Bicausalism Type B


Here’s a brief explanation of why I lean toward “Bicausalism Type B”:

The short answer is Southern history. Jews have always lived in the South, but Southern Jews only played a marginal role in the downfall of our social institutions. The most obvious example would be the abolitionist movement, the War Between the States, and the destruction of the Confederacy.

Jews were never perceived as the major threat to slavery by antebellum Southerners. Try real hard to think of the Jews who were behind the abolitionist movement. Prominent Jews like Judah Benjamin of Louisiana and David Yulee of Florida resigned from the Senate when their states seceded from the Union. Jews fought for the Confederacy in the War Between the States.

During Reconstruction, Southern Jews joined the Ku Klux Klan. Montgomery was redeemed from Reconstruction by its first Jewish mayor, Mordecai Moses, who ran as “the true White man’s candidate.” Throughout the Jim Crow era, Southern Jews were part of the commercial elite in cities like Montgomery and Selma, and never seemed to have any problem accommodating themselves to segregation and white supremacy.

When the Civil Rights Movement erupted in the 1950s, Southern Jews were embarrassed by the sheer number of Northern Jews who came to the South, particularly in Selma and Montgomery, and many of them even joined the White Citizens’ Council. In the South, the Civil Rights Movement was never associated with the Jewish population. It was seen as the work of “outside agitators” – Jews, Quakers, Catholics, Northern Protestants, Unitarians – Jewish and Yankee radicals who arrived in the South from some point of departure in the Northeast or Midwest.

The history of the South is different from the history of the North. The threat to the South’s racial order has always come from the outside – through the existence of the Union – whereas in the North it has always come from the enemy within.

Basically, I don’t see Jews as the primary infection because, if it were not for the existence of the Union, I just don’t see Southern Jews overthrowing slavery, destroying the Confederacy, or rising up to overthrow the Jim Crow system.

Update: Here’s an excerpt from one of the most fascinating books about the Jewish Question in the South that I have ever read, Fight Against Fear: Southern Jews and Black Civil Rights:

“Opposition to Northern intrusion was also indicative of the fact that some southern Jews were intensely skeptical, if not openly scornful, of the need for immediate integration. Over half the interviewees included in sociologist Alfred Hero’s survey of southern Jewry argued that desegregation was proceeding “too fast,” admitting that they felt emotionally ill at ease about integration even when they accepted it as inevitable and in the long run desirable.” The ideological differences between northern and Southern Jews clearly expressed in a letter addressed to the American Jewish Committee by Montgomery, Alabama, Jewish Federation. “The White community in the South is generally opposed to desegregation,” read the letter. “The Jewish community in the South is part of the white community in the South.” …

Al Vorspan recalled one particularly heated discussion with Montgomery’s leaders that took place behind a locked door of a downtown hotel room. Having hoped he might convince his audience that the national Jewish organizations were taking the moral highground in supporting integration, Vorspan was horrified to hear himself and other New York Jews described as being “worse than Adolph Hitler” because of the way they “stirred up anti-Semitism.”

Here’s another revealing excerpt about the integration of Atlanta:

“For Charlie Leb, the Civil Rights Act was the beginning of the end. His intransigence had been a cause of considerable embarrassment to the Atlanta Jewish community. Marvin Goldstein shakes his head as he concedes that Leb was a “rabid” segregationist. “He shouldn’t have been,” asserts Goldstein. “He came from humble surroundings.”

Leb had always insisted that his business remained segregated only out of respect for the sensitivities of his white customers. This was nothing if not disingenuous. Situated on the same street as Leb’s was another restaurant called Harrod’s, which had desegregated before the sit-ins ever began. Almost every day, those who tried to eat at Harrod’s had to first pass through a Klan picket line. By contrast, the Klan posed no threat to Charlie Leb. As Charles Wittenstein explains, “He was getting a lot of admiration and attention and was the hero of the white race and that segregationist crowd, and he bought into it and continued to do so.” On January 27, 1965, a dinner was held in honor of Martin Luther King, Jr., who had recently been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. Among those who organized and attended the dinner were many of Atlanta’s Jews. Outside on the street, Klansmen paraded in protest. Marching alongside them was Charlie Leb. …”

Here’s another excerpt from Mississippi:

“This might initially appear a rather contentious remark. We have already seen that Jews ordinarily joined the Citizens Council not out of any ideological conviction but as a means of deflecting attention from their true feelings on the race issue. Yet in Jackson itself one of the most articulate spokespersons in defense of segregation was indeed a Jew, Al Binder. Binder, an attorney, was closely associated with the power structure, not only in Jackson, but throughout the state. It was he who led the prosecution of the Freedom Riders in 1961. “Al’s one of us,” asserted the leader of Mississippi’s massive resistance movement. “He’s our Jew.”

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  1. Lew,

    If Sunic assigns no specific blame to Jews at all, then I think that makes Sunic a straight-up “we whites did it to ourselves” monocausalist.


    I didn’t say that. My impression when reading [Sunic] is that Jews are toxic in direct proportion as we empower them.

    Think of Bicausalism as a formula:

    Type-B = suicide + homicide (“assisted suicide” if you want to see it that way).

    OK; Re: “assisted suicide”

    As with MacDonald, you’re using Sunic in summary form a lot here.

    I try not to argue with anecdotes because the only way to refute an anecdote is with other anecdotes. Usually, this goes no where.

    In this case, however, I’m going to use an anecdote to make a basic conceptual point.

    Let’s get some concrete, common sense in here, so we don’t get lost in the weeds of abstractions like “the enlightenment,” “ethno-suicide,” etc.

    I coach my daughter’s 5 – 6 year old girls baseball team. My daughter will not group up with any “suicidal impulse.” My daughter has the benefit of a parent who will teach her to reject these ideas.

    The other girls, not so much. Their parents will in all likelihood teach the usual bullshit, reinforced by a tsunami of genocidal propaganda via the mass media you have repeatedly claimed whites “handed over” due to a suicidal impulse. I’ll come back to that.

    Does anyone here think it’s plausible that the 5 – 6 white girls on my field were born with an inherent impulse to embrace suicidal ideas?

    I’ll making that one rhetorical since I pretty sure of everyone’s answer, except maybe yours and Tom Sunic’s.

    Sunic, again, believes that a distinct form of calvinism winning out on North America is the ultimate culprit these 5 -6 year old girls possibly coming under the sway of MTV. It doesn’t seem plausible when applied in the real world.

  2. Lew: No one turns over their media to aliens. Aliens take it when they can.

    Chechar: Forget the fact that the US committed suicide by selling its MSM to our ancient enemy.

    Pictures are worth a 1000 words. Video a million. This one is by David Duke

    It’s the reason Jews invest so much in controlling the mass media, sending subversive sites like OD and SNism to the fringes while giving Toure time on national TV and Quentin Tarantino the green light to make Django Unchained.

    Before moving on, I want to remind everybody exactly what the mass media does, using images, the Jews’ favorite medium for delivering genocidal propaganda, instead of dry text.

    There is more than a bit of bombast here, but the substance is right on.

    Does it strike anyone as plausible whites would knowingly “hand this over” to Jews based on a suicide impulse? Or, for the few who did sell to Jews, and I’m sure there were some, is it plausible this usage what they hand in mind when they sold?

    It should make for interesting comparison, also, at a gut level on who is closer to the truth.

    Duke, or the people who blame things like capitalism (ex: Alain de Benoist), a distinct form of calvinism, etc.

    As you’re watching, keep in mind Sunic the Type B bi-causalist recommended we discuss Christian Zionists because Jews only have power to the extent WE give it.


    13 minutes total

    If You Have Less Time:

    3:45 to 6:57 (recommended)

    Even Less time:

    5:33 to 6:57

    Even less time than that:

    5:85 – 6:25 (how jewish mass media targets the kids)

  3. Sorry test same thing.

    If it were suicide the media wouldn’t need to lie is the same thing as if it were suicide the media could tell the truth.

  4. Lew: No one turns over their media to aliens. Aliens take it when they can.

    Chechar: Forget the fact that the US committed suicide by selling its MSM to our ancient enemy.

    Jews use legal maneuvering to drive a white gentile out of the media biz.

    Long ago, there was, believe it or not, a fourth American TV network in addition to the Jewish-owned CBS and NBC, and smaller rival ABC.

    The fourth, forgotten, network was the DuMont Television Network, founded by a white television pioneer named Allen B. Du Mont. (His name is variously spelled DuMont and Du Mont, but never Dumont. I’ve used Du Mont for the man and DuMont for the names of his companies.)

    The DuMont Network survived precariously from its founding in 1946 until its ultimate demise in 1955.

    The racial dynamics of the post-war US, in which Jews rose to dominance over the native white inhabitants, was a major factor in DuMont’s failure, despite Allen Du Mont’s apparent philo-Semitism (a native New Yorker, he employed some Jews in top positions).


  5. Sarnoff again for whoever missed it.

    One Jewish tactic is steal technical innovations with media applications from whites using financial and legal maneuvering.

    Handing it over? I don’t think so.

    Edwin Armstrong, White American inventor:

    Edwin Howard Armstrong (December 18, 1890 – January 31, 1954) was an American electrical engineer and inventor.

    – He has been called “the most prolific and influential inventor in radio history”.[2]

    – He invented the regenerative circuit while he was an undergraduate and patented it in 1914, followed by the super-regenerative circuit in 1922, and the superheterodyne receiver in 1918.[3]

    – Armstrong was also the inventor of modern frequency modulation (FM) radio transmission.

    Edwin Armstrong meets the JEWISH MEDIA MOGUL DAVID SARNOFF.

    – Financially broken and mentally beaten after years of legal tussles with RCA and others, Armstrong lashed out at his wife one day with a fireplace poker, striking her on the arm.

    – On January 31, 1954 Armstrong removed the air conditioner from the window and jumped to his death from the thirteenth floor of his New York City apartment.

    – His body was found fully clothed, with a hat, overcoat and gloves, the next morning by a River House employee on a third-floor balcony.

    – The New York Times described the contents of his two-page suicide note to his wife: “he was heartbroken at being unable to see her once again, and expressing deep regret at having hurt her, the dearest thing in his life.”

    – The note concluded, “God keep you and Lord have mercy on my Soul.”[4][25]

    – After his death, a friend of Armstrong estimated that 90 percent of his time was spent on litigation against RCA.[4]

    – Upon hearing the news, David Sarnoff supposedly remarked, “I did not kill Armstrong.”

  6. “A lie is much easier to believe than the truth, for it can be molded to the ear of the listener. The truth, by comparison, is far more rigid and less likely to be believed.”

    Mark Twain

  7. Lew: No one turns over their media to aliens. Aliens take it when they can.

    Chechar: Forget the fact that the US committed suicide by selling its MSM to our ancient enemy.

    Allegations Mark Zuckerberg , Jew, stole the Facebook, a site closing in on one billion subscribers, from two white gentiles, the Winklevoss brothers.

    Harvard president Larry Summers, Jew, sides with Zuckerberg:

    They also lodged a complaint with the Harvard administration regarding what they viewed as a violation of the university’s honor code and student handbook.[31] The Harvard Administrative Board and university president Larry Summers reportedly viewed the matter to be outside of the university’s jurisdiction.[24] President Summers advised the HarvardConnection team to take their matter to the courts.[27]

    The Winklevoss brothers took it to the courts

    Their legal challenges found their way to Federal Judge Alex Kozinski, son of Holocaust survivors,who sided with Zuckerberg.

    After numerous legal fights, the son of holocaust survivors declared:

    In April, 2011, Ninth Circuit judge Alex Kozinski opined that “[a]t some point, litigation must come to an end. … That point has now been reached.”

    en (DOTT) wikipedia (DOTT) org/wiki/Alex_Kozinski

    en (DOTT) wikipedia (DOTT) org/wiki/Tyler_Winklevoss

    nydailynews (DOTT) com [SLASH] news/national/winklevoss-twins-claim-mark-zuckerberg-stole-idea-lose-appeal-federal-court-article-1.112836

  8. Plenty more where this came from. I feel my points have been made. It’s just a little more complicated than whites handed over the media to jews.

  9. Hunter Wallace,

    If the Jews are able to mold our minds through their control of the Mainstream Media, how do we explain the existence of Single Jewish Causers and Type A Bicausalists?

    Isn’t it obvious that multiple factors are at work? Aren’t there people who watch plenty of television and movies, but who hold the Jewish media in low esteem, and who see through the Jewish lies?

    True, but there are two sides to Jewish media control that I’d say are about equally important.

    There are the ideas media spreads, and the ideas media censors. People who are unhappy with the direction of the country can’t get a message out that challenges Jewish-“Yankee” values. Ideas in this country are tightly controlled. The mass media won’t allow it. So Jews, basically, are blocking any effective raising of consciousness or even sympathy for SNism from both sides. (Cultural Example: vilification by Tarantino in Django Unchained; never letting anyone make a movie about the South that tells the truth. Media Example: putting a black clown on TV to rant about confederate monuments; not allowing a person like Dr. Hill equal time).

  10. John,

    What channel is that video from? Who is the newslady? She’s adorable.

    white psyche since the time of Sumer

    Yes the ancients were “white”, they were also “gay”… Only modern westerners would consider racial and sexual identities as immutable traits that constitute an identity.

  11. MacDonald calling Islam “collectivist” is academically reprehensible. As someone that has studied Islam extensively, lived among muslims and ravaged muslim women I call him an ignoramus. Muslims view the West as collectivist, it certainly is more so than “Islam”.

    MacDonald also demonstrates a profound ignorance of the Catholic contribution to Europe by flippantly dismissing a celibate priesthood as “not eugenic” and “non-western”. A celibate male priesthood secures male power by concentrating spiritual authority in the hands of men removed from the machinations of women. This male power in turn buttresses monogamous marriage which flies in the face of the dysgenic, hypergamic instinct of women. Mass-woman would rather share access to a wealthy Alpha male than be a partner to a male of her own caste. Polygamy constantly propels low-class female genes into the “elite” gene pool. That’s why polygamous society’s not only have wretched dysgenic masses but the elites themselves are no prize.

  12. This is just a current headline taken as a sample of how hajj sees “the west”.

    “The West is using different techniques to promote their culture in Afghanistan. Sometimes they do it in an undercover way,” the author, Qari Habib, wrote in Pashto in the critique published on Sunday.

    Yazmany Arboleda, a 31-year-old artist from New York who organised the event, said the project was designed to highlight young Afghans’ creativity and sense of fun in a city wrecked by decades of war.

    Called “We Believe In Balloons”, it was paid for by individuals and groups around the world sponsoring each balloon for $1.

    “The West wanted to smuggle in its culture through this programme,” Habib wrote on the Voice of Jihad website. “It was obvious that the main goal was to break the culture of covering in women.

    “The war on our religious values, modesty and hijab is ongoing under different names such as women skiing, wrestling, fashion shows and balloons.”

    Chechar is trapped in a WN pinball machine. He bounces off “Tomislav”, Limder, Duke, MacDonald and other lousy ignorant thinkers.

  13. Lew,

    It would help the discussion if you refrained a bit from long-winded replies instead of more concise comments.

    My takeaway: Not enough evidence to conclude that whites are biologically driven toward an anti-evolutionary “ethno-suicide”… That fact, I think, undermines the notion there is a primal suicide flaw operating in whites at a biologically level.

    It’s amazing for a WN like you to quote critics of MacDonald like Steven Pinker while you have not read Kevin’s trilogy! Had you read it you would know that the above statement is simply false: Kevin never said that, and thus your daughter anecdote is irrelevant.

    What Kevin says is that due to the cold North and whites’ adaptative behavior, their societies became more individualistic than the collectivist Mediterranean. He says nothing about “suicide”. (The moral of Separation and Its Discontents as I interpret it is that we should become more collectivists.)

    Had you read carefully what I said above you would know that “suicide” only started after the French Revolution (“AIDS”), which of course is not hardwired as are the characteristics that MacDonald has studied. If we go back to my “brew” formula, suicide only happens when several ingredients of the brew come together (cf. my first response to Desmond Jones above). The Jewish factor only strongly catalyzes this process.

    As to the Duke video, had you visited my blog you would see that Pierce’s “Seeing the Forest”, which precisely uses the theme of Jewry’s control on gentile MSM, explains it even better that any Duke video we have watched.

    I don’t have to be lectured by Duke to learn what I already know to the point that “Seeing the Forest” is my #1 article at my sidebar’s promoting the texts of Pierce. I’d go as far as saying that that Pierce piece, which exposes the JP like no other piece, and precisely by means of explaining how the tribe took over the media, is must-reading for any newcomer who still has any doubts about the realities of the J question.

    As to your other point, I already told you that my words “hand over” were hyperbolic, but, talking without hyperbole, letting our ancient enemy to gobble up the MSM was an absolutely insane and suicidal act, totally cuckoo. Only a deranged, hedonistic, capitalist white society could do that.

    If you don’t want to see the effects of the “One Ring” on white society it’s your problem, and since this thread has been plagued by a mantra I feel like adding a mantra for the other POV: “In ancient Rome, as in modern America, the economic system and its imperatives are treated as absolute and fixed, whereas the people are treated as liquid and fungible.”

    Both Rome and America committed ethno-suicide for the same reasons.

  14. “The West is using different techniques to promote their culture in Afghanistan. Sometimes they do it in an undercover way,” the author, Qari Habib, wrote in Pashto in the critique published on Sunday.

    lel. Sounds familiar. Durka Group evolutionary strategy. Durka.

  15. Liberalism is to blame for Jewish influence in the Mainstream Media:

    1.) There was never a “White media” in the United States that was collectively owned by White people and run for the benefit of White people, much less a “White media” that was hijacked by the Jews.

    2.) The media has always been privately owned by individuals and corporations in accordance with the dominant liberal theories about freedom, equality, individual rights, property rights, etc.

    3.) When Jews began to buy up newspapers, it was seen as a perfectly legitimate and legal business transaction between private property owners. In much the same way, it was perfectly legitimate for Jews to create the film industry to manipulate our culture.

    Jews had the “liberty” to do all that because millions of radical leftwing Jews had been invited to settle in the Northern states where they were given American citizenship and all the other “rights” of American citizens which are protected by the courts.

    Nothing was ever done about the problem because Yankees couldn’t strip Jews of their citizenship and property rights, much less “discriminate” against them, without repudiating the ideology that was the basis of their own social system.

    Liberalism is the HIV that destroys the cultural immune system. AIDS is the infections that result from a weak immune system. In our case, Jewish hegemony in the media is a direct consequence – a secondary effect – of Americanism.

  16. Chechar
    “Both Rome and America committed ethno-suicide for the same reasons.”

    If it was suicide the media wouldn’t need to lie.

  17. In 1900, the status quo in Massachusetts was that even the negro was the “equal” of the White population. It was inevitable that Jews would flourish in such ideal conditions.

  18. Is it suicide?

    Keep in mind that Jews as Jews were never expelled from the United States, stripped of their citizenship and voting rights, required to live in ghettos, prohibited from marrying Gentiles, or banned from culturally sensitive institutions.

    Contrast the United States with Spain which expelled Jews, persecuted them during the Inquisition, forced them to convert to Christianity and drove them out of the country. In the Northern states, the red carpet was rolled out for them in line with the dominant liberal ideology.

    In light of the experience of the world in dealing with Jews, how could it have ended any other way? This is like a White man allowing his daughter to marry a negro and who is then shocked when he beats and kills her.

  19. Whatever led to the *current* situation if it was suicide *now* then the media wouldn’t need to lie.

  20. “Contrast the United States with Spain which expelled Jews, persecuted them during the Inquisition, forced them to convert to Christianity and drove them out of the country.”

    The Spanish only did this after the Jews betrayed Spain to the Moorish invaders and gave them 800 years of war and slave raids i.e. had direct personal experience of what they were like.

    “In light of the experience of the world in dealing with Jews, how could it have ended any other way?”

    True, hence how important it is for Jews to control how their history is seen.

    “This is like a White man allowing his daughter to marry a negro and who is then shocked when he beats and kills her.”

    In the American South sure but in 1970s Sweden when all they knew about black people came from Hollywood movies?

  21. If we’re going to use metaphors, I propose.


    Suicide – Homicide



    To sum it up, the Yankee Liberals and Jews with power are committing the homicide.

    When applied across a population, that’s called genocide.

  22. HW
    “It looks “suicidal” to a non-believer, but seen from inside the cultit is a glorious triumph of liberalism to the ideological fanatic.”

    Even if the media told the whole truth? Even if your color of crime posts explicitly made up the TV news bulletins? True it would take a while with the most fanatical and the most fanatical might only ever become neutral rather than change sides but it the media told the truth it would be impossible to maintain the cognitive dissonance. That’s why after their Pearl Harbor gaining total control of the media they’re so fanatical about keeping that control.

  23. There is evidence that even within the rules of capitalism and property rights Jews didn’t play fair in the media acquistions. They cheated people. Kant didn’t call them a nation of swindlers for no reason. The fact that Jews relied on swindling undermines the claim white gentile constructs like markets and capitalism are the origin of the problem, no?

  24. I’ve known Jews whose sole purpose in life was to screw people out things while keeping a big smile on their face and I’ve known non-Jews that have been thereby screwed.

    It all seems like such a profoundly banal primary rationale for the downfall of a great people and a great nation. It’s so stupid it’s hard to believe. And that, in the end, is what makes it most likely that’s where we should be looking.

    If whites were bad the media wouldn’t have to lie.

  25. You do know that the first Pilgrim Fathers spent a season or two in Amsterdam and rubbed shoulders with the ghetto while there?

  26. Nice try, Chechar. The Spartans and Romans had no special animus for Jews. The Jews are only the “ancient of enemy” of Christians. – No-man

    You are so ignorant of history. This is Edward Gibbon’s take on the subject of Jewry in times of the Roman Empire:


    From the reign of Nero to that of Antoninus Pius, the Jews discovered a fierce impatience of the dominion of Rome, which repeatedly broke out in the most furious massacres and insurrections. Humanity is shocked at the recital of the horrid cruelties which they [the Jews] committed in the cities of Egypt, of Cyprus, and of Cyrene, where they dwelt in treacherous friendship with the unsuspecting natives; and we are tempted to applaud the severe retaliation which was exercised by the arms of the legions against a race of fanatics, whose dire and credulous superstition seemed to render them the implacable enemies not only of the Roman government, but of human kind.

    The enthusiasm of the Jews was supported by the opinion, that it was unlawful for them to pay taxes to an idolatrous master; and by the flattering promise which they derived from their ancient oracles, that a conquering Messiah would soon arise, destined to break their fetters, and to invest the favorites of heaven with the empire of the earth. It was by announcing himself as their long-expected deliverer, and by calling on all the descendants of Abraham to assert the hope of Israel, that the famous Barchochebas collected a formidable army, with which he resisted during two years the power of the emperor Hadrian.

    Notwithstanding these repeated provocations, the resentment of the Roman princes expired after the victory; nor were their apprehensions continued beyond the period of war and danger. By the general indulgence of polytheism, and by the mild temper of Antoninus Pius, the Jews were restored to their ancient privileges, and once more obtained the permission of circumcising their children, with the easy restraint, that they should never confer on any foreign proselyte that distinguishing mark of the Hebrew race.

    /end quote

  27. The welcome mat given by the New England elite isn’t surprising given
    Likelihood that there were mega loans and other transactions that the Mayflower flotilla
    must have been party too.

  28. The suicide idea is steaming BS. Please pinpoint for me where is the suicide element here? Where? Elite Yankee whites are not committing suicide. It’s the exact opposite. They are creating a world for their benefit. Elite Jews are doing the same. To get the world they want, a top a priority for both is collaborating in the genocide on the remaining whites and others, too.

    Homocide + Homicide = genocide

  29. “To sum it up, the Yankee Liberals and Jews with power are committing the homicide.
    When applied across a population, that’s called genocide.”

    That’s the real takeaway after all is said and done. Isn’t it?
    They mean to do us harm.

    We have a duty to resist this evil and fight for the survival of our people.

    Deo Vindice

  30. The suicide idea is steaming BS. – Lew

    Let’s try a transatlantic approach, using the case of Britons not voting for BNP even when their society is falling apart as a case-study of Anglo-Saxon suicide. Recently a commenter said in my blog:


    The results of their actions were plain to see by the time the next election came along in 2001. By this time, there had been several race riots in Northern England (not for the first time) and a significant increase in the level of net migration—and they still got re-elected. No adult could profess ignorance at this point: a vote for Labour was very obviously a vote for mass-immigration, multiculturalism and the erosion of liberty. Four more years passed, during which time the Iraq war was initiated, another huge wave of immigration came along, and the government revoked a law banning homosexual propaganda from schools (“Section 28?) and decided to give queers the “right” to form civil unions—and they got re-elected again. Their manifesto during that election campaign included a pledge to introduce new laws criminalising “Racial and Religious Hatred”, which would re-enforce the pre-existing Race Relations Acts supported by all three of the main political parties.

    By 2010, the voters decided to kick them out and replace them with the Conservative Party, whose leader refers to himself as the “heir to Blair” and does not differ from the Labour Party in any substantial way. The Conservatives did not manage to win a parliamentary majority, and they depend on the support of the Liberal Democrats to get their legislation passed (which is not a problem because the two parties agree about almost everything, but pretend not to as part of the democratic media circus). Since then, mass-immigration has continued unabated, there have been more race riots, crime has continued to increase, and now the government is pushing through homosexual marriage laws while denouncing their critics as “swivel-eyed loons”. If you look at the opinion polls for the next general election to see how people are planning to react against the failed Conservative-Liberal government, you will find that they are going to respond by voting the Labour Party back in! A Labour Party led, no less, by a Jew.

    It is unbelievable that people can continue to vote for the enemies of civilisation time and time again. The only reasonable conclusion is that the voters really do support their own national suicide.

    Here’s the funny thing: in every election since 2001, less than half of the population has turned out to vote. Tens of millions of people are not even registered with the electoral roll, making them ineligible to vote. These apathetic people cannot complain about our woes if they will not even do something as easy as vote for the BNP. Of the minority of Brits who actually turn out to vote, less than half have voted for the winning party in each of the last four elections. The parties are not popular at all, but the apathy of the non-voters is akin to complicity. If they object to it, they should get themselves on the electoral register and vote for the BNP. There have been plenty of opportunities to do this, but people simply refuse.

    Truly, “optimism is cowardice”! I have no idea how the UK (or Sweden) is going to recover from this. People’s brains have been turned to mush. It is intolerable. No wonder Dominique Venner topped himself.

    / end quote

  31. I don’t see it as “suicide.”

    How do you explain an eyesore like Detroit in 2013? Why don’t White people look at what happened to Detroit and change their ways?

    The answer is ideology. White people believe in “freedom” and “equality” and “democracy” – that’s what is just and good, whereas “discrimination” is unjust and evil – and Detroit in 2013 is how those ideals played out.

  32. Your own quote, Chechar:

    Notwithstanding these repeated provocations, the resentment of the Roman princes expired after the victory; nor were their apprehensions continued beyond the period of war and danger.

    That’s not special animus you deceitful clown. That’s how all barbarians were treated by Rome. You also ignored the primary sources recording Jewish emissaries to Rome and EPISTLES TO THE SPARTANS where the Spartans claimed ancestry from Abraham.

    It’s fitting you’d cite a chinless liberal with a soft spot (and belly) for paganism. And fail in the process.

  33. Chechar
    “as a case-study of Anglo-Saxon suicide”

    If it was suicide the media wouldn’t need to lie.

  34. By the general indulgence of polytheism, and by the mild temper of Antoninus Pius, the Jews were restored to their ancient privileges, and once more obtained the permission of circumcising their children, with the easy restraint, that they should never confer on any foreign proselyte that distinguishing mark of the Hebrew race.

    Polytheism is the original multiculturalism. Paganism was beautifully tragic, neo-pagans against multiculturalism is divine farce.

  35. The other thing with the anti-white suicide meme is it has to be 100% suicide because if it’s not 100% suicide then it’s partly genocide.

  36. No-man,

    I think people like Lew (who opposes me) and Hunter (who seems to agree with me) are discussing in good faith. Not you, as has been evident since the other threads. Therefore, if I continue to comment in this thread I’ll just ignore what you have to say to me.

    (For those who want to know why the sort of Christianity that people like No-man advocates is a non starter to save the race from extinction, see my collection of articles critical of our parents’ religion here.)

  37. Chechar,

    Do you agree that within the interpretation of a mothball could lie the seeds of our destruction if we allowed the enemy to interpret said mothball?

    If you convinced the mullahs in Iran to sell you the rights to interpret the Koran for them, could you not turn it against them in a generation?

    If in Christianity itself lay the seeds of our destruction, they wouldn’t demonize Christians.

  38. The only reasonable conclusion is that the voters really do support their own national suicide. – Contributor to Chechar’s blog

    The UK’s elites are waging a campaign of ethno-homicide.
    When both parties favor homicide, the targets are not committing suicide; it’s a matter of not being able to escape the homicide.

    I don’t know enough about UK politics “on the ground ” to be certain of why people didn’t support the BNP, but I can speculate. The outcomes in mainstream politics affect peoples’ lives in critical ways other than on race/ethncity matters.

    Your contributor says,

    No adult could profess ignorance at this point: a vote for Labour was very obviously a vote for mass-immigration, multiculturalism and the erosion of liberty.
    I would assume a vote for Labour was also a vote against the alternative, Conservative-Thatcherite economics.

    When both parties favor ethno-homicidal multiculturalism, and you have no option to vote against it, you might as well vote your economic interests. For most Labour supporters, that would be liberal economics not conservative.

    Votes for system candidates is not proof of a desire for suicide.
    It’s proof of the maliciousness of Western elites for constructing a system that forces people to subject themselves to homicide to get basic needs met.

  39. These are not long term British names btw. I’m amazed Berelowitz or Simons are still walking among us. Along with the cops who turned down the list of 117 Paedophile offenders gratis. This is satanic.

  40. Lew, Chechar: Hunter is right. Jews came to dominate America because of liberalism. Jews did not need to steal the media, because American liberalism allowed them to buy and create today’s mass media. Whites “handed it over” because Jews handed them checks in exchange.

    Sure, Jews are crooks whenever they can get away with it. (Like most gentile businessmen and lawyers I have had dealings with, by the way.) But 90% of Jewish power in the US was arrived at in a completely legal way, because of the proper functioning of the American system.

    Focusing on the 10% is a form of deception and self-deception, because it nurses the idea that the liberal capitalist system is fundamentally good if we could just get those gol-durned Jews to play fair.

    Here’s my breakdown of the ultimate causes of our plight:

    1. Whites are prone to universalism: the idea that there is one humanity and one moral law that transcends differences of race and culture. This tendency is pre-christian. One finds it in the Ancient Greek philosophical schools, and Stoicism is perhaps the most striking expression of it. Whether this plight is genetic in any meaningful sense or not is an open question. I hope it is not genetic, because we don’t have time to change our gene pool to fight it.

    2. Christianity, which is a universalistic religion grafted on the trunk of Jewish tribalism, and infected with Jewish fanaticism and intolerance, came to dominate the West, which pretty much explains why whites are open to everyone, but Jews are somehow more equal than everyone else.

    Of course, Christians who take the New Testament seriously and who remember the early history of the Church, made a distinction between the old holy Jews and new, unholy Jews who crucified and reject Christ, and imposed legal restrictions on the latter that lasted until the Enlightenment. (That distinction is lost on today’s mouth-breathing Christian Zionists.)

    3. Enlightenment liberalism pretty much secularizes Christan axiology, and since it discarded Christianity, it discarded Church-based impediments to Jewish emancipation, opening the doors to Jewish hegemony. To secular liberals, however, Jews (and blacks) are more equal than others because they believe that they suffered from intolerance to unique degrees.

    Any group that practices rigorous ingroup nepotism in a liberal society while demanding that the rest of the society treat them with tolerance and fairness has a built in advantage that will cause them to accrue power and wealth at the expense of the rest of the society. South Asians and East Asians in the US are now using the same techniques, with similar results.

    So, is it all “our fault”? Of course not. Whites may have special weaknesses that have led us to this sorry pass. But nobody is invulnerable. If a man shoots you in the gut, is it “your fault” because you were not bulletproof?

    Jews arrived on these shores, were made more welcome than anywhere else in their travels, and like the sociopathic tribe of murderers, swindlers, and thieves that they are, they took avdantage of our hospitality to case the joint and figure out the design flaws. Then they went to work hacking our culture and political system in order to gain control and begin implementing a campaign of intentional genocide against us. And although there are a lot a indigenous white factors that are meshing with the Jewish agenda of white genocide, Jews are the ones who set that agenda in motion and they are definitely the people we have to name and fight to stop it.

    I would categorize my position as “bicausalism” type C: There are two ways to view our present plight. If you look at how we got here, the cause of white genocide is (a) Jewish malevolence, (b) taking advantage of white weaknesses and (c) putting together a coalition of white collaborators. The Jews know exactly what they are doing: they are pursuing the genocide of the white race. The collaborators, for the most part, don’t know what they are doing or don’t care, because they are distracted by other concerns (Jesus, money, liberal guilt, etc.). If, however, you look at how we are to get out of this situation, it is the Jews who are blocking the exit. The Jews are the main problem going forward, the main cause of our continued genocide. They are the linchpin of the coaltion we are fighting. Thus we have to name and fight and defeat the Jews first and foremost, and anything less is basically designed to lose, like the bull charging the cape rather than the toreodor who flourishes it.

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