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  1. Tonio Rosato the “Irishman,” and Nunez from Chile with the Russian accent, etc.

    In real ethno-nationalism, speakers would account for their (own) ethnic position, rather than pose hypothetical ideological arguments, right? Rather than being multi-nationals, with whatever their real agenda.

    One of the appeals, with ethno-nationalism like Southern nationalism, is listening to people s/a HW, Palmetto P., Michael Hill, etc— people who seem to have retained a Genuine connection to perceiving in line with their own real historical Reality, the line of their ancestors.

    Tony may say the “Irish have not lost their identity.”

    But Tony Rosato, here posing as their spokesperson, is “Rosato,” who “lived in Russia for years.” In no way, does he seem a genuine ethno-nationalist, imo.

    Who he really works for or why— is the interesting question. (Ethno-nationalism is a Reality. All people have an ethnic identity. So, what is his—Italian? Spanish? Russian? Irish, etc.—- he is positioned from many places. What is the real loyalty, then? That seems the real question in ethno-nationalism (the question that must be put to every speaker)

  2. What we are seeing with all this separation/secession talk is a carrying out in the visible world of the spiritual principle spoken of in the bible as the “breaking of the nations like a potters vessel”.

    That which is ordained to be cannot be thwarted by the machinations and manipulations of men.

  3. I couldn’t care less about continental Europe one way or the other. They certainly don’t give a damn about American Whites. They actually despise us and adore our low-IQ third-world Chimperator.

    Now of course the German supports micro-nationalism, it just creates more vassal states. It’s true that Catalonia for instance would save some money but they’ll end up paying into the pot to bail out all the losers in the EU anyway. I guess it’s good for these people to have some local rule along national lines though. Without nationalism senates and parliaments are gridlocked due to ethnic squabbling, even in Europe. Throw Negro filth into the equation and all bets are off. Anti-nationalism leads directly to oppressive empires like BRA.

  4. Of course RT is friendly to succession movements. Smaller polities benefit Russia and as anyone at the place will tell you, they are overtly pro Russia.

    Plus having the US follow the USSR would give a lot of former Soviet types some mix of ironic glee and schadenfreude

  5. Tamer

    Europe is the heartland of our race America is the backwater, both North and South are the boondocks of Western Civilization. The White race started going downhill when these hillbillies took control of Europe, if Europe gets to be independent again that might be the turnaround the entire White race needs to survive. The rise of America coincided with the fall of the White race. The term Hillbilly is not a slur against Southerners all Americans are hillbillies Harvard professors just hide it better.

  6. PrussianCroat

    White racial identity emanated from the rise of America. Antebellum was the zenith of white supremacy throughout the world. The unfortunate outcome of the Civil War began the decline that would lead to the next military catastrophe for Whites: the Russo-Japanese War. Theodore Roosevelt’s meddling paved the way for Japan to interrupt white expansion into Asia; tantalizing American Negroes with childish dreams of yellow allies in their perpetual “struggle”.

    Basically we should learn from this


    When it comes to the idolatry of BRA such as Roosevelt and Lincoln on Mt.Rushmore.

  7. @prussianetc.

    Yeah, that hillbilly George sorta put a whupass on your ancestors who were working for the Brits back in the day. Prusskies with their sword scarred faces have always had a bad case of “We’re god’s gift to mankind” syndrome.

    Put it where the sun don’t shine…

  8. Brandon.

    The most German thing that PrussianCroat did today was eat a hamburger mit fries.

    Don’t let these kind of people rattle you. We’re inheritors of a living legacy connected to the ground on which we stand. Others are cryptkeepers to horrible ideologies that didn’t even take root in the strange foreign soil they sprang from.

    I happen to recall prussiancroat is a fellow-traveler of the absolute worst sort.

  9. Well just to let you know I still love this country I was born here after all but America was not ready to rule the world we have royally screwed things up. Europe is the mother civilization and they need to be the number one superpower, if America would have allowed Europe to unite and dominate the West we would not have declined as we have. You confederates know this yourself you just blame Yankees instead of America itself, America should have remained a big fat happy republic and not ruled the world, when America breaks up in several parts ,Europe will have a chance to regain their place in the world without the US Air Force bombing the hell out of them.

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