Romney’s Jerusalem Speech


I can’t put this any better than Palmetto Patriot:

“Did Mitt Romney stand by Arizona on immigration with its battle against the Federal Government? No, despite the fact that his party and constituents have everything to lose from more Third World immigration. Has he met with traditionalist leaders, paleo-conservatives and Southern leaders? Of course not. But he did pander to the NAACP and speak about how a Romney Administration would benefit Black voters. He pandered to Hispanics and greatly softened his once solid rhetoric on securing the borders and opposing amnesty for illegal immigrants. Now he’s going to Israel to pledge his loyalty to a foreign people and government. He’ll promise to keep our tax money flowing to them and to put more US soldiers in harm’s way for them if necessary. It’s obvious that Romney panders to everyone EXCEPT us. Yet we are expected to vote for a man with no pretense of loyalty to us.”

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  1. Angloman does bring up a good point though. Voting for obama doesn’t ensure an immediate collapse but voting for romney doesn’t ensure anything either. The whole thing is a mess. “conservative” judges sell us out on the regular. republican presidents give us all kinds of new departments, its damn likely romney will be very invader…. immigrant friendly and he has strong ties to mexico….

    I don’t see a collapse going like mad max, but more like Argentina with racial conflict in some areas. Which isn’t much fun either but I think it will do the waking up to many Southron White men need. I also see state govt’s, especially Southron and Western state govt’s standing up to the feds as they strive to work things out for their people. You’ll obviously be more concerned if you see the collapse going like mad max, or if you live in some place like detroit.

  2. Stonedlifter – LOL. How much are you paying your little girl?

    HAHAHAHAHA!!!! You are a dumbazz, and will die a dumazz. Try to stay as close to Iran as ya can….

  3. You are Catholic, or Jewish, or Mormon, or negro Voodoo religion, etc. But you don’t participate in other’s religious rituals. If my church was real, it wouldn’t allow Romney to have communion …. and it would definitely not apologize to a lesbian for telling her to go get communion elsewhere cause we don’t serve dykes.


    Well said

  4. This girl is so much fun and so sweet I might actually spend money on her. Thinking about taking her to Hilton Head for her mid tour.

    It just eats you up to know a White man is happy without enslaving himself in marriage doesn’t it harpy. You hate men unless they bow and scarp and put your old carcass on a pedestal which means you hate MEN and only “like” males. But you don’t like them either. In fact you despise them too for not taking you in hand and putting you in your place which is why you treat all men so poorly. Your mad at MEN because they won’t give you the time of day, and your mad at males for not being MEN. Life as a feminist must be hell on your rationalization hamster

  5. Amanda says:
    July 30, 2012 at 9:42 pm
    Obama furthers BRA, society does not collapse under him… yet.
    Vote Romney and continue to prepare. I guarantee you aren’t ready yet.

    I agree with her very last sentence.

  6. Whoever gets elected, we’re doomed. Keep feeding your arsenal and keep feeding your food supply. Nothing else will matter.

    The same people that have caused havoc throughout the past 200+ years are still at it. Can you say Rothschild? The only way to truly be free is to let the fiat financial system collapse. Money buys anything. Wealth buys everything.

  7. @Hunter,
    If you’re ready then run out in your front yard with your rifle. Look around, if you’re the only one standing there holding a rifle then it “isn’t time”

    Had the South prepared more and saber rattled less …

  8. Nothing eats me up. I think you are a demented old joke. Delusional

    So does that girl.

    LOL!!! Hhhmmm…..shall we take bets on long it will be before she takes you for a wad of dough, and screws around with Alfredo the El Savadoran pool boy, while Old Man Stoney is typing out his screeds on the Net?

    I say less than four months.

    Good luck to her! I hope she scoops a fair bit of ducats! HAHAHAHA!!!

    Well done, Girly!

  9. “Amanda says:
    July 31, 2012 at 3:55 am
    If you’re ready then run out in your front yard with your rifle. Look around, if you’re the only one standing there holding a rifle then it “isn’t time”

    Great line! Stick around. Your posts are excellent!

  10. Hey. I think I need to check out stock prices in Viagra…or Cialis, for cheapskates. I have a feeling there will be a sharp spike in the prices of those little helpers, for awhile.

  11. I forgot just how much the harpy hates women too. Probably because she is young, beautiful, many things feminine and alluring which make men happy and the harpy is not

  12. Amanda,

    Some things like death are certain and inevitable. The real question is what are our odds of racial survival. The odds are better the sooner we act. The odds get worse the longer we procrastinate.

  13. “The real question is what are our odds of racial survival.”

    The odds are directly proportional to how many white children we have.

  14. @’Fr’ John

    You know as well as I do that both Pascendi by Pope St Pius X and Quas Primas – on the social kingship of Christ (1925) predate Vatican II 1963, yet you weasely imply that I am trying to deceive people here and pass these documents off as post conciliar Vatican II documents.

    I did, however, incorrectly assign Quas Primas to Benedict XV. It was however authored by Pope Pius XI. Both were popes of the Roman Catholic Church. Benedict XVI, however, is an anti-pope and can clearly be seen to be an anti-pope by his Modernist heresies condemned by the Church many times.

    You are deceiver and mischief maker, ‘Fr’ John.

    I have never (here or anywhere else) defended either the Vatican II Council or its post conciliar anti-papacy, its teaching, morals or its organisation currently in occupation of the Roman Catholic infrastructure worldwide.

    Archbishop Lefebvre stated that the Vatican II Council and the post conciliar organisation that promotes it were “riddled with Masonic errors”.

  15. Ha Ha Denise. Did you get the one about the ‘rationalization hamster’? There are a lot of rationalization hamsters spinning their wheels on this Messageboard.

    John the FreeMason runs his hamster on the Board 24 / 7. Joe’s kosher hamster specializes in the jew jitsu. And ‘Fr’ John’s hamster just rides the wheel around.

  16. Yes, Rudel. And offhand, just what might be that specific group of Whites who are pro-Life and are not contracepting and aborting themselves out of existence? Tick Tock Tick Tock.

  17. Plus, one has to have at least some kind of intelligence to get into the freemasons, if only a little bit.

  18. “John says:
    July 31, 2012 at 1:43 am

    this is also my reading of the situation. Invading Iran would cost too many lives. And the Russians/Chinese might actually fight The US over the place.”

    John – getting the Pale Goy to kill THEMSELVES on behalf of the Tribe, is the Wet Dream of Wet Dreams for Die Juden. They’ve been doing this for well over 200 years now.

    China’s the new Host. The Chinese are already hip to Die Juden – but they are far more alike, than different. The Chinese don’t care if the Hebes want to have sex with kids, or sell kids to those that do. Only Whitey cares about things like decency, integrity, honor, etc.

    A war with Iran would be just the ticket for more Global chaos, and destruction, doncha know?

  19. @Lynda
    It’s just been a horrible day for me. My “jew-jitsu” instructor embellized the synagogue funds and skipped to Costa Rica. He was the best instructor around. Then I got home and found my kosher hamster on the living room floor suffering horrifically. I rushed Kaylev — kaylev means “dog” in Hebrew — Kaylev was always like a cute little loyal dog to me.
    I rushed Kaylev to the vet, but she wasn’t able to save him. The ex-ray showed Kaylev ate the kosher pastrami I had left out on the kitchen counter. The whole roast. Kaylev overdosed. Poor thing. I won’t be able to shoot off any “jew-troll” posts for the next 7 days. I’m sitting “Shiva”. The Rabbi and my neighbor, Mrs.Kravitz, said I must. It’s a requirement of some sort.
    I hope you “goyims” will be able to figure things out while I’m gone. Your conversations usually devolve into gibberish most of the time, always evading the real crux of any issue being discussed. Perhaps that’s a Catholic/Protestant thing, that’s not for me to say. That would be rude. I, personally, shoot off alot of facts and information to “OD”, unlike so many others who only shout out their opinions with no facts, no links whatsoever [ or really lame links at best] to back them up, I must say. I really must.
    Next time you’re in one of your Catholic churches, please, oh please @ Lynda, please light a candle for my little Kaylev, he was the cutest littliest furriest sweetest littliest little kosher hamster ever. I’ll always miss him dearly. I just know I will. Maybe your Pope can say a High Mass for my little kaylev. I’m more than willing to donate $$$ to the church to get a special mass. Isn’t that how’s it’s done? I heard that’s the usual procedure. Well, please don’t forget to light a candle for my cute little kosher hamster. Please. Thank You.

  20. I hear you, Joe. Tisha B’Av and now this tragedy has befallen you. Will the sufferings of the Jewish people never end? Does the ‘HaMakom…’ extend to the dear, departed rodent?

    I am not sure we goyim will be able to keep up without your comments.

    Kosher pastrami is lethal stuff, the rabbis should not be certifying that treif. No wonder poor Kaylev has met with an untimely end. Be assured that your OD friends will donate money to end that kosher scam.

  21. Joe says:
    “I hope you “goyims” will be able to figure things out while I’m gone.”

    Joe, you’re about as jewy as Hunter Wallace.
    Every jew and gentile with a rudimentary knowledge of Hebrew knows the word goy is in the singular. The plural is goyim. No such word as goyims. Oy!

  22. I cannot vote for Romney out of principle. I will not vote for someone who does not put America and her citizens first. Not that my vote matters anyway, or that it really makes a difference who wins. And I must say, the Republican Party DESERVES to lose, and lose badly. At least the Dems pander to their base, yet the Repubs distance themselves from theirs. I guess there may still be enough “Judeo-Christian” idiots to put them over the top by a narrow margin. Should that happen, I’ll bet you dollars to donuts the Repubs will immediately be overcome with extreme guilt and begin lurching to the left and “reaching across the aisle”, recommitting themselves to working alongside their fellow Dems, and reaffirming the U.S. as a multi-cultural nation of immigrants. I’ve already seen it too many times in my 40-odd years on this planet. It’s a bad, bad rerun.

  23. Sometimes I fear that the reason the military is being pushed so hard to “look like America” is because it is feared that a white military will be more reluctant to execute orders against white citizens. They would likewise be more apt to “take America back” by force.

    It will all come down to which way the military goes if the government loses legitimacy.

  24. Wayne, I agree. The left wants the military weak for real war fighting and full of non-Whites for domestic use.

  25. @Sam
    I’m so Caucasian, white- Christian, I don’t even know what skittlies are, not even at this point in time, and I don’t give a damn. I actually prefer not knowing what skittlies are. I thought a few times to try to go find out, but the thought just turned my stomach.
    It’s true. I’m going to have to start studying Hebrew. I would hate to disappoint so many around here who seem to have such a burning desire to label me a “Jew Troll”. At this point, I think it’s a hoot. I’ll start working on Hebrew. Really, I should be working on my Italian. It’s shameful. I’m starting to forget my Italian. I’m doing alot better with Latin, however, what with [Lynda and + Fr John+] giving me Latin lessons everyday. So at least I know I’ll be making it into the Promised Land of Glory. I got my book of Latin expressions, and I’m happy.
    I got “Tisha B’Av” and “HaMakom” on my list of Hebrew words to google search. I have not the slightest clue as to what they mean. After supper. I’m eating my favorite tonight: Raviolis .No, not spaghetti. And reading a little Nietzsche between raviolos.

  26. I had a friend back in my hometown of New York City. She was of the Hebrew tribe. She named her dog, Kaylev. That’s how I knew Kaylev was Hebrew for dog. I used to take care of Kaylev when she would go to Long Island every once in awhile to visit her parents. She didn’t want Kaylev to be left alone for a long period of time. Kaylev was a Scottish Terrier. Very cute.
    *** We did not race-mix, miscegnate, or anything like that. It’s was platonic friendship. She lived across the hall from me in my West Side apt building. That’s all. No posts busting my b*lls please. Nothing happened.

  27. Hey Runner Away From Savages – perhaps some-one will throw a tube of KY, and an airline ticket to Tel Aviv, during Gay Homo Week, down your “hallway”.

  28. “Wayne says:
    August 1, 2012 at 2:37 am
    Sometimes I fear that the reason the military is being pushed so hard to “look like America” is because it is feared that a white military will be more reluctant to execute orders against white citizens. They would likewise be more apt to “take America back” by force.

    It will all come down to which way the military goes if the government loses legitimacy.”

    That’s why I want the Orc Army off shore.

  29. Tamer lives in New York City. All he has to do is take the #1 train and get off at Christopher St. Or, get off at the 14th St/7th Ave. stop, and walk west young man towards the meat market district and the docks. Anyway, he’s going to the Caribbean soon to initiate some kind of white Renaiissance on the islands. Tel Aviv will just have to wait.

  30. Denise
    I agree with you – I strongly believe that’s one of the key reasons for “diversifying”(ugh) our military. White men will balk at firing on White women and children, but muds have little developed culture (i.e. chivalry for example) or codes developed over many centuries of civilized life. They are likely, as are many Eastern men, to have no qualms about it. That said, many European soldiers did terrible things to German women. Nothing comparable to our wonderful black soldiers, though. Monte Cassino, for example…
    But getting back to the diversity racket – it’s all a load of shite designed to break up any trust among White men. Look at the police depts and all the unions all across the US. Now they destroy the FDNY by polluting it with their scum. Unbelievable. The military will eventually become next to useless. With that said, I don’t think that the US military will be for defending us anyway. Patriotism, nationality, nationhood, race, people, all that will be stuff of the past if the commie multiculturalistts get their way.. We will all be robots, no “diversity” which is the irony of the whole thing. No differences, no men, no women, no black, no White, no this no that. Hope I’m dead!

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