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  1. We took Old Glory off the flagpole out front where it’s hung for years now.

    Replaced with a variation of the Culpepper Minutemen/Gadsen flag.

    Social media account will be deleted tomorrow. Bank accounts closed as well. Going into high prep gear.

    Going to the range early to put .308 holes in small targets at 600+yds.

    In this neck of the Mississippi woods, to say folks are pissed is an understatement.

  2. “On Wednesday night, about 700 people held up candles and called for racial harmony outside the administrative building at the university in Oxford, countering Tuesday’s protest over Obama’s re-election.”



  3. Fuck America. First thing tomorrow I’m ordering up a confederate battle flag bumper sticker. I figure my time in the south shaped who I am, I can at least return the favor.

  4. I figured Amanda would come around after she saw that 89 percent of White people in Mississippi voted for Mitt Romney but he couldn’t win a single county in Vermont or Massachusetts.

    Tells you everything you need to know about Yankees.

  5. I was glad to see a white riot, but Romney was hardly for us. He is for cheap brown labor. He even did a spray tan job for his Univision interview.

    It’s a darn shame so many Southrons voted for that anti-white plutocrat who cried tears of joy when his church admitted blacks, and whose father wanted to force integration on whites.

    The fact that whites did not turn out in sufficient numbers to give a win to a checked pants country club Bloomberg Christian Zionist Republican is a win for us, in my opinion. We defeated Romney by not voting for him. We refused the dog food of a lukewarm white candidate.

    Now the Republicans supposedly will pander harder to Hispanics and blacks? Good, we’ll vote for them EVEN LESS! Let them compete with Dems for minority votes!

    Remember how they treated Jamie Kelso at CPAC? TO HELL WITH REPUBLICANS!

  6. OD covered the primary season. Let’s recap:

    Mitt Romney won the first two Republican primaries in (1) Iowa* and (2) New Hampshire. He lost (3) South Carolina to Gingrich. He won (4) Florida by winning Yankees in Central and South Florida. Then he went to (5) Nevada where his fellow Mormons voted for him.

    Santorum won the next primaries in (6) Colorado, (7) Minnesota, and the straw poll in (8) Missouri. Romney then won (9) Maine, (10) Arizona, (11) Michigan, (12) Wyoming, and (13) Michigan.

    “Super Tuesday” was March 6.

    Gingrich won Georgia. Nuke Santorum won Oklahoma, Tennessee, and North Dakota. Romney won Vermont, Massachusetts, Virginia (neither Gingrich or Santorum made the ballot), Ohio, Massachusetts, Alaska, and Idaho.

    By the middle of March, the race was down to Mitt Romney, Ron Paul, Nuke Santorum and Newt Gingrich. Romney won Illinois and Hawaii. He lost Kansas and Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana to Nuke Santorum (I voted for Romney in the Alabama primary to stop Gingrich) because White Southerners STILL had not warmed up to him.

    Nuke Santorum dropped out in early April. Mitt Romney won Maryland, Wisconsin, Connecticut, Delaware, New York, Pennsylvania, and Rhode Island. The GOP primary was over by that point.

    When Romney became the “inevitable” nominee, he had lost South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Tennessee, and Oklahoma. He won Florida because of Yankee support in South and Central Florida. He won Virginia because no one was on the ballot but Ron Paul.

    *Iowa was later called for Rick Santorum, but the majority of delegates went to Ron Paul.

  7. What states did Romney win in the Republican primary before he became the “inevitable” nominee?

    States that voted for Romney in the GOP primary that chose Obama in the general election: Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada, Florida, Virginia, Maine, Michigan, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Vermont, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Ohio, Delaware, Wisconsin, Maryland, New York, and Rhode Island.

    States that voted for Romney in the GOP primary and the general election: Alaska, Idaho, Nevada, Wyoming.

  8. Kievsky,

    How many election cycles do we have to go through before “worse is better” is discredited?





    Note: In 2008, New England voted as a solid phalanx for Barack Obama, and after four years of “worse is better,” the very same states voted as a solid phalanx for Barack Obama in 2012.

    In reality, “worse is better” translated into “just worse” or “about the same.”

  9. The consensus in the country was that Obama performed better than Bush, and that is why Romney didn’t get as many votes as McCain.

    Isn’t better to just say “vote your race no matter the performance of the party”?

    Blacks do it. Mexicans do it. Now whites are doing it, especially in the South. White analysts-activists must be REALISTIC. After the first debate where Obama took a dive, many abandoned realism and started pushing fanciful notions of a GOP wave election.

    The situation isn’t that “worse” isn’t better, it’s that two nations are conducting one election. You don’t fix that by conducting more elections.

    You fix it by Partition.

  10. Some white students got a little pissed, then a little rowdy, burned something, said “nigger” a few times, then went back home, likely to consume more alcohol and weed.

    Substitute “black students” for “white students” in that sentence and this is just a typical evening in BRA.

    I’d be more impressed if they grabbed some guns, seized the administration building and demanded a taxpayer-funded “White Studies” program be established at the university.

  11. “It’s a darn shame so many Southrons voted for that anti-white plutocrat who cried tears of joy when his church admitted blacks, and whose father wanted to force integration on whites.”

    Once you get to the point where white people in a region are consciously voting as a racial bloc it’s more important to show solidarity with the tribe. Also if you reach that point national GOP policy doesn’t matter as much as state policy.

  12. XYZ: That DM link about the “pregnant teenager” is instructive. It has everything. When I read what she’d done, I thought “Black, sounds like”. When I read the sentence, I thought “Yep, black”. When I saw that all the photographs had been removed, I was pretty much certain.

    Confirmed in the comments. Black.

    Now, imagine if a real Englishman had said to her during her chimpout, “Oh, I say, do behave yourself, black woman”. What would have been his sentence for “racially aggravated public order offence”?

  13. Obama announced a full year before he was reelected that he had won. He said, “Obamacare we will discuss it in 2013” Stupid nigger gave himself away on the corrupt system

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