December 7: League of the South: Rally Against Lindsey Graham & Southern Demographic Displacement (Greenville and Greer, SC)

South Carolina

South Carolina should have dumped Lindsey Graham a long time ago. If you agree, please join us in the streets of Greenville and Greer, SC on December 7th.

Note: Here’s a video that I missed from our previous rallies in Tennessee:

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  1. Respectable looking activist there. In my opinion, the above is the way nationalists should appear in public demonstrations.

  2. If there were really free speech and thought, and not many taking pictures of everyone and such things, imagine what people would say, imagine how many groups of people would exist.

  3. That’s wonderful, b/c average Americans should not have to feel such fear. To be threatened in the country their own families founded seem just…so wrong, exactly what their founders said could happen.

  4. Very well stated HW. Good idea on the scripting of the protest as well, this will help keep the basement Fuhrers from showing up to try and recruit for their crews, since they won’t be allowed to be the act up king.

  5. Hunter Wallace says:
    October 27, 2013 at 6:32 pm
    I said at the outset that one of the main reasons we are doing these rallies is to help people on the internet get over their fear of appearing in public.

    Jack Ryan replies:

    Sadly, bothVdare and Amren are not publishing my positive account of the LOS successful protests in Middle TN. There seems to be a censorship wall against publishing public demonstration success stories even in the respectable racial realist blog world. We’re allowed to complain anonymously on the Internet, just not show our faces in successful demonstrations.


    Think of us as the new Gays – have to be kept in the closet.

  6. >”Sadly, bothVdare and Amren are not publishing my positive account of the LOS successful protests in Middle TN.”

    Jack, I just emailed both publications about these oversights and Peter Brimelow says he is still waiting for a promised written article from a certain participant who he didn’t name.

  7. Just wanted to say the choice of music in that video is BRILLIANT! It might not seem like an important part of this movement, but little things like choice of music makes a major impact on folks. Keep up the good job whoever picked that song out!!!

  8. Rudel,

    I think Brimelow is refering to me. I sent the article to Fulford as instructed. I’ll send to Brimelow .



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