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Dixie and Transplants

May 30, 2013 Hunter Wallace 94

Dixie Fascinating stuff. Alabama – gained 55,000 Whites, 2,000 Hispanics, and 22,000 blacks. Mississippi – lost 30,000 Whites, 2,000 Hispanics, and 10,000 blacks. Louisiana – […]

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Memorial Day

May 27, 2013 Hunter Wallace 75

BRA In this thread, we reflect upon the many wonders derived from the existence of the Union and the sacrifices that have made it all […]

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To The Slaughter

May 25, 2013 Hunter Wallace 63

Great Britain Steyn on Woolwich: “On Wednesday, Drummer Lee Rigby of the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers, a man who had served Queen and country honorably […]

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After Earth

May 21, 2013 Hunter Wallace 9

Hollywood In the annals of implausible Hollywood movies based on black fictional images, there will certainly be a place in history reserved for this one: