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Just a few news items today … when juxtaposed, they tell you everything you need to know about voting for the GOP:

1.) First, Politico is reporting that the “Gang of 8” believes they have a filibuster proof majority for “comprehensive immigration reform” in the Senate, and are even confident that a majority of Republicans will vote for the bill.

2.) Second, Politico reported the other day that “comprehensive immigration reform” could be a bonanza for Democrats that would doom the GOP for a generation or more by making safe red states like Texas and Arizona into competitive swing states.

3.) Third, House Speaker John Boehner’s daughter is about to get married to this Jamaican negro.

Note: Does anyone remember Paul Ryan campaigning for “comprehensive immigration reform” when he was running for VP in 2012?

Is this the Rand Paul who was running for a Kentucky Senate seat in 2010? What happened to the John McCain who was going to “build the danged fence”? What happened to the Marco Rubio who attacked Charlie Crist for supporting the McCain-Kennedy amnesty?

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  1. One well-respected commenter here, Snowhitey, admits she would kill her daughter for marrying a nonwhite. Comments like this reveal the truth about people who are proud of their white race, and makes me glad to be on the side of freedom. Race consciousness equals slavery, both of oneself and others. God bless all of the beautiful people who commit miscegenation, and I hope to someday become one of them.


  2. Even better: Race Consciousness equals perfect liberty to oneself and to others, and correspondingly, God Damn all the foul, filthy, putrid miscegenists and their feral, unnatural, grotesque, vomitive abominations.

  3. “and I hope to someday become one of them.”

    So on top of everything else, you can’t get laid? LOL. Not surprising at all. Typical actually.

    It doesn’t work, Chief. The mushy-gushy liberalism won’t get you in bed with the women. No matter how liberal the woman is. They don’t like weak men, no matter what absurdities they mouth or what they proclaim. A lot of guys think just like you do. The dating sites are full of them. Wear out the political forums taking the most dramatic liberal positions. No dates. No sex. Ignored completely in the romance department. Instead only another form of what is known as a “cuddle bitch.” Doesn’t work.

    Just telling you.

  4. My only earnest political wish know is to convince my fellow American Southerners that is that ‘America’ doesn’t exist anymore and thus they should have no allegiance to it anymore.

    A noble goal, but you’ll have more success by dropping “American” from in front of Southerner.

  5. “American” is just a synonym for mongrel. Its also a colloquialism for the USA.

    Propose referring to generic brown socialists that live in the USA as American-Americans. The new nigger is white-Americans

  6. “Say, how do you know that this ‘YWHW God’ character isn’t black or Jewish himself?”

    666 Chris- For that knowledge, you have to read the Bible.

    Something you clearly never do…as you can’t even spell the Tetragrammaton correctly…

  7. ” God bless all of the beautiful people who commit miscegenation,and I hope to someday become one of them.


    Said PGRT.

    These are the people I can’t wait to “meet” after SHTF.
    The true enemy of everything I believe.

  8. PGRT, if you’re real then you’re cannibal bait and don’t even know it. You’ll have no refuge and will be considered an enemy of all except that small minority of those in the same boat who’ll sacrifice you in order to save themselves.

  9. I have the distinct feeling that what the prophet Jeremiah saw in a vision regarding Jerusalem & Judea applies to all things American: he saw a the Spirit of the Lord leaving the Temple, abandoning the Jews to whatever fate befell them, as the Babylonians were slowly tightening the noose in preparation for an invasion.

    The grace of God is vacating most areas of life as we know it. Marriage, family, the Church, the safety of society in general. The scourges of these parts of life are well chronicled on this web site. Historically, our Lord does this, vacating a place where He has dwelt among his people, before He allows a calamity to happen and reset things.

  10. Congrats Hunter.

    You are a fundamentally decent fellow. So it’s good that you are getting a bit of press. if you find your opinion changing, just use your decency as your guiding star.

  11. Rand Paul, McCain, and Rubio now for amnesty? Of course. They’re slick used-car salesmen politicos whose words are not their bonds. They sell to the highest bidder, and we know who the hell they are. They are the ones who really know how to lie, cheat, and steal. The pols seem to think their children will somehow be exempt from the anti-white storm that’s just around the corner. They won’t be. Obviously, they don’t care any more for their own progeny than they do for yours or mine. I hope their future Hell is especially Hellish.

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