Caribbean Project: Racial Attitudes In The British West Indies

British West Indies

Here’s another excerpt from Andrew Jackson O’Shaughnessy’s An Empire Divided: The American Revolution and the British Caribbean on White racial attitudes in the British West Indies:

Note: The American Revolution sundered the Deep South (Georgia and South Carolina) from the Deeper South (Jamaica, Barbados, Leeward Islands, Windward Islands).

“Whites in the British West Indies regularly spoke of slaves as the internal or the intestinal enemy. They wrote as a group besieged. Negrophobia was even more pronounced in the islands than in the southern plantation colonies of North America. The writings of white West Indians like Edward Long, Philip Thicknesse, Samuel Estwick, and James Tobin depicted blacks as violent, primitive, untrustworthy, and troublesome. The usually paternalistic language of eighteenth-century elites, which so elegantly disguised the dynamics of class and racial struggle, degenerated into the language of conflict and hatred when talking about blacks.”

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  2. Re: oscar

    So if you re-wound to before the advent of trans-Atlantic slavery, before these people had internalized massive disincentives to work, and had offered them fair labor at a fair wage, while explaining the ups and downs of sojourning across the ocean for say five or seven years at a time, who knows what the consequences would have been.

    What sub-Saharan African society had anything resembling the European work ethic?

    As I say, with the Chinese railroad workers that system worked out pretty much as planned

    Chinese and Indian coolies were brought to the West Indies to replace the blacks on the sugar plantations. The free labor system was a failure in that case too.

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