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I know it sounds ridiculous that a mainstream neocon like Sean Hannity would flirt with secession on his radio show, but it is important to keep in mind that lots of conservatives only care about their money, and at some point over the horizon tax rates will bring the Hannitys of world into the field.

Note: I imagine there are quite a few “millionaires and billionaires” out there who have at least contemplated secession since the expiration of the Bush tax cuts. Who else is going to pay for this African-American woman’s 15 kids?

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  1. What other conclusion can folks draw with the threat of fiscal collapse, Obama Care, Amnesty, and gun grabbing?

    I think most folks accept that the foundations of our society are “unsound” to say the least, and that is why they prefer “kick the can down the road” policies, such as we get with every fiscal “showdown”. Most people suspect that there may not be an actual “fix” to this mess.

    But when they can no longer be buffered from the pain by the Marxists in D.C. they will abandon ship to those that offer a plausible fix. Ergo, we ought to continue to build and when the inevitable downturn comes, and the tail is firmly pinned on the Donkey, then the GOP and white folks generally can hut the Government and economy down until the Anti-Whites agree to a Partition Treaty between the Union and The People of “Greater Texas” (for lack of a better word).

    It will take 2/3rds of the Senate to ratify such a treaty, and the very act of legislating will grow the embryo of the new government to the point that it could secede unilaterally, as the Constitution did with the Articles.

    Alternatively, if 3/4ths of the people in a geographically defined area can “Say Yes!” to secession, it would be another avenue of approach.

  2. “If you support the American empire at home and abroad, then pay your taxes and shut up about it. Someone has to pay for all of it.”

    This is good to use on the “Tea Party” types who whine about taxes and yet act holier than thou about race.

  3. Neither party can remain anti-western for so long the conservatives will have to come to terms and say yes to the racialist republican party.

  4. Rather than appeal to international law we should focus on our core principles and become if necessary a multigenerational movement like the Carlistas in Spain. Secede mentally, look inward and upward – not at the flatscreen squawkbox. Let the “respectable conservatives” like Hannity that get spreads in Cigar Aficionado slide over and take our spot on the rightside goalpost during the culture-destroyers foul-kick.

    We’ll be chewing on oranges on the sideline ready to rush for the brawl.

    By the way, Catalonia isn’t a good example, they banned bullfighting last year and just want their own booster-seat at the EU table.

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  6. There’s nothing to be proud of anymore. There’s nothing to fight for anymore. That’s when you just give up and get away and start anew — like many times in history. But I don’t think Americans have the guts. I don’t think Americans look up from the tv often enough to even get to this point.

  7. JP,

    In Bramerica I recommend that we accept a role outside daytoday national squawk politics. We are better off as gadflies with guns acting local as BRA burns out. Our kind is strong on the internet, tv is just to stream films to anyway. Cable news is flypaper for the Fareed Zakaria worshipping white liberal and coloreds too, not just a few good but lazy whites. Parking butt in front of tv is gross, watch it on a treadmill while reading OD if you must.

  8. Secession from this

    NYT “paper of record”

    If the gay-rights movement today seems to revolve around same-sex marriage, this generation is seeking something more radical: an upending of gender roles beyond the binary of male/female. The core question isn’t whom they love, but who they are — that is, identity as distinct from sexual orientation.

    But what to call this movement? Whereas “gay and lesbian” was once used to lump together various sexual minorities — and more recently “L.G.B.T.” to include bisexual and transgender — the new vanguard wants a broader, more inclusive abbreviation. “Youth today do not define themselves on the spectrum of L.G.B.T.,” said Shane Windmeyer, a founder of Campus Pride, a national student advocacy group based in Charlotte, N.C.

    Part of the solution has been to add more letters, and in recent years the post-post-post-gay-rights banner has gotten significantly longer, some might say unwieldy. The emerging rubric is “L.G.B.T.Q.I.A.,” which stands for different things, depending on whom you ask.

  9. These reprobate ConInc radio and TV presenters are moving in on radical territory.

    It’s both annoying and sinister…and complimentary.

  10. They understand the need for a vanguard leading a constant, relentless attack on their enemies. They have internalized the Marxist principle of constant attack. Doddering, conservative simpletons who don’t understand anything but playing defense are push overs.

  11. @Tamer: I agree. We should be focused on creating our own safe white communities. Our white countries are becoming more and more violent because of the browns they’ve pumped into them. We need to band together, if that’s at all possible for whites to do anymore, for safety. And that will make us ready for the collapse as well.

    We need to be in Amish mode.

    No more brother wars. Whites, stop fighting for the military of these anti-white leaders. No more killing other white gentiles. We need militias to protect whites. The same political events are happening to whites all over the globe simultaneously. That’s how you know it’s an agenda against whites. Come together.

  12. Incorporate those militias as security firms. If the second amendment is smashed this is how it would work anyway.

  13. “Somebody gotta pay”. Damn right whitey, damn right. Whether it’s with our money or our lives that’s what BRA is all about.

    Anti-Whites always put the burden of guilt and responsibility on us for the irresponsible behavior of fecund negresses, like the one depicted here, and their sociopath baby daddy’s. It’s a meme wearing thinner and thinner, soon to be ignored whenever “racist” is hollered in order to activate it.

  14. Didnt Gerard Depardieu migrate to Russia as a Tax protest?

    I know that the French are fleeing to London in massive numbers. Despite England being a crone with bad teeth and the clap as Chris313 so possibly pointed a few posts ago. American millionaires have a handful of carribean territories that they reside in to protect their lucre.

  15. @John: “Incorporate those militias as security firms. If the second amendment is smashed this is how it would work anyway.”
    It’s an interesting concept but once the 2nd Amendment is smashed mopping-up laws against such security firms, or any other creative response to tyranny, will be easy. It seems if our small arms are deemed illegal such a clear-cut violation of the Bill of Rights will be the signal for rebellion.

  16. They have internalized the Marxist principle of constant attack. Doddering, conservative simpletons who don’t understand anything but playing defense are push overs.

    A western society’s discourse shouldn’t be lowered by addressing Marxist demands. They’re not negotiated with unless they have prisoners. The precedent is that Marxists are jailed, then disappear. Countries that fail to bury enough Marxists end up ruled by Marxists or by those willing to kill Marxists.

  17. And at least Sean Hannity is a Christian and doesn’t live in a treehouse in Missouri. Which means he’s worth more than Alex Linder.

    Whites can’t “save anything for the swim back” if we’re going to realize a pro-white state. If some here insist that they are ready to die without God then kindly keep that to yourselves please because you believing in white people is great but white people believe in God.

  18. “I know it sounds ridiculous that a mainstream neocon like Sean Hannity would flirt with secession on his radio show, but it is important to keep in mind that lots of conservatives only care about their money, and at some point over the horizon tax rates will bring the Hannitys of world into the field.”

    Also more short-term than that. If the base starts to move they have to move with it or their ratings would go down.

  19. Hannity should know it’s TOO LATE for him to redeem himself. “Our founders” this, and “our founders” that—- he wouldn’t know the Descendent of a Founder when they bit him in the butt. He wouldn’t give the real Children of the Founders (ethnically and in fact)— the time of day. They are being subtly displaced (by people s/a him who have no connection to them) just as the southerners were.

    Hannity’s catholicism makes him “see” the founders as if they are a DOCTRINE. An IDEOLOGY, which is why he can “claim” them as if they are HIS.

    IN REALITY, the Founders were a KIND OF PEOPLE, trying to set up a deal “for ourselves AND OUR POSTERITY.” They wanted a LIFE for them and their descendents.

    Hannity has done THE OPPOSITE OF THE CONSTITUTION and wiped out the living code for the real descendents of their founders who tried to set up a life FOR THEM.

    He would not give the Founders (the real ones) the time of day.

    He just wants to turn what they did into a DOCTRINE, an IDEOLOGY, so he can claim they are HIS (b/c he SAYS he shares their “spirit” lol).

    Hannity’s claim is that he projects HIS OWN IDEAS onto the “Founders,” then says they are “HIS” founders.

    Meantime, the real children of the real founders were hung out to dry.

    So, he will never be anything by, about, or for them— not really.

  20. The real founders were about A PEOPLE.

    Hannity has lied about the constitution in order to pretend it’s “His” by saying it’s a code book, a type of doctrine, an ideology. He’s not about being A PEOPLE. He’s about having a DOCTRINE to define “a people.” But the u.s. was not another catholic doctrine-dogma deal. IT was about the predominant ethnic group who sailed there, and fought other ethnic groups for a place to live. (wasps)

  21. Hannity is just another paycheck conservative of which, there is an unlimited number.

    If he feels social pressure to say anti-White and demand secession, then he will do so to keep the paychecks rolling in.

    Traitors like Hannity will always be with us and we can make them behave how we want them to behave, using Activism.

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