End Women’s Suffrage – We’ve All Suffered Enough


One cause that a reborn Southern nation should take up is the terrible problem of women’s suffrage.

We have to end the suffering.

I note that patriots in the early 20th century recognized the terrible dangers associated with women’s suffrage which led to horrors like Prohibition (Women’s Temperance League) and now has godless, manless creatures like Oprah, Elena Kagan and Hillary Clinton dictating to healthy men.

Simply stated, the South must end women’s suffrage. We’ve all suffered enough!



  1. Guys walk out from the machines and built by that sustains life: Construction, electrical grids, power plants, public safety,doctors,aviation,auto industry,railways,sea port,agricultures,transportation,public service. Hillaries and her pets be begging for forgiveness.

  2. Why? Women are brilliant voters! If not for women we would have never realized that the essence of freedom is the right to kill your own children. I sure don’t want to go back to the bad old days when this wasn’t the case. Hail women! They give us life and by God they’ll take it away!

  3. Women’s votes are redundant, usually ill-informed, and usually biased in favor of security and collectivism. That’s why it’s a fundamental part of Marxist rhetoric.

  4. I am not sure I agree 100%.
    I think we need something like the following:

    1 vote per net-tax paying family estate, regardless as to who runs the family estate.

    Removes the sex issue completely and still gives a responsible high-information voter pool. One can dream, right?

  5. An integral part of any rebirth of the Southern Nation, judging by the historical record, will have to be rejection of female suffrage. Be prepared, however, to lose a lot of support, and to incur a lot more resistance, if women are not to be treated “equally.” From my perspective, equal treatment of women is a death knell, slow acting to be sure, for the society adopting that principle.

  6. Mr. Ryan, could you elaborate on what you were trying to say, ‘tongue in cheek?’

    I seriously don’t get it. Call me humorless X chromosome.

  7. LyleT – if you can’t get this joke, then, well, most all attempts at humor will probably fail. I don’t want to live in a world without humor.

    Ok, to explain the joke:

    “women’s suffrage” (granting women the right to vote), sounds a lot like women “suffering”, or just suffering in general, which most people are against suffering.

    Hope that helps.

  8. RamZPaul attempting to convince disinterested sperm banks to accept his apparently flawed reheaded sperm was funny. This, eh…

  9. Hey dipshits, in America WOMEN deserve rights. You Nazi psycho assholes don’t like it? Then go the fuck to Saudi Arabia!

  10. Hey ano,

    This was an Onion style humor piece.

    Are you familiar with the concept of humor?

    In general PC cultural Marxists and Muslim migrants have no sense of humor.

  11. “In general PC cultural Marxists and Muslim migrants have no sense of humor.”

    Cultural Marxists are always OUTRAGED! about something. They would be dreadful people to live around. lol

  12. Thanks Lucy.

    I enjoy a good laugh. A good spence of humor is the best defense against the humorous PC cultural Marxists.

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