate Public Records as he realized the South was on the cusp of losing The War ; And Judah burned ALL his personal records after he skipped out on The defeated and devastated Confederacy, and ran back to the Queen of England as the Yankees were a-marchin’ into Richmond.
    Google: ” judah benjamin confederate”
    ” judah benjamin confederate secret service”
    ” judah benjamin the jewish confederate”
    ” my jewish learning + judah benjamin”
    ( www ) my jewishlearning (.c0m)
    Also : ( www) judahbenjamin ( .com) : An interesting website about Judah-boy.
    It’s very encouraging to know Southerners are finally getting themselves educated ; Well, at least they’re making some kind of effort at it ; Well, at least Southerners are starting to talk about getting educated, at least. That’s somewhat encouraging, I suppose.

  8. For those of you wanting to actualize their dreams of a new nation; Texas secession is your lynchpin.

    Texas secession in 2013 after an Obama victory in 2012 is not unthinkable. Texas has three cultural neighborhoods that would gladly follow their large neighbor into a better future:

    1. Dixie: Arkansas, Louisiana, Alabama, Arkansas, Mississippi, Tennessee, Kentucky, West Virginia, South Carolina, Georgia
    2. The Plains States: Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, Wyoming, South Dakota, North Dakota, Montana, Idaho, Indiana
    3. The Southwest: Utah, Arizona, New Mexico

    The remaining Rump Nation would rapidly attrit white rural counties leaving the big metropolises as isolated tumors of an experiment gone wrong to be dealt with later.

    We need a mantra for Texas Secession, even if it is just repeating “Texas Secession” to get it in the consciousness.

  9. @John
    What is Stonelifter going to do about all the “judah benjamins” and all the “Non-jewish- white judah benjamin supporters” in the South who don’t want a Bill of Rights from 1689, or a Bill of Rights from any year ? What about Southern Non-Jewish white types like “Elmore” [ secretary of the treasurer* for the confederacy] for example ? Not to mention Southern Non-Jewish white types like Jefferson Davis ; You know, Jefferson Davis was the one who appointed Judah Benjamin to Secretary of War and Secretary of State of the Confederacy in the first place.
    *Elmore took his orders from Judah Benjamin, and Elmore loved the set-up just the way it was, thank you.
    Google :
    ” elmore + treasurer of the confederacy”
    ” judah benjamin + elmore + confederacy”
    How is Stonelifter going to handle going up against the Federal Reserve ? the US military? the blacks & beaners? All the liberated white women who wouldn’t want a return to the old ways at all ? All the Southerners who love Benjamin Judah types ? : [Namely any Southerner with any kind of money to speak of] : And All at the same time! Is Stonelifter going to beat them all up? Like bam-bam from the flintstones?

  10. There is a Dixie Outfitters retail store located in my town in Georgia. The owners are good folks and I have bought several t-shirts and flags from them but I know for a fact that the company does indeed present the Olde South as a raceless, egalitarian wonderland.

  11. Why do you about such questions Joe? You are up to your eyeballs in BRA mythology.
    You are literally fluffing for the Negro.

  12. @John
    ” fluffing for negros” ? I didn’t mention anything about negros. We’re all up to our eyeballs in BRA mythology– so what. I don’t buy any of it.

  13. Thank you for the kind words John.

    Where do you think I get my ideas from? I look to the old ways for answers in life. Human nature has not, will not and does not change. Many years ago I made a conscious decision to reject modern morality and thinking on social issues. I’m no Luddite, but I reject all social/ political/ moral arguments made since 1860, and look further back for guidance when possible.

    Which is not to say we can jump into our way back machines and everything will be fine, but men have gone through all this before and we can see what ideas worked, what ideas didn’t, why they didn’t work and for how long these things worked.

  14. As long as the caste system existed we could foster friendly relations with the blacks among us but us as well as they always knew we were 2 different people’s. Slavery allowed us to get the best from them and for them to get the best from us catapulting our White Christian Civilization to one of the most successful on the globe. Stephens was absolutely right in his speeches and even the most ardent Southern abolitionist was not a proponent of immediate uniform emancipation and freeing Black people on our land. What Rainbow Confederates do not understand is our civilization we had at the time. As it was swept away our people now had to fight with a foreign people backed by Northern Republicans for control of the same turf. Turf which our Aristocrats had held uniformly before the collapse of our Civilization and the movement of our wealth Northward. We are the South and it’s future rests with us. This is a harsh reality for a lot of people and you don’t embrace it Wallace but the Blacks must eventually be moved. They are not us and this has never been their land. The most humane thing we can do is to give them an area of their own where they can live free. They will never be anything more than our inferiors here, such is the way the creator has made them. There’s a lot I have to say about your article that I’ll get to later.

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