The Cost of the Union: Final U.S. Senate Amnesty Vote, 68-32

District of Corruption

The U.S. Senate has passed “comprehensive immigration reform,” 68-32. The vote among Southern senators was 17-13 against the bill. The vote among Northeastern senators was 21-1 in favor of the bill.

Note: The cloture vote passed this morning, 68-32. Among Southern Republicans, Corker, Alexander, Rubio, and Graham voted for cloture. They were joined by Nelson, Landrieu, Pryor, McCaskill, Hagan, Warner, Kaine, Rockefeller, and Manchin.

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  4. Several places on your map have never been culturally Southern.

    Although I do not agree with everything you have presented as facts in your post, it makes a lot more sense to demand the departure of those people than to redraw Dixie’s borders in a few areas at our far north.

    Washington DC and southern Florida should not even be inhabited by anyone.

  5. The 2012 electoral map is not a good measure of “Southernness”. Indiana went to Romney by a larger margin than Missouri.

  6. St. Louis and most of Northern Missouri was already more Northern than Southern before the Civil War. Missouri was settled from south to north. At the beginning (around 1820), settlement was limited to Southeast Missouri and the settlers were largely Southern. By the time that Northern Missouri was settled, a significant number of the settlers were German immigrants and Northerners.

    Have you ever heard of Little Dixie?

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