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Patriotic Flags

September 25, 2013 Hunter Wallace 31

Alabama I couldn’t be more pleased with the League of the South’s new Southern Nationalist polo shirt. Check out Patriotic Flags for hundreds of flags […]

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Showdown In Tennessee

September 23, 2013 Hunter Wallace 54

Tennessee We learned this morning that a group of leftists in Murfreesboro have organized a counterprotest to our “Demonstration Against Southern Demographic Displacement” which is scheduled […]

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We’re Not the First

September 20, 2013 Jaye Ryan 10

(Others have spoken out against terrible animal cruelty of Tyson Foods) I would like to present for “fair comment” the advert pictured above, and some […]

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Disqus Update

September 16, 2013 Hunter Wallace 21

Alabama The vast majority of the WordPress comments have now been imported into Disqus. We’re still missing a lot of comments though. I will import […]

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Secede Yard Signs

September 13, 2013 Hunter Wallace 37

Alabama For $527 dollars, I could make 100 of these yard signs and distribute them around the Lower Chattahoochee Valley.  I could easily substitute a […]