Rivers of Blood: Kenya Mall Attack

The Somali-Minneapolis axis of terrorism continues to bear its multicultural fruit
The Somali-Minneapolis axis of terrorism continues to bear its multicultural fruit


In Kenya, a group of Muslims affiliated with the Somalian terrorist group al-Shabaab have slaughtered 68 non-Muslims in a Nairobi shopping mall.

Men, women, and children who were unable to name the Prophet Muhammad’s mother were lined up against a wall and gunned down with AK-47s.

Could something like this happen here?

In 2010, a Somalian teenager nearly blew up a Christmas tree lighting in Portland, Oregon. It has already happened in Boston, London, New York City, Beslan, and Madrid. In fact, the White widow of one of the 7/7 terrorists in London was reportedly killed in the attack along with three “Americans” from Minnesota and Missouri. A “Swede,” a “Finn,” a “Canadian,” and another “Briton” also participated in the attack.

Thanks to the US State Department, there are more than 80,000 Somalian Muslims in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area. There are 5,000 in the Nashville area with nearly 1,000 Somalians living in little Shelbyville.

Is this what we want in Middle Tennessee? Do we want the Nashville area to become another “terrorist axis” like Minneapolis?

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  1. I advised, on that Showdown Thread, to hype this to the max. “Defense” is for LOSERS.

    Demonize those Muslims in TN with verve, and glee! Show the PICS!!!!

    Do a poster of some sort. Show dead, blood covered Mall Shoppers. You must keep slogans short and sweet. Something along the lines of :

    “Nairobi 9/2013 or Shelbyville 12/2013?”

    Alas – I can’t get away. I won’t be at the rally. I am sorrier than you know. I’m trying to get others I know to participate.

  2. At least three of the doers in the Kenya mall attack are “Americans.” Americans with Arabic names and of black Somalian heritage from Minneapolis and Kansas City, that just happened to have hatched in the United States.

    I’m saying this for a reason, that reason being that there’s too much irrationality out there about “drone strikes that kill American citizens.” They’re only “American” on paper, they’re Middle Eastern Muslims in reality, and they were drone struck and killed in Whackistan, not Ohio, because they were hanging around with terrorist boogie woogie groups probably because they were of the same ilk. Zero sympathy from me.

  3. There are 45,000 plus Somali Moslems in Columbus, Ohio. Most of them came to Columbus, the State Capital of Ohio, during the reign of Conservative Republican Governor the Bob Taft. The Bob’s term ended about a half dozen years ago, but the Somali’s remain. There are also, uncounted thousands of Asian & Oriental Moslems of the convenience store variety, and, the Ohio State student, doctor, variety too.

    I was in Worthington, Ohio recently on business. Worthington is a neat & tidy inner ring suburb of Columbus. How much longer it will be neat & tidy under the pressure of diversity is anyone’s guess? In Worthington is a monument to Confederate General “The Defender of Charleston” Roswell Ripley who was born & raised in Worthington—how long will that remain?

  4. 5,000 in Nashville? 1,000 in Shelbyville? Shoot, if even 10% of these Somali’s become active and openly hostile, middle Tennessee is in for big trouble!

  5. Be very careful with the Lethwaite story. It originated with the cops in Kenya. She’s like their Emmanuel Goldstein. She’s responsible for every terror attack in Africa at this point.

    If she did anything she’s a bit part player.

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