Kevin MacDonald on Radio Free Mississippi


I caught the tail end of this.

My sympathies are naturally with Kevin MacDonald. We have the same approach to the Jewish Question which is essentially “hide nothing.” We also agree on a number of other issues like working within the system, the need to appeal to Christians and conservatives, closing the gap between the “fringe” and the “mainstream,” and the viability of secession in Texas and the South.

Jim Giles is right that the ideal leader would be a returning war veteran who served in Iraq or Afghanistan. Giles and MacDonald basically agree on the qualities of leadership. MacDonald correctly pointed out that Yankees have a deep desire to believe that their actions are principled and morally justified.

I agree with MacDonald on the 2016 election: the Republicans will nominate someone like Jeb Bush or Marco Rubio in a play for the Hispanic vote, and that candidate will be soundly beaten by his Democratic opponent, unless there is a black swan event like “the collapse” between now and the next election.

The real action will be at the state level where conservative governors and state legislatures will continue to clash with the federal government. This will create more polarization of the sort that we saw over Obamacare and Arizona. There will be many more “personal Rubicons” over the next four years as conservatives are radicalized and begin to loose faith in the political process.

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  1. I disagree on returning veteran candidates. As candidates I prefer those who are philosophically and spiritually activated, not militarily activated. We are too jingoistic in America today to properly handle military veterans as candidates — we are blinded by their service. This blinds the candidate as well, because no matter how philosophically and spiritually structured they may be, the military crutch is always there, and always ends up being a primary activator.

    I agree that absent a black swan, Repubs are going to go with Rubio or Bush. Bush might win, Rubio won’t. Otherwise the Republican party appears to be determined to destroy itself. Good riddance.

  2. Macdonald claims to oppose the Iraq war, Zionist lobby, etc. Now, in my view, both parties are guilty, but the bottom line is that a vote for the Democrats is often a vote against imperialism and a vote for the Republicans is often a vote for imperialism, however misguided.

    Yet he seems happy that Whites are voting Republican, because it polarizes them against non-Whites. In my opinion, Whites are in worse shape than non-Whites for voting Republican. Voting Democrat is bad. Voting Republican is worse.

    My point is that the non-whites are voting with good but misguided intentions, but many Whites are supportive of US Imperialism.

    But, I suppose the Jewish media is the sole cause of everything, even though the Jewish media is Democratic and Imperialist but most White Christians are Republican and Imperialist.

    The bottom line is that many Whites (I mean non-Jewish Whites) pick the wrong ideologies on their own.

  3. As far as “big funding” and the inability to get it, America is rich off of the back of non-white immigration, imperial wars and plenty of things that go against the interest of the average White American as well as the average non-White Americans. Macdonald sees that the rich act in a way which completely goes against the interest of the average America, but holds out hope that without Jewish meddling, the rich would cross class lines and harm their own power structure. The realization that this won’t happen is why Marxism is the right ideology.

  4. TheUS:

    Warm weather ports, abundant natural resources and a primarily European population. What could possibly go wrong?

    You elect a black and import Africans and Mexicans.

  5. On Linder. He doesn’t live far from me I guess. Lol. Anyway, he strikes me as a smart guy. But his politics went from an encoded conservatism (Evans and Novak) to a Nazi like retread. Not that I mind the language about the Jews, but he does strike me as man without a people who has tapped into a nastier strain of his German roots.

    He also thinks he’s smarter that everyone else. Very typically German. I’ll get off the ethnic trip for moment. I’m more concerned with Palmetto. He’s very good on YouTube clips but sucked on the radio. I’d avoid the radio format. Keep it will some honest visuals. Nothing fancy though. Simple lighting. Natural lighting if possible. Talk radio is based around not saying what you mean much of the time. Limbaugh is highly artificial. People like Palmetto know what they think and shouldn’t accept the Host/Guest format. Just say what you think. Don’t feel forced to say “bigger or new” to fit in with the host.

    The system is stacked against the white guy.
    The system is designed to dispossess the white guy.
    The white guy is a global minority today.
    The pressure of the world is on the back of white men between ages 12-40.

    That was my take away from the two youtubes he made. It’s effective.

  6. What went wrong was the abolition of slavery. Can you believe that we’re in a demographic foot race with r-selected half-savages as our taxes bankroll them? It shouldn’t matter how many of these critters are in our lands, I’m not saying they should be slaves but they sure as hell don’t deserve voting rights.

  7. Dr. McDonald doesn’t think we should talk about White Genocide to the unawakened White people because it is not “effective”, because it “puts people off”.

    Well, I think White people SHOULD feel uncomfortable about their own Genocide. That’s the whole point.

    And Dr. McDonald seems to hold to the belief that a Genocide absolutely must be violent in order to be called such. Well, that’s tantamount to saying that a homicide can’t be called that if it isn’t violent.

    Imagine that a killer killed a person by giving them a tiny dose of poison every day until the victim dies peacefully in bed. The killer goes to court and the jury says “you’re not guilty of homicide because there wasn’t any violence involved, so it isn’t a real homicide – you’re free to go”.

    See how ridiculous it is?

    White Genocide is REAL and it’s happening. It doesn’t NEED to be violent. Actually, international law states it very clearly: massive killings are just ONE out of FIVE methods of Genocide. The other four are NON-VIOLENT.

    White Genocide is real because 1) it is DELIBERATE and 2) it is SYSTEMATIC.

    Flooding each & every White country with non-Whites and force-assimilating them in order to blend White people out of existence is GENOCIDE.

    Feel uncomfortable? You sure as hell should.

  8. “I believe the Repubs haven’t hit rock bottom yet. I predict they lose the house in 2014.”

    I predict a lot of state Republican parties will do the exact opposite of what the national level GOP wants to do.

  9. Putting the emphasis on the blacks is a serious mistake. If the goal is secession, Jews and white liberals are the adversaries that matter.

    People who don’t see Jewish influence as a serious problem for white civilization are enemies or dupes.

  10. ” This blinds the candidate as well, because no matter how philosophically and spiritually structured they may be, the military crutch is always there, and always ends up being a primary activator. ”

    Haha what? You have no idea what you are talking about. A spiritually sound man with war-fighting experience has a more clear-eyed view of the world than almost anyone else. Of course there are vets that are head cases, but in my experience they would be anyway, and most were nuts before they went in. Military experience can be profoundly beneficial for a man who is “structurally sound” as you put it.

  11. “I predict a lot of state Republican parties will do the exact opposite of what the national level GOP wants to do.”

    Yep, the ironic thing is the GOP has never been more powerful at a state and local level, and this precisely because the state and local GOP is separated by wide canyon from the sell-out beltway types.

  12. There are 1,575 Jews and 1,110,984 blacks in Mississippi. 89% of Whites in Mississippi voted against Obama in 2008 and 2012.

    Jewish Population, American South

    Alabama – 8,850
    Arkansas – 1,725
    Florida – 638,635
    Georgia -127,670
    Mississippi -1,575
    Louisiana – 10,675
    Kentucky – 11,300
    North Carolina – 30,675
    Tennessee – 19,600
    Missouri – 59,175
    Virginia – 97,290
    West Virginia – 2,335
    South Carolina – 12,545
    Oklahoma – 4,700
    Texas – 139,565

    Black Population, American South

    Alabama – 1,272,726
    Arkansas – 458,341
    Florida – 3,144,494
    Georgia – 3,042,715
    Mississippi – 1,110,984
    Louisiana – 1,482,246
    Kentucky – 349,548
    North Carolina – 2,124,408
    Tennessee – 1,802,166
    Missouri – 703,250
    Virginia – 1,603,127
    West Virginia – 64,937
    South Carolina – 1,314,863
    Oklahoma – 291,946
    Texas – 3,132,311

  13. “People who don’t see Jewish influence as a serious problem for white civilization are enemies or dupes.”

    If you only mention Jews when they’re attacking white people then 1) you can still talk about them all the time if you want because they’re always attacking white people somewhere and 2) you only ever talk about them in the context of self-defence and self-defence is “fair.”

  14. By the way, I don’t mean a candidate who happens to also be a veteran. I mean a candidate whose primary sense of being and outlook comes from being a veteran. And that’s what is meant by a “veteran candidate.” I’m not saying military service isn’t good for a man. I’m just saying a primarily military candidate is not someone I believe will have the chops to get us out of this mess. They are not generally accustomed to rocking the political boat, or shitting where they eat. And to fix this, there’s going to be a whole lot of that.

  15. being a war vet carries a lot of weight in the South, especially in the small an mid-sized towns most Southron White men live in. and it’s the small town man we do best with. our cities are full of those people and scallywags.

  16. the need to appeal to Christians and conservatives.

    This is constantly brought up. MacDonald’s own A3P has been a dismal failure so far and they have been appealing their asses off to no avail. How do you “appeal” to conservatives?

    As far as I can see, Hunter’s strategy is waiting for the Republican party to lose all power at the federal level forcing the issue. I agree with this by the way but it has nothing to do with “appealing” to them. The Republican party will only lose its appeal when it no longer has power.

    Your forcing conservatives to take a position that you cannot make them do by cutting your hair right or not saying offensive things. Once Southern conservatives lose all power at the federal level, that is when things begin to change, not because we all put a suit on and said all the right things they want to hear.

  17. 1.) We can appeal to conservatives by explaining to them that conservatism is doomed within the Union. They will eventually come to the same conclusion. It is already happening in the Deep South.

    2.) More and more of these people are following OD on Twitter everyday.

    3.) Sure it does. We want to make Southern Nationalism attractive to White Southern Christians. We want to put ourselves out there as the alternative to electing Republicans and competing with Democrats for national power.

    4.) We should cut our hair right, dress nicely, and show some restraint in our rhetoric anyway. We want to come across as ordinary people, not as fringe weirdos.

  18. The question is: how do you radicalize conservatives without saying radical things? Conservatives are paralyzed by their conservative instincts. For this reason, they will always be at an insurmountable disadvantage in struggles for power. Most of them understand they’re being screwed, but their instincts keep them tethered to the mainstream.

    I found this on Counter Currents this morning. It turns out a person in the 1890s predicted women’s suffrage would pass based solely on the fact that opposition consisted of conservatives. This person’s view from over 100 years ago sums up conservatives:

    This is a party which never conserves anything. Its history has been that it demurs to each aggression of the progressive party, and aims to save its credit by a respectable amount of growling, but always acquiesces at last in the innovation. What was the resisted novelty of yesterday is today one of the accepted principles of conservatism; it is now conservative only in affecting to resist the next innovation, which will tomorrow be forced upon its timidity and will be succeeded by some third revolution; to be denounced and then adopted in its turn. American conservatism is merely the shadow that follows Radicalism as it moves forward towards perdition. It remains behind it, but never retards it, and always advances near its leader.

  19. I saw that post.

    You forgot to mention that Dabney was describing Yankees. Of course they are incapable of conserving anything. We have only harped on that theme for well over a year now.

    Women’s suffrage was also defeated in the South. It too became the law of the land because of the existence of the Union.

  20. Conservatives opposed abolition, women’s suffrage, feminism, the Brown decision, the Civil Rights Movement, Roe v. Wade, the IRCA amnesty, the Immigration Act of 1965, and both terms of Obama. They actually voted against all of those things.

    As I have explained, the fundamental problem is the existence of the Union. Southern conservatives are a permanent minority in the Union. It is their fellow “White people” in the North that voted for all of the above.

    There are more of those “White people,” especially in the Northeast, who are willing to align themselves with blacks, Hispanics, and Jews. That’s why we continue to slide to ever greater depths of depravity.

    Just last month, we saw it happen again. It has only been going on for the last 180 years.

  21. This was a little better than the last Giles podcast. He still struggles a bit with bad/weird questions that are just uncomfortable and not interesting. We don’t fucking need 20 Linder questions, jesus. He needs to learn how to move on from a bad topic.

  22. MacDonald made a great point on moral credibility(before Giles derailed him).

    Whites only support political movements that maintain moral credibility. Southern secessionists defended the south and slavery by appealing southerners moral sensibility. Appeal to the white mans sense of right and wrong and low and behold you might win him over.

  23. “MacDonald’s own A3P has been a dismal failure so far and they have been appealing their asses off to no avail. How do you “appeal” to conservatives?”

    In good times it is very hard and slow. You need to hit them with cognitive dissonance by pointing out anti-white double standards a la the mantra and keep doing it till they open their eyes and see the dominant culture for the anti-white poison it is.

    However in bad times it is much easier because the economic and political situation do the radicalizing for you. All you need to do then is present them with a possible way out of the situation.

    “The question is: how do you radicalize conservatives without saying radical things?”

    Conservatives are being radicalized by economic distress and the demographic realization. Also secession is pretty radical.

  24. Linder is an antisemitic and anti-Christian freak. I don’t care though, I think he’s a great guy. Praying for his health and salvation. Get well soon.

    Bring Back Apartheid / Merry Christmas

  25. “4.) We should cut our hair right, dress nicely, and show some restraint in our rhetoric anyway. We want to come across as ordinary people, not as fringe weirdos.”

    And have kids and families people, for cripe’s sakes. Nothing says normal better than a healthy and happy family.

  26. Sure you learn how to take orders, taking orders is part of life. Can’t give orders unless you learn to follow them first. Also, military leaders historically have seemed more pragmatic and less susceptible to starry-eye idealistic foolishness. Compare Washington and Jackson to Lincoln and LBJ.

    But you do have a point, the military brass of today are poodles. I’m thinking lower officers or higher enlisted, guys who haven’t been politicized.

  27. Jimbo & KMac search like two tards for a Hero on a White Horse

    First of all, Harold Covington sent me an e-mail Sunday night saying that Jim Giles sent him an e-mail earlier that day to debate “Hunter Wallace/Brad Griffin” on Monday morning over something or another. Covington politely declined.

    So it seems that Giles went down his list of previous interviewees in order to find someone much less belligerent than the gut-sick guido kiken-weasel with Crohns/jew ass-GAIDS, i.e. Rabbi Lender/Linder of the Greater Free Range Tard Corral & Colostomy Bag, i.e. VNNF/TGMNNF/GFRTC&CBNNF. After the events of jew-lie Third, 2010 Jimbo must of deleted my particular Skype address of Pastor.Lindstedt.

    This morning I was looking at the NimBuster tards on my Kindle in bed so I lugged a laptop into my bed — the morning was cold and I didn’t light the stove for this season until this afternoon — and listened to the last 60 minutes. I downloaded the program and listened to it again.

    Jimbo was overtly trying to get MacDonald to crap all over Linder. MacDonald (KMac) said that Linder was smart, but like a previous interview in 2009, said that Linder wasn’t going to be a leader and this wasn’t Linder’s intent. KMac initially said that he was against violence, then back-tracked to say that violence has been effective in making for regime change, but is not appropriate at this time. KMac admitted to having lunch with Linder years ago, but when the matter came up to Linder screaming about killing all the jews, KMac showed evident distaste. Contrary to Linder’s yapping about how Linder made KMac, KMac wants little or nothing to do with Linder. This distaste for Linder was evident in a 2009 interview as well.

    Then there was talk about leadership and politics. Both Giles and KMac know little about political effort at the grass roots. Neither of them understand how to set up grassroots political organizations at the precinct and county levels like the Republicans and Democrats do in areas where they are strong, nor how to take over a minor third party with ballot access like the Constitution Party which are looking, not for wild-eyed and half-bearded religious fanatics, but rather the well-groomed well-spoken young white men in suits who could indeed take over any such third party, indeed run for local and state and lesser federal office with the blessings of the old senile whigger feebs who are themselves looking for such candidates.

    Rather, in this bowel Movement there is every Big Tard wanting to set on the board of directors of their own political party and with nary a single sub-chieftain in the hustings able to quietly foist off onto the state central committee level their choice of chairman or vice-chair or Secretary or, most importantly, Treasurer. In this bowel Movement of ours I’ve almost never seen any political savvy in the art of political factional infighting and horse-swapping or logrolling. Jim Giles has always run as an outsider against his local insiders and it shows. KMac is an academic and seems not to know anything about political organizing, even theoretical.

    Giles is lazy in doing his interview homework. Linder’s bleeding bunghole was brought up as “ulcerative colitis,” which condition that Lender/Linder itzself figured out six months ago needed to be claimed as it didn’t look good to say that it had Crohns — jew ass-GAIDS — an immunological condition determined by having jew genetics, like Tay Sachs. Rather, after nearly five years of admitting that the pore kikeling had Crohns, it chose six months ago to tell itz colostomy-bag likkin’ meercats on itz own VNNF Tard Corral that it had “Ulcerative Colitis” — Aryan ass-GAIDS. Them VNNF meercats that don’t want to get banned know better than to say different to their kikenfuerher. Giles is tard enough not to know the difference.

    Also looked insofar as finding a Great Fearless Leader on a White Horse was the military. This goes to show that neither Giles nor KMac ever served a single day in the military. I did. In a nuclear-armed Lance missle battery as Fire Direction and Control (FDC) junior enlisted. Since in the event of the Russians breaking through the Fulda Gap then WWIII going nuke-hot meant that the battlefield nukes would be the first shots fired, I got to see a lot more full-bird colonels, to Brigadier, Major and Lt. General Corps Commanders (0-6 to O-9s) than most grunt officers. Once an officer gets above light colonel whether or not he makes general officer is a function of how much dick he can suck, nothing more. Looking for political leadership from the military, especially officers, is a waste of time that only those who have never been in the military a day of their lives make. In fact, the Supreme Warlords of every Military Empire have come from the corporals of out-lying provinces of the Empire, be it Corsica or Austria.

    KMac recommended Jared “He-who-loves-kikes-so-much-he-went-out-and-married-one” Taylor as a Fearless Leader. And then even Brad Griffin of Occidental Dissent. KMac even recommended Dr. Greg Johnson, but Giles said that Johnson wouldn’t go on his program. Wonder why. Think that attacking Greg Johnson for alleged homosexuality every time that the gut-sick guido kiken-weasel with jew ass-GAIDS is caught snitching or testilying against some other bowel-Movement fearless leader or simple fuktard has something to do with it? The Duck of Deaf was mentioned by KMac, but Jimbo don’t like Da Duck much either.

    KMac did bring up secession again. And how there are now “many voices” in the Movement doing podcasts and forums. Giles tried to commit KMac to another series of programs now that the ‘debates’ between Hunter Wallace and Rabbi Lender have broken down, in large part because Jimbo has gotten over his man-crush on Lender.

    Jimbo then tried to call “Da Potok” — which is Klingon for “lying jew weasel” — ever hear on them Star Trek episodes wherein these Klingons call each other a “Potok”? — and KMac didn’t think it would work any more than I did when I was five and my grandpa Fred Lindstedt told me how to catch a gopher by “putting salt on its tail.” When me and my four year old brother did catch a gopher, the gopher bit my brother and he turned it loose. Gophers are a lot like jews — they bite when caught and handled roughly. Da Potak had a whiggress or esther-kikess secretary screening Da Potak from being caught in an unscripted moment. The coslopagus didn’t let Jimbo have a chance at Da Potak. (This nasty-mouthed kikess named Chelsea Handler wrote that kikesses call theyz’ pussy a “coslopagus” when she was talking about how she learned to masturbate at the age of eight.) Which stands to reason. Any jewboy or jewgrrrrrl that lets any goyim get within skinning range oft didn’t live to pass on itz Spawn of Satan genes. And Da Potak is nothing less than a smarter kike.

    So KMac got tired and begged off. Probably had something else to do other than tend to tards. And so thus the show ended.

    Hail Victory!!!

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri

  28. Dr. William Pierce used to say that the White racial movement was plagued with unserious people that he called “hobbyists.” People who talk about fighting the enemy in the streets, he said, are not really trying to accomplish anything constructive; they just get a BUZZ out of talking about fighting the enemy in the streets.

    People who talk very much about violence generally are indulging in fantasy more than realistic planning, because the possibilities for effective action that exist in the present and in the foreseeable future generally have nothing to do with violence.

    Linder has what amounts to a little cult of yes-men on his forum.

    I think part of Linder’s motivation for provocative posturing is that he lacks ideological depth. He is not a national-socialist. I don’t think he has any deep ideological criticism of the United States or how we got where we are. He is basically a Reaganite who is willing to talk about race and the Jews. That describes a lot of people. The only way that Linder really distinguishes himself is by talking about violence.

    In other words, he’s not an ideological radical but an angry conservative, like Hal Turner (which is not to imply that Linder works for the FBI). However, my recent regular review of posters at VNN confirms my view that many of his posters are informants and agent provocateurs. And given this reality Linder is a de facto informant and agent provocateur.

    At this point, I think Linder is simply a sick man physically, unfit. Licking his wounds and oozing his puss on all those who come in contact with him. His voice betrays his limitations. He is clearly no leader nor a gentleman. He has bested some weak sisters but that’s all. Lined up against a genuine leader who has a command presence, he looks puny as do most anonymous folk currently opining on the Internet.

    He should retire and shut up and heal up. And appreciate what good people his parents were to watch Lawrence Welk as they did. He even laughed at his own parents. Alex, if you can, apologize instantly, humbly and sincerely. And mean it.

  29. A telling moment in the interview with Linder is when he said something about wanting to tell a little old lady in Wal-Mart “you’re an idiot” for saying “God bless you” to him.

    Linder is a classic example of a WN who has lost his ability to communicate with non-WNs. Someone who is unable to communicate with his own friends, family, and neighbors is already dead politically.

    Rants about exterminating the Jews is nothing more than impotent fantasist talk.

  30. Unless I misunderstood what happened, Mr. Giles telephoned the Southern Poverty Law Center, right in the middle of the podcast, and tried to get Mark Potok on the line, to speak with Kevin MacDonald. Evidently, Dr. MacDonald had had no idea Mr. Giles was going to do that.

    This was extremely foolish. Because Mr. Giles did the same thing, a week or two ago, when Hunter Wallace and Alex Linder were on the show, it is starting to seem like harassment of the Southern Poverty Law Center, which, I’m sure, has lawyers capable of dealing with it. Dr. MacDonald is a rarity: a white advocate with tenure at a notable American university. Anti-whites have been looking for a basis to get him ejected from his position; now they have one. When Dr. MacDonald is asked why he participated, however passively, in Mr. Giles’s harassment of an institution that has the establishment’s respect, what answer will he give? I see one possibility: “I did it because, yes, I myself am a fool, unworthy of a position on the faculty on an American college. I resign.”

    Mr. Giles should decide whether he wants to be an interviewer or the host of a so-called “morning zoo.”

  31. John B, good take. What a stupid stunt. And more than once, go figure. Even worse than the half hour or more wasted on Linder. Good, if predictable, stuff from KM though. He did at least get in his disclaimer by expressing his willingness to talk to Potok if it was mutually agreeable.

    Apparently Giles thinks his rants and stunts equate to thinking outside of the box. They don’t. They’re just rants and stunts and are embarrassing. So much for a continued relationship with KM, as was clear by the exit.

  32. A lot of defamatory lying on this thread. Brad Griffin says he will stop such, but in fact he encourages it. He doesn’t have the guts to tell overt lies himself, but he’s more than willing to allow them from his “good friends.” Eh, it’s all a fun game, right?

    So be it. I make my final separation from Griffin and the lying hothead Giles. I gave you second chances; you failed them. That’s usually how it is. I will be doing my own podcasts which you can find at VNNForum, where we actually uphold standards and don’t allow character assassins to run free.

    The rest of you posting here – realize you are dealing with an extremely weak, shifting and effeminate character in Brad Griffin. As I said before I gave him a second chance, his ending as an employee of the SPLC would be in keeping with his history. I hope it doesn’t happen, but I wouldn’t bet against it. After all, it’s only a matter of time until some Southern Nationalist is mean to him.

  33. Alex can’t come over here and complain about character assassination when he calls Martin a child molester and allows literally thousands of posts on his forum that are character assassination.

  34. Hunter Wallace says:
    ‘I haven’t met anyone in the Southern Nationalist movement who fantasizes about murdering children.’

    I don’t know if you’ve met SN Stonelifter, but what do you make of his fantasies?

    Stonelifter: ‘if the Fed’ s invade we must not engage their troops directly. instead whatever passes as our regular troops have to fight delaying actions, our freedom fighters have to do their thing against the fobbits … and the rest of us need to go north and attack the damnyankees in their homes, school, churches and work’

    He is targeting homes, SCHOOLS, work and CHURCHES.

    Can you imagine all those lovely little children singing “Jesus loves me this I know cuz the bible tells me so. Yes Jesus loves me.”

    Brad, I think to be conistent you and Giles should ask Stonelifter if he could place a gun at the head of a precious little White yankee girl and PULL the trigger.

    With all this talk of sociopaths and all.

    Just sayin’.

  35. As far as I know, Stonelifter hasn’t said anything to the effect here that “all Yankees should be exterminated,” but feel free to ask him the question and elicit his response.

  36. SN is a very different crowd.

    You notice immediately that there are more married men, more families, more religious people than WN. There are less anonymous people, more people using their real names. There is also a greater presence in the real world than on the internet.

  37. it’s a sound tactical position to draw enemy combat power away from the battle field. on I learned from what the damnyankee did to our people

    I’ d prefer the yankee let us leave and live in peace but I know those people well enough to know they will do no such thing. I also know from the historical record their is no low behavior to low for yankees when it comes to dealing with Southron Whites

    your pissed sam at me suggesting we do to yankees what the yankees did to us. but you’ve not once recognized its what your people did to us an how well it worked. your up set I suggested we pay your people back in kind but not what your vile people did to Southron Whites

    That me Southron brothers is the nature of those people. No help will come from them.

  38. Pore Rabbi Lender/Linder: The jewboy is gonna ban them Whigger Nationalists from itz tard corral

    And on the eighth anniversary of the Christmas coup of 2004 no less!!!

    You were never anything more than a diseased jewboy cast aside by the bigger Neo-khans when you proved defective and then rescued by William Pierce in order to use the Order ZOGbux to form a different ZOG false front.

    The 666 ZOG-bux Bionic Guido-kikenweasel jew Ass-Clown


    Alex Linder, Guido-Weasel:
    An Ass-clown just barely sleezing!
    Whiggaz, We can rebuild it.
    We have the Order ZOGbux . . .
    We have the Capability to make
    The Whirrrrrlds First Bionick Ass-Clown!
    Alex Linder will BE that Bionick Ass-Clown!!!
    Sleezier than it was before. . .
    Anile, Vulgar, ASS-Clown!!!!


    We both know that you can’t sue me for libel and defamation when you and your mamzer and kike fuktards keep on knowingly lying that I am a child molester. And, given that calling you exactly what you are — a sick jewboy with a rotting bleeding kike ass-hole ravaged by a jew genetic disease, is not only the truth, but not in any way actionable in anything other than perhaps one of your talmudic korts.

    Let’s see. You are pretty much a pariah kike on all of the Establishment WN forums. You can only exist in places where there is free speech for Whites — something you promised and denied eight years ago on your tard corral.

    I’m gloating, jewboy. You are not the first kike that I’ve tangled with and yes, I have numerous sock-puppets and spies over on your tard corral. Now let’s play Cossack and jewboys as you hole up in jewr ghetto.

    And if you feel another burning sensation when jewr Crohns/jew ass-GAIDS is supposed to be in remission, well, it might be me practicing some jew-jew with a gut-sick guido kiken-weasel doll and a red hot pin heated in a candle being shoved up the red wax buttplug.

    Have fun sick jewboy.

    Hail Victory!!!

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri

  39. Your friend Martin Linstedt posts about running children through a wood chipper. Why have you payed less attention to that?

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