Tennessee Equality Project Committed To Destroying White Christian Tennessee



The Orwellian named “Tennessee Equality Project” is a genocidal organization that is committed to dismantlling the Southern White Christian majority in the Volunteer State:

“Furthermore, TEP members and board members include Christians and White people (but we readily recognize a strong commitment to diversifying in that area).”

Christopher Columbus also had native collaborators in Hispanolia. The Japanese had collaborators in Korea.

The goal of the “Tennessee Equality Project” to make Tennessee less Southern, less White, less Christian, and less conservative through mass immigration and multiculturalism – what they call “a strong commitment to diversifying the region” – in order to create a majority of hostile and resentful aliens that will allow liberals to dominate the state and redistribute the wealth of the existing White Christian majority.

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  1. Don’t think the same thing that happened to the white Rhodesians can’t happen in European homelands or in North America.

  2. “Don’t think the same thing that happened to the white Rhodesians can’t happen in European homelands or in North America.”

    John, it’s not something that “can” happen. It IS happening. It’s called Genocide. Anti-Whites of whatever stripe are promoting it. Just because you don’t see “wars” on the “news” much here, yet, doesn’t mean that Genocide isn’t already well underway.

    White Genocide in the USA is being “done” by massive immigration and “assimilation”. Once a heavy percentage of Whites have “assimilated” (ie. “mixed”), it’s only a matter of time until the Genocide is a completed deal. No more White genepool. “Assimilated” into oblivion.

    All of the anti-White’s blather about “human rights”, “anti-racism”, etc., etc. is just a cover for Genocide. They might be fooling themselves, but they don’t fool those of us who are “on to” their deadly game.

    NEVER forget: “Anti-racist” is a just a codeword for anti-White !

  3. There is no “White” Race or genocide against them. Stop watching Fox News, turn off your white power metal and open a history book to realize that it has never existed except under Adolf Hitler’s beliefs.

    ahahahahahahahaha yeah Fox News is so pro-white, and people actually listen to white power metal

    There has been no “solid White countries” in the history of the world. History has just been white washed to make you believe so.

    If that’s so, then where do white people come from? Did Satan open a cave and we just marched out of Hell?

    You do know that in the past, very few people ever traveled any significant distance, right?

    Ever wondered who the Persians, the Greeks, the Romans, the Gauls, the Visigoths, the Vandals, the Rus, the Angles and Saxons, or the Vikings were?

    Anti-whites are remarkably incurious. They believe they already have all the answers they need, and refuse to pay attention in history class because they don’t want to know anything else.

  4. Alex is a wanker.

    Btw good point it is happening!

    The white Rhodesian is a thing of the history books. Soon to be reduced to being a myth.

  5. Go back to school, Alexander. I’ve read both the Bible and Marx and can see you have no idea of either. You, sir, or simply a pervert and you wish to pervert society and our children.
    Marriage is only for having children, no children=no need for marriage. Also, marriage is as much an economic as a social institution. Neither the Bible nor evolution support homosexual behavior. But that’s ok, I don’t care what you do in your bedroom as I’ve said before. Why do you insist on bringing sodomy into the mainstream? Will sodomy improve the future of our children? Why would you want to do that? Do you WANT AIDS running rampant, more than it already it?
    And you claim homos are against Islam–bullshit! Tell me the homo organization dedicated to bringing down the tenants of Islam.
    If you hate the South, then don’t live here. Let us go. You take you homo-loving left-coast or Yankeedom and leave us alone. Why, if we are so racist and evil to you, do you sick types insist on living here? The beauty of federalism is that if you don’t like one state, pick another.

  6. Alexander says “There is no “White” Race or genocide against them. “. Sure there is, Alexander, your institution knows exactly who the white race is. The ones you want to see displaced. You define whites in your own words and deeds. So pack sand, shit packer!

  7. Regarding your remark about whites South Africans owning 90% of the wealth there, it’s wealth the white South Africans created for them and their posterity. South Africa is (or was) a Western nation built by Western peoples (aka white), as is Australia, New Zealand, Canada, U.S., basically any place the immigrants want to go to was built by whites, save a few locations in Asia. Whites have a knack for creating awesome civilizations.

    And you never answered my question as to why you are so hot to bring our sexual perversions out of the bedroom. Do hetero’s bring their bedroom practices out? If they do they should not. Societies need to provide a healthy environment for children, introducing them to sex in grade school is not exactly the best idea. And let’s face it, you will insist on tolerance classes and homo history classes for our children. How do you intend to talk to them about homo behavior without broaching sex? Not useful procreative sex, but useless, disgusting fudge packing? (well not useless, it may spread some AIDS around).

  8. Pretty sure the only reason you think “anti-racist” is a code word for “anti-white” is because – as some of you have just clearly shown – you’re simply racist.

  9. I openly detest blacks. I’m becoming more and more supicious of the role of Jews in history. I don’t have any particular issue with Chinese or Hindus.

    Arabs? They shouldn’t be in France, Tennessee etc etc in the increasing numbers that they are.

  10. Racists? As if that were a bad thing.

    The voting patterns in the US suggest that blacks will always vote in a 100% unified bloc for whichever candidate gives away free stuff (expropriated from white tax base). Close behind the herd of niggers you have Jews voting 80% for the multiculturalist party. Slightly behind them Hispanics vote 75% for the same multicult party.
    The only group that votes near to 50/50 is the horridly disgustingly white population.
    It will never change even as the white population shrinks.

    It’s a disgusting situation to wake up to.

  11. “Anti-racists” like to say, white people do not exist and ask us to define “white”, as if they could not tell an African from an Eskimo.

    How cute.

    Yet, these anti-whites define “white” every time they open their pie holes:

    A “white” country is any country, anti-whites **insist** has an
    obligation, to import huge numbers of third world immigrants and everyone force integrated, until white people disappear.

    They want white genocide.

    Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.

  12. Hey John, we are discussing the deliberate and systematic genocide of the white race here.

    What is more important to you?

  13. @Kiva D
    In your opinion we are racist. You are just saying that because we are white. Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.

  14. Alexander says “There is no “White” Race or genocide against them.

    Anti-whites say, “White people do not exist”.

    A people that do not exist, cannot by definition have human rights. You can do anything you like to a people that have no rights.

    As I said these anti-whites are genocidal.

  15. Re: Alexander

    You’re not going to get away with posting historical bullshit on this blog:

    1.) White Europeans are a distinct race. Even the U.S. federal government distinguishes between “non-Hispanic Whites” and other races in order to discriminate against the former.

    That has nothing to do with Nazi Germany. American citizenship was based on whiteness from 1790 until 1952. American was a White Republic a hundred years before Hitler was born.

    2.) It is true America was quite anti-Semitic before WW2. In fact, America was more anti-Semitic in the 1930s and early 1940s than ever before. There were even polls taken during that period which showed that Jews were more resented than the Japanese.

    3.) You’re confusing Nazi Germany with Britain which we supported before the war with the Lend-Lease Act – this actually shows that FDR was intensely interested in Europe, and that the U.S. was “neutral” in only the most disingenuous sense of the word before Pearl Harbor.

    4.) I can think of two White countries in the history of the world: the United States from 1790 to 1866 and the Confederacy from 1861 to 1865. I can think of others like White Australia or Imperial France under Napoleon but those two will suffice.

    5.) No, I am expert in Southern history, and I can assure you that the South was a “White Man’s Country until 1965, explicitly and implicitly, Dixie has traditionally been a White Republic.

    6.) If race doesn’t exist, then how can racial diversity exist?

    7). Nelson Mandela had been in prison for decades when apartheid came to an end in South Africa. The blacks were crushed at Soweto and the ANC lost the support of their greatest ally when the Soviet Union collapsed.

    Apartheid wasn’t overthrown by a black uprising. That’s absurd. It was overthrown by international pressure from the West which didn’t need South Africa as a regional ally after the Cold War ended.

    8.) D.W. Griffith produced Thomas Dixon’s Birth of a Nation.

    9.) Actually, the federal anti-lynching law was never passed by Congress. It became unnecessary because lynching had declined and had become almost non-existent by the 1960s. The Emmett Till lynching was blown out of proportion by the media.

    There was no federal “hate crime” legislation until well after Jim Crow although federal prosecutors were able file charges under federal civil rights statutes passed during the 1960s.

    10.) The real crime in America is committed by the Black Undertow. Over 90 percent of blacks who are murdered are murdered by other blacks or Hispanics in gang warfare in cities like Chicago or Los Angeles.

    11.) LGBT people have the same rights as heterosexuals. They are free to marry someone of the opposite sex.

    12.) New York State has a terrible economy and has lost millions of its citizens who have moved to Florida and Texas.

    13.) New York, California, and Illinois are basket cases with diversity and economic deckine and stagnation. The economy and budget is better in Tennessee and Alabama than New York or Illinois.

    14.) Yes, it is not bland and boring, but “diverse” like New York and California, which is strange considering that millions of people who once lived in the multicultural paradise have fled that area to move to live in places like Boone, NC or Boise, ID.

    There is no great exodus from Alabama or Tennessee to New England. Quite the opposite.

  16. History is not a justification for genocide. What matters now is that every White nation and ONLY White nations are subject to genocide through? assimilation.

  17. Hunter,
    If you want to understand how anti-whites behave towards whites, have a look at this satirical video. They banned it when it reached 100,000 views, to try and prevent it going viral.

    How Whites Took Over America

  18. Good stuff JimmyGears. By now all but the brain dead know that anti-racist is a codeword for anti-White. Just ask BUGS.

  19. “(M)illions of people…move to live in places like Boone, NC or Boise, ID. (…) There is no great exodus from Alabama or Tennessee to New England. Quite the opposite.”

    This exodus of DWL’s to North Carolina, etc., relieves some of the pressure of over-population here, and removes some of the mobile, well-funded liberal- and Neo-“conservative”-minded whites from the electorate here. Our gain is your loss.

  20. Kiva D says:
    Pretty sure the only reason you think “anti-racist” is a code word for “anti-white” is because – as some of you have just clearly shown – you’re simply racist….”

    In your opinion, the posts were racist, but you’re just saying that because social engineers told you to, which makes you a dumb robot. Why are you for white genocide?

  21. True Peppermint,

    White-Anti-White psychology is fascinating. Sometimes they seem the most GUTTED of all humans. Nobodies from nowhere, without families, backgrounds, history, no sense of why history is even be important… Expecting people to think they are MORAL because they cut their ties to their own ethnic group.

    Usually they are stunned when Whites reject them and don’t respect them.

    They wallow around, saying why don’t the others see how smart I am?

  22. Kiva D says:
    No, I’m call you racist because you’re racist. Even John appears to agree with that….”

    LOL @ Kiva. Look how they always invoke Authority, some “other,” to prove their point. Like they really can’t think for themselves at all, LOL.

  23. “Nobodies from nowhere, without families, backgrounds, history, no sense of why history is even be important… Expecting people to think they are MORAL because they cut their ties to their own ethnic group.”

    Interracial mixing and even wide interethnic mixing can create that confusion without the aid of false ideology.

  24. Alexander says:
    @JimmyGears There is no “White” Race or genocide against them. Stop watching Fox News, turn off your white power metal and open a history book to realize that it has never existed except under Adolf Hitler’s beliefs…..”


    Do everyone a favor and graduate from college. Obviously, you are a prime example of what they mean when they say people have become “Dumbed Down.”

    If there’s no White race, then you have no justification for current laws being BASED on it. There are no “Whites,” yet you must have “fair housing” because “whites are exclusionary.”

    Obviously, you are too dumbed down to notice the LONG history of Anti-White Policies that —taken together– constitute genocide.

    Whatever was done to Indians was prior to 1948 when genocide became illegal, (not to mention after the Southern Independence War, which you might want to account for, when speaking with southerners).

    Not to acknowledge “the other” is very rude of you.

  25. I’m completely racist. And my racism is justified by looking at what has happened to whites since SA went rainbow nation. Just today SA Airline ceased to take job applications from white pilots.

    Since SA became democratic the white population has plumetted from 200,000 in 1980 20,000. I hate blacks. I hate the liberals who are consciously manipulating policy to accomish this genocide here. I have contempt for liberals who go along with it.

  26. Sorry since Zimbabwe went democratic.


    SA has shown a decline in the white population already btw. Just wait n see what happens when Mandela dies. The nigs will kill YT in droves.

  27. The REAL problem with the White Race is that far too many of us NOT racists.

    I am – and proudly, vociferously so. I am doing everything I can to do make the Unawakened, or “It’s Not nice” DWL’s (The Whites that are wrorried about being called Racists cause “It’s Not Nice”) I know to become frothing at the mouth racists. (I’m meeting with success, too).

    Now I don’t hate members of other Races – unless they are enemy to my people. I am friends WITH Semites – actual Semites, not the Spawn of Satan. I’ve had Asian pals in the past. and well as Negroes, and Spawn of Satan before I knew about Spawn of Satan (I was never a DWL. This was in my Urban Artys Youth).

    I’m not an Anti Semite. I actually wish Semites well, in their own lands. I loathe and denounce and abjure the Spawn of Satan – and their active NAGA Pets. I don’t think NAGAS would be a problem were it not for the Spawn of Satan. There are just too many of them – and they are currently running loose, to lay waste to the land. The REAL problem is the Spawn of Satan, and always has been. These demonic imps have been bedevilling Humanity since Satan shat them out. They need to go back to their
    UnHoly Father in Hell. Every-one will be better off, once the wolrd is cleansed.

    Re: Diversity means Kill Whitey. Re: divare places liek Detroit or Birmingham or Atlanta are anything BUT. FYI- Nogs are despicable on their own- but mainly they are boring. Just boring.

    I have a wicked flu that’s going round (and I am apparently bouncing back right quick) I holed up in the bedroom most of yesterday. I watched a lot of TalmudVision, when awake. I was fascinated by an event televised on CSpan. NAGAS at Howard Nigerversity held some type of a summit on Thursday – the Young American African Voter Mau Mauer’s – it was extremely illuminating to behold. Normally I change channels in less than a second, the moment a Nigger appears (can’t stand the sight of ’em anymore, much less the sound). Therer were real, live, politically active Nogs, however – and it was really interesting.

    1) There were hardly any in attendance.

    2) Most of the members of the audience appeared to be there to Mau Mau for Sodomite Marriage.

    3) MOST of them were really stupid.

    4) The 2 that were NOT really stupid were not brilliant, but reasonably intelligent.

    5) They work really hard to trey to appear intelligent, and they use Big Words That May or May Not Actually Be Relevant or Accurate in attempting to Pose Serious Questions (“Cil My Lanlord Cil My Landlord” kept springing to my mind). One old Jabooness had to be prompted by the Host (1 of the 2 reasonably intelligent ones), at least twice, to actually ask a qustion in her verbal spew, since she kept getting lost in her long strong of Big Impressive Words.

    6) They are REALLY stupid. TYhe OTHEr reasonably intelligent fellow was a guy called …drat. I was really sick yesterday..I think his name is Elroy Sailor. Not sure about the first name. He’s a middle-aged Christian. Some teenaged Negrette – a young scholar with Howard’s Math and Something program – got up to ask a question about Da Bible, and Da Bible’s View on Dat Gay Marriage. I initially thought, “Wow! A female Negrette is in a math and sciences program? Dang! Good for her!” – but then it offered it’s opinion. The Sailor fellow is some type of a preacher man. The Negrette snottily instructed the elder man that “Da Bible doesn’t disckri-nate” re: homosexuality. The fellow gaped for a second, and then cited a bunch of Biblical verses that do just that.

    I actually felt a degree of sympathy for him. Were all Negroes like him – they’d do fine. But the rest were complete creations of Marxist Spawn of Satan social engineering….and it’s hopeless.

    Another moment of hilarity ensued, involving him. Some Black Creature from the Audience Lagoon stompued up, and DEMANDED that Da Gubmint Stay Outa Mah Buzness, and ya’ll betteh go along wid da Gay Marriage, and gibs me mah rights ya he-uh – and the poor Sailor fellow addressed the Creature as his brother. He was quickly corrected that the Creature, was in fact, a Sistuh. It was a belligerent Nigger Dyke, best dealt with by the Immortal Rayon MacInstosh (?) – he of the Mac Donald’s counter man and metal pipe fame, of late 2011. That was GREAT! Cause I couldn’t tell what It was. I thought the Creature was initially a really faggish young Nog Thug – but then I saw something that might be breastesess, when it uncrossed it’s mighty arms, for a second, before re-crossing the arms, and resuming it’s defiant and belligerent posture.

    There were many comedic gems, in this little Minstrel Show – but the BEST moment was when some young, self-importatn in extremis young Negress got up and annonced herself. He reeled off al her positions, and Honors, but so quickly that the Host had to ask her to repeat herself – and she did. She is the Great African Queen of Nigrasness, and NdoubleACP Somethng High Queen, and Ebony Goddess of All Up in Dat, and she – get this – hails fomr the GREAT vity of Detroit. I laughed so hard, at that point ,that I went into a choking fit. I think she finally asked some vague question about “What are you doing for us, and what can you tel lus to get for us”? She was too busy announcing her Important American African Honors to pose any specfic questions. This fact was not lost onthe panel members, either….

    7) Their entire political focus is Gibs Me Dat.

    Sigh. This is what I am supposed to “embrace” and “accept” and “celebrate”. Aaahhhhh…..


  28. Peppermint – Fox Channel has to 2 exciting fun comedies, abot to be unleashed, for the Fall Season of Degeneracy.

    “Kate and Ben” features a cute, wholseom, lovely, intelligent blond girl, her adorable and wise-beyond-her-years daughter, the blond girl’s equally blonde, but completely mental ind incompetent older F#ck Up of of a brother, and the brother’s Best Friend, a coal-blacck Negroe male, who is intelligent, sensitive, loyal, and sporting a great BIG Afro. He’s sort of an Earthy Crunchy Metrosexual Negro.

    He’s madly hopelessly in love with the Blonde girl.

    Of course.

    She’s not interested, weirdly enough (this is Not Racist because her White brother is the Negro’s Best Friend)….they made out one time, but that was when she was in her Fat Phase. Betcha they have a simmering romance, though….the female audience will be set up to root for the Sensitive Coal Black Male to win the Heart of his Lady Love, over the season’s arc…

    There is also some type of a immature sexual inuendo doctor show, featuring 2 White Maybe Italian Maybe Jew male doctors – and some Mystery Meat Dark Female. From scene to scene she kept….changing….one scene – light skinned Negress. Another..dothead Indianess…another…Dark SouthAsian Slant…..wow. There are some really weird hybrids running loose these days. Show looked repulsive. Both shows did. Think I’ll lodge a protest.

  29. Denise,

    Read Beckford’s Gothic horror book: Vathek.

    He was the great Sugar Baron of his day, as Hunter highlighted a few months ago.

    There is a thinly veiled Jewish character caller Gaiour, who brings a caliph called Vathek a secret from India which leads to Vathek’s eternal damnation in an underworl d ruled by a devil called Soliman.

    I’d never heard of this book before but it spawned Shelley’s Frankenstein and Stoker’s Dracula. It’s basically the confession of a rich Christian and his dealings with Jews.

  30. Dixiegirl: sadly, these brainwashed, conformist, idiots are probably either in or recently graduated from some Marxist indoc facility, aka university. They spew what mommy professor taught them. These people think they are against the system, but they are the system. Back in the 50’s and 60’s mommy professor was a screaming hippy Marxist wailing against America and everything it stood for. They demanded to be tolerated in the name of free speech and the system was nieve enough fall for it. Forty years later these same Marxists are mommy and daddy proffesors, and demand conformity, to hell with free speech and even free thought. McCarthy was right, they were unAmerican to the core.

  31. There is no such thing as race, but you must always remember the white race is the evilest race of all the races that don’t exist. That sums up Alex and the anti-white message pretty well.

    The white race doesn’t exist but the white race that doesn’t exist held 90% of the wealth in South Africa according to Alex which makes them very, very evil.

    You have to look at the cultural Marxist claim that the white race doesn’t exist, not as an objective fact they really think exists now, but rather as a self-fulfilling prophecy they are trying to bring into reality by swamping us with mass immigration.

    The whole concept of “racism” as something evil dates to the early 2oth century and is just a tool that is unequally applied to whites as a means to delegitimize our rule over the countries our ancestors founded and developed. It is used to make you think that you and your family don’t have more right to the territory that comprises the South and the United States than the hordes of outsiders they are dumping on top of us.
    Well they are wrong we do have more of a right as long as we are willing to continue to assert that we do.

    Kiva is just calling us racist because we are white and don’t give assent to the policies that he, she, it wants us to support. As we all know Kiva and its ilk don’t go around delivering sermons on “racism” to anyone but whites. Their reason for this usually is because they say only whites are or can be racist which clearly is a “racist” sentiment itself.

    So when commenters here says Kiva and others above are being anti-white by using the term “racism” they are 100% correct.

  32. John: I heard about this several months ago when it was in the works. I’ve spent a significant amount of time in Brazis and can tell that their media, like ours, is dominated by the left, as are the courts and entertainment. They began the Western spectacle of black worship years ago–blacks can do no wrong there even though there are no-go zones out the wazoo because of the darker hued citizens.
    This law, in effect just dumbed down brazil’s universities.
    I enjoy Brazil and I wish the best for them. That said, don’t hold your breath on them ever becoming a 1st world nation. They have a solid and very large 3rd world population and are making the fatal mistake of glorifying them and pandering to them.

  33. Regarding Brazil, they are aping the BRA. BRA USA is the enforcer by example for of international democrazy, equality and diversity Maybe the rest of the world believes are wealth is a result is BRA policies. For those nations who don’t buy it, we have the military option.

  34. Call out?


    accusations of “Racism” are an aggressive duplicitous attempt by Jews, Blacks, Hispanics and disingenuous white liberals to gain material benefits or social capital. Kiva, you are a disgusting Inspector Javert if you spend your time attacking other people for having honest feelings. Go do something useful like invent a widget.

  35. Sam says:
    ‘Alexander says:
    ‘and here is a fun fact: There are white Africans who used to own 90% of the wealth in South Africa and then one day Nelson Mandela decided to rise up against them. The apartheid was broken so White and Black Africans could be treated equally under the law.’’

    Add this to your list of facts. Left to their own devices Negroes are totally helpless, useless and dysfunctional. Gold has seen record highs but those Bozos still managed to destroy the mining industry. Unreal!


    Violence at mine owned by Mandela’s grandson.
    After South Africa was transferred to black rule, the mines were given to the relatives of ANC leaders. Under Apartheid, these were some of the most profitable mines in the world. Under ANC crony rule, they are in total disrepair and workers are owed months of back pay. At some mines, elevators and heavy equipment have been stripped to sell for scrap metal.

    In the past few months, government police have killed dozens of striking mine workers.

    The latest violence occurred at twhat was once the single most profitable gold mine in the entire world. The mine once brought huge amounts of wealth into South Africa, greatly benefiting both blacks and white. The mine is now owned by the grandson of Nelson Mandela and the nephew of SA president Jacob Zuma.

    The owners have mismanaged it to the point that workers are currently owed about three month backpay. Many of the mine workers are now homeless. Last week former ANC Youth League president Julius Malema visited the mine to declare that the workers had been better off under Apartheid.

  36. Wow… People like you guys make me nervous for my children. I’m glad extremists of your sort who are posting on this insane news article are few and far between.

  37. Of course we’re the extremists! Right, Zane? We have the moral courage to speak our mind. In this day and age, that’s extreme. Defending your ancestors from defamation is extremist…if you are right.

  38. Hey gentlemen, people who identify as men and ladies, people who identify as women. Good news, I made it to my new home in Nashville and mostly unpacked without incident. This Saturday will mark my first week being here and so far have been unimpressed by everyone here with your ultra white undertones. Does it help that I am actually a white man and a supposed race traitor by dating a strong African American Woman? And now we are living comfortably together, its going well.

    Once things are further settled I plan to get involved with the community and get back to activism that I heavily participated in before I moved from Ohio. I am excited and can’t wait to make this place filled with peace and equality. <3

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