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  1. Hunter Wallace,


    Maybe there’s potential in mock protesting monuments to Left-wing heroes. Eventually nonwhites will embrace that nearly all whites were evil racists, then their heroes will mostly be nonwhite and they’ll abandon most of the white heroes of today; but for now, while the Left still has white heroes, there’s potential to harm it by removing the masks of their alleged heroes.

    Lincoln: racist. Sherman: racist. FDR: racist. Jefferson (one of ours or their?): racist. Che Guevara: racist. Etc.

    Not sure there’s much on Gandhi that could harm him in the eyes of the Left, but he was also: racist.

  2. Perhaps a mock protest could be done with some phoney left-wing name, eg. League of the Brothers.

    Then put up a website for LotB that clearly states how you’re a satire group intending to reveal the truth of today’s so-called heroes. And you could link back to LotS.

    Ideally, if the media-spin works out, which it might well not; people would recognise you for being a mock-group. The danger is the media might portray it as false-flag, which might make the protesters look underhanded and dishonest, willing to use propaganda with ethics little better than Communists (having a dangerous ends-justifies-the-means view).

  3. Is the Southern Environmental Law Center (SELC), an affiliate or a spinoff of the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC)? Most of these Jewish Trotskyite (socialist-communist) type groups split on a regular basis into new radical groups.

    This Southern Environmental Law Center has held up a bridge building/re-building project in North Carolina that has caused Hatteras Island to be isolated from the mainland, and is also causing Okracoke Island to be isolated from Hatteras Islands’ road network. So now both islands are only accessible by ferry.

    Needless to say, the folks in North Carolina are not happy!

  4. Hunter, I went to the ADL site, and a commentator who called him/herself The Shadow said whoever wrote that article needed to expand their vocabulary or come up with some better name-calling than racist and white supremacist. Apparently, even among ADL types, these words are losing their demonizing power.

  5. S.C. will be like Florida is now and California with the Third Worlders swarming in. Reconstruction in S.C. was really bad after Civil War or War of Secession. Most lost their farms and property and could not vote or own land or run for political office for 20 years after civil war. All the records were burned in court houses by Sherman in his March to the Sea. If the property owner had a Masonic Symbol on his gate post they would not burn down the buildiings on properties. Also A Mason if in Union Army or Confederate Army if captured could give the distress signal and they would let them escape. Also after Battle of Manassah Robert E. Lee could have taken Washington DC but he did not.. It was only 25 miles away and undefended. Eustice Mullins explains all this in his works. Lee was a Mason and his loyalty went to Judeo Masonry FIRST. Notice how he was treated after war compared to others who were brutalized by yanks like William Clarke Quantrell and many others.. Jeff Davis was captured and put in the Fed Prison in Keys in Florida After Civil War–The Governor and all politicians in State Government were Black. Then Grey Wolves of Wall Street got scared that Black Nationalist would take what they got from White Southerners in War–all the land and properties. The Grey Wolves cut a deal with defeated Whites in South–and they let them have control–but under their control and let the Klan form and let Segregation last till 50s when the Powers That Be–said no more and to hell with Whites. This is in Richard Kelly Hoskins works. The Klan did save the White Race in South after Civil War. If their was no Klan–the Whites in South would be like the Dutch Afrikaners today are–Genocided…The Klan saved White Race in South. We need to learn about Klan tactics then–the Hoods and Invisiability…Todays White Resistance Fighters must be Insurgents… LONG LIVE THE CAUSE…. PS) Martin Lindstedt is right about mighty evil empires and how they turn on the Founding Racial Stock. Look today how Anglo Saxons are the target of total destruction by Powers That Be.

  6. Hunter, the ADL must have missed your series on salubrious southern jews. If someone would provide a link I’m certain they would adopt a more favorable perspective toward your efforts.

    By the way, all the best to you today.

  7. @John Thomas: “… California with the Third Worlders swarming in.” How can the facts about California, New Mexico, and Texas be publicized?
    “Demographics play prominently in San Bernardino’s collapse. In 1970, 66 percent of the city was White, but by 2010, that figure sat at 19%. … Besides the White population, the city’s current makeup is 60% Hispanic, 15% Black, 3% Asian, and a smattering of other races.”
    http://americanfreepress.net/?p=7722 APF PODCAST & ARTICLE: Fate of San Bernardino A Cautionary Tale for All of America

  8. Hunter, perhaps more effective signage, that gets straight to the point, would spur more honks from passing white motorists. Heck, maybe even a few of the lazy bastards would get out of their cars and join you.

    We’ll start with important words that are always missing from your demonstrations like bloodthirsty bottomfeeders, missing links, destruction & mayhem, annihilation… and then move onto the absence of good photography with shock value showing white farming families in Zimbabwe and South Africa on their last day of life. You know the ones. The ones explicitly showing the African’s skill at disembowlement…

    Hey, I can dream…

  9. Weaver, great idea. Let’s do what “they” do. We’ll pay some people to join our protests, preferably hardcore lefties to pose as Southern conservatives (with no moral compass, they’ll be quick to take the moolah – or we’ll tell them it’s for a red documentary (this will provide a little entertainment for us on the side)). Then we pay off some hooligans to viciously attack “that part” of our group (there’s the entertainment). Then we either pay off, or threaten, the media to blow the confrontation way out of proportion… airing it over and over and over…

    More dreams…

    What we really need to do is find a different strategy. Our opposition uses think tanks, we use blogs. To outsmart the worst-of-the-worst, we must think like them and outsmart them. And, it costs nothing… In these perilous times, you don’t rise to the occasion, you get down real low and dirty, creepy dirty. After all, it is warfare they’re engaged in.

    Unfortunately, the opposition will hear everything as we plan it.

  10. Oh good, waving those white surrender flags again. Nice little Cushman cult flag. We wouldn’t want to scare people with an actual southern flag.

  11. I don’t like grahamnesty but why don’t you wave the American flag? I think you would engender more support from supporters that way. After all you are defending American citizens.

  12. blah, the reasons why we use the Cushman SN flag are that we wanted a flag to represent the modern Southern Nationalist movement and we didn’t want to be confused with WBTS reenactment groups. And as far as the claim we “don’t want to scare people with an actual Southern flag” we have used the flags of several Southern states at all our demonstrations. I was at two of them, so I know this to be true.

  13. Flags?


    Pickens County sheriff refuses to lower flag for Mandela

    The American flag that flies over the Pickens County Sheriff’s Office will be raised high tonight despite an order by President Barack Obama that flags across the country be lowered to half-staff to honor the death of iconic South African leader Nelson Mandela.

    Sheriff Rick Clark told The Greenville News that he has ordered the flag be raised at the end of today because he said the honor of lowering flags to half-staff should be reserved for Americans.

    “The flag at half-staff is for Americans’ ultimate sacrifice for our country,” Clark said. “We should never stray away from that.”

    The flag has flown at half-staff and will continue to during daylight hours today in honor of a Lowcountry law enforcement officer who was killed and in honor of Pearl Harbor Day, Clark said.

    However, come tonight, the flag will be raised, he said.

    On Thursday, Obama ordered that flags be flown at half-staff on public grounds until sunset Monday. (snip)

    Comments section loaded with retards praising the White-killing, commie nigger humanitarian.

  14. Snowhitey,

    it should work with a small group of people.

    Just to clarify things, for example: stand in front of statue of Sherman with signs of “genocider of Amerindians”, as well as pertinent quotes.

    I suppose my original post wasn’t clear, but surely this one is. If the protest becomes viral, it could be successful. If it doesn’t, then it’s mostly a waste of time.

    Anyway, it’s just an idea. At the least, Old Rebel defends Tom Watson well with his FDR quote. At the least when one of ours are cited as “haters” we could counter cite one of theirs as also being “a hater”.

    *Snowhitey is blinded by Weaver’s genius*

  15. Re the flag issue, while the goal of a southern nation may be an ideal, I think the goal of an immigration moratorium, deportation and other steps to stop the demographic displacement of The historic American nation and citizens is a much more achievable goal and is one a much larger group of Americans could get behind. If that more limited goal could be achieved and other issues such as reform of entitlements, welfare reform etc could preserve much of what is good about America without a separatist movement that can be too easily denigrated as unpatriotic, racist, unAmerican, etc etc blah blah blah by the lefties and progressives trying to destroy our country. Thus I think making use of American patriotic symbols such as the flag would more likely and quickly advance those goals more than a separatist flag.

  16. Thank you all for doing a fine job today. I’d love to hear about the responses you got from the passers-by.

  17. Hunter, you need to improve the slogans you’re using; “Lindsey Graham wants to replace us” is inadequate because it doesn’t define “us” and it doesn’t mention immigration. Passers-by aren’t necessarily going to connect the “us” that is being “replaced”, with themselves unless it is spelled out explicitly. I think a more effective version would have been: “Lindsey Graham wants to replace [us/people like us/our people/Americans] with immigrants”. The version you are currently using is only going to register with those who already know the score.

  18. I don’t understand this weird fixation that many have with showing what they consider the correct flag. Sort of like Craig “14%” Cobb and others whose cheese has slipped off their cracker. Cobb was big on flying the correct flag. LOL.

    I don’t have any problem with the “Stars & Bars”, I have a half dozen or so ancestors that I know of who fought under it, but, a small group like the LOS is sane enough to realize they don’t speak for the entire region South of the Mason-Dixon Line. Sanity and a lack of scale are too often not evident in White politics.

  19. Ian, if what you say were true we wouldn’t have gotten overwhelmingly positive feedback from the public. People did understand the signs and they reacted positively to them in general. We had a few negative reactions from a couple Mexicans who saw them as well as some Left-wing Northern transplants (sorry to be redundant there). The message worked.

    Citizen, if you want to wave the Federal rag then please do so. I do not. It doesn’t represent me or my people. It was appropriately enough at half mast this week for the dead African communist. I like that. Makes our point for us.

  20. *Snowhitey is blinded by Weaver’s genius*
    I recognize a wise man when I read his writings 🙂

    Hunter, I agree with Ian. Who does he want to replace? Is it union members, homeschoolers, missionaries, celibates? Why no mention of white people? And, the word “wrong” is so ‘soft.’ His intentions are diabolical. We’re dealing with a dumbed-down populace. You’re not trying to reach out to the people who already get it.

    Just passing on some constructive critcism. You guys are doing more than I am, and I highly respect all of you for it.

  21. I wish the people who have all this ‘advice’ for what we ought to do would actually do something themselves. If they dislike our approach they should get out and do something. It’s not hard. If you dislike our flags, signs and slogans use your own. Just do something rather than criticise what we’re doing.

  22. Palmetto, I defer to you on the “Federal” bit – I was just listing possibilities. I still think that explicitly saying “replacement by immigrants” would reach more people who are not very political, without sounding extreme. Without it some people may think it’s a workforce protest, as per Snowhitey, and not get the wider political message. I am glad to hear you have been getting positive feedback from this protest but I think there may be a degree of selection bias within that, and that the people who don’t get it aren’t the ones coming up to you.

  23. ‘Just do something rather than criticise what we’re doing’

    Not everyone who hasn’t taken part in these protests has not been doing anything else practical in the real world, and most of those offering suggestions and impressions and questions here are NOT being critical.

    All things considered, you’ve done very well!

  24. Sorry if I came across a bit defensive. We put a lot of money and time into these demonstrations. We leave feeling very positive. And then we get home and read criticisms from people who do nothing as far as activism in the real world. I know that is not everyone (some of those offering suggestions actually do things offline) but it is too many folks. I would love to see several Rightist groups doing activism and trying different approaches. I thought our work would inspire just that. Hope it eventually does.

  25. Fair point.

    In Tennessee, I had several people ask me what “jihad” meant, and we also had at least one woman ask Renee this time, “replace us with what?” I’m sure that most people understood the message (the black guy who stopped, for example), but there were probably others who didn’t grasp what we are saying while passing by.

    My father-in-law has stressed to me the importance of 1.) keeping the message as simple, or less abstract, as possible and 2.) keeping the message within the experience of our target audience. The people who attend our rallies tend to be far more intelligent and educated and politically engaged than the general public.

    So yeah, that’s something we need to keep in mind. Also, while there is nothing we can do about the weather, one area where we definitely need to improve is getting some kind of media attention in advance of our arrival so sympathetic locals can show up and participate.

  26. ‘We put a lot of money and time into these demonstrations. We leave feeling very positive.’

    Some of us considered ‘inactive’ have also invested our funds and time quite heavily in real world activism ELSEWHERE.

    You SHOULD feel positive — considering the weather, and scheduling conflicts at this time of year, etc. — that everything turned out so well in the end (or I should I say, the beginning). But remember: the solid foundation of Biblical Christianity is not optional for success in the long term but absolutely required.

  27. Really good looking Southern folks. Wish I was there… Wish I was really Southern.

    Beautiful night in Chicago, post card, beautiful city covered in snow…

    Love my city… It’s just the people , particularly no fun University of Chicago students, grads.


    Let’s get together in Nashville Tn this New Years.

    Sending all my brothers and sisters in the beloved Southland my very best.


  28. I’m very impressed by what you have done. Eventually the cops and whatnot will attempt to crush you. Your movement is going to become quite a threat.

  29. “Some of us considered ‘inactive’ have also invested our funds and time quite heavily in real world activism ELSEWHERE.”

    Obviously going to Wednesday night prayer meetings in East Jesus PA doesn’t seem to be having much effect while Hunter’s demonstrations make it into the Economist magazine. You post enough on here, you should support him.

  30. In Chicago the main street goes for miles and miles and its all owned on both sides by Asians…Whites are not allowed anything. We are the new Heretics with no opionion allowed unless it is Politically Correct, Hate Whitey, Love Fags, Multi Cult Humanism etc. etc. No real White Man is allowed to run for political office,. If we have a community its got to be underground and secret. If they find out about it..they will have to ship some muds in. Like Terrible Tommy says–Freedom comes thru Blood Only…With Lone Wolf Tactical Concept you can do many things, its unlimited by imagination.- You can do many things..will surprise you. (No Hints Allowed)..think think think…Do ya Get it… Better than Marches, Meetings, Rallies or Protest with no Agents of any kind or snitches or liberal wacks…or hate Crime Cops… The Ghost Wolf White Racist Insurgent is the Future…and Warlords to– like Martin Lindstedt talks about…

  31. Hunter, Palmetto, a reporter asks you “Who is ‘us'”? What do you answer? You don’t have to post it here, but I hope for your own sake you can answer it, because if you can’t and I’m hostile I straight away use that against you.

  32. The Economist mentioned SNsm’s most important meme: Southern demographic displacement. It did so without the usual hysterics, too. It sure looks to me like PPs basic approach is working, including the decision not to use the CBF to keep the messaging on track.

  33. Talkin about Displacement—-Go to Miami-Dade County, Florida and look at it today and compare it to 1960. The Whites left Miami in groves and swarms in 70s..many went to North and South Carolina and North Florida and other places. The government would give the Third Worlders no down payments on houses and give big money loans to Third Worlders to Start Companies and get in places like Bayside because they are Latino Woman.. Plus–about erasing racism–they got rid of Robert E. Lee School, and did away with South Dade being called Rebels and playing Dixie in Parades. All South Florida has had Displacement. Then look at Los Angles, San Diego and other cities in Cailifornia. Displacement by Beaners, Fags and Asians. Of course the Mexicans are Displacing the Blacks because they are more ruthless in the Drug Scene — but guess what–When China Invades West Coast, The Merxies will go, The Blacks and also the Whiggers…. The Founding Racial Stock is minority now and the whole USA will be Displaced with Third Worlders (MUDS)…Dont forget Hollywood Circle in Hollywood, Florida. For years the Rebel Flag flew over the Circle. Then the New York Kikes (KIKES displaced Whites in Broward County to make it have large Kike Population)and Liberals did not like it with the Darkies—so the Rebel Flag was taken out of the Circle. At The HOMESTEAD Rodeo–the opening prosession was on Horse Back showing all the flags that flew over North America from the Raven Flag, to Spanish. French Flags and so on and the REBEL FLAG. People would yell when the Rebel Flag came out being displayed..but a Kike Council Man had the Rebel Flag Removed. Protestors saying DUKE for President (92) were threathened by him– and he said you should all be shot..The Homestead Cops made the Klan Protestors leave or be arrested…Displacement has been going on full steam ahead–since 65 Immigration Act–thanks to Kennedys and Johnson….Yankess got displacement to–look at New City and Chicago…Maybe we need the mind set that Argentina had with Indians and have Ethnic Cleansing….They are doing it to us…subtle ethnic cleansing…Whites leaving Miami Dade County use to say–Dont Forget the Flag.. Today Hispanics are at the Crossroads…The White Hispanics must say they are White are go with the Darkies…There is many White Hispanics who identify themselves as Whites…pure Spanish from Spain with no Moorish or Negro are WHITE…

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