Amurrica Series: Wisdom of the World

ABC News editors seeks to recover his lost manhood
ABC News editor Don Ennis seeks to recover his lost manhood

New York

For it is written: “I will destroy the wisdom of the wise; the intelligence of the intelligent I will frustrate. Where is the wise person? Where is the teacher of the law? Where is the philosopher of this age? Has not God made foolish the wisdom of the world?”
– 1 Corinthians 1:19-20

Several years ago, I used to get into heated debates on a forum with a Christian about the merits of science and philosophy versus religion, and while I still believe that science and philosophy have expanded our understanding of the natural world, I no longer consider them much of a guide to human relationships or behavior.

If the “wisdom of the world” is celebrating “the childfree life” and producing gender confusion in men like Don Ennis (formerly Don Ennis aka “Dawn Ennis”), then something has gone terribly wrong:

“He thought he was a woman trapped in a man’s body — but it turns out he’s “just another boring straight guy.”

ABC News editor Don Ennis strolled into the newsroom in May wearing a little black dress and an auburn wig and announced he was transgender and splitting from his wife. He wanted to be called Dawn.

But now he says he suffered from a two-day bout of amnesia that has made him realize he wants to live his life again as Don. …

But Ennis said in last week’s e-mail to colleagues that he was reversing course again, declaring: “No, I’m not f–king with you. No this is not a joke. No, this is not an episode of ‘Would You Fall For That?’ ””

Note: If I was an ABC News editor and came to work one day and announced to my colleagues that I was pro-White and pro-South, I would have been denounced, fired on the spot, and run out of town.

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  1. “Several years ago, I used to get into heated debates on a forum with a Christian about the merits of science and philosophy versus religion, and while I still believe that science and philosophy have expanded our understanding of the natural world, I no longer consider them much of a guide to human relationships or behavior.”

    The more practical experience I have with science, the less faith I have in it solving any real word problems other that specific technical applications. The scientific method is a technique, nothing more. As a technique, it has strengths and weaknesses. It’s great for designing materials or chemistry, poor for arranging complex systems like human societies with multiplicative degrees of freedom.

    As for this guy? Well, freedumb isn’t for everyone, we used to have loony-bins for a reason. A sane and merciful society would never allow an obvious delusional case like this guy to chemically mangle himself.

  2. The glorification of so-called transgendered people is pathetic. Now why are you blaming non-whites for this? How long do you think these people would last in Africa? Latin America? India? It is white people spreading these ideas there, to the extent that they are tolerated, because we have replaced Christ with sexual deviancy as our religion. This was all started by white people (and yes, Jews).

  3. What science really thinks about race (20 minutes):

    Interbreeding with Archaic Humans in Africa

  4. What Baptists teach:

    June 2007

    WHEREAS, March 6, 2007, marked the 150th anniversary of the infamous Dred Scott Decision by the United States Supreme Court; and

    WHEREAS, The majority opinion of the Court concluded that people of African ancestry and their descendants “had no rights which the white man was bound to respect” and ruled that an entire race of people did not have personhood nor right of citizenship; and

    WHEREAS, We affirm the Declaration of Independence which says, “we hold these truths to be self-evident that all men are created equal and are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights”; and

    WHEREAS, This deplorable decision required action by all three branches of government to eventually overturn: Emancipation Proclamation (1863); Brown v. Board of Education (1954); and Civil Rights Act of 1964; and

    WHEREAS, We are complicit with this erroneous Supreme Court decision when we fail to love, minister to, and share the Gospel with people because of their ethnicity, ability, or station in life; and

    WHEREAS, We are all born as slaves to sin and have no rights to the throne of God except through Jesus Christ; now, therefore, be it

    RESOLVED, That the messengers to the Southern Baptist Convention meeting in San Antonio, Texas, June 12-13, 2007, wholly lament and repudiate the Dred Scott Decision and fully embrace the Lord’s command to love our neighbors as ourselves; and be it further

    RESOLVED, That we reaffirm the historic action in 1995 of the Southern Baptist Convention to “unwaveringly denounce racism, in all its forms, as deplorable sin,” and to view “every human life as sacred…of equal and immeasurable worth, made in God’s image, regardless of race or ethnicity”; and be it further

    RESOLVED, That we fully concur that “racism profoundly distorts our understanding of Christian morality”; and be it further

    RESOLVED, That we commend our churches who intentionally reach out to all persons regardless of ethnicity, and we encourage all other Southern Baptist churches to emulate their example, as the Body of Christ is commanded and called to do; and be it finally

    RESOLVED, That we pray for and eagerly await the day that the scourge and blight of racism is totally eradicated from the Body of Christ so that the world may see the love of Christ incarnated in and through us.

  5. Actually, Dredd Scott was properly decided, extraordinarily lucid, and especially well-written. Taney was a superior jurist, and an extraordinary intellect.

  6. Oh yeah, and the author of the Declaration owned approximately 200 slaves. The “all men are created equal” language referred only to men of the political community, and had nothing at all to do with the negro slaves. Obviously.

  7. This person pretty well demonstrates the ‘American’ obsession with self realisation as the purpose of life. That not even biology, our very chromosomes, should stand in the way of self realisation. It is at least implicitly if not explicitly a rejection of our existence as created beings within a social order.

  8. “…While I still believe that science and philosophy have expanded our understanding of the natural world, I no longer consider them much of a guide to human relationships or behavior.”

    Kudos. It’s no coincidence that the ascendance of “science” has paralleled the destruction of our social fabric. Science doesn’t tell us to be decent, science doesn’t tell us to be moral, science doesn’t tell us to have only one spouse and only one family, science doesn’t tell us to be unselfish, or to tell the Truth, or to fight for what is GOOD.


    That’s why tyrants love the science, and hate God.

  9. “Several years ago, I used to get into heated debates on a forum with a Christian about the merits of science and philosophy versus religion, and while I still believe that science and philosophy have expanded our understanding of the natural world, I no longer consider them much of a guide to human relationships or behavior.”

    There is no issue between “religion” and science. True “religion” accepts that Jesus is God and Savior of man (John 14:6). Where as true science accepts this and does not wish to bring in godless science or “science so called” (1 Timothy 6:20-21), such as evolution. Notice I said evolution, not mutations and natural selection. Evolution is godless.

    All of our modern science came from christian men. Bible believing men.

  10. Afterthought said “What Baptists teach:”

    No, that is a statement by the SBC, not ALL baptists. And not all of it is incorrect. Would you deny that the gospel is to be preached to all of mankind? Some of the statements may be a little PC, but it doesn’t make it ALL wrong.

    Matthew 28:16-20. The Great Commission.

  11. PGRT,

    But he’s not a man is he? He’s a broken vessel who has been allowed to broadcast his propaganda for a decade. White man? Really? What is it?

  12. Science is a tool. Godly men wielding it will by and large create good. Evil men wielding it, well, we see it everywhere today. Lots of bad science, junk science, and sloppy science on top of that. Good science is fussy and pedantic, and requires a lot of time. Therefore, much of what we see today is the result of sloppy scientific practice hasty, ideologically driven conclusions. Too much statistics, not enough modeling of systems. Good models take time, and even so many systems are too complex to model and we lack accurate knowledge of many of the variable data points involved, so instead we get quick and sloppy ideologically driven statistical modeling. And if the stats don’t match the ideology, they are played with until they do. If that doesn’t work, the whole thing is ignored. We have court magicians running the show today, not scientists.

  13. @Proverbs

    Hundreds of church ladies, submit hundreds of resolutions to every Protestant church convention. Most resolutions are not even read, but, passed as a formality. They have no binding or sacramental value as in the Catholic Church.

    You can always attend your Protestant churches conventions, and send some little old lady, or little old man home in tears after you rip them a new one. That puts an end to much of this nonsense when things get nasty & personal.

    Another tactic is to give feedback to your Protestant churches denominational websites and news outlets—don’t ever think they don’t notice your feedback!

  14. The “Declaration” was just a propaganda piece, written for trying to get MONEY from overseas, lol. Seeing it in any other way has been totally discredited.

    In the last election, the campaigners steadfastly TRIED to invoke the “declaration” as things OTHER THAN propaganda for overseas money.

    and they ignored the LEGAL document of the Constitition, which stated the nation was, “FOR US and our posterity,” (this is in the preamble and free copies are handed out everywhere, if you cannot afford to get one).

    Elevating a known piece of PROPAGANDA is highly suspicious activity!

  15. Again—

    this was all just a selling point TO RICH EUROPEANS, especially the french at that time. And that is all. Anything else about it is DISCREDITED. Period.

  16. Idk—- OF COURSE self-realization is the purpose of life, growing toward GOD, and so on. Why not? Maybe that’s the main reason people want to be white, lol. If you were someone else, maybe you “sole purpose in life,” would be foraging dinner.

    Nothing wrong with having achieved the top of the Malthus pyramid, right?

    Such a position allows for the most Creativity to occur.

    What would you want life to be about? JUST reproducing? Then go live in the “third world,” where that really is what life is more about.

    Reproducing? Foraging your food? You and neanderthals? (lol)

  17. Just because the Southern Baptists hold that all people are equal in God’s sight and are all worthy of forgiveness doesn’t mean they all accept the idea that all men are created with equal ability. This is something, especially liberals and main stream conservatives completely miss or simply don’t understand. There is a difference.

    It is wrong to hate another race simply because of their race but it is not wrong in the least to love your own race and desire to hang around you own race and associate with them more than others. It is not wrong to defend the interests of your crowd. The major problem with our cause is the PC crowd screams that we hate others simply because we like our own kind and want to see our brothers and sisters advanced and in power.

    One thing I have observed on the condition of man has led me to rethink the old saying, “those who don’t study history are doomed to repeat it.” I now believe this is an oversimplification or under thought problem regarding the repetition of history. Human beings have not changed over the course of centuries. We are doomed to repeat history due to human nature. A rough crowd comes along and oppresses the people. The people eventually rebel,. Things good great for awhile until another rough and tough crowd appears and the whole process repeats.

  18. Oh right…

    Besides foraging supper and reproducing like any bunnies, you could do other elevated things, like pay taxes to your Grand Lordships, to “help the less fortunate,” (ie, be a used TOOL for richer people, who shave their money off the top of your taxes. Well, off the top AND the middle, and maybe even a part of the very bottom, all before tossing a COIN of your money from their Grand Palanquins to the huddled masses, of which you have probably now become one, since you paid so much in taxes, etc.)

    Therefore, I’m all for self-realization as a way of life.

  19. On the topic:

    HW is very correct—- this is just what it IS to work in a MODREN big city office. But go in and say you are Southern, complain about the lack of (genuine) Southern Voice in msm, complain about how people on t.v. who say they are southern really are not, etc, and see the shtf, lol.

    Wonder if this “couple” has CHILDREN? Bet they do. These are the folks who have the MOST kids nowadays.

  20. Yes indeed—

    THREE kids. More than replacement level! Are wn’s pleased, (lol), as culture is a social construct and genetically they will be white… (right?) Whatever the case, bet they are in Ivy League schools, too, training to be “Our Leaders of Tomorrow” —don’t have time to track them down at the moment, though.

  21. Did I get banned or blocked from posting comments here or am I having iPad issues? I certainly didn’t mean anything of offensive maybe controversial for the sake of discussion.

  22. “Therefore, I’m all for self-realization as a way of life.”

    And then your way of life ends with you.

    Your philosophy has brought us to the brink.

  23. There is *no* contention between science and religion.

    All of the greatest scientists that lived before (and some during) the early 20th century were Christian. There are even very influential “pop” Christian writers (like CS Lewis) believed in Evolution. My favorite section from “The Magician’s Nephew” was where Lewis explains how Aslan “created” Jadis by “Evolving” her from a stock of people with an evil secret. (“The Magician’s Nephew” and the “The Last Battle” are my favorites from the series)

    Simply put, being told you have to “choose” science or religion is a false distinction, a false fight between science and religion, and it’s being propagated by those that control the media and want to socially engineer us to accept their atheist-socialist paradise.

  24. There is a huge conflict between a scientific cultural worldview and a religious cultural worldview. In essence, it’s the difference between an embryo and a human. This has enormous consequences for everything that flows thereafter: How we gather as humans, how we govern ourselves, how we come to agree on our purpose in life, how we build our civilization.

    We’re not talking about scientists in a Christian world. We’re talking about the meaning of life in a public square in which only “science” is allowed. There are far, far greater things on heaven and earth than could ever be gained through a microscope, telescope or collider. When this was understood, science was beneficial to society. But the falcon can no longer hear the falconer. Return to your telescreen, people. Nothing to see here.

  25. Well it’s like you have always said Hunter – Freedom failed. All that we are seeing is the end result of Liberty coming into view. This is always where it was going to end up and we are not even at the bottom of where we are going yet but we are getting there real fast.

    The bright future they had planned without God is not going to happen. Seraphim Rose and his writings on nihilism come to mind right now. “A rage against creation and against civilization that will not be appeased until it has reduced them to absolute nothingness.”

  26. I think that any contracts e.g. employment agreements, leases, marriages should be nullified after a sex change on the grounds that the tranny is not the same person who made the contract in the first place.

    Think about it: isn’t his employer entitled to fire him on the grounds that they hired a normal man and not an abnormal woman?

  27. “Freedom failed. All that we are seeing is the end result of Liberty”

    Freedom has not really failed, but the false freedom of Corruption seems to have succeeded (temporarily) — and “what we are seeing” is simply the result of so many giving up freedom in God and becoming slaves of sin. “If the Son shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed” yet slaves adore and love despotism.

  28. Linda, nice song for pop country. But perhaps Tommy is Asian, Latino (could be Tomas), from India (the Apostle Thomas allegedly traveld to India so lots of Christians there are named after him), or even black!

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