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  1. The UK is overrun with niggers and sand-monkeys. The presence of a monarchy did nothing to prevent that. Japan is, and always has been, America’s prison bitch.

    “The highest expression of democracy is a one-party state with compulsory voting.”

    – Nonsense. The highest expression of democracy is the noblest, wildest dreams of it’s citizens made manifest by their own free will.

  2. No.

    The black population in the UK is about 2%. The Pakistani/Arab population is somewhere under 10%.

    Besides, Andrew Cuomo just banned various weapons in NY State.
    The presence of Dagoes in NY doesn’t help much either.

  3. A mall correction Chris313,

    The total Muslim population in the UK is 4.6%.
    That is by no means overrun.

    The Black population in the US is almost 3X that figure at between 12-15%. The Mexican pulopation in the US about 20% last time I looked.

  4. The UK completely disarmed it’s entire white population.

    Andrew Cuomo is a half-Sicilian/half-Campanian reptile. Roman-blooded Rudy Giuliani brought the niggers to heel in NYC.

  5. France has had a republic for 200 years and is truly nigfuxated. Scandinavia has Kings and is still quite free of darkies by comparison.

  6. @Wayne

    The USA’s democracy works pretty damn good for me. I have plenty of space, I find extra work whenever I want, and I just bought a factory-new Ruger .480 SRH this week.

  7. John, if you miss your kings and queens so much, and feel their rule was so superior to my American democratic “rabble”, then you’re free to go home any time.

  8. With our powers combined we are Team Anglo. Fighting for restoration while drinking Assam on the internet since 2013.

    The UK completely disarmed it’s entire white population.

    Hi Chris. I hope you’re enjoying your evening. It appears that your worldview is hyper-Americanized. England isn’t a settler state and the Scots were given up on awhile ago. A civilian Englishman in a proper non-diverse England shouldn’t have much use for an AR-15. Right to bear arms is not a commandment.

    An Englishmen in Ulster, (to lesser degree, Wales) and of course in faraway half-savage colonial lands has great use for such a weapon. Freedom to bear arms is for settling wild territory whether it is Detroit or Judea & Samaria. The Swiss system is more about maintaining a militia, they also have mandatory firearm training. Every house has a gun but ammo is only opened by government alert and he lion’s share is kept in state armories so that’s different.

    Everyone knows what bearing arms in the American sense is for: homesteading is ethnic cleansing. What you’re doing in the D. That’s why non-Whites and race-blind Whites that think “race died with God” are the only supporters of gun-grabbing in a half-savage society.

  9. John said:

    “France has had a republic for 200 years and is truly nigfuxated. Scandinavia has Kings and is still quite free of darkies by comparison.”

    Scandinavia had true kings a thousand years ago. Scandinavian kings today are only ornamental and do absolutely nothing to stop the influx of the third world into their lands. Each week the percentage of third world population in Scandinavia grows.

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