1. If you’re reading these words and you are with us politically generally speaking, and you haven’t mentally detached yourself from the Pauls, both father and son, after all this, then you’re tee totally insane.

    Jack, maybe The Onion couldn’t have made this up, but this doesn’t surprise me, and I bet it didn’t surprise you. It’s like Jack Kemp really didn’t die, but he keeps politically reincarnating himself into one neo-con, lamer con and right-libertarian after another after another.

  2. Let me guess, the (former) Southern Avenger is his goodwill ambassador there? Well, _that_ might have to be the Onion.

  3. Countenance. The key here to remember is that the cursed 3 1/2 year Presidential election is a show, a series of related television “reality” shows. To be on the show, one must now be politically correct, accept all the tenets of BRA at not mention non White immigration, Zionist control of US foreign policy. Black Ruled America – BRA is the religious/political reality of the reality show. Challenge any small portion of BRA and you and your handlers, staff, political groupies don’t get to be on the Presidential campaign reality show.

    Libertarianism in the form of Rand Paul, Paul Ryan, Jack Kemp is acceptable to the “the powers that be” as everything is geared to “helping Blacks”, giving more freedoms to queers, nonWhite immigrants – the message is just as light variation of the Lib, Left Marxist party line that the American “System” is Racist against Blacks, always has been and there needs to be “Change”. Any failings of Blacks like Detroit falling in to Haiti style squalor, crime, financial bankruptcy , it’s not in any way the fault of cultural short comings of the Blacks, evil or misguided Whites are to blame.

    Libertarianism is now the only “Conservative” political intellectual philosophy allowed on American Left, Jew dominated campuses.

    Again, Rand Paul for President is (fake) reality show. It has no chance of winning anything in the real wold, but lots of White Americans live their lives following reality TV shows.

  4. Rand Paul is just a bit less NeoCon than idiot’s like McCain & Graham and he’s closer to the Jack Kemp idiocy but never been a libertarian…

  5. I remember the day that I stopped supporting Ron Paul and Rand Paul.

    It was around the time of the Nevada Republican Primary when Ron Paul compared the Border Patrol to the Gestapo in Nazi Germany. I knew it would be all downhill from there.

  6. Yes Hunter, that was pretty bad.

    For me it was Peter Brimelow’s face to face during the New Hampshire primary of his first GOP presidential run. Brimelow just sized up and dismissed Ron Paul as a very old, tired man who really doesn’t think about mass immigration and has other wonkish talking points. When called out about politically incorrect past writings about Black criminals, the Israel lobby, the third world, of corse the tired old man Ron Paul disowned our people and committed to pander and grovel his entire life to remain in MSM good graces.

    Ron Paul and Rand Paul love Big Brother, worship MLK jr and Rosa Parks, they agree Blacks are never at fault for their failures, for their destruction of our cities, it’s all the fault of the White racist SYSTEM, only they have some free marked changes that will make the system, make all Blacks, all third world immigrants succeed….

    Have I mentioned that I despise Ron and Rand Paul. I note that Kelso at White News now still promotes the R &R Paul libertarian cult.

  7. I just wonder who Rand Paul thinks is going to vote for him if he’s running as yet another Jack Kemp imitator. Don’t forget, if Paul Ryan actually runs in 2016, they’ll be splitting that vote. Another thing: Be mindful of the fact that “that vote” is almost nothing. When Jack Kemp was actually “competitive” running for President in 1988, in Republican primaries and caucuses, he averaged 5% of the vote in states in which he actually tried to be competitive. Five percent is one in twenty, and one in twenty isn’t going to win you anything. So he dutifully dropped out.

    Even Ron Paul in 2012 got way more than 5% in a lot of states.

    But with Rand Paul Ryan (lol me on the portmanteau) splitting that big 5% Kemp constituency two ways…it’s going to be a big debacle.

    P.S. Kelso is still pushing R+R? I haven’t noticed, because I stopped looking at WNN for that reason. If Stormfront is still doing it, I haven’t noticed either, because I just troll Stormfront for good URLs about black crime et al., and ignore the commentary.

  8. A large part of the reason they are promoted is because

    1) everybody knows what Ron Paul has said in the past, and it is not P.C. and he does not have the freedom to truly speak his mind in the zionized U.S.

    2) It’s clear he is using tact in order to get the important parts of his agenda past the media and D.C. culture. Sadly America is too perverted, controlled by multi-culti fascists, mix up and dumped down to see the value in the platform.

    3)90% of their goals overlap with ours. Including abolishing the IRS and the Federal Reserve. Highly worthy goals which neuter the beast that is doing us in. Immigration is not a headline issue of the Paul platform. But the things which are actually help us, unlike all of the other presidential candidates who do nothing but draw us closer to the abyss.

    FYI, I depise despots and authoritarians.

  9. Awareness raising. Hands down. The only problem is we need regional or national platforms to be effective and those are the most out of reach. Ironically, Stormfront, being as big as it is, is probably the most effective tool we have. The only problem is that none of that energy is directed. It’s a big hive, which occasionally draws people in.

    We need TV networks and movie studios, yesterday. But they are well out of reach.

  10. Hunter I apologize for posting depressing, negative posts and comments about the traitor new Pope and Rand Paul pandering to the worst Blacks.

    I’ll try to find positive, inspirational things to write about.

    I was accused of “beating a dead horse” for documenting the terrible racial treasonous comments of Ron Paul. His defenders said he had stood for many principled good things in the past and was now retiring from political, public life. But, his race denying open borders immigration, pandering to Blacks Libertarian loonicy has been reborn in his son Rand Paul – this horrible cult goes on.

    Sometimes anti White traitors like Newt Gingrich that we thought were dead a nod buried, they come back from the dead as walking undead!

    Maybe Hunter and some of our real Southern men can tell us how to really kill….

    The walking dead.

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