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Wedding Clip

October 23, 2013 Hunter Wallace 17

Missouri Here’s a short clip from our wedding: Note: I want to give a shout out to Kievsky, Harold, and Palmetto Patriot who bought us […]

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October 21, 2013 Hunter Wallace 50

Missouri It was a long and eventful weekend here in St. Charles, Missouri. Jack Ryan, William Rome, and Kyle Rogers were here for the wedding. […]

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Harrison Billboard

October 18, 2013 Hunter Wallace 67

Arkansas This billboard in Harrison, Arkansas is getting a lot of publicity: Note: There’s another billboard that advocates secession near Springfield, MO.

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Parting Shot

October 13, 2013 Hunter Wallace 13

Tennessee Thanks to Jack Ryan, this is on I-24 just outside of Murfreesboro before the intersection with 840. It is visible to anyone driving from […]

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Our Very Young

October 13, 2013 Jaye Ryan 28

So many good people, good experiences, good vibes today in Middle Tennessee. This one family brought 4 stunningly beautiful, bright, well mannered children – and […]

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Southern Vengence

October 9, 2013 Hunter Wallace 13

Salon I’ve been ignoring the clown show in Washington called the “government shutdown,” but the Left is pushing the “neo-Confederate insurrectionist” meme harder and harder […]

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Opposition Signs

October 9, 2013 Hunter Wallace 48

Tennessee Art Dishman and friends have been busy making the signs that will be used at their counterprotest on Saturday: Note: OD has spent the […]

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Next Door Neighbors: Sudanese

October 8, 2013 Hunter Wallace 3

Tennessee Meet the “Sudanese community” of Nashville: Note: Yes, there is also “Sudanese community” in Nashville now, in addition to the Kurdish and Somali communities.