GOP Reacts To Nelson Mandela’s Death

District of Corruption

H/T Richard Spencer

In case anyone was wondering, this is why we are protesting Lindsey Graham in South Carolina on Saturday, but we are not falling into the trap of endorsing his Republican primary challenger.



Update: The gushing over “Madiba” continues with Bob Corker and Mitch McConnell.

Note: What’s the point of replacing Lindsey Graham with another Tim Scott, Marco Rubio, or Ted Cruz?

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  1. Given his recent display of cowardice, I had to see what the former Southern Avenger had to say about this event. Via Twitter: “Nelson Mandela was a secular saint for the whole world.”

  2. Each GOP rat who lauds Mandela needs to be openly called on it.

    Pointing out that Mandela was responsible for 150-200 bombing incidents, necklacing and general mayhem is very important. It’s time to pull the veil from the fantasy land that the GOP inhabit. It’s time to make sure as many white guys here the story. No one believes the press, now we see them create a fantasy before our very eyes.

    Nelson Mandela is dead, and South Africa without “Madiba” will be much the same as it was before: a wreck of a country with slowly collapsing infrastructure, high crime, and the slow-motion genocide of Afrikaners.
    None of this much matters to the opinion makers of what used to be the West. For them, the true hallmark of leftist totalitarianism isn’t brutality—it’s kitsch, and we’ll see plenty of that. Mandela will be on every magazine cover, the Internet will be drowning in sentimental schmaltz, and Facebook will be littered with sanctimonious status updates.
    The truth is, the saintly visage of Mandela—all crinkly eyes and warm smiles—conceals a violent past as a terrorist. He was the founder of Umkhonto we Sizwe, the armed wing of the African National Congress, and played a key role in the ANC’s embrace of armed struggle after a “general strike” failed miserably. The first terrorist attacks took place in 1961. In 1962, Mandela left South Africa on an international trip to win support for a violent struggle against the South African government. He negotiated for aid for the African National Congress with various anti-Western governments, including East Germany and Communist China.
    Among the countries that pledged him full support were Communist Cuba and the Egyptian government of Gamal Abdel Nasser, a fellow “anti-colonialist.” Mandela’s international activities also included detailed meetings on strategy with Algeria’s National Liberation Army. Perhaps most importantly, with Mandela acting as an international agent for the ANC, the Soviet Union provided massive amounts of financial and military aid to Unkhonto we Sizwe.
    After this perverse version of international diplomacy, Mandela underwent intensive military training in Ethiopia, where he learned sabotage, bombing, and guerrilla warfare. Upon his return to South Africa, Mandela was arrested for leaving the country without a passport and for inciting a strike. Later, he was tried along with other members of the ANC in the famous Rivonia Trial. The government alleged 235 separate acts of sabotage.
    Most importantly, the South African authorities captured documents about Operation Mayibuye, a plan for a sweeping military confrontation with the government. Mandela was found guilty, along with almost all the other defendants. Because of international pressure, Mandela was sentenced only to life imprisonment rather than death, even though the government believed it had prevented a bloody civil war.

    Though Mandela was imprisoned before he could personally direct his organization’s campaign of terror, there would still be blood. Mandela’s group and the African National Congress went on to kill scores of innocent people, some via the infamous “necklacing” technique endorsed by Mandela’s wife, Winnie. The group became notorious for its bombing campaign, most notably the Church Street bombing which killed 19 people. The group also mined rural roads used by farmers, which killed at least 120 people, many of them black laborers.
    In 1985, the South African government offered to release Mandela if he would repudiate violence as a means to bring about political change. He refused the offer. Mandela was later forced to admit that the African National Congress “routinely” used torture against suspected “enemy agents.” Many of the ANC’s violent activities were not directed at the apartheid government but against the Zulus and their political movement, the Inkatha Freedom Party. However, whites always remained a special target. Even after his release, Mandela was willing to indulge in musical fantasies about killing whites.
    At the time of his trial, Mandela denied being a member of the Communist Party—something we now know was a lie. Mandela worked closely with the Communist Party of South Africa, and the African National Congress was sustained and supported by the Soviet Union. Mandela never renounced any of his ties with Communist leaders. Only last June, the Huffington Post, which is scandalized by just about everything sensible, casually reported on the close relationship between Nelson Mandela and Communist dictator Fidel Castro.

    Nelson Mandela and Fidel Castro
    Because of these long-standing associations and violent tactics, Margaret Thatcher condemned the African National Congress in 1987 as a “typical terrorist organization,” and said anyone who thought they would ever run the government was “living in cloud cuckoo land.” The Conservative Party youth distributed propaganda calling for him to be hanged.
    The United States listed the African National Congress as a terrorist organization until 2008, and President Ronald Reagan strongly resisted efforts to impose sanctions on the beleaguered South African government. In this, he was supported by most of the American conservative movement, although Republicans such as Newt Gingrich, Jack Kemp, and Richard Lugar argued for confrontation with the white government, promising it would “win Republicans the black vote.” (Some things never change).
    However, as tempting as it is to simply point out Mandela’s past as a Communist terrorist, in some ways his reinvention as a “reconciliator” is worse. It is true that as President of South Africa, Mandela did not unleash a campaign of state directed violence against whites. Instead, he largely maintained the economic system for the benefit of those already in power, while systematically dispossessing middle class and working class whites, especially Afrikaners. Nor was this particularity surprising, considering Mandela and the ANC’s history.
    Though the African National Congress was aligned with the Communists, they received far friendlier treatment from big business than did their nationalist Boer rivals. Secret meetings were held between the African National Congress and South African business leaders even as the guerrilla war continued, and British business interests were instrumental in setting up talks between Afrikaner elites and the ANC. No such efforts ever took place between the captains of industry and the would-be leaders of an independent Boer Republic, suggesting that business leaders feared Eugene Terre’Blanche’s concept of an economy run for the “folk” more than they feared black rule.

    Eugene Terre’Blanche and the AWB fought for Afrikaner autonomy.
    In the negotiations that preceded the end of white rule, the ANC, business leaders, and the ruling National Party formed a united front against Boer nationalists and Afrikaner patriots, even to the point of opposing leaders such as General Constand Viljoen, who betrayed a Boer secession plan in exchange for a promise that a Boer homeland would be considered. Once Mandela got the concessions he wanted, he refused any such consideration.
    President Mandela and his new regime concentrated on reconciling whites to the new government by means of widely publicized symbolic efforts while stripping them of any collective economic, social, or political identity. Mandela won praise for letting “Afrikaner leaders” such as F.W. De Klerk serve in his government, but this was nothing more than continuing his working relationship with collaborators.
    Poverty among Afrikaners has soared in the years since the end of apartheid, with thousands reduced to living in squatter camps. South Africa has one of the highest crime rates in the world and is famous for its gated communities and private security companies. The nation also has a high rate of HIV/AIDS infection, which isn’t helped by black government officials who think the cure is a diet heavy in garlic. Mandela’s response has been to criticize the media for focusing too much on crime. He did nothing to stop what is now widely accepted as the opening stages of genocide against Boer farmers, and implemented anti-white racial preferences even as whites became an all but powerless minority.
    Mandela achieved a reputation for magnanimity, presumably because he didn’t simply try to kill all his political enemies, as many of his “democratic” colleagues did in other African countries. A great deal of this was simply media friendly gestures, such as Mandela wearing a Springboks jersey (a tale worthy of movie apparently) or honoring former State Presidents when they died. Mandela was smart enough to understand that South Africa depended on whites keeping their wealth and technical skill in the country; he wanted to squeeze the goose that laid the golden eggs, not kill it. Wealthy South Africans and business interests, who were his allies early on, kept the South African economy from collapse, albeit from behind gated communities guarded by private security forces.

    “Farm Murders”–monument to South African farmers.
    Nonetheless, Afrikaners as a people have been destroyed.

  3. My jaw dropped as I watched Corker praise the destroyer of the Boer nation. These are truly dark and desperate times.

  4. I’ll indulge in some pointless venting here.

    I say, fuck Nigger Mandookey.

    The man sat in jail for many years for murdering whites, and some blacks too, incidentally.

    He was groomed for power by, well, if you’re familiar with my comments, you already know. Run some searches on this topic at Counter Currents for the details.

  5. Criminal Record of Nelson Mandela
    * The full list of munitions and charges read as follows:

    • One count under the South African Suppression of Communism Act No. 44 of 1950, charging that the accused committed acts calculated to further the achievement of the objective of communism;

    • One count of contravening the South African Criminal Law Act (1953), which prohibits any person from soliciting or receiving any money or articles for the purpose of achieving organized defiance of laws and country; and

    • Two counts of sabotage, committing or aiding or procuring the commission of the following acts:

    1) The further recruitment of persons for instruction and training, both within and outside the Republic of South Africa, in:

    (a) the preparation, manufacture and use of explosives—for the purpose of committing acts of violence and destruction in the aforesaid Republic, (the preparation and manufacture of explo- sives, according to evidence submitted, included 210,000 hand grenades, 48,000 anti-personnel mines, 1,500 time devices, 144 tons of ammonium nitrate, 21.6 tons of aluminum powder and a ton of black powder);

    (b) the art of warfare, including guerrilla warfare, and military training generally for the purpose in the aforesaid Republic;

    (ii) Further acts of violence and destruction, (this includes 193 counts of terrorism committed between 1961 and 1963);

    (iii) Acts of guerrilla warfare in the aforesaid Republic;

    (iv) Acts of assistance to military units of foreign countries when involving the aforesaid Republic;

    (v) Acts of participation in a violent revolution in the aforesaid Republic, whereby the accused, injured, damaged, destroyed, rendered useless or unserviceable, put out of action, obstructed, with or endangered:

    (a) the health or safety of the public;

    (b) the maintenance of law and order;

    (c) the supply and distribution of light, power or fuel;

    (d) postal, telephone or telegraph installations;

    (e) the free movement of traffic on land; and

    (f) the property, movable or immovable, of other persons or of the state.

    Source: The State v. Nelson Mandela et al, Supreme Court of South Africa, Transvaal Provincial Division, 1963-1964, Indictment.

  6. @Palmetto Patriot: “Praising a dead communist who led the movement against the former conservative, Western-ruled South Africa is what passes for the Right in the USA.” Was the conservative, Western-ruled South Africa really a plutocratic, Jew-ruled South Africa?
    “Benjamin Disraeli … played a central role in the creation of the modern Conservative Party …”
    Jews gotta jew, and niggaz gotta nig. The Haitian Holocaust
    “The values and way of thinking of economic man may be tolerable for a while in an all-White world, but they are lethal in a world which also includes Jews.” – William Pierce
    “I am not a racialist – I am an individualist.”
    “We have judged the content of their character – and it sucks.” – Joe Adams, The White Voice

  7. One thing to keep in mind during this Mandela Sainthood process is that Catholics believe in Saints, Protestants don’t!

  8. He’s liable to give MLK a good run for his money as Great Secular Saint of “Social Justice”, another code word for White Genocide.

  9. Yes, Jack Hunter has his skirt back on for uncle Mandela. Is there any chance that Jack hunter and Graham could become lovers? I have always thought that Hunter looked and sounded effeminate anyway. Maybe they could go out on a date and see if any romantic sparks fly between the two of them?

  10. Hunter writes:

    “Note: What’s the point of replacing Lindsey Graham with another Tim Scott, Marco Rubio, or Ted Cruz?”


    It’s important to punish traitors, not just replace them. We want to make an example of Lindsey Graham so others don’t do the same.

    Chris Cannon, Dick Lugar are no longer on the public stage presented as winning Conservatives. Jack Kemp is dead, he apparently died a bitter man as no one wanted to hear his great ideas about bring the Black masses over to his liberal, Libertarian form of Reagan Conservatism.

  11. Weasel says:
    December 6, 2013 at 3:04 pm
    Yes, Jack Hunter has his skirt back on for uncle Mandela. Is there any chance that Jack hunter and Graham could become lovers? I have always thought that Hunter looked and sounded effeminate anyway. Maybe they could go out on a date and see if any romantic sparks fly between the two of them?”

    Jack replies:

    Very well said. It’s long past time we stopped acting nice and fair with out and out traitors like Lindsey Graham, who openly support the replacement of White Southerners in the South. LG is out of the closet anti White, open borders immigration, shamelessly inciting endless wars for Israel. He looks and acts like a lisping queer. That should be more than enough to attack his reputation in supposedly “Conservative” South Carolina. His life doesn’t promote “family values”.

    His immigration policies and Zionist war mongering policies are so bad that they merit spreading rumors that he’s a flaming queer even if he wasn’t. He looks, acts and talks queer – should be enough to spread rumors that this RINO was put in place by homosexual network working tirelessly to destroy Christian civilization in South Carolina.

    I suggest making posters of L Graham’s opponent with advert copy saying “It’s OK to be STRAIGHT in South Carolina.

  12. Reading the deluge of obsequium from “the right” is certainly clarifying. There is no compulsion to speak on the matter; they could simply remain silent as they proceed in treachery. Though they wish to emphasize the fact:

    Liberalism is two jews and a black voting over which white to have for lunch.

    Conservatism is a well-armed white enforcing the results.

  13. I think all these American politicians praising Mandela may not really be praising anything but sending signals to other globalists. Don’t laugh. Think infamous wink Albert Thomas gave to LBJ or the communication between Masons with physical signals. How do you decipher the totally illogical?

    Anyway, seeing Jack Hunter’s comments on Mandela says that either he was a ‘fifth column’ type in the conservative movement or he has no moral compass whatsoever. I believe it is impossible to do an ideological flip like he has done without something else, big time, going on. Maybe someone blackmailed him with his homosexuality, if that’s true? I think it was Wayne Madsen who stated that he believed the globalists used John Roberts’ homosexuality to maneuver him to support Obamacare. Whether it’s true or not, who knows? But, it’s a damn good “theory.” And, I haven’t heard a better one.

  14. HW

    I don’t want to go another 15 rounds with you, albeit friendly sparring.

    Even if fill in the blank beats LG and turns out to be just as bad, if our goal is to expose LG, we still have to replace him with someone to send him and the political class the message that treachery has consequences.

  15. It shows how insane the anti white multi cult is, there hero, there saint is a god damn anti white terrorist, who sung about killing whites. Look at all the white traitors out there praising this dead pos. conservatives and liberals are garbage, do you understand what a conservative is, a conservative white is someone who should be a wn but is instead a member of the koolaid drinking member of the multi cult

  16. Don’t compare Lindsey Graham to Tim Scott. Given reasonable expectations for a token Black Republican, he could’ve turned out a lot worse than he seems now.

    Oh, Weaver, speaking of Toronto’s mayor, TradYouth has a provocative piece “In Praise of Mayor Rob Ford”. Clown though he is, he evidently ranks well above the likes of de Blasio and other leaders typical of our municipal establishments.

  17. I shit you not. I just heard that there is a motion to rename East St Louis Mandelaville.

  18. All the ZOGs are flying their rags at half mast for that bloody Communist, MI-5 asset and world icon ‘Madiba’.

    The Jew media has covered that entire obelisk and the whole plinth with schmaltz.

    To hell with them. To hell with The Crown, the Jew Bank and its US subsidiary the Fed, the Whigs and their bloody Revolution now culminating in its global, totalitarian Communist phase. To hell with them all.

  19. Captain John Charity Spring MA says:

    ‘I shit you not. I just heard that there is a motion to rename East St Louis Mandelaville.’

    Now, get a load of this idea proposed by Jonathon (jew) Alter.

    MSNBC’s Alter Suggests Releasing Criminals from U.S. Prisons to Honor Mandela

    Below is a transcript of the relevant portion of the Thursday, December 5, PoliticsNation on MSNBC:

    AL SHARPTON: Jonathan, let me go to you first. You’ve covered President Obama extensively. What kind of Mandela influence do you see in President Obama?

    JONATHAN ALTER, MSNBC CONTRIBUTOR: Huge influence, as the President himself said today in his statement. I believe that he said he would not be who he was without Nelson Mandela. He followed him from an early age. You may recall when the President was a student at Occidental College in California, he took part in anti-apartheid demonstrations. He was a leader on that issue and focused on it.

    So one of the things that is really striking me tonight, Rev, is what can Americans learn and American society learn from the example of Nelson Mandela? You know, I think back to during the Civil Rights movement, Mahatma Gandhi was very influential in the United States on that movement, with his principle of civil disobedience, and that helped to give the movement life. So what is Mandela’s message? Well, today we’re hearing even very conservative Senators and other figures talking about the spirit of forgiveness that he embodied in truth and reconciliation in South Africa.

    So my question tonight, Rev, is can we import that spirit of forgiveness and apply it to the hundreds of thousands of people incarcerated who, for the rest of their lives, you know, will be stigmatized by this. Could we figure out a way to forgive them, maybe expunge some of those records?

    SHARPTON: Mmm.

    ALTER: Release some prisoners who, with three strikes and you’re out, you have, you have people who have been there for so many years.

    SHARPTON: So you’re saying can we find ways to-

    ALTER: Exactly.

    SHARPTON: -in our memorializing Mandela to really actualize it?

    ALTER: That’s the key.

  20. Still much better than a totalitarian apartheid phase; indicated by Fr John’s recent post and many other commenters here who oppose democracy. Opposition to democracy inevitably leads to totalitarianism.

  21. PGTR, don’t be silly. Apartheid needn’t be “totalitarian.” It’s just one reasonable way of handling the obvious fact and obvious importance of racial differences (particularly differences as drastic as black-white). That’s not to say the South African implementation was perfect, but their attempt at it was surely justified.

  22. @PGRT: “Opposition to democracy …” PGRT, I suspect your feel-good cultural Marxism will eventually be beaten out of you – perhaps you shall then become a Buddhist. The White Europeans and the East Asians are the only two groups who create orderly societies. Haitian government is half criminal tyranny and half dysfunctional anarchy – that is the Afro-genetic governing tendency.
    “Take a good, hard look at those Obama victory rallies. They are celebrating your dispossession, your displacement from the country your ancestors built. They don’t even disguise their hatred.” – Gregory Hood
    In the jungle, there is the law of the jungle. Outside the jungle, there is a bag of tricks, deceptions, and polite conventions masking the law of the jungle.

  23. The man sat in jail for many years for murdering whites, and some blacks too, incidentally.

    That’s a very good point. We should remind liberals that their hero Mandela launched a war against the Inkatha Freedom Party that claimed tens of thousands of Black lives. From shortly after he was released from prison in 1990 to the election in ’94, ANC comrades, directed by Mandela and his Xhosa co-tribalists, repeatedly attacked and slaughtered conservative Zulus affiliated with the IFP, who fought back just as hard.

    Of course the Western media portrayed this as the good, keepin-it-real Blacks (i.e. bloodthirsty criminals and communists) valiantly struggling against the evil Uncle Tom Blacks (i.e. law-abiding workers). In reality it was a tribal struggle between the the second-largest Bantu group, the Xhosas, and their smaller allies (Sothos, Pedis, Swazis, Tswanas) on the ANC side, versus the largest tribe in SA, the Zulus of the IFP.

    In South Africa, the ANC is known as the Xhosa Nostra, such has been their domination of the ANC (with their Jewish allies) since its founding. The Xhosas were the spearhead of the Bantu invasion of southern Africa. They genetically and culturally absorbed much of the Khoisan (Bushman/Hottentot) population that they overran, which is why they are lighter-skinned than other Bantu tribes and their language is full of Bushman-like clicks. Even their name, Xhosa, is pronounced by clicking the tongue off the roof of the mouth, followed by “hosa”. Try it.

    I believe Mandela was once genetically tested and was found to have significant Khoisan ancestry. Just look at his relatively light skin and his squishy, wrinkly Bushman-like face. To me he looks more like a ‘Bergie’, a partially-Khoisan hobo subset of the Coloured population found in and around Cape Town, than a typical Bantu.

    The Xhosas, being the southernmost Bantu tribe, fought the Dutch and British in the Kaffir Wars of the 18th and 19th centuries. Because they were the first Bantus to come into contact with Europeans in southern Africa, they were the first to adopt the White man’s technologies and the first to be educated under the White man’s tutelage. Hence their historic leadership of the rest of South Africa’s Blacks, including in the ANC.

    The Zulus are generally taller, blacker and more war-like than the Xhosas. They see themselves as Zulus first and Blacks second. Under Chief Buthelezi and the IFP, they came to a sort-of modus vivendi with the Afrikaner nationalists: they would oppose apartheid, but peacefully. What they really wanted was a state of their own, Natal (now KwaZulu-Natal, KZN), either fully independent or in a loose South African federation.

    In the 1994 election, after all the bloodshed caused by Mandela’s war against the IFP, the ANC won 7 provinces and the nation as a whole, while the IFP won KZN and the Afrikaner Nationalists, with Coloured support, won the Western Cape and almost won the Northern Cape. At this point a realistic alternative to the ANC seemed possible: if the Nationalist Party could further consolidate the White, Coloured and Asian vote, allied with the Zulus of the IFP and possibly some conservative elements in the other tribal homelands, then they could defeat the ANC and devolve the country into a decentralized Swiss-style confederation, or possibly break the country up into 9 independent states based on race and/or language.

    Alas it was not to be. The ANC is more powerful now than it was in Mandela’s time, it’s now led by a Zulu (Jacob Zuma) yet has fully retained its support among the Xhosas, the IFP is in its death throes, and when Chief Buthelezi dies (he’s now in his 80s) it may disappear altogether, the Nationalist party is defunct, and they’ve gerrymandered the borders of the Northern Cape, adding hundreds of thousands of Tswanas to marginalize the formerly dominant Coloured and White population, putting the province permanently in the ANC’s column.

    Only in the Western Cape is there any serious opposition to ANC hegemony. And even there it’s pretty weak tea: the liberal Democratic Alliance is led by a Jewish former anti-apartheid activist (Helen Zille). And Xhosas are flooding into the Western Cape in huge numbers, so that it will eventually flip to the ANC as well. As much as it pains me to admit it, in the New South Africa the Blacks have been playing chess while the Whites (and Coloureds and Asians and Zulus) have been playing checkers.

    Cry, the beloved country indeed.

  24. Note on foregoing comments: South African ‘GOP’-style party leader Zille is of course Jewish, although nominally Presbyterian.

  25. The current reality of Mandela hagiography is suggests we are living in a totalitarian state today. to see the press celebrate the dispossession of a white population is chilling.

    The whites in South Africa were not totalitarian. They were in survival mode and the only way to deal with blacks is to beat them. Even a niglette spawning Ho knows this.

  26. “The defenders of national oppression could not understand why Slovo would seek to end the dominance of his racial ‘kith and kin’. But Joe’s kin was all humanity, especially the very poor.”

    Mandela’s Eulogy for Uncle Joe Slovo. Kith and Kin indeed.

  27. Do you dare to call George Washington a terrorist ? Do you count the bombings of British colonialist hanged for loyalty to the throne? Do you consider the natives of this land in your invader and oppressed by the Dutch. Any means to free themselves is justified ! Unequivocally! Now use your own reason to justify America USA. Always there should be freedom fighters in the vain of MANDELA, from the vile sophist and demon such as right wing whites on the continent of America.
    They are the children of Satan.

  28. Washington was an accomplished man well before his commitment to the war of independence. He saw himself as part of the British aristocracy too. He was in truth the richest man in North America before the war kicked off. I am half inclined to see the Virginian contingent of the War as a competing aristocratic British faction. There’s nothing that they said or did that Cromwell or the Levellers didn’t pay lipservice too.

    Mandela is a fucking nigger.

  29. On top of that… The blacks who did fight in the War? Guess which side they favored? They favored the Crown.

  30. The comments about “White genocide” are just comical. Apartheid was an evil, racist system. If the U.S. had posessed the moral clarity to oppose it, the terrorism, and assistance from Cuba, wouldn’t have been necessary. But they were necessary. Terrorism is a response to overwhelming force. It’s a technique. It’s permissable in the absence of other alternatives, say, for example, in Algeria during the war against France. Racism, like any other ideology, prevents clear, realist thinking.

  31. The demise of the Boers is like the demise of Dixie: a result of racist injustice, perpetrated for reasons of unenlightened self-interest. If treated unjustly, a people will sometimes rise up and defy their oppressors. The Americans did it to the English. Of course the oppressors will use the legal system in an attempt to legitimize their activity. The Russians have a saying: “The law is like a wagon axle: it goes in any direction you want to pull it.” History abounds with cases of laws created to maintain oppression under the guise of justice, like those in the Confederacy prohibiting assistance to runaway slaves, and those legalizing the murder of Jews under the Nazis. Apartheid itself is unjust; therefore whatever laws are generated under such a system are, objectively speaking, illegitimate. Without the consent of the governed, law, like government itself, has no genuine moral standing.

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