Caribbean Project: The Jewish Exodus To Barbados

Originally built in 1654, the Nidhe Israel Synagogue accommodated Jewish refugees from Dutch Brazil

The most significant event in kickstarting race-based plantation slavery and the creation of slave societies in the British and French West Indies – which later became the cultural model for slavery in the Lower South – was the arrival of Jewish refugees from Brazil in Barbados.

This story about the arrival of the international Jew in Barbados is also mentioned in David Brion Davis’ Inhuman Bondage: The Rise and Fall of Slavery in the New World:

“By 1640 leading planters recognized that Barbados stood in desperate need of a new crop; tobacco and even cotton brought little profit. As we have seen, Brazil had maintained a virtual monopoly on sugar production for Europe, bit warfare and rebellion severely disrupted both Portuguese and Dutch efforts to meet the rising demand down to 1654, when the Portuguese finally expelled the Dutch. Although the Barbarian soil and climate were ideal for sugar cultivation, the English had no experience in producing such a commodity. Barbarian planters learned the techniques from Hollanders though the precise story is unclear. Some sugarcanes were brought in from Dutch Pernambuco, while a few English Barbadians had also visited, and according to one account, a planter named James Drax, of Anglo-Dutch background, brought a model of a sugar mill to Barbados from Holland.

However the transfer was accomplished, Barbadians were producing sugar for Europe by 1643, and within seven years there was a tenfold increase in the value of plantation land. Dutch traders had a continuing partnership with the English in Barbados, acting as middlemen and offering in Holland the best refineries in Europe. When Dutch exiles arrived in the Caribbean from Brazil, they brought additional skills, experience, and capital for sugar production. The exodus from Brazil in 1654 also included thousands of Sephardic Jews, who had enjoyed relative religious freedom in Dutch Brazil as in Holland itself. Many of these Jews settled in such new Dutch colonies as Curaçao and Suriname. By 1680 there were even fifty-four Jewish households in Bridgetown, the only true urban center in Barbados, with a population of almost three thousand. Mostly urban merchants, these Jews, unlike their brethren in Suriname, never became members of the wealthy planter elite.”

Note: We have already seen that Jews were a majority of the “Dutch” in Suriname. Davis elaborates in the footnotes that Suriname was the only New World colony where significant numbers of Jews became slaveholding masters.

He also notes that these “New Christians” helped finance the Portuguese reconquest of Brazil. Previously, there had been thousands of Sephardic Jews in Brazil where they seem to have played a key role in pioneering modern plantation slavery.

Instead of wasting our time on “Black Confederates,” OD will continue to assist our Jewish friends in the blogosphere in rediscovering their slavery heritage in the hope that more black people will become aware of this.

Update: The ship that arrived in Virginia in 1619 carrying the first African slaves has always been called a “Dutch” ship on the basis of John Rolfe calling it “a Dutch man of Warr.”

OD was correct to be suspicious of the “Dutch” nature of this vessel in light of the fact that so many different peoples – in particular, Sephardic Jews – were operating under the Dutch flag in the slave trade in the Caribbean and South America.

BTW, this is an indisputable historical fact in Brazil, Curaçao, St. Eustatius, and Suriname (we’re going to shine some stadium lights on this), not “a Jewish conspiracy theory,” but thanks for your assistance.

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  1. This is the funniest turn up for the books I’ve ever seen. No really. The means to create the industrialized exploitation of slavery in the Caribbean (and by extention in the US), brought to you in living colour by a caravan of specialist Jewish refugees from Brazil. Martinique, Jamaica, Haiti, Cuba! They all follow this exact pattern.

    ” The Sugar Kings.”. It’ll make a great chapter.

    As long as it’s not taken too far rhetorically, this is absolutely devastating information. I like the way you ended this article.

  2. Palmetto,

    the documentation is literally everywhere. It’s all out in the open and a variety of Jewish historians provide the source material. So long as you don’t go full bore NOI
    wih the evidence, it suggests that without Jewish sugar pioneers and sugar refining technicians and sugar merchants there would never have been industrial scale enslavement of Africans in the New World! Some blacks but nowhere near as many.

    Tobacco would never have required the labour that sugar required.

    On another note it appears that Parliament/Puritan/Cromwell was mostly funded by Sugar tariffs, and tobacco tariffs in their war with Charles I. The colonials were often Royalists so that’s another wrinkle in the power struggles.

  3. “Instead of wasting our time on “Black Confederates,” OD will continue to assist our Jewish friends in the blogosphere in rediscovering their slavery heritage in the hope that more black people will become aware of this.”

    You, Sir, are a dangerous man, and I mean that as a compliment. You come across as mostly a gentleman (My sole disagreement is with that word, whose use by us Whites I consider needlessly provocative.), you are obviously intellectual, and you craft ornamental irony heated in the fire of a mordant wit.

  4. The NOI book probably overstayed the case. It also appears to have been guilty of selective editing to suggest thing that were not in the original texts.

    This narrative, is instead, quite solid and makes a great deal of sense in the context of Jewish practices.

  5. “Jewish Rabbi Selling 22 Black Slaves in South Carolina”

    This is based on a newspaper clipping from that period, so its an original source (its shown on NOI’s website).

  6. Slightly if topic. Do you remember that post about Beckford who was a Sugar Baron?

    The novel Vathek is so oddly oriental that I’d hazard a guess the kid was really talking about the exotica of the sugar trade.

    the plot is this sort of bizarro world blend of Kabbala, Islam, Alchemy, Gothic horror and whatnot. What circles was he running in?

  7. Vathek really seems like the insiders view of dealing with the devil.
    Just switch Islam for Christianity and the Indian Merchant with “Dutch-Brazilians”
    and the whole book becomes a confession revealing a deal with a devil.

  8. This is seriously sordid information. It explains much.

    “Little do they know we are bringing them the plague.”

  9. If only Joe had actually laid out a solid case like this! It does appear to be taudry if not outright Satanic. Why were the Muslims slaving black Zanj afterall? Where there sugarcane plantations in North Africa and Arabia?

    I’m tempted by the image in my head of a dark sugar fleet, doomed to ply its trade along the coast, stemming from inside the Med and perhaps in the Indian ocean.

    I wonder now, what previous sugar cane plantations existed in the Med? Spain? Algeria? Who ran them? Who owned them? What specialists were involved? What secrets was Beckford writing about as metaphor and allegory?


    here is a map showing the diffusion of sugar cultivation. Looking at the map itself I’m tempted to think sugar funded the Islam conquests. Searching for quality land to plant it as a cash crop might have been the rationale for galloping into Egypt and then galloping further across into Spain through Morocco.

    The map is quite telling. Re Vathek it comes from India.

  11. Has anyone seen “Last Days of the Big Lie” ? Its on youtube and “Holocaust Denial Videos” (but that website isn’t working for me and a friend for some reason – is there any one else having problems with it?).

    ” The Last Days of the Big Lie ” 2:03 hr

    Anyways, in Spielberg’s ” The Last Days” he falsely empathizes black and Japanese US soldiers involvement but this is debunked in “The Last Days of the Big Lie”. So by default, the actual true white liberators role is minimized or even dismissed – “The Black Liberator Fake History Conspiracy ” (at 36:47).

    In “Some Thought on Hitler and Other Essays” (Vinson, 2012) this trend in Hollywood movies is discussed (I’m reading it at the moment).

    Jewish controlled Hollywood has written Jewish involvement out of numerous mafia moves as most of the members of “Murder Inc. ” were Jews and not Italians – as we are lead to believe. And we never head about the Jewish Bolshevik’s role in the Russian Revolution, but we have an endless supply of bogus “Nazi” movies. (Duke, Jewish Supremacy). Even the term “Nazi” is itself is a propaganda term designed by by the media at the time to demonize the Germans.

    These are all similar to how Jewish (and even black involvement) with trans-Atlantic slavery has been written out of the mainstream history narrative (e.g. movies, TV mini-series, TV documentaries) so the public is lead to believe that it was purely a Anglo-Saxon thing.

    Standard Operating Procedure for the Tribe.

  12. “Little do they know we are bringing them the plague.” Freud’s slip.

    Did you see the movie A Dangerous Method? Now just put a couple of Jews on the deck with a boatload of slaves and there you go.

    See what I did there?

  13. “Transference?”

    ” Zion Crime Factory” talks about transference/projection from what the Jewish Bolshevik crimes/proposed to the Germans.

    Actually, the phrase ” Final Solution” comes a 1930 book by a US Jew that proposed sterilizing all the Germans so they’d be exterminated after 1 generation.

    ” The Jewish “Final Solution” to Germans and Other Gentiles ” (Scroll down the page to find it) 7 min

    Denise would love the ” Zion Crime Factory”.

  14. We were the last enthnicity to get into the slave game. And ended it too.

    So there is something pretty fugging foul affoot.

  15. “not “a Jewish conspiracy theory,””

    Hunter, do you know the difference between a conspiracy and a conspiracy theory?

  16. It’s interesting to read how parochial this Virginian historian is.

    You take the time to analyse the entire edifice of slavery, and some bellend knob calls it concocting a conspiracy theory.

    It’s not like you are denying Englishmen enslaved blacks. Nor are you apologizing for enslaving blacks.

  17. It just dawned on me, Hawaii is another place Whites grew wealthy off the plantation system from sugar and then pineapple, which had to be smuggled out Brazil of if I recall correctly

  18. In addition, the Barbary corsairs as well, according to Jonathan I. Israel’s ‘Diasporas within a Diaspora: Jews, Crypto-Jews, and the World of Maritime Empires (1540-1740)’…

    In 1626–7, the sister towns of Saleh, Rabat, and the fortified Kasbah of Saleh-Rabat, either side of the estuary of the river Bou Ragrag, linking the three, rebelled and seceded from the Sa’adian Moroccan dynasty, forming a self-governing pirate republic which was to remain independent for forty years. According to the Dutch writer Simon de Vries, those who assumed control in the corsair republic of Saleh were not the Moors of Saleh but the old and new Andalusian Moriscos of Rabat supported by the Jews. ‘For those who there now assumed full governing powers themselves’, he wrote, ‘were in large measure the Andalusians who had been expelled by the Spanish king [in the year 1609]. Also there lived there a great number of those [i.e. Muslims and Jews] who had been expelled from Granada [in 1492]; all of them, on account of the injustice and ruin inflicted upon them, implacable enemies of the Spaniards.’1

    It appears that enslavement of Europeans was also led, organosed and financed by Jews.

  19. Some claim that the Jews of St. Eustatius were the salvation of the Americans in the Revolutionary War.

    In 1778, Lord Stormont claimed in Parliament that, “if Sint Eustatius had sunk into the sea three years before, the United Kingdom would already have dealt with George Washington”.

  20. Andalusia was probably not much more than a sugar plantation and slave market under the Arab and Jewish rulers.

  21. “the arrival of Jewish refugees from Brazil in Barbados”

    I think they were expellees, not refugees. Most Jewish websites will claim that the Jews fled Brazil because they were afraid of Portuguese persecution. But I found this on another Jewish website :

    “It was stipulated in the capitulation protocol of Jan. 26, 1654, that all Jews, like the Dutch, were to leave Brazil within three months and had the right to liquidate their assets and to take all their movable property with them.”

    It’s the same as in Hitler’s Germany. The Jews think they have a right to live among White people everywhere in the world, and I don’t think they were in a hurry to leave Germany. But Hitler put pressure on them to leave. For example, under the 1935 Nuremberg Laws, Jews could be barred from employment as lawyers, doctors or journalists (source: wikipedia). They like to say that they had to flee Germany. I think it is more accurate to say that they were kicked out. But I guess they were allowed, as in Brazil, to liquidate their assets and take all their movable property with them.

  22. Nice attempt at being unbiased. All the information is correct EXCEPT the GIANT assumption that ALL SLAVERY was due to Jews and that Slavery or Colonialism was bad for Africans, the Caribbean or America. Go to Africa now and ask them if they prefer the local governments of today or if they think the Colonialists provided prosperity for the land. And for American Southerners to suggest that “the Jews made me do it” is just pathetic, Jews were slaves long before Africans and just like Africans we are now free which is better than most of you bigots who are slaves to your Jew hating ignorance and self-loathing disguised as racism. Jews are the first to stand up for black people today to defend them and protect their rights and we do that with pride no matter what any bigot thinks and it’s not out of guilt either. What about the African slave traders who sold their brethren into slavery? no mention of them..just Jews, Jews, Jews so thanks.

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