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As Mark Thomey said this weekend, “they just ain’t like us”:

Note: I’m still not sure what to make of religion, but I know this much, this guy does not share my culture. For all the religious differences at the League conference (Protestants, Catholics, atheists, agonistics, even an Odinist), the people who were there share the same culture and the same worldview.

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  1. He calls himself a Southerner while also claiming to be a Jew and an atheist and speaking with a yankee accent.

    What a shrill, horrendous little Ashkenazi creature.

  2. Oh hell yes that was hilarious, thanks for ‘sharing’, lol…….
    The poor bugger seems a lil ‘tweaky’ er sumthin as well 😉

  3. I loved the giant negro cop in plain clothes in the background, trying to decide whether he has to chimp out on the skinny little yid reaching a fever pitch.

    I sure know a lot of Southerners who go absolutely insane when seeing Christian sentiments expressed and pepper their speech with terms like “goyische cop!” hahaha

    This lunatic would probably not stand out within the levantine sewers of NY/NJ, but anywhere else he’s a walking circus.

  4. Hitler did not kill Jews – but if you ever want to know why Humans loathe the Kikes – this is yet another flawlessly beautiful example.

  5. What is the point of this? That nutter isn’t representative of atheists or anyone but perhaps Jews. The title should be changed to Gay Jew Smears All Christians.

  6. This guy is perfectly representative of the fanatical monsters that normal Whites in England wanted nothing to do with in the early 1600s. He’s a Puritan all the way. A natural mutation of the Evil that was planted back in 1620. And he’s got my Midwestern accent. *puke*

    Dissolve the Union

  7. “they just ain’t like us”

    I agree. That hysterical southern Jew is nothing at all like the calm and rational Yankees in the video, who are appalled at his behavior.

    Commenter Dan Poole is, I assume, being sarcastic. The Jewish gentleman makes it painfully clear that he utterly rejects the religion of the Puritans, and does not share their ethnicity.

  8. “What is the point of this? That nutter isn’t representative of atheists or anyone but perhaps Jews. The title should be changed to Gay Jew Smears All Christians.”

    I don’t know about representative but he is symbolic of how the culture war is going to *accelerate* with success. There is almost no resistance any more and they have no brakes.

  9. Just got back from my sojourn among God’s people in the “Little Confederacy” of East Tennessee. Had a nice long chat with relatives over a sip of cousin Dave’s shine which was very heated at times, and not from disagreements, either.

    The home folks are very, very upset with the direction the proposition nation is taking these days. Took the opportunity to hand out a few of PP’s stickers to the kinfolk. Saw more Confederate flags/bumper stickers than I believe I have ever seen.

    Wished I could have stayed a longer at the League Conference. It was a joy being around people who are AWAKE.

    I was also pleased to accompany Frodo Wallace, Samwise Heimbach, and the rest of the fellowship in a journey the SPLC Tower of Doom at Mordor (SPLC HQ) to show off our beautiful national flag and give an eye poke to our enemies.

    The highlight of the drive back down to Florida was hearing the part of the mantra on an AM radio station in Titusville.

    Right after the speaker stated bluntly that no true Christian should support either political party, the program urged folks to make the government spy efforts irrelevant by using “terrorist terms” in email correspondence. Then the statement “anti-racist is just a code word for anti-white” was uttered only a few minutes later.

    I was thunderstruck. Recent events have outraged our people like I have never seen. Many are starting to connect the dots now and realize just how irredeemable the moral bankruptcy of the federal government truly has become.

    Deo Vindice

  10. “Recent events have outraged our people like I have never seen.”

    This is true. The men I work around are very pissed-off. I think it pretty easy to estimate that hundreds of thousands of Whites are waking up to their dispossession. Lets hope the Hispanics and the Homos crow loudly for weeks to really set the anger. Anger is all we have at this point.

  11. Whites Unite,

    Actually, I was being serious. Yes, he’s not technically a Puritan by blood (he isn’t White) or Faith (he isn’t Christian). But so what? If this guy was screaming “WITCH!” instead of “racist, anti-semite, etc” he would fit just perfectly within Puritan society. He fancies himself a morally righteous person who was the “victim” of “oppression.” He embodies the fanaticism that defined the Puritans. The hysteria. The ranting. The non-sense and filthy lies. The idealism. Everything about this guy screams Puritan.

  12. I’d say this clip should be retitled “How Not to Defend Christianity.” What did the Christian do? I think he said once or twice, “I’m trying to have a rational discussion,” but he didn’t seem to be doing so. I couldn’t really tell what was going on at the very beginning of the clip and don’t know what preceded it; but in the clip itself, the Christian didn’t respond to any of the man’s statements. He (the Christian) seemed to think it enough merely to stay quiet and let the man supposedly discredit himself. The man wasn’t irrational. He was agitated, excited, but he was stating his view clearly.

  13. “I’d say this clip should be retitled “How Not to Defend Christianity.””

    Au contraire, mon frere.

    The demon possessed rabid sodomite simply showed his true rainbow colors, insane fanaticism, and lack of any semblance of civility. The extraordinary grace and calm composure shown by the normal guy was abundantly clear to any casual observer and quite the sharp contrast.

    Very well played by the normal guy.
    What they really needed was an exorcist rather than a pair of security guards.

    Deo Vindice

  14. I could only watch a few minutes of this froth at the mouth madman’s rant. To think years ago, that guys with butterfly nets would have taken him to a lunatic asylum in a straight jacket.

  15. Get his,”…all you goy are alike…cobras (or something)”. No wonder Jews are so dangerous. If your quiet they think your plotting murder. Maybe a little self projection?

  16. Hunter, how many posters here with the name Sam? I’m the Wisconsin Sam and didn’t write the above post.

  17. Anyone who walks around in public with no shoes on pavement isn’t mentally stable to begin with. He claims he was jogging? Jogging on pavement with no shoes??

    “All you goyim are alike.” This queer Jew killed his own argument, but he’s too irrational to realize it.

    He behaved like a spoiled child, stomping around in his bare feet and yelling.

    It’s actually good to see Jewish behavior so open and honest without the mask they usually wear. Jews like him do more to expose Jews than anti-Semites ever could.

  18. A great example of Exhibit J hopped up on BLT with Gaypride and Talmudic hate. I would say a case of too much holo-soap. Do they eat that stuff or what?

    He doesn’t have a real job. He is a professional change widget and paid ‘atheist’ assigned to spew his jew at LS meetings.

    Labour camp with plenty of arbeit macht frei would be good for the young bagel.

  19. Had the pro-Christian person been black or Asian he wouldn’t have exploded like that. It all comes back to anti-Whiteness, that is at the core of their hatred.

  20. Lesson learned here?

    State your case, stand tall, and smirk at the antis. They hate smirks.

    Look at the smirk on the guy with the sign. Well played.

  21. Can’t tell if he is off his meds, or this is how Jews operate. I heard 1/4 of their population have genetic issues, that affect their mental health.

    I also noticed he’s an aggressive atheist when it comes to Christianity and Islam, but he conveniently leaves Judaism out. Makes me wonder if atheism has its roots in Jews, waging war on other religions.

  22. The JGDC recommends that all couples where even one partner is Jewish seek genetic counseling to screen for Jewish genetic diseases, when both partners are Jewish you know you’re in for trouble.

  23. Such deranged individuals should be found and encouraged. Their rabid fanaticism must become the public face of our enemies. If such were to happen ‘respectable’ conservatives just might start to question whose respect they wish to gain.

  24. He looks bat shit crazy on his own there shouting at the top of his lungs, but put him in a leftist demonstration and he would look normal. That says it all for me.

  25. Take off the thin veneer of civility or remove the public mask and you have a true look at the real face of our enemies.

  26. The town that I near (but not IN) has several group homes for the mentally ill. The states have been “mainstreaming” the “less violent” ones into the community since the 1970’s and as soon as I saw how he behaved and his inappropriate attire (no shoes, but supposedly jogging, as someone else said) I just assumed that he had been let outside for his afternoon daily leisure activities as is part of the normal routine for those places. He does not have Jewish features and too, the usual Jewish method is to form a group and confront the opposition in groups and shout slogans and heckel the opposition Jew s find comfort and support in numbers, just like blacks. IMHO, he is just a mental case.

  27. He calls himself a Southerner while also claiming to be a Jew and an atheist and speaking with a yankee accent.

    To the Yankee mind, if he lived here for six months, he’s from here.

  28. If I am not mistaken, this is happening at the gates to the Cal Berkeley campus.

    Sort of symbolic.

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