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Matt Parrott writes:

“The Catholic Church that Chechar envisions destroying Latin America and the Protestant Yankees Hunter Wallace envisions destroying Dixie are merely the zombie carcasses of Christianity, spearheads of the capitalist impulse to expand into their respective societies and steamroll over all the institutional and ideological obstacles to the profit which feeds the power structure.”

A few thoughts:

1.) I think it is a mistake for anyone to search for a “root cause” of our plight.

If you look at it from a Southern Nationalist perspective, the dominant theme is going to be a neverending series of disasters that have been inflicted on the South as a consequence of the existence of the Union.

Suppose you were talking about Idaho, Wyoming, Utah, or Alaska. Like the South, the Far West states have also been peripheral to America’s national decline. Brokeback Mountain, for example, was a short story created by a Connecticut Yankee who graduated from the University of Vermont.

It is places like New York City and Los Angeles that create the dominant culture and it is the masses of White people who live in the Northeastern corridor, that area in the Deep North settled by Yankees that stretches along the Canadian border from Maine to Minnesota, and down the Pacific Coast who are in the driver’s seat of America’s decline and who are taking us over the cliff.

The rest of the country – places like King County, TX – are the passengers strapped and locked in the backseat by the existence of the Union. If they had control of the vehicle, their cultural DNA would move them in another direction.

2.) If you look at it like Chechar from the perspective of Mexico, it is extremely hard to blame Jewish influence (which was minimal after the Inquisition) for the way the racial caste system evolved in Latin America as opposed to North America.

Catholicism played a more important role there. The same is true of New Orleans which because of its Latin and Catholic origins was always the great outlier to the South’s “one drop rule” racial caste system.

The precise mix of causes of our racial and cultural decline will vary depending upon location. In the South, Christianity sustained the Confederate war effort, sanctified the “Lost Cause” during the Jim Crow era, and fueled opposition to the Civil Rights Movement and the Counterculture, whereas in the North it led to William Lloyd Garrison, Harriet Beecher Stowe, and the Freedom Riders.

Christianity had little to do with the South’s racial and cultural decline: the Southern Baptist Convention didn’t embrace anti-racism until the 1990s. It was the last major cultural institution in the entire country to do so.

In Cuba, which like the American South was part of the “Golden Circle” civilization, the Catholic Church was an adjunct of the establishment:

“The Church was part of the system of slavery. It supported, reinforced, and reflected the status quo. It preached obedience to the white master among the slaves, and propagandized the then present inequality and suffering as preparation for an equitable afterlife.”

3.) The history of the South and the Caribbean shows that capitalism can fuel the growth of a racial caste system.

Seymour Drescher’s The Mighty Experiment: Free Labor versus Slavery in British Emancipation, Fogel and Engerman’s Time on the Cross: The Economics of American Slavery, and Christopher Brown’s Moral Capital: Foundations of British Aboltionism show how the “Golden Circle” was cut down in its prime.

The driving force behind the demise of New World slavery was the emergence of evangelical Christianity in Britain in the late eighteenth century. Methodism fueled anti-slavery in Britain while bolstering slavery in the South.

Like the Catholic Church in Cuba vs. Mexico, Methodism in Britain vs. the South illustrates how a causal factor like Christianity can interact with another causal factor like the plantation complex to produce one result in one area and exactly the opposite result in another area.

The presence of slavery in the South and the Caribbean moderated the Jewish Question. The lack of slavery in the North meant that whiteness was of less importance there and led to more explosive conflicts over religion, ethnicity, and class.

The Second World War completely transformed White racial attitudes in the North – the war against Hitler was seen as an ideological crusade for Americanism – whereas it had no impact at all on the South.

Three of the biggest causal factors in the North’s racial decline – Jewish influence, evangelical Christianity, and the Second World War as an ideological catalyst – crashed like waves on a beach at the Mason-Dixon line.

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  1. Chechar, come ya te dije una vez, hombre, te guste o no somos hermanos en esta lucha, tu y yo.

    I am now finally suspecting who you really are. I believe that Linder was right in what he told you in that old thread at MR about your hidden intentions (the same thread where, by the way, I linked to three pics of me during my discussion with you—none in which I look like a regular spic, even remotely).

    I will tell you what I told No-man: I won’t answer to your personal attacks & personal trolling anymore, not here or in other threads.

  2. WN is so personality driven.

    The German-Croat kid wants schulterschluss of Germany and Slavdom.

    The deracinated Mexican white guy wants common cause with the Sumerians, visigoths, Greeks and Gringos.

    You people are truly loathsome. Stay on the internet, where you belong.

  3. The gay man in san francisco wants faggot-nationalism.

    The tumbleweed identifies with working class deserters during the civil war in flyover country.

    This is a circus.

  4. “This is a circus.”

    – Don’t forget the self-loathing NYC half-kike (No-man/Tamer) who’s convinced himself that if he says he loves Jesus enough times, it will make him a Southerner.

  5. Matt Parrott? Ain’t he the guy that fled Indiana when threatened by some Antifa types out of Bloomington?

    Well, there’s the theory that he fled Indiana to escape the antifa trolls, the most active of which are rotting in prison, anyway. His deciding to take his chronically ill wife back to her hometown to be with her friends and family is another theory floating around.

  6. How could I forget the middle-aged man in Detroit that reads white power novellas and thinks people care what he says. All I remember about him is that he lives in Detroit, reps his area code like a nigger and celebrated his 35th birthday on OD by noting he could no longer be drafted… As though selective service was in effect.

    You’re so easy to forget, Chris. Thanks for continually reminding us not only that tou exist but that we should never take not being white-trash for granted.

  7. And I’m a Westerner, part of the team Chechar bailed on to join you losers.

    I have cultural and ethnic affinity for the south, no pretensions of being a southron.

    You on the other hand think that by niggerhating you become a white man when all your gutter contempt does is betray your familiarity with the negro race, since, again, you are poor white trash.

  8. “..the middle-aged man in Detroit..”

    – Lol, so now I’m middle-aged. Your hero Stonelifter tried to insist I was a teenager.

    “..that reads white power novellas..”

    – I do? Which?

    “..and thinks people care what he says..”

    – Not hardly. I just come here for the fights anymore.

    “..reps his area code like a nigger..”

    – I added ‘313’ to my name because there were two other Chris’s that were regulars here when I started posting. Plus, being white trash, I’m absent the ironic wit to come up with names like ‘Tamer of Savages’ — you know, ironic, because you had to be rescued from a nigger by a dot-head.

    “You’re so easy to forget, Chris.”

    – Well you seem to remember an awful lot about me. Sheesh, even I forgot about the draft thing. Good luck with your conversion, Tamer.

  9. And I’m a Westerner, part of the team Chechar bailed on to join you losers.

    Who or what is a Westerner? Who can become Western?

    When you attempt to proffer a definition – as you must if your words are to have any meaning – do you too become “loathsome”?

    I am now finally suspecting who you really are.

    Really, based on that one comment in Spanish? Look, to save you time, I’m who I’ve always been on MR, OD and, if you read him, Sailer. I post as ‘Verlis’ at CC, which was initially my clumsy attempt to spell Silver backwards (lol), and which I now use there from force of habit.

  10. “Is this true?”

    “Who or what is a westerner?”

    I’m not dignifying these questions with responses. YOLO, gentlemen.

  11. What I love about da 908 is that I walked passed a car on way to coffee house before gym. It had an “i love equality” sticker and obamacare sticker.

    Then on way home from gym I walked past a restored General Lee charger.

    Pics of both. This is ground zero in culturkampf.

  12. I’m not dignifying these questions with responses.

    That’s tantamount to an admission you don’t know what you’re talking about. (Shocker…)

  13. The irony is that the driver of the General Lee is feeding OPEC and Islamic power, which is one of the few things worse than BRA.

  14. The new world order is a group trying to apply a anthro-centric universalist philosophy to the world. The idea is that everyone has the same origin and thus they have the same destiny. Jews, Christians, Muslims, Secularists, Liberals, Conservatives, Libertarians, Marxists, Communists, Masons, etc. etc. etc. all believe in that premise and act it out in different ways.

    Any talk of a singular cause is improper because whites do as much to advance this universalist philosophy as jews do because both races believe in it. Virtually everyone else does as well as witnessed by the durban conference. Whoredom on a global scale you can call it.

  15. In looking at the situation from an NWO perspective, Jews are overrepresented in the governments, banks and other global institutions that people generally point to as associated with the NWO. In particular, Jews solely control the banking institutions and the NWOs propaganda arm (Hollywood and mass media).

  16. I get quite tired of the “singing Dixie” crowd just as I get quite tired of the “Heil Hitler” crowd. Southern Jews aren’t any better than Northern Jews, anymore than German Jews are any better than Russian Jews. I recall that the Jewish editor of the Atlanta Jewish Journal recently called for the assassination of Barack Obama. Not a bad idea of itself but “Vive La Difference”.

    As to the eternal south, sorry, but its bullshit. The last thing the United States needed in the year 1860 was the Russians, the British and the French playing a divided nation off against each other. The United States will not be saved as a white nation by resurrecting the Confederacy. Go watch “Gone With the Wind” and feel better.

  17. Matt Parrot is really all over the place — I mean he goes from pillar to post, looking for some philosophy or position he can pin his major to. And he understands much less than he thinks he does. However,

    I grew up being “fed” a steady, poisonous media diet of hate-Southern-Whitey stew. Most of that was cooked up by Jews. It still is, but I don’t consume the poison any more. From TV, Hollywood, and predominantly/almost-entirely jew-owned-and-run media I grew up with the image that most Southern Whites -especially Southern men- were and are sadistic, degenerate scum. From Ireland to Toronto to China to Poland — worldwide — that is the primary image of Southerners. And that defamatory image is mostly propagated by the jew media, jew “academia”, and the jew-funded/corrupted and jew-run US government.

    Jews don’t simply try to get along in the face of hardship and persecution. They are driven out again and again because they are predators, corruptors, deviants. And they corrupt the nations that foolishly take them in.

    Jew is jew. Sephardim were more established, wealthy, integrated, over a long time; in smaller numbers; and seemed different from the hordes of pushy, communistic, agitating, illiterate, seemingly-perpetually-angry, and uncouth Ashkenazim who flooded into the USA (and the UK) at the end of the 19th Century. But they are all of the synagogue of Satan.

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