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  1. We will have amnesty but not gun control. The Repukes will expect us to hail them as heros. They’ll tell us it wasn’t an amnesty, and was the compassionate thing to do. Gun control can and will be revisited when more agreeable “demographics” are in place. The 9 perverts in robes will give us state sanctioned sodomy–look at is as their contribution to progress

  2. Every single one of those 13(probably 20) million new Amurricans will go right to the front of the AA trough, right to the roles of social security and Obamacare, and ahead of Chris313’s white bread ass for any and all services, privileges, and benefits. Is not democracy grand?

  3. @Wayne

    I don’t receive or rely on government services, privileges or benefits of any sort. Never have. So I could hardly give a shit. I make my way on my own steam, and I’ll be here long after Obama’s “new Amurricans” have starved to death or died of some super-flu.

    And I’ll still take democracy over anything else.

  4. It doesn’t matter anymore. The Negroes already bankrupted the country many times from the civil war to subprime loans. Whites don’t want to and shouldn’t rebuild it again for the Negroes. They’ve been a messy, violent and expensive pet. Negroes haven’t even been Christianized, they hang around anti-American preachers until they have a mosque in their hood.

    I think NASA was a better investment but I’m just a racist.

  5. P.S. Wayne —

    Given my ethnic makeup, I’m quite certain that Rudel, John, Stonelifter and one or two others on here would dispute that I’m exactly “white bread”. But I appreciate the inclusion nevertheless. Stay strong, ma cracka!

  6. This frantic Regime grab for the guns is crucial and symptomatic. The Jews know their debtPonziconomy is hanging by a thread…if they don’t get hold of the guns before System Collapse, they are doomed and know it. Trapped in the festering cities with no more means to bribe off their former group-entitlement allies. The Congoids and Spics will butcher them, and most of the White Cosmics as well. Dealing with what remains will be an enjoyable task for those us armed, ready, and waiting outside the cities. Invest in lead.

  7. 313Chris says:
    I don’t receive or rely on government services, privileges or benefits of any sort. Never have…”

    How do you do it? You, nor anyone in your family, has ever had any government job, teaching job, government contract, service or work on any military base, or services, such as even cutting the hair of, any people who take the money from taxes?, no services sold to any teachers, military personnel, civil servants, no military “service” yourself, or “tax cuts” due to your specific group?

    For various reasons, I somehow thought you may have done a military stint, or provided services to them in some capacity.

    Hm. NO Government money, whatsoever? —A hard thing to pull off

  8. Whoops—- also no work for churches (they benefit from tax exclusions) and are deeply involved in the system. So no ministers, priests, parochial school secretaries, choir directors, either, etc….

  9. Here’s the link to the US office of Golden Dawn.


    As this schmuck was noting/talking about Greece and the EU’s bastard form of genocide (‘austerity measures’) I thought here might be the best place to put that link, HW. Possibly for inclusion on your side bar?

    Dixie G. First off, the government doesn’t ‘grant’ tax exemption. The church must ALWAYS be tax-free. That procedural aberration only started with LBJ, a crypto-Jew, and a hater of Christianity, in the 1960’s. Even today, there is a growing ANTI- 501(c)3 movement among evangelical churches. For (as Gary North said) ‘the power to tax, is the power to control.’

    Secondly, NO CHURCH or minister should be taxed- or be on some ‘government payroll’ either (the opposite side of your coin), for to tax someone like that – or to pay him as a ‘civil servant,’ is to effectively also muzzle his voice. You’re advocating (whether you realize it or not) the ‘state church’ model in post-Catholic Europe- which made the Nazi regime possible, in that the clergy in germany did not speak out, except for a few like Bonhoeffer.

  10. Hi Fr. John+, in my opinion politicians should be on the church ‘payroll’ whether that means disestablishment or not; not the other way around. Without a strong church the chattering class is at the best ambivalent while more often hostile to anything Christian. They only respect naked power and need to feel the back of God’s hand across their face by a powerful clergy or fall into disgrace.

  11. So I’m curious how you approach the issue, Fr. John+ because I think so-called “separation of church and state” was a disaster and there are many models for the “symphony of church and state” whether it is total theocracy(Vatican), established state church (England, Greece) or just strong cooperation ( Russia).

  12. ‘state church’ model in post-Catholic Europe- which made the Nazi regime possible

    That’s a very good observation and I let my mind wander over it. One could say the state-church model made Nazism unavoidable. There simply wasn’t a strong Catholic presence to kill Marxists unlike Spain and Italy. The SA were the only Germans that were starting fights in the streets with Marxists. To be a good SA-Mann meant German first, religion last. Hitler railed against the Church and Lutheran churches for dividing Germans by disapproving intermarriage in Table Talk.

    Then we saw how the SA-Mann Horst Wessel was turned into a Saint replete with shrine, holiday, song and the NSDAP said he was “above Jesus”. They really said that.

  13. Dixiegirl, very good points. This is my main defense of liberalism; cuts to government services mean destabilizing society because most people are dependent on the government in some way.

  14. USA: People with lack of money=no healthcare. That`s inhumane and insane.

    Norway: Universal healthcare and far superior to the very weak American system. How can you think that your healthcare system is any good, it costs more per capita than any other country, and is very low in efficiency. 40 million excluded, that`s beyond insane. You rank 37 in the world in healthcare system rankings.

    USA: Americans work the hardest in the world but have less job security and less vacation than many other countries. You never know when you`ll lose your job.

    Norway: High salaries, 5 weeks paid vacation, sick days, sick leave with pay for as long as the doctor prescribes. maternity leave with pay for 1 year, paternity leave for 2 weeks with pay etc. Steady jobs in Norway are secured for life.

    USA: Insane and ridiculous gun laws. More guns do not lead to less violence, believing it does makes you and incredibly stupid people.

    Norway: Socialist.

    USA: Capitalist.

    What system do you prefer?

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