50 Years Forward: Greensboro vs. Birmingham


100 public officials and business leaders from Greensboro, NC recently came to Birmingham, AL on a trip to learn more about the best practices and pitfalls for economic development.

Hilarity ensued when the Greensboro team read the comment section at Al.com and learned the truth about The Tragic City:

“So you’d think the visit would be a point of pride for Birmingham, and likely it is to some, but…. yikes! A look at the comments section beneath the Web version of theBirmingham News article is brutal – to both cities. And high on the snark factor.

Here’s a sampling:

• “I never would have imagined Greensboro was the size of (Birmingham). Another city passing us on their way up. Here’s your competition for tier 3 convention business.”

• “The sad fact is that in the late ’60s, Birmingham was talked about in the same paragraph with Atlanta, Charlotte and Nashville. Now we are in the same discussion as Greensboro, NC?”

• “Translation: They need to come and see all the wonders of Shelby County’s empty strip malls. Now that’s progress.”

• “Are you serious? What does (Birmingham) excel in — murder, drugs, political scandals. Wow! This group would do better to stay home.”

• “Greensboro must be in a world of hurt to have to come to Bham for advice.”

• “This must be the dumbest group of 100 people on the planet. Maybe they thought they were going to visit Birmingham, England.”

In 2012, the former mayor of Bogota, Colombia came to Birmingham. After taking a bike ride through the blighted ruins of Titusville and Elyton, he said: “What I saw today was one of the most depressed areas I have ever seen.”

In 2010, there were 273,425 people in Greensboro, NC. There were 229,617 in Winston-Salem, 403,903 in Raleigh, 228,329 in Durham, 200,564 in Fayetteville, and 731,424 in Charlotte.

In 1960, there were 119,574 people in Greensboro, NC. There were 111,135 in Winston-Salem, 93,931 in Raleigh, 78,302 in Durham, 47,106 in Fayetteville, and 202,564 in Charlotte.

In 1960, there were 340,887 people in Birmingham. After 50 Years Forward, there are only 212,244 people left in Birmingham, which has been eclipsed by Greensboro, Winston-Salem, Raleigh, Durham, and Charlotte in North Carolina. Fayetteville will also soon overtake Birmingham in population.

Once upon a time, Birmingham was in the same league as Atlanta. By 2017, Birmingham will fall behind Montgomery, Mobile, and Huntsville in population, but will still be able to boast that it is the indisputable “mecca for civil rights pilgrims,” with more “civil rights” activity per capita that any other city in America.

Note: In just the last few months, Birmingham allocated $100K to build a new monument to the “foot soldiers” of the Civil Rights Movement. A new historical marker (shrine) that commemorates MLK’s “Letter From a Birmingham Jail” was also recently unveiled outside the old Birmingham City Jail.

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  1. According to Wikipedia, Greensboro, North Carolina is less than half white. Its fate is sealed.

  2. White & Confederate, that is only necessarily true in a democratic, egalitarian system such as the one we suffer under today. A non-White majority wouldn’t mean the collapse of civilisation under a more civilized form of government.

  3. Write home from jail, get a monument!

    It really surprises me that the “Letter from Birmingham Jail” has been raised to the level of an Epistle of St. Paul. It was no more coherent than any of the musings of Emerson, and consists largely of whining about freedom of association and name-calling, with out-of-context references to St. Augustine and Martin Luther comprising its only veneer of intellectuality. Otherwise it might be mistaken for an early scribbling by Leonard Pitts or Touré.

  4. Greensboro is in trouble. yankee environmental laws killed its furniture making industry, along with cigarette production. Right now the town is ok, but it’s dying and the Whites are moving out.

  5. This makes we wonder if we are a ‘Boer’ people in the making. Already we are far more ‘country’ than the US population as a whole. One major difference between us than the Golden Circle region as a whole (minus Brazil and Cuba) and southern Africa is that we have a very large White settler population. Even the worst demographic projects for the next century put us in a much better situation than our distance relatives in southern Africa. I think there is a very good chance that at least in some places of this abomination we will throw off the anti-White yoke.

  6. I think we on the right do too much whining and hand waving. The zionist jew mayor of Chicago and his Irish mobster predacesor and Serbian mobster governor friend did more to civilize parts of that city than rightist shrieking. Then on the other hand we have Irish Jack lecturing us on firearms and the laws about them.

    Now no doubt the zionist sees us whites as tax slaves, he just realizes that his fellow jew supremacists would rather live in whiteville than niggertown.

    Now when both SWPL and WN/ethnic activist can ask “Is it good for white people” our gains will be exponential. As for now SWPLs have to use “good school” rhetoric and the WN and their allies are stuck debating Hitler or Gettysburg.

  7. PP, that seems nuts.

    The places listed like Durham, Raleigh, Charlotte, Winston-Salem have “white settlers,” because it’s a real step up for them. They have never even seen grass. Most have known nothing else, generationally, but being beneficiaries of Welfare Statism (theft), which they forced on people when they came. These are highly dependent “white” populations from europe (in the past 4-5 generations). They have no reference to growing things (not just agriculture) but tend toward being a nation of users, often, whether they fed on Warfare or Welfare, (distribution). They just don’t know anything else.

    They do things like listen to Alex Jones and do what he tells them, to be like Trendy Paycheck Republican-tards, with no real idea of why they should do anything they do.

    Anyway, you can’t live on the “public” and not be a dependent type personality, a “consumer,” etc. They decided to live that life, to be in that relation with “the public,” and to be the recipient of PR t.v. commercials showing the payers how necessary and important they are (that can give you a real big ego).

    It’s probably better just not to have children around that kind of thing. Just die out, b/c your children will just be robots like that.

  8. Oh, or they benefitted from the 100s of 1000s of acres of various appropriated land grab acts, whether for military bases, or to make people “healthy” by outlawing certain crops. Like Tobacco is still way OK in Brazil, lol, just not in U.S., while simultaneously insists that stores be wall to wall chemical-food a normal person would not feed a freaking dog.

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