“Worse Is Better”


“Worse is better.”

If you have spent much time hanging out in White Nationalist circles, it is accepted as a truism that “worse is better.” In reality, “worse is better” (four years of Barack Obama and Eric “My People” Holder) turned out to be “pretty much the same” as far as the Northeast is concerned:

Update: In 2000 and 2004, every Northeastern state (except New Hampshire) voted for Gore and Kerry. In 2008 and 2012, every Northeastern state (including New Hampshire) voted for Obama.

Has four election cycles of voting for Democrats over the course of 12 years produced any appreciable change in Northeastern political preferences? Yes, the Northeast has become almost monolithically Democratic, more liberal, and more accepting of anti-White rhetoric than it was when Bill Clinton was president.

The Northeast has become more willing to vote for non-Whites like Barack Obama, Deval Patrick, and David Patterson. It has become more willing to vote for Jews as U.S. senators, congressmen, governors, and state legislators.

“Worse” for everyone else in America (i.e, Justice Department lawsuits against Southern state immigration laws) has produced no appreciable change in anti-White sentiment in the Northeast which is suffering from an incurable case of negrophilia.

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  1. ““Worse” for everyone else in America (i.e, Justice Department lawsuits against Southern state immigration laws) produced no appreciable change in anti-White sentiment in the Northeast.”

    It has produced appreciable change in anti-black sentiment in the South though.

  2. Worse is better in the sense that the worse things get the more Southtron White men will turn our way

    and lets face it this is not worse. their is no foreign army full of yankees burning out farms and starving our children. Our people have seen worse. This isn’t shit on the “worse” scale

  3. The “worse is better” argument was trotted out in 2008 … here we are in 2012, Obama has just been reelected, and things got a lot worse as promised, but they don’t seem to have gotten any better.

  4. Are you kidding? There are more people reading our blogs, more radicals. Look at the Tea Party, look at the white mini-riot in Mississippi. I have commenters on my blog who were liberal Obama voters a mere 4 years ago! Now they are frothing radicals.

    Just because you don’t see results on TV, doesn’t mean there’s nothing happening. People keep stuff inside themselves until a tipping point, until a catalyst, then the exothermic reaction proceeds.

  5. I was looking at some mainstream conservative websites after the election and I saw a lot of awareness that the “browning of America” (as one of them put it) has pretty well doomed the Republicans. That’s progress. “Worse is better” will lead to the radicalization of conservatives before it leads liberals to switch sides. Hopefully this awareness will take hold, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they go to sleep again after the shock of this election wears off.

  6. An engineering prof at MIT has a wierd hobby. He does stats in annoying stuff. Like coming to a stop at stop signs v driving right through or rolling stops.

    He concluded after many years of this sort of trivia study that everything is getting steadily worse. The devil is in the details. Everything is simply getting worse.

  7. Here’s the 2000 election map: every Northeastern state but New Hampshire votes for Gore. Every Southern state votes for Bush.


    Here’s the 2004 election map: every Northeastern state period votes for Kerry. Every Southern state votes for Bush.


    Here’s the 2008 election map: every Northeastern state votes for Barack Obama. Virginia, North Carolina, and Florida now vote for Barack Obama.


    Here’s the 2012 election map: every Northeastern state votes for Barack Obama again. Virginia and Florida vote for Obama.


    So what do we see happening here? In four election cycles, the Northeast became more Democratic, more liberal. OTOH, the demographics in the South changed significantly and now carpetbagger coalitions of transplants, Hispanics, and blacks are competitive in three Southern states.

    “Worse is better” really means that the demographics in the South get worse while Northeastern Yankees don’t become any less liberal and continue voting in solidarity with blacks to make the entire country more liberal.

  8. coldequation,

    Actually, I am seeing a rush toward embracing amnesty for illegal aliens and pandering to illegal aliens everywhere. It looks like a virtual certainty now that “comprehensive immigration reform” will pass the next Congress.

  9. Illegal alien amnesty means unemployed White men will be forced into the streets, rioting for their jobs back, foreigners out, and the rise of a Golden Dawn type political party here.

  10. Every single House representative in Congress from New England voted for the DREAM Act in 2010. Why would they riot against the DREAM Act when they monolithically supported it?

  11. That fat twisted fvck Karl Rove was on Faox News, first thing, yesterday, declaiming that “The GOP must reach out to Hispanics”

    I just got an Email fomr a Tea Partier. The one that ‘s hipped to the Hebes. The local TP members are blathering about Third Parties. They are concocting all kinds of names. I told them stop jerking around – you are talking about a White Paty. You have to say “WHITE” .

    I got a scolding Email informing me that there ARE “good” Blacks, Hispanics, and LEGAL immigrants. And – get this- we can all work ot live in harmony”.

    I told him he needs a better drug dealer – among other things.

    Yup. Yankee Disease is corruption on a molecular level.

  12. To the update: how many pro-whites stick around BRA just to vote. Most leave as almost all of my family did post 9/11.

    Further, dose a gay nigger-lover stick around Pensacola? Or do the respond to the allure of Boston, New York or San Fran?

    The most surpring fact of this election was the low turnout (possibly. From libertarians, Ron Paul types and infowarriors having nowhere to go).

    A useful next step is to look at vote counts rather than percentages.

  13. According to one fairly reliable source Obama is “Zbig” Brzezinski’s man. The latter is not part of the neocon Zionist NWO. On the contrary, “Zbig’s” NWO faction is no friend of the Zio neocons.

    Bottom line: expect Israel to get dumped on big time in the up and coming ME war. It will probably spell doom for the that sh*tty little country.

    This is news which should make many posters here happy. The silver lining in the dark cloud, no pun intended.

  14. Expect Israel to get dumped on big time in the up and coming ME war. It will probably spell doom for the that sh*tty little country.

    All of Israel’s Jews flooding into Middle America in one frightening shock wave! OY VEY!

    Now that will be the ultimate test of the worse is better model.

  15. Gees 9 million fewer folks voted for the dnc this time vs only 2 million less for the gop and romney still couldn’t pull yankee land…

    Worse is better. Had a Southron White man asked me about secession today and allowed as I might be right to what the yankees have done to us all. Small but its a start

  16. Republitards should have dropped war mongering years ago, I agree 100 percent. At the national level they should have declared abortion, sodomy, and drugs a states rights issue–let the States decide.

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