Caribbean Project: Georgia & the Golden Circle


Palmetto Patriot’s copy of On the Rim of the Caribbean: Colonial Georgia and the British Atlantic World has arrived and he has begun to explore the book. My own copy should arrive in the morning. Check this out:

“The plantation complex that stretched from Brazil to the Lower South sank deep roots into Georgia’s soil within a very short period of time. Philip D. Morgan went a step further when he asserted, “While lowcountry Georgia possessed the territorial extent of a mainland colony, it bore many of the features of a Caribbean island.” The culture and example of the sugar islands, especially those of the Lesser Antilles, exercised a profound influence over the province. As Jack Greene argued, slavery in the lowcountry followed a model worked out in the sugar culture of Barbados. At the same time, the lowcountry developed its own distinctive features.”

Note: Unlike South Carolina, Georgia was founded as a utopian colony for poor Whites. Slavery was banned in Georgia from 1735 until 1750.

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