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  1. Here is a hint he is trying to racialize the 2A debate. He and like ilk truly believe they will roll unimpeded and conventional wisdom says he is correct but I disagree. The psychopath bullies are about to lose the race card I don’t thinlk the Respecticons can salvage this crazy behavior

  2. You guys have no perception whatsoever.

    This is a state-owned Russian subsidiary. And yet many here will turn around and celebrate Putin as if he is our friend. He’s a good leader, for his people. He hates our white north american guts and loves Obama and the anti-white cult because it keeps us down. Putin would never pump this poison into his own country.

  3. You have to wonder what he is attempting to prove. Is he saying that the drafters of the bill of rights thought that blacks shouldn’t be armed? Specifically blacks? Let’s see, let’s disarm the blacks first and go door to door with militias to deprive blacks of their guns.

    Okay mr Hartman, so even IF what you say is true, what of it?

  4. It was passed in order to protect colonial Americans from the You-Must-House-A-British-Soldier-Living-In-Your-House indictment by His Majesty under their rebellion who the rich American slave owners said the King was enslaving them.

  5. I agree with RobRoy.

    Its like the Whiskey Rebellion never happened in his world or New England didn’t flirt with secession during the 1812 war. Note his dig on assault weapon companies at the end with the emotional appeal (they’re supporting child murder) but the 2nd is all about slavery now and thus should be tossed out?

  6. RRS nailed it. Nearly everything the Marxist target is targeted because is explicitly white–the Confederate flag, 2nd Amendment, guns, the South in general. They are symbols of explicit whiteness and must be destroyed through diversity, democracy, and mass migration.

  7. When I hear this dude it’s like he comes from another world or an alternative universe. I find it impossible to relate to him.

    I know the feeling, Palmetto Patriot; I know the feeling.

  8. One thing to mention the liberal playbook in Illinois is to reach for gun control when you are in trouble. That said the Obama admin might have been told the funny money games are coming to a head and they feel the need for a preventative distraction.

  9. “When I hear this dude it’s like he comes from another world or an alternative universe. I find it impossible to relate to him.”

    He’s entirely – i mean 100% – dishonest and it doesn’t bother him even the slightest. There’s very few people like that so even if they’re not technically aliens they might as well be. Not being able to relate to him is therefore almost certainly a sign of good mental health.

  10. Tamer is correct about Putin; he is a great leader for the Russian people but he is no friend of the West

    Wayne you are also correct but should replace the word Marxist for the word yankee

    If folks did any serious reading on the topic they would know slaves were often given firearms to hunt and less often, provide protection. The White- negro interactions were rarely cantankerous before those people started stirring the pot

  11. PalmettoPatriot says:
    January 15, 2013 at 11:55 pm

    When I hear this dude it’s like he comes from another world or an alternative universe. I find it impossible to relate to him.

    Yep. This is something the LOS could be useful for. Secessionist groups need to get tighter with gun rights organizations and make the point that neither civilian gun owners nor even serial killers have been responsible for 99.999% of gun murders. Even surpassing the numbers killed by black thugs, which itself grossly exceeds the first two, is the United States Government.

    And that government has killed more innocent civilians with its bombs than with its guns!

    And it is that government that fools like this wish to give a monopoly on gun ownership.

  12. Putin has my vote so long as his anti-western strategy aims at the regime that now controls the west. It’s a macro of my strategy of seeing Obama beat Romney. Who in his right mind doesn’t want to see the criminal edifice crumble?

  13. Who in his right mind doesn’t want to see the criminal edifice crumble?

    Someone like Putin that prefers a weak USA to a breakup. He doesn’t want to worry about what happens to our nukes. He is quite happy with the Obama malaise.

  14. I’m not going to bat for Bush I or II, they’re all illegitimate starting with Lincoln.

    But until Obama it was possible to wave a Yankee flag and call a nigger a nigger without looking dumb. We also saw sad sandniggers surrender to our white boys on TV when we weren’t watching a space shuttle launch carrying white Astronauts. Those days are distant memories never to return.

    Putin knows that.

  15. We never even acted as a proper empire.
    What kind of empire sacrifices lives to take territory in the M-E just to pay market price for oil? An extremely shortsighted one with an eye towards enriching a few oil men instead of re-investing in the war machine. We taxpayers were paying for Iraqi universal healthcare for awhile too.

  16. Political posture.When the Ruskis Barter for trade and drops the U.S currency, that’s when things will get interesting.

  17. Putin is not our friend, but then why should we expect or ask him to be? He is a rational patriotic Russian nationalist leader.

    When the American empire implodes, he will have to make some hard decisions. He isn’t nearly as worried about our nukes as we were (rightly) worried about the Soviets, because of the efficiency with which US armed forces guard them and the superb surety systems in place which would make using them impossible without the consent of whoever has the needed codes or who can put together a team of relatively current former nuclear weapons people from disparate facilities in widely distant geographical areas who might be able to back engineer them without blowing themselves up. (You’d need people from Sandia, Pantex, and Kansas City, for one: needed design information is segregated in each of those three places, and it’s doubtful very many would be able to remember everything without access to schematics and source code anyway.)

    He will however want to, need to, know who The Big Fish is: the player with the rare game pieces, the player who gets the nukes and the chain of command and codes to use them, will be. That won’t be the steezers (Aztlan), and despite the sub bases and the Hanford complex, that won’t be the NARedoubt either. It’s either going to be New Old Kikistan-the NYC-DC axis-or Dixie. That group-that nation-will be the key player he has to deal with. The rest he can kick with impunity.

    Think about that long and carefully.

  18. Putin is not our friend, but then why should we expect or ask him to be? He is a rational patriotic Russian nationalist leader.

    Putin is a federalist patriot and civic nationalist similar to Lincoln. He can trace his populist political legacy to Alexander II who in 1861 emancipated the serfs. Indeed Putin has said he sees himself as the new Alexander II.

    Alexander II was a headache for Judah Benjamin because he not only threatened France & Britain against helping the Confederacy but sent warships to New York and San Francisco during the war. If needed there would have been Russian troops for Lincoln. Alexander II was like Lincoln a tyrant assassinated by his own people.

    So in my opinion the more diverse BRA gets, the more it resembles classic Russia as a “prison house of nations”.


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