The New Solid South


It is increasingly “solid red” depending on whether White Southerners are the majority or “solid blue” depending on whether blacks, Hispanics, and carpetbags are the majority:

Note: The House, Senate, and state legislatures in the South will certainly be more racially polarized after November.

The Democrats aren’t recovering from their Blue Dog losses in 2010 and will lose the next tier of vulnerable Blue Dog seats. North Carolina and Arkansas are the places to watch this year.

“ATLANTA (AP) — The “Solid South” was a political fact, benefiting Democrats for generations and then Republicans, with Bible Belt and racial politics ruling the day.

But demographic changes and recent election results reveal a more nuanced landscape now as the two major parties prepare for their national conventions. Republicans will convene Aug. 27 in Florida, well established as a melting-pot battleground state, to nominate Mitt Romney of Massachusetts. Democrats will toast President Barack Obama the following week in North Carolina, the perfect example of a Southern electorate not so easily pigeon-holed….”

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  1. If it wasnt for the union, the North could nominate Obama the Emperor of America. What would they need elections for?

    Without the South, the North would be free to make that happen. Obama’s power would be supreme and isn’t that what they really want anyway?

  2. and…..

    As reported on Twitter by CNN’s Pete Hamby, Ryan said he has a black sister-in-law, but perhaps even more interesting, his “college sweetheart” was African American.

    also tracked down from Earlmundo

    ….Ryan was quoted as saying, “I love the idea of Barack Obama,” he says. “I love the fact that we elected an African-American man as our president. I think that is a really cool thing. I just don’t like the ideas coming from Barack Obama.” …..

    Keep in mind that there were conservatives who voted against a holiday honoring King, so the fact that Ryan does celebrate the holiday annually actually counts for something (even though I recognize that is setting the bar for our elected officials pretty low). According to one source who attended one of these events, Ryan even quotes King, praising the community activists one year by saying that they were “making a ‘down payment on the promissory note’ America had given to African Americans.”

    kind of pointless reading it though. Jessie Helms still seems like the best candidate

  3. Todd Akin Rapegate.

    The press are acting like Akin raped someone.

    A nignog presenter, a mulatto male and a couple of Jews discussing Akins fate on MsNbc today.

    When think of rapist I think of a blackman. Not a geriatric politician.

  4. LOL, the Southron “men”, of all people, are going to attack Paul Ryan for having had a black girlfriend a million years ago??

    Hmm, well maybe it’s just yall’s guilty consciences acting up… You know, all those warm, sticky summer nights back during your hallowed Dixie’s golden age, when Massa used to sneak down to the slave quarters, after the wife went to sleep, and help himself to some of that teenage brown sugar he had been checking out all day… All those little yellow picaninnies came from somewhere didn’t they? Maybe you guys are the ones with black relatives. BLOOD relatives.

    Slave masters who live in glass houses, that are kept by pregnant black slave girls, shouldn’t throw stones.

  5. Someone should point out that rape itself is disproportionately committed by blacks and Latinos. Not Dead White Men called Akin.

  6. @Stonelifter I kind of expected headlines from Hunter like, “Paul Ryan Dates Blacks” or “The Great Irish Catholic Hope Dates Blacks”. LOL.

    Btw, Ryan didn’t tell ’em about his dating Blacks, or his family’s miscegenation in Beaver Falls, PA today. What a poser.

  7. Chris,

    Ryan is shark chum. He’s being linked to Akin…

    This is more about the press anyway. It’s an amazing stitchup.

  8. Most of the mmulattos were produced by overseers and women willing to curry favour with supervisors. There are probably lots of disgraced women in that tally as well. Nothing has changed.

  9. On the Missouri news a white young woman called Megan Boken was shot twice in the face by a nigger. Carjacking, attempted rape, robbery whatever it was.

    The other story is an old white guy who talked about catagories of rape and abortion policy.
    Who do the media go after? The old white guy.

  10. @John

    “Ryan is shark chum.”

    – I doubt it. This election is a referendum on Obama, not an exposé on the Republican VP cadidate’s dating past. Obama is going to lose big in November, and take his party down with him

    “There are probably lots of disgraced women in that tally as well.”

    – Wait, are you suggesting that some good little Christian Southern belle laid down in the barn with some big black buck from the cotton field, when Daddy was off the plantation..?

    I thought you and Hunter were insistent that negro slavery fostered white identity? I thought it was only them wicked Yankee negro-worshippers up North, with their repealed anti-miscegenation laws, who mixed with niggers? So it was white wimminz after all? Hmm… Maybe slavery wasn’t so good for white racial solidarity then…

  11. @John

    “This is an assbackward country.”

    Well you always know where the door is. And, imperfect as America may be, I gotta imagine it beats the hell out of a country that throws young, white, native-born, native-stock, single mothers in jail for daring to speak freely on a train.

  12. Chris,


    Show me wear I stated that proximity to blacks created white racial consciousness? Where I said people didn’t fraternize? Show me as we say…
    Coalburning and oildrilling have ways happened, you clod.

    Your narrative about the slave massa raping Labuckwheata is bogus. It’s also a black trope.

    Another thing. Obama is probably going to win. Northern white are predictably liberal.

  13. This country allows niggers to shoot blonde blue eyed volleyball players twice in the face and does nothing about it. The northside of St Louis is surprisingly unburned and unpogromed. In days past a killing like that would have provoked a titanic race riot.

  14. @John

    And you know this because…?

    Funny, speaking as someone who actually lives in the state in question, I have to strongly disagree with that statement. But, what do I know? After all, I’m only a native and life-long American. My perspective about my own electoral system means nothing compared to that of foreigners who have been here all of 5 minutes.

    Tend to your own country John.

  15. John, What’s your home country? It’s not my intent to start an unpleasant exchange with you, but most of Europe is as bad or worse than the US in terms of letting Darks get away with crimes. Darks burned the UK to the ground last year. It’s a worldwide problem that will require cooperation to solve.

  16. I’m in a state that is solidly Red. It has more Negroes than Michigan as a proportion and in absolute numbers. Yet it votes Red instead of Blue. How can this be?

    It’s predictable to the .0000001%.

  17. The solution requires the world to turn a blind eye while local whites go on a real rampage. This worldwide fix is not really needed.

  18. Things will change quickly in Texas when its been minority majority for a little while

    I agree.

    We are the number 4 destination for mexicans and one of the top destinations for retirees add in our “native” black population and…

    Lets compare NC and VA combined with Texas.
    Texas population: 25 million
    Pct. white: 45%
    White pop. 11.25 million
    NCVA population: 18 million
    Pct. white: 65%
    White pop. 11.7 million

    So the number of whites is roughly even between Texas and NCVA, but Texas has more than twice as many non-whites as NCVA. Yet against the demographic odds, it was Texas that voted for the GOP in 2008 while NCVA voted Democrat, and today Texas is listed by RCP as ‘likely’ Romney while NCVA are toss ups.

    The white populations of both Texas and NCVA are swelled by immigrants and transplants. We can argue about who has more, but everyone agrees that they both have lots.

    The fact is that whites in Texas are now far more ‘Republican’ than whites in NCVA are. And that could be extrapolated to compare whites in all of arch-Republican Transappalachia with those in the South Atlantic swing states.

    Look what happened to Maryland and Delaware (a cautionary tale): 50 years ago they were segregated states in the Jim Crow South; today the whites in those states are among the most ‘Democratic’ in the country, right up there with whites in Massachusetts and New York.

    Leftism is spreading south, down the Atlantic coast from its historic northeastern homeland. It is infecting ever larger numbers of whites in Virginia, North Carolina and Florida, as can be deduced by their recent voting patterns. Are Georgia and South Carolina next?

    Texas and the rest of Transappalachia are going to have to find new allies in the Great Lakes, Great Plains and Mountain West if the South Atlantic states continue to defect to the Dems. But then again, Things will change quickly in Texas when its been minority majority for a little while

  19. 3 million or so our Whites are transplants, with more money to spend on politics. That’s what your not picking up on. They are a third or more of our White population. You can go county by county in NC and see which ones went for BRA in the last election. It was transplant counties, retirement counties and minority counties

    Maryland has been hit even harder by transplants

    The transplants though, they are rootless people. They’d run back north or join Dixie with a vengeance on a dime and at which ever way the wind blows

    The Midwest votes solid BRA. You won’t find allies there. I get it, you don’t like people form the east and your trying to rationalize your idea, but the reality is, the Midwest is BRA. Or has been. We’ll see how things go this election

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