The White Nationalist Proposition Nation


Mr. Wyatt’s blog has taken some of my criticisms of White Nationalism and elicited some substantial responses over at Counter-Currents.

Here’s my response:

(1) Ethnonationalism in America – Ethnonationalism exploded in Europe in the nineteenth century during the backlash to the French Republic’s civic nationalism.

In North America, the American Revolution had just established the dominance of the same type of eighteenth century civic nationalism – the union of “free men” against tyrants – in the United States.

By the middle of the nineteenth century, the new ethnonationalism was busily carving Europe into the ethnostates of the twentieth century: Germany, Italy, Hungary, and Ireland were in the process of being born.

As I said above, Americans were significantly influenced by these transatlantic intellectual movements, so much so that the American Founders had modeled the United States on the popular European civic nationalism of their own times.

In the nineteenth century, Americans were still avid followers of fashionable European intellectual trends (as we always have been), and were significantly influenced by the ethnonationalism and romantic nationalism coming out of Germany and other parts of Europe.

Lajos Kossuth, John Mitchel, and Guiseppe Garibaldi were well known figures in America – what’s more, the Southern nationalists of the 1850s and 1860s saw themselves as being part of this broader fraternity of transatlantic ethnonationalists.

Prior to the nineteenth century, Americans hadn’t given much thought to dwelling on their ethnic origins and cultural differences, but the final climatic showdown with the Yankee in the 1850s stimulated an enormous amount of speculation on this topic in the South.

The South seemed like an obvious candidate for nationhood – it had its own peculiar climate and economic interests, it was settled by very different races of people, and the domestic institution of African slavery and created a major cultural and political divide with the Northeast.

“The Union of the South” had been threatened for decades, but it came to be seen as ever more logical and natural and inevitable in light of the parallel nationalist movements going on in Italy, Ireland, Germany, and Hungary.

So, the response to the shallowness of American nationalism is that ethnonationalism really isn’t that much older in Europe than it is here in North America – it was just blocked by the overwhelming force of the Yankee Empire in the 1860s.

In fact, the War Between the States was the bloodiest ethnonationalist conflict of the nineteenth century, and the result was that the emerging Southern ethnostate (like Quebec during the Seven Years War) was crushed and reduced to the subordinate status of Poland or Ireland.

There were many aborted ethnonationalist movements in the nineteenth century. Hungary and Ireland wouldn’t gain their independence until the twentieth century.

(2) Blended Stock – The European ethnostates aren’t timeless, primordial entities composed of ethnically pure races as opposed to a boiling American melting pot.

France, for example, is a composite of Latin, Celtic, and Teutonic races. In much the same way, Louisiana would be the Provence of Dixie whereas Kentucky would be the Brittany and South Carolina and North Carolina would be the Alsace-Lorraine.

Actually, this comparison doesn’t do justice to the reality of the situation, as there is probably more ethnic homogeneity, shared culture, and sympathy within the Southern states than there is wihin many established European nations.

White Southerners are already conscious of being a distinct ethnic group and vote and act ever more like aggrieved ethnic group.

(3) Generic Whiteness – The problem with WNs trying to unite White people on the basis of generic whiteness is that it as purely abstract and doesn’t capture the reality of the situation on the ground.

North America is aging. The frontier has been closed for a century now. The great waves of European immigration have been over for 50 to 70 years now and there has been a settling down and sorting out on the basis of cultural affinities.

Far from blending into a bland generic whiteness, “White Americans” are dividing along regional, cultural, and ideological lines into emerging ethnostates. The subcultures are becoming stronger and the political clashes within the consolidated Union are becoming ever more intense.

In California, there is a dominant West Coast sub-nation that is perpetually at odds with a rival Interior West sub-nation, and which is allied with the Brown Tide flooding across the border from Mexico.

As we saw in the Chick-fil-A buycott, the South is intensely conscious of its cultural, religious, and political differences with the Northeast and West Coast and sees the reelection of Obama in almost apocalyptic terms.

What is seen as “progress” in the Northeast and West Coast is seen as disturbing and threatening cultural degeneration in Dixie because of the lack of a shared culture and religion.

Thus, it is not true to say that the only choice we have is a nationalism based on a return to a lost primordial Indo-European solidarity. There are dividing lines in the real world. WNs just don’t want to acknowledge them.

(4) The Abstract Proposition Nation – As I have said above and elsewhere, WNs are committed to an abstract proposition nation that is based on racial grievances, detached from the real world, and operates as a kind of mental bomb shelter for alienated White Americans.

It only takes a few lines of questioning to reveal the nature of the project:

– So what is the name of the “White Republic”?

– Where in the real world does the “White Republic” exist?

– What is the ethnicity that is the basis of the proposed ethnostate?

– Can you tell me something about, say, its history or traditions and the things that we would normally associate with nations?

The keyword here is “proposed” because the “White Republic” is a fantasy that doesn’t exist. It is a purely abstract nation like the vague idea of a communist utopia. It doesn’t have a name or a particular people identified with the state or a flag or a history or even a physical location in the real world.

It floats above reality far up there in the clouds where you might expect to find St. Augustine’s City of God. You could find its ethereal alienated advocates congregating there in their perfected society.

Meanwhile, few people below in the real world (the proposed inhabitants of the WN “White Republic”) have ever heard of the concept and are puzzled by their inability to connect it with their own flesh and blood experience.

Sad as it is to say, Harold Covington really is the only White Nationalist who has tried to translate the proposed “White ethnostate” into the real world. The Pacific Northwest is at least a real world answer to the critical “where” question.

(5) Common Racial Grievances – What if I told you that gunowners worldwide were facing a common threat of disarmament by the United Nations? What if I told you that gunowners were a “nation” and the solution to this common threat was for all gunowners to congregate in a proposed Armed-N-Ready Republic.

It sounds absurd, right? You might find that gunowners lack a common culture, religion, ethnicity, and history. The Armed-N-Ready Republic might never get off the ground because the movement would be too heterogeneous to construct a viable separatist movement.

The proposed inhabitants of the Armed-N-Ready Republic might agree though to adopt the Gadsden flag as their nationalist symbol. They might even agree to base citizenship on gunownership and a martial spirit.

They might even have prominent spokesmen and a flourishing internet presence like White Nationalists and libertarians. Although not really much beyond that.

(6) Common Threats – Like the supporters of the Armed-N-Ready Republic, European ethnonationalists have cooperated to resist the common threats of mass immigration, multiculturalism, anti-racism, and demographic decline, but most are skeptical of the European Union and wish to rid themselves of their overlords in Brussels.

In much the same way, Southern nationalists can cooperate with White Nationalists to oppose these common threats, while drawing upon the strength of our own traditions and relative cultural and ethnic homogeneity to make greater progress in the real world.

We can do that without being submerged into any “White Republic” or “Imperium Europa.”

(7) Immigrants – The South is fully capable of absorbing immigrants and transplants and historically has enjoyed a lot more success in this due to the domestic institution of African slavery.

(8) White Nationalism In The South – If our fellow Whites in the North and West would SIMPLY STOP trying to force non-Whites on us, as they have done over and over again, then perhaps White Nationalism might have a future, but that is unlikely when the reality of the situation is that our fellow Whites are formally allied with blacks and Hispanics against us.

(9) Negro Slavery – Negro slavery made the South the racialist and conservative section of America.

The lack of negro slavery in the Northeast made that section into the present Jewish-dominated electoral fortress of liberalism and anti-racism that is dragging down the whole country.

(10) Southern Honor – By the 1860s, the South was significantly more aristocratic than the North, and its Cavalier honor based culture violently clashed with the Puritan guilt based culture of the Northeast – the classic example being the caning of Charles Summer by Preston Brooks, or the response to the John Brown raid on Harper’s Ferry, which illustrated the totally different moral universes inhabited by the two nations.

Of course it wasn’t always that way – unlike the sugar barons in the West Indies, who were considerably more wealthy, who attended Oxford and Eton, who built country manors in England, who acquired titles like Lord Beckford and married into the English nobility and who became a genuine aristocracy, and who physically relocated to England as absentee landowners, the tobacco and rice planters in the South were too poor to have such ambitions during the Revolutionary era.

The spread of cotton plantations across the Lower South and the soaring price of cotton and slaves had transformed the Southern planter class by the 1830s – it was not a genuine aristocracy yet, but it was quickly evolving into one like the sugar barons in the West Indies a century before.

In the 1860s, the Confederacy was created as a “Norman-Cavalier” ethnostate that was based on the self evident truth that some races and social classes are naturally superior to others, and are entirely justified in ruling over their dependents without consultation to ridiculous abstract Yankee notions like “human rights” and “liberal democracy” and “strongminded womanism.”

The new Southern ethnostate was going to be modeled on a combination of Norman England, the romantic nationalist movements in Hungary and Italy, the Old Republican states rights ideology, and the classical republicanism of Sparta and Rome.

Needless to say, it was a lot more thought out than the Republic of Whitemanistan with its national motto of 14/88 WPWW.

Note: As a final note, I will add here that “White Nationalism” doesn’t conflict with what we are doing here, in the sense that we recognize the existence of a common racial and cultural threat, and raising White racial consciousness and promoting secession only works to our advantage.

French nationalism and German nationalism or even “West Coast White Nationalism” doesn’t conflict with what we are doing here either – we wish our counterparts overseas success, and hope to be of some assistance to them should we ever triumph in our own ethnic homeland.

In the long run, there has to be something beyond “I am a White man” and “down with the Jew” and “niggers suck,” and one answer is that Dixie is our nation, we are a distinct ethnic group with clearly defined borders, a common culture, and a common history, and the perpetuation of the United States as BRA is incompatible with our national survival in the 21st century.

Dixie was the real “White Man’s Country” for centuries and we can easily knit the White Nationalist ideal into our own regional and ethnic social fabric in a way that connects with the historical memory and experience of our own struggle for autonomous national existence.

Good luck trying to do that elsewhere.

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  1. Since I’m a Southerner with deep roots in the South, I have no reason to make a choice between WN and SN. Yet. For now, I support both.

    The huge number of cultural differences among Whites is an Achilles heel. The success of WN in diaspora nations may very well turn on this issue of whether shared grievances and a common threat can overcome cultural differences.

    The gun nation is a good analogy. It gets at the basic problem very well. Greg’s strongest point, in contrast, is that our enemies don’t see Yankee, Southerner, Irish, German, whatever. They see WHITE. And they’re sharpening the knives as we speak. Without some kind of broad political coalition among Whites focused on collective defense (aka WNism), I don’t see how any subset of Whites survive long term including Southern Whites.

  2. The EU and USA have been disasters for white populations.
    Actual cultural diversity–like that which distinguished French from German and Pole from Russian are our strength. The international wars we have waged among ourselves have spurred on technological innovation. Europe conquered the glove as a result of the Napoleonic era. After ww1 we annexed even more land.

    The Pan Europeanism/whiteness of the EU and the USA have set in motion the death of everything that they promised to protect.

  3. The problem with including everyone who is White is that the “White Republic” ends up being nowhere – at least Harold makes a choice, picks a specific place, and talks about what people ought to do in the real world as opposed to some flighty abstract dream world.

  4. Of course Harold’s problem is that he unconsciously projects Dixie onto the Pacific Northwest when the real sub-nation that exists there is populated by DWLs like Chuck Thompson.

  5. Rouseau talked about how the French had become too cosmopolitan. Meaning in his context and at that time a German, Frenchman, Italian were hard to tell apart. His philosophical system suggested Patriotism (not patriotardism) as a counter measure.

  6. Another day in Arabia. Five days ago, I visited one of the largest shopping malls in the kingdom. It is a civilized place; where even the Starbucks has ashtrays. Well, I stopped off for a donut and coffee and a little reading at a Krispy Kreme. When I finished shopping at the hypermarket, I realized I had left an inexpensive pen at the Krispy Kreme. When I went back, I asked the counterman if anyone had found the pen. He checked and could not find it. He said that he would keep trying. I went back tonight, as I walked by the Krispy Kreme, the manager came out and handed me the pen. It is not like America here.

  7. KK and Starbucks do business there? I’m not sure that’s good news. The globalist monoculture is worming its way into every corner of the world.

  8. I believe that the biggest difference in mindset between Northern and Southern Whites is simply that there just aren’t enough niggers to go around in most of Yankeeland.

    No matter which region Whites live in, the ones who have frequent contact with our dark little brothers quickly learn to hate them.

    Talk to just about any White resident in the counties surrounding Wayne County Michigan (Detroit is its county seat) and you will get a totally different take on the Black Man than you will get from Michiganders out in the woods who learned everything they know about niggers from watching Oprah and reruns of The Cosby Show.

    Never doubt the accuracy of the old adage: FAMILIARITY BREEDS CONTEMPT.
    Its accuracy increases tenfold when those who are becoming familiar to us are niggers.

    Even without daily accounts of negro atrocities on internet sites ran by people who like White people, BRA’s days are numbered. The laws and policies designed to shove nigs into every aspect of our lives will ensure that each and every White person will eventually have unpleasant dealings with a darky. After several negative experiences with the dark ones, even the most gullible Cosby fan will have to admit that niggers suck. Widespread resolution of cognitive dissonance is inevitable.

    As I have long said, the best cure for negrophilia is niggers. The White Yankees who presently have a positive or neutral opinion of Niggers may never develop a racial identity, but let them deal with TRUE NIGGAS a few times and they will develop a racial bias toward the descendants of cannibals. On a vague level, they will be closet racists. They will never file their teeth to points and get Swastikas tattooed on their foreheads, but I’m pretty sure they will learn to shut to fuck up when it is their turn to say bad things about the newest White racist demon that is being crucified in the media for stating an obvious truth.

    I want every White person in this bullshit union to become fully familiar with niggers.
    That is the cure.

  9. KK and Starbucks do business there? I’m not sure that’s good news. The globalist monoculture is worming its way into every corner of the world.

    I’ve heard they even drive cars there. Filthy, disgusting global monoculture!

  10. Playing Roots Backwards: you nailed it. Same goes for beaners…people who are around them all the time learn to loathe the mere sight of the mestizo filth, even former pie-in-the-sky liberals.

    X10 if you happen to own a teaching certificate. My best friend’s affluent, sheltered wife got a first-hand bitchslap out of fantasyland when she did her student teaching. The “lab work” totally contradicted all that “theory” she learned about equality in college.

  11. My kids at college are proof of the gulf.

    A few exceptions here and there, but the split in ability is remarkable. On the question of altruism: I tend to fall for pity every time! The black kid at the back, you want to help but he rarely helps himself.

  12. Let alone kollege itself and graduate school. When you see that the entire higher education system is twisted to make these half-wits able to graduate, there is nothing to do but throw up your arms and say “holy crap.”

    I want to be a lawyer, doctor, dentist, when this is the cast of characters in my profession? What the hell is the point?

    Something as simple as ending affirmative action could turn this place into a WN country in no time at all.

  13. Yeah, Silver, Since they drive and use electricity, they might as well start pumping MTV, sitcoms, hip hop, Entertainment Tonight and pornography into every household. They will need something to do while eating KK and drinking Starbucks.

  14. Silver would love to flood the airwaves with porn and the streets with drugs methinks.
    The clue is in the name.

  15. I return again to the centrality of Texas to modern Dixie and to white America; a centrality of did not have in 19th Century Dixie.

    Texas unites the south, the southwest, and the Midwest. (25 states by my count). It has a dominant economy and coherent elite, to include governors who have openly spoke about secession in public (what must they be saying in the smoke-filled back rooms?!)

    White America is not a proposition nation. Its Capitol is Dallas, its Currency is gold, its language is English, its religion is Sunday School Christianity.

    It is a real nation, if you can keep it.

  16. “’s religion is Sunday school Christianity..”

    Speak for yourself, Afterthought. The upper Midwest ain’t joining your’s or anybody else’s Protestant proposition cult, ever.

    When did white Americans become such a bunch of defeated dogs? So willing, and so anxious to carve up this greatest nation that the earth ever saw. No different than a bunch of niggers looting a store. You oughtta be ashamed.

  17. It’s enevitable, Chris. This nation is finished.
    It has been under progressive destruction for some time.

    The only chance this sinking ship has is the immediate mandate of locking up the borders and immediate deportation of ALL illegals. Even that might not be enough.

    We need a cleansing like no other has seen before, I am doubtful, at this point it will happen. If it does, great.
    This place stinks to high heaven, I’m not even sure it should stay intact.
    The govt. now is an out of control beast. No way to vote our way out.
    All empires fall. We had a good thing here for awile, but it seems to have been destroyed from within.

  18. Leonard Cohen said it like this:

    They sentenced me to twenty years of bordom
    for trying to change the system from within.
    you know how to beat me: but you don’t have the discipline.

    There’s no will to boot out darkies. And there’s only one other option if that’s a given.

  19. I am a 100% Northern White Man. I don’t really care for the south one way or the other. The reason I read here/comment is for the ideas.
    The ideas of somehow turning this pile of shit into something good in the future.
    I have White children and dread the thought of them going thru life under BRA.
    It will only get worse under tis current Govt.
    I want to see it smashed into pieces, anything to break the central control we live under.
    In just a few decades, we will be living under a full police state that will make the Bolshevics look like saints.
    Their foot soldiers will be non-Whites, it’s already under way and it needs to broken, all of it broken up.

  20. @Sean

    I don’t believe in inevitability. Call me a fool if you like, but it just isn’t in me to give up. Ever. I have too much stubborn pollack and wop blood, and a Yankee doodle American soul.

  21. Report back when GULAG 18 Michigan flips to GOP. Then realize that conventional politics are rigged so that the house wins. The dumb white broads will vote O-Bam-A! and chant the rat bastard’s name with glee.

    Gott in Himmel! See how that Akin guy is being crucified for being conservative by the press? Romney is going to get it x 10.

  22. Would never call you a fool, Chris.
    That’s just how I see it and I am fairly convinced in my view that this place needs to belly up before things get better.
    Just look around, Chris. Our nation is fucked up beyond repair.
    I say, scrap it and start fresh. It’s rotten to core.

  23. The problem with the generic White Nation idea in amercia is, it was tried when various European groups were allowed to immigrant to the usa. Each group shifted politics to the left and created cultural/ social tensions. These White ethnic groups have a proven track record of being anti Founding Stock. Those White ethnic groups did to Founding Stock what mexicans do now, changed the natural course of our cultural, move the govt to the left/ toward more socialism and reduced the value of native born labor.

    How are WASP’s/ Founding Stock supposed to unite with people who have used WASP as in insult for two generation now? How are Southron men to unite with yankees when yankees use all manners of supposedly insulting terms for us? Are we suppose to unit with people who have verifiablly hostile track record and expect things to work out just fine?

    In my eyes, and to others, these various White ethnic groups drove BRA, are the engine of these problems. They didn’t to advance their own political, economic cause. It’s human nature to do so. They don’t recognize it, or accept this point of view but it is there. To unite with them, without them formally recognizing their mistakes, apologizing for it and demonstrating they’ve learned from said mistakes wouldn’t solve our problems. Out of frying pain and into the fire comes to mind. Might buy us more time, but I doubt it would buy us much. And when we wanted to go our own way sometime down the road, you can be damn sure they’ll resurrect lincoln.

    Perhaps it all sounds like a good idea to those who are a big mish mash of various European back grounds but it doesn’t sound like such a great idea down here. Like Hunter I see no reasons for us to conflict, and we can work together on multiple issues but regarding political sovereignty they need to go their way, and we need to go ours. It’s what’s best for all groups of Whites.

    Interesting point about Texas and I could see it being the default capital of a new Dixie

    RRS, is that your longest post? It’s a good one, but I was surprised at how long it is. Had to check your name twice.

  24. @John

    Leave this election to Americans. Worry about the condition of your own toilet of a homeland.

    And BTW, Akin wasn’t being ‘conservative’. He’s a tiny-brained, big-mouthed fool like every other pro-life fundamentalist, and he deserves everything he’s getting from the press.

  25. Chris,

    there are no slums in England that remotely resemble Detroit, or Birmingham, or Philly, or … You get the picture. Glasgow is dump though. And it appears that the great white northern hope can’t handle its own Negroes. As municipalities sink into bankruptcy there’s a good chance that they will be administered by British banks. So watch your mouth there, I know what to do with the riff raff.

  26. Here is where I suspect Chris. Akin is the GOP candidate against McCaskill. There isn’t another one to be running with. So that’s one seat in the Senate gone. Chris is a good party man isnt he? All for what? An opinion on something a Sebator has NO power over: Abortion. What difference does his opinion on that policy matter? And to whom?

    He’s entitled to his position. He could be prochoice and it wouldn’t matter because he’s a fkn senator not a Supreme Court Judge.

  27. As municipalities sink into bankruptcy there’s a good chance that they will be administered by British banks. So watch your mouth there, I know what to do with the riff raff.

    You see, Chris? Our British commenter above laid it out vey well. The US is not under the control of US citizens. It is a corrupt entity owned by bankers. Bankers who know no borders or even respect us as Americans. They don’t give a flying fuck about you, me or anyone here. Infact they hate us and view us as thier enemy and we are their enemy, make no mistake. That is why we are flooded with non-Whites in OUR nation.
    Scrap it, start over, it is corrupt beyond repair.

  28. And I do actually identify with white Americans very strongly. Like Tom Paine did, even though my politics are a 180 from him.

  29. @Sean

    I do agree with you that our government is no longer OURS. And I agree that the system needs to be re-set. But, I would not see our geographic territory, save Alaska and Hawaii perhaps, or our national identity, torn apart into silly little faux-republics that wouldn’t last a month in the real world.

    John is absolutely delusional if he thinks for even a second, that Americans would tolerate being “administered” by a foreign power on our own soil — least of all the fucking British.

  30. John is absolutely delusional if he thinks for even a second, that Americans would tolerate being “administered” by a foreign power on our own soil

    Chris, as much as I hate to admit it, John is dead on. He is actually being somewhat reserved in is assesment.
    Fact is, OUR nation is 100% controlled by foreign powers. It goes a lot deeper than just control. I liken my assesment to the US as nothing but a crop of fools that is harvested and fleeced from time to time to enable the beast. We are given toys and media to steer us in to thinking we are free Men.
    We, as nation are so far gone it is hard to imagine the extent of it.

  31. what matters more; lines on a map or individual liberty and White Supremacy?

    No brainer, White supremecy. Kill the subversive media and debt based currency.
    Then were back in the game.
    Until then, slow decline followed by a swift massacre when our numbers are down to nothing.

  32. Ah, “Imperium Europa” and Norman Lowell! That mention makes me feel lucky that we Americans at least have Covington, a good novelist (have you ever read Rose of Honor?), rather than the harebrained Maltese theorist.

    His proposition empire’s name is a very unjust ripoff. Even if Francis Parker Yockey errs at times, and has a somewhat fanciful vision of Imperium, he is more astute than many contemporary White Nationalists.

  33. IF Dixie ever gets something like independence, I expect lots of conservative white sympathizers (copperheads in the 21st century) may make a bee-line for application for citizenship. Perhaps a limited time of open border switching like the partitioning of British India could be achieved.

  34. Hell no! How would that help restore our culture and our ways? How has immigration worked out in the past? Not to good is how. Plus, transplants have been horrible for the South. Why would we want more?

  35. Well said. This is why “White Nationalism” as a unitary ideology is something I have always found insufficient and unconvincing.

  36. 313Chris shows his Northern, leftist roots by siding with the cultural left on Aiken down to repeating the same talking points.

  37. @Lew

    And YOU’RE the one pledging to “vote nigger” in November! You’re more of a race-traitor leftist than I could ever be.

  38. @jack

    “Dixie” isn’t a real country. “Dixie” is a subjective, abstract version of a failed , twisted society that doomed itself with it’s own behavior, and now exists only in the imagination of a couple dozen malcontents.

  39. IN the article, it was said,

    “….White Nationalism is also the… recognition of another reality…that whites are being targeted for dispossession and extinction simply as whites, not as Yankees or Southerners or English or French….”

    IN REALITY, no non-whites targeted whites. It is all about intra-white fighting, and therein lies where it needs to be addressed and fixed.

    The Whitewash Nation is ONLY the result of intra-white warfare, (sometimes declared, sometimes not)—- nor has it ended, and this is what WN won’t confront. (The way out of it IS NOT living in Whitewash Nation, but rebuilding where there are threads of sub-groups left, and (re) building White Coalition).

    What they are attempting (which seems dishonorable) is the (secret, unstated) HEGEMONY of various white sub-groups over other white- sub-groups, and then PRETENDING it’s “wn,” and if you try to assert your sub-group (unless you are the leader group) then you are “divisive.”

    Back in reality, wasps were 99% at the revolution (north and south). Then yankees, jew and protestant, brought way more catholics (using potato famine) to do in the southern whites, which they did (but not without heavy funding).

    THEN jews overtook yankee wasps, and now El Pope has stormed in —in the 60s, very obviously— to move forward his folks, including all the mexican pawns. Catholics have pretty much overtaken the jews and romanized the u.s.;

    Where they are going now with Mormons should be interesting, and…well, who really created Mormons in the first place, because the Mormon candidate (who prayed for the souls of jews after they are dead, lol) is really from mexico, historically.

    Oh— and the blacks (previously used by wasps way back) were THEN taken up by jews (naacp, etc). But the neo-romans have their own proxies (“mexicans” who were THEIR slaves, and who proliferated even more than blacks, because the white catholics married them so much); they have had no deep interest in blacks, but mostly their own ex-slaves, summed up as “mexicans”, so the blacks are now increasingly “their own thing.”

    The takeover by catholics IS WHY Jim Crow ended. They are trying to enforce the Brazilian solution to slavery onto American wasp-whites, and make a brown u.s., just like they made their brown south america.

    —from the world according to DixieGirl

    If you see things from a White-centered perspective, what’s happening to you, or your community, as a white person will make better sense, imo.

    So— the trouble with “wn” is that it is REALLY NOT “white centered,” but a sub-group intra-ethnic white struggle, trying desperately not to acknowledge that.

    Better to confront it, then make Coalitions. If a “Rainbow coalition” (which has nothing in common except joint grievance) can work, well a white coalition (a real one) surely could.

  40. Dixie didn’t doom its self we were defeated by the yankees driven by lust for tariff money and political domination. All you hate about BRA was set into motion when the yankees elected lincoln

  41. Akin might be a dummy for a clumsy definition of rape but his heart is probably in the right place. He’s not himself a rapist as is this Son of Obama.

    Chris, you have repeated so many familiar lib talking points with Akinthat
    I have to suspect you are being less than honest with your true political feelings. I’m personally prochoice but I respect the guy for attempting to be consistent.

    It’s shibboleth that rape results in pregnancy. There’s a 3% chance. The lib argument for it is a Trojan Horse to more widely accept abortion culturally as a good. What I find depressing is that no Republican ever says: “white women please do not abort your white babies.” that’s a starting point for an honest debate about demographics, culture, family, race etc etc.

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