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  1. How the heck did this lightfooted moron ever get elected mayor? Uvalda is 60% white! It’s rural and it’s in the South!

  2. Is the Onion King, immigration traitor really gone?

    Well done league of the South!

    Let’s keep track of so e personally victories.

    Lindsey Graham and Rand Paul are in our sights.

  3. Wild video on how to cram every pandering platitude into one sentence.

    LOL @ love thy neighbor as thyself… THEY NEVER quote all of Matthew 19:19, now, do they?

    Honour thy father and thy mother: AND Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself.

    The word “neighbor” used to meet those like you. And 19:19 could even be taken as CAUSAL. If you honour your parents, THEN you will naturally love they extended KIN, they “neighbor.”

    This is in keeping with the many commandments of the Bible that connect honour of ancestors with holding one’s hegemony over the land. “Remember the days of old; consider the years of many generations…”

    Of course, a lot of that is in the OT. (Which is why the Judeo part of “christianity” might be useful, one would think.) An exception is Ephesians (honour your parents so you will have a LONG LIFE on the earth… Ephesians 6:3)

    Just pointing out there is plenty of bible based information for recalling ancestors, and this guy does not know what the bible says (obviously) as he harangues on, with his canned platitudes…

  4. Surely that character could not have been in the south, prior to the war. He has to have come from elsewhere. No wonder people have come to hate southern accents.

  5. Brandon, his term ended and he has no support on the city council or among the people of the town (except for the Mexicans he rents to). So he is effectively out of politics in the area. I expect for him to resurface down the road elsewhere pushing the same Leftist, anti-White causes.

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