Lindsey Graham Raising Money In Palm Beach County

Sen. Lindsey Graham opposes peace with Iran
Sen. Lindsey Graham opposes peace with Iran, agitates for war


Sen. Lindsey Graham is on the campaign trail this morning… in Palm Beach County, Florida, to raise money for his reelection campaign in South Carolina.

Graham is traveling through South Florida, quite literally, to meet with his real constituents and shakedown the elderly Jewish Zionists in Palm Beach County in the hope of getting a handsome kickback for his tireless warmongering against Iran and Syria:

“U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham, the South Carolina Republican and frequent sidekick to U.S. Sen. John McCain of Arizona, is in Palm Beach County on Monday looking to raise campaign cash.

He was set to appear at a “pro-Israel reception” Monday morning at the home of Judy & Sidney Swartz of Delray Beach.

Prices ranged from $500 per person to $5,000 sponsorships for couples. …”

Note: I shouldn’t have to explain to anyone here why it is long past time for Lindsey Graham to go.

I’m traveling to South Carolina this weekend for the League of the South’s Rally Against Lindsey Graham and Southern Demographic Displacement in Greer and Traveler’s Rest, SC on December 7th. The rally against Graham will begin at 9:30 AM on Saturday in downtown Greer, SC by the city offices near Poinsett St. and Line St.

If you are one of those bigots who refuses to shut up and pledge allegiance to Israel, you know where to find us.

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  1. Think our side has to get a bit down and dirty with this Queer, Open Borders Immigration, NEo Conservative endless wars for Israel traitor. What could be worse from a “conservative” perspective?

    I think we have to put the word out to all White Conservatives in South Carolina that this guy is a flaming queer.

    The other side isn’t nice with anyone who is even remotely on our side – the smears of Nazi, HATER, Fascist come our way.

    We have to start punishing our enemies. Lindsey Graham is certainly a leading enemy.

  2. This is too ridiculous. The Jews of South FL paying for the reelection of the senator from 2 states north. Sounds like something a White Nationalist would imagine. I remember OD and SBPDL were talking about America hitting peak negro a couple years ago. Is it possible we might soon hit peak Jew? Literally nobody but the Jews and their Shabbos Goyim want a war with Iran. The great powers hammered out a deal with Iran really quick in spite of Zionist war mongering. That and their failure to intervene in Syria might mean they’ve hit their limit.

  3. When I was in South Florida in September 2012, Chuck Schumer’s fundraising troupe hit the community my parents were living at in Palm Beach County. I guess Schumer didn’t want to miss out on the tribe members who flew south for the winter on the early side. I think this happens all the time throughout the country. I am sure Harry Reid gets plenty of Jewish money and would even if his wife wasn’t Jewish.

  4. Hunter, remove my comment about Jack above. My error indeed. Lost track of article with my post. Losing it, I guess!

    I apologize to Jack wholeheartedly, he did put up my comment. Thank you!

  5. Ah, La Florida, lovely scene of the massacre of hundreds of white Protestant original settlers for being Protestant by the Latins taking over in 1565, long suppressed but still not completely forgotten. Later the Latins lost control, but soon it will really be Florida again.

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