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  1. Why exactly do we have to “compete” with the rest of the world. These companies aren’t in any hurry to leave what so ever. Not that it would matter, given that they don’t pay taxes or hire here.

  2. I’m hardly a big fan of the iCabal, and have suddenly become not a big fan of Rand Paul. But I don’t see where he’s wrong here. The iCabal is just following the rules that Congress wrote. And I’m never buying any leftist consternation toward the iCabal, not for one moment, because the iCabal is a big SWPL/leftard cultural favorite, and Al Gore is on AAPL’s BOD.

  3. Here’s another issue: The Senate Democrats roasting the AAPL suits with their little Kabuki Theater are to a man and woman about to vote for an immigration bill which not only vastly increases the H-1B visa allotment per year, but also and worse than that staples green cards to STEM diplomas earned by student visa holders, both of which will drastically lower the salary scale in STEM and make AAPL more profitable.

  4. “Rand’s really bit the poisoned apple. A big old chunk. What’s he been promised?”

    They definitely got to him. He’s just as worthless as McCain, Graham, and all the rest now. Which only goes to show how badly the leviathan yankee government needs to be dismantled as soon as practicable.

    Deo Vindice

  5. “Wall Street analysts predict Apple could earn up to $45.6 billion in its current fiscal year…”

    The federal leviathan would run through that amount in less than five days. I totally agree with Apuleius: fedgov delenda est.

    “in order to avoid state income tax”

    More power to ’em. The income tax is an abomination, and should be abolished. And I mean here especially the corporate income tax. Who is that a tax against? The workers? They get taxed on their salaries. The shareholders? They get taxed on their dividends.

    The income tax has been with us 100 years now, and is a predictable outcome of the warfare/welfare state built on the democratic principle of “one parasite, one vote.”

    I say git rid of it, and starve the monkeys.

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